Feels So Good by Berengaria Brown

Heat Level 4
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Yasmin meets Pearce and VJ in the trailer park at Resort City. She’s traveling until she runs out of money, when instead, she runs into the two yummiest men she’s ever seen. She’s never had ménage sex before, but with these two men it’s bound to be excellent.

The sex is awesome, but when she witnesses a robbery, the men become possessive, demanding and over-protective. Will this be the end of her sex odyssey? Or will she be forced to teach them a lesson?

Be Warned: menage sex, m/m sex, anal sex



Yasmin had a brief impression of an RV quite a bit larger than the one she was staying in, then they went into the bedroom, closing the sliding door behind them. Basically the only item in the room was a ginormous bed covered with an orange quilt.

What the hell am I doing?

Sex. I’m about to have sex with the yummiest looking men I’ve ever seen.

But I don’t know them.

Who cares? It’s just sex. They have cocks, I have a pussy. That’s all that matters.

Yasmin smiled at them then flung her tee shirt over her head. She wished she was wearing sexier lingerie, but at least the bra and panties she had on matched and were not fugly. They were, however, nondescript beige. If she’d guessed she’d end up in bed with two delicious men she’d have worn her lacy, black set. Well, too bad.

She rested her hands on her hips and waited, watching the men. VJ’s tongue flicked out and wet his lips. He widened his stance, thrusting his pelvis forward in his snug-fitting jeans. Mimicking her movements, he grasped his black tee shirt, and pulled it over his head. “Your move,” he said challengingly.

Instead of removing her shorts, as she guessed he expected her to do, she stepped forward and reached for his belt. She unbuckled it, and unsnapped the top of his jeans. He made no attempt to either stop her or assist her, so she slid the zipper down, down, down, and pulled his pants open.

Commando! His cock bounced free, long and thick and already hard.

“Nice,” she said, stroking it gently, then more firmly. She held him in her hand and lowered her head to swipe it across the mushroom cap of his cock. “Yum”.

“Now me.” Pearce’s voice was hoarse and breathy.

She gave one last lick to VJ’s erection then moved across to Pearce. She couldn’t resist running her hands over that hard-muscled chest she’d been staring at all night. His skin was faintly sweaty, and very firm. She skated a fingernail across his flat little nipples and watched his heart beat faster, his chest rising and falling with his arousal.

She trailed her hands teasingly down his chest lower and lower until they rested just above his cock, then slid her fingers under the waistband of those tight little shorts. Finally, she tugged the pants down and smiled with delight. Two for two! Pearce was commando also.

The shorts puddled around his ankles and he kicked them and his flip-flops off as she kneeled in front of him and cupped his sac. His cock was red and engorged, standing straight up out of its nest of brown curls like a good soldier.

“Mmm,” she hummed licking along his length then lightly across the cock head.

As she stood back up, Pearce said, “There’s only one person here still wearing clothes.”

“Why, who can that be,” she teased, wiggling her hips. She raised her hands to her back as if to undo her bra, but did a bump and grind instead, before stretching her arms out and turning around. With her back to them, she slid her shorts off as slowly as possible, revealing her butt an inch at a time. A butt covered with beige cotton.

She danced in place a little, gradually turning around, and only when she was facing them again did she undo her bra. Their cocks had grown bigger while her back was turned, so she knew the men appreciated the little show she was performing for them. However her own panties were so wet with her need for both of them she couldn’t prolong the game much longer. With one foot in front of the other, she slid her panties down, slowly over her hips, then let them fall down her legs, kicking them and her sandals off.

“Woman, you’re hot,” said VJ, pulling her into his arms.

“Hotter than hot,” affirmed Pearce, wrapping his arms around both of them from behind.

“Same goes,” she responded.

Yasmin wasn’t quite sure how it happened, but somehow she was lifted and placed on the bed, still entangled with both men.

“How do you feel about sucking a little cock?” VJ asked.

“Only a little cock? I was hoping to suck a lot of cock,” she replied, locating a penis with each hand and stroking up and down, once again trailing her nails along the veins.




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Coffee Time Romance
Written by Lototy on 25th Mar 2011

With her funds running dangerously low, Yasmin fears her summer vacation is nearing its end, and she will soon have to find a new job. His parents died never getting the freedom they worked their whole lives for, and Pearce vows he will not live his life that way, and thanks to his partner VJ, he does not have to. Two of the sexiest men on the planet are right here in Resort City, and Yasmin cannot believe her luck when they show an interest in her. A sizzling hot summer fling with VJ and Pearce is just what she needs to take her mind off of her financial problems, and Yasmin welcomes them with open arms. The guys find Yasmin’s free spirit and caring attitude the perfect accompaniment to their partnership, but when she puts herself in danger, their protective instincts take over. Yasmin wants more than anything to belong, as well as feel needed, and she longs to experience that with VJ and Pearce. How can you not love a girl who knows what she wants, and is not afraid to open herself up to new experiences? Yasmin is vivacious and fun, and her sexuality is just part of her charm. VJ and Pearce’s characters are 100% delectable males, and their treatment of Yasmin makes you wish you were so lucky to be in her spot. They all love as hard as they play, and it is sheer enjoyment to read their story.