Love Tattoo by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Heat Level 3
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Love Covenant Series, 1

One unexpected late night encounter and one titillating kiss detours Cara Riley from reaching Nashville for her last shot at a singing career and lands her in Memphis.

Dark, mysterious truck driver Will Brennan oozes sexuality and Cara finds herself drawn to him. He brings her to a higher level of sensual pleasure than she even imagined could be possible. As their relationship explodes into something real, she learns he has more than a few quirks-he sleeps by day and prowls by night.

At his home-a castle-nestled in a wooded area just outside Memphis, she learns just what his sweet love tattoos really mean and must decide if she wants another. Whether or not they find their happy ending is all up to Cara.



“I’m Cara Riley.”  I stuck my hand out to him to shake but instead he took it in his then bent down over it to kiss it.  Both his fingers and his lips felt cold to me but I figured it was just that hot summer morning.  No one ever kissed my hand before, ever, and I liked it.   Will did it with graceful, suave moves more suitable to a nobleman at a royal court and not the truck driver I guessed he must be.
 “So, Cara Riley, we have met,” Will said, “That’s the first step in getting acquainted.  We should move onward to the second.”
“Which is?”
 That question sounded dumb coming out of my mouth and I knew it when I said it.
“This.” Will Brennan told me in that lush voice that made me feel the same way that the best hot chocolate laden with real cream did down deep inside just before he kissed me.
I’ve been kissed many times since I was six and my playground boyfriend smacked his little lips against mine so hard my teeth rattled, but none of the previous kisses compared to that single smooch.   The very best of any kiss I ever experienced slid down the scale to rock bottom as Will’s mouth touched mine.
Although his hands felt cool against my skin, almost cold, his lips burned on mine, hotter than a rising fever and sweet as coffee cake fresh from the oven, tasty even while it scorches your lips.   Heat rippled from his lips to mine in the way that summer-heated asphalt wavers in the late afternoon summer heat when record temperatures hit.   It felt like putting my sensitive lips against a hot coffee mug on a January morning but different, better because Will’s lips were alive, moving against mine with such skill, such searching passion and need that it all consumed me.
I could not stop and I didn’t want that kiss to end, ever.   I could have stood there for the rest of my life, our mouths fused together with that sweet fire and never complained.   The flames that he ignited in me spread as fire, searing its way from my mouth down my throat and into the center of my body.  From there, the inferno expanded out into every cell, each atom of my body.  Somewhere in the dizzy whirl, the strange intoxication that claimed me and changed me forever, I thought about Peggy Lee’s classic song, Fever.
In my efforts as a singer, it was one of my favorites, one I attempted to cover many times but I knew my limitations.  Sometime back, I quit singing that song because I lacked the power she exuded in her magnificent voice – until that kiss.  Now I knew what was missing; it had been this knowledge, this experience of such a wild, blistering heat that changed everything I knew about men and women.
That kiss charred all of my ignorance into ash and left me to emerge new, like that phoenix from the famous ashes.  Now I understood what Peggy sang about, realized th While we kissed, I forgot that I was at a plain, no frills, rest area out in the wilds of Arkansas where people came and went.  Some of them were doing all manner of less than savory acts, everything from doing the nasty somewhere on the premises to shooting up drugs, using meth, or just pissing on the parking markers.    During that heated suspended time, I swear I thought we must be in some beautiful place, a private garden, or a walled courtyard where roses bloomed.
Somewhere out in the brambles and tangled below the rest area, there must have been honeysuckle blooming because I could smell it and somewhere else, maybe in a farmyard nearby, roses because I thought I could smell them too.  What I could and did smell, without any doubt at all, was that masculine musk, heady and strong.   Whatever I felt, Will felt too and it was good, way beyond good.  This felt sweet, it was seductive, and it was exhilarating.
 No kiss can last forever and when it ended, I came back to myself with slow steps, hearing the whine of steel-belted tires on the highway, smelling the stale bathroom air when someone fanned the door, and staring into those amazing blue eyes.   Will’s eyes on that first night, reminded me of standing on shore and staring out across a placid lake, the waters clear and calm.   Even though my body still burned, his eyes offered me solace and serenity.  I thought, fire and ice, like a poem I had half forgotten.
 He still held me in his arms, our eyes gazing at each other.
“So are we acquainted now?” I asked, cheeky as always, when I thought I had enough breath to speak.
Will’s eyes shimmered with a glow from within, his eyes so blue that they almost looked like Christmas lights strung on a holiday tree.
“We are, my lady— or should I say my dear Cara—we are indeed.”
“What do we do now?” My questions seemed short, almost rude compared to his almost poetic speech, but I am what I am, Texas born and bred.   I look the part and sound it, too.
“It’s almost dawn,” Will said, his voice almost floating away from me sounding distant.  “Tonight, Cara, we shall move from being acquaintances to something more if you like.”     
“I would like that very much.” Now I sounded like I at least had a few manners and social graces.  My Mama would be proud.  “But I don’t know when or where.”
 Nashville and my career could wait, I thought.   I might not even have a big break waiting for me but Will’s kiss changed my perspective.  To see where that sweet fire might lead me, I would put Music City on hold for as long as it took.


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Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 17th Apr 2012

After renting a room at the cheesy Days Inn across from Graceland, Cara waits hoping that her “Romeo” will show up, after dark falls her hopes are doused and just as she is about to give up there is a knock on the door. Will Breenen has lived alone for centuries thinking that his cold dead heart was incapable of loving another, until he met Cara. First attracted by her voice he knows that he must meet her, following her to Memphis Will does his best to court Cara and let her have the choice that was never given to him. After spending days together in the wild night life that Memphis has to offer the purely physical attraction that Cara and Will feel for each other blossoms into the first feelings of love. After leaving Cara with a Love Tattoo, she starts to consider if her mysterious lover is more than he appears to be. Can Will help Cara understand what he is and keep her in his life or will he let her go despite the way he feels? Love Tattoo is a story of love at first site or in this case first kiss, from the moment Cara and Will meet their instant attraction burns hot. When their paths meet again in Memphis what could have been a chance meeting ends up to be the start of something amazing. Love Tattoo is a twist on a tale as old as time that includes a mysterious leading man with a cursed past and an inspiring your female who may be willing to throw away her life dream to be with the man she loves. Love Tattoo was a good read with lots of tender moments that were punctuated with some steamy loves scenes. Love Tattoo is a short love story that could keep you warm on a cold night or cool you down on the hottest August day!

100 Romance Reviews
Written by Bennett on 27th Jul 2011

If you have not read Love Tattoo (Love Covenant), you should. get it now!~ I will wait! The second book in the Love Covenant series is better than the first. This novel combines a vampire story with a great love triangle (like True Blood: The Complete Third Season ). This novel is more intriguing than Love Tattoo...sorry Leeann, you topped yourself with the second book! Again the character seem to arise off the page. In this volume, the Characters of Will and Cara seem to have more bite to them. That is what makes it work so well in this novel If you want a great erotic love story wrapped with a supernatural twist and the latest volume of the True Blood saga isnt available..this is what you should get! I have one question for the author..when is the next volume in this series coming?

100 Romance Reviews
Written by Bennet Pomerantz on 27th Jul 2011

Dear Leeann, I do not wish to sound too familar or pally with you. However after reading your book Love Tattoo, which you sent me the PDF file, I was awestruck. I don't wish you to think this review is a fan letter, it isnt..just an amazing piece of work from a man who likes steamy erotics combine with romance. You done that and more in your book Your Characters of Will and Cara seem so real I can almost touch them. They truly jump off the page Did you write Cara from your own life? She seems personal the way she was crafted. The plot seems ripped from a country singer's life. I don't know where you got your inspiration, but it strong and powerful in the right places. The plot in a nutshell --The singer trying to get a real break in Nashville . Then she befriends a truck driver with a heart and a brain. The sparks fly from that. Let me say this, Love Tattoo isn't Romeo and Juliet. You aren't the erotic Shakespeare. However you did good. I do hope I am not gushing too much. You crafted a well done, romantic erotic novel that drew me in and won me over I cannot wait until you use these characters again. I hope I see these characters again in print. Sincerely, Bennet Pomerantz AUDIOWORLD

Romancing the Dark Side
Written by Lori on 27th Jul 2011

Hopeless romantics will fall for this Shakespeare quoting vampire! Cara Riley is an aspiring country-western singer who's searching for her big break in Nashville. On her way to Nashville she meets the mysterious Will Brennan, at a rest stop and life as she knows it will never be the same. Cara is drawn to Will like a moth to a flame and his kiss is enough to set her on fire. Her infatuation with Will is so strong, she boldly accepts his invitation to meet him in Memphis. Their romantic encounter in Memphis is short of mind blowing and Cara quickly finds herself in a courtship with a vampire, surrendering her singing career in exchange for love. Love Tattoo starts off as a hot and steamy fling but then transforms into a tender romance between a centuries old Irish vampire and an ambitious southern girl. If you're looking for fast paced action and unexpected twists and turns, you won't find it here, this is strictly a love story. The main characters each have a depth and back story that is sometimes overlooked in a novella due to its length. The book flows between Cara and Will's perspectives and at times is a bit elaborated in detail but still delivers a great story. What I enjoyed most while reading this book is how the story solely focuses on the two main characters and is free of any outside influence. The hero and heroine must oftentimes overcome some obstacles to be together when you have a forbidden love and I was delighted that this is not the case in Cara and Will's romance. What would normally be thought of as a rushed romance for me seemed to work this time around, the chemistry between Cara and Will was so natural I barely focused on that aspect. The ending was a bit reminiscent of an adult version of Twilight, but it could also just be that I recently watched the movie on cable! With a sexy Irish vampire with love for the English language, a southern bell with a wild side and a hot and heavy romance, Love Tattoo will delight those who want their happily ever after without complications.

Once Upon a Twilight
Written by Ana on 27th Jul 2011

"Love Tattoo” is a short sweet and romantic love story. Cara is a Texas girl who is on her way to Memphis to start a singing career – or at least try to. Cara and Will first meet at a rest stop in Tennessee. Will is a leather and boot wearing truck driver from Memphis. They immediately fall for each other. What Cara doesn’t know is that Will is a vampire. She starts to suspect when he spends the night at her hotel. But how do you ask someone “are you a vampire?” Cara decides to leave it alone because the thought is ridiculous. At first the book started off a little cheesy and predictable, but then I have to admit I fell in love with Will. I love that he recited verses from Romeo and Juliet to Cara. I thought that was soooo romantic and cute. The one thing that I did not like was there was no action. I just wish there was more than just a love story. But besides that, the story was really good and well written. If you like short romance novels that get right to the point, this one is really good. The love scenes are pretty heated so it’s not a good book for minors. Enjoy!

Just Another Book Addict
Written by undefined on 27th Jul 2011

Before I get to the actual storyline, allow me to talk about the beautiful writing. I adored the way she described everything. Instead of stringing words together to put a picture together, she weaved in similes and metaphors all over the place. To get the full impact of that, well, you're going to have to read it. At first, I wasn't too sure how I would like this writing style. I loved it. It allowed her to allow me to fully understand what the characters were feeling by being able to relate to other things. With the actual story, though, I'm having some interal conflict. On one hand, I like it. I think she mostly reacted like one should when they discover their lover is a vampire. On the other, she accepted way to easily. Or did she? Can love overpower a detail such as that? Should it be able to? See where I'm coming from?! I think it mostly depends on the vamp. Whether it's a vamp who is mysterious but "nice" to humans or if it's a pure scary bloodsucker. Addict's Last Words: I love the writing, no doubt. I like the story because it does make me think.

Happily Ever After Reviews
Written by Ren on 18th May 2011

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read! This is, by far, one of the best love stories I’ve read. Cara is heading to Nashville to begin her singing career when she pulls over at a rest stop in the middle of the night. She’s at a vending machine when she sees, via the reflective glass, a young man staring at her… Will, for his part, is instantly attracted to her. There’s a bit of conversation before they kiss and at first I thought this was going to be some sex romp but it turns out to be so much more. Will is a romantic, sonnet-quoting, blue-eyed Irishman who also happens to be a vampire. He’s not one of those broody, over-done, rap-loving twinkling vamps. He wears his heart on his sleeve, quotes Shakespeare and is a total sweetheart. Cara isn’t uptight, helpless or boring. She has plans to be a country singer, knows what she wants and she comes across as the kind of woman you would want to hang out with. Cara has a couple of “dumb” moments but then again, I liked her so much that I could easily forgive her. I love how this was written. The writing is smooth and almost lyrical. Will and Cara’s attraction is intense; their shared love for the written word, music, and their time together is just so romantic that you can’t help but to sigh. Will and Cara are believable characters. Their personalities were so in sync, so sweet and tender. Will is focused on Cara without being domineering. He doesn’t have to beat his chest and take charge. They work well together. As far as the love scenes go, they were perfectly written and full of passion. You can feel the heat and emotion without it being so graphic to the point of being textbook sex. This is the kind of writing that I enjoy. My only complaint is that it is too short, way too short. But then again, when I come across a story that I really like, I don’t want it to end. Love Tattoo gets high marks from me and I hope potential readers will enjoy it as much as I have.

Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK!
Written by Ursshebear on 9th May 2011

What a fun read! I really enjoyed reading "Love Tattoo." Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy knew how to move her story along, keep the romance fresh and new, as well as develop the characters. I thought back to my late night truck stops while traveling. I wondered what I would do if I had been Cara and I encountered a handsome truck driver who made the move on me. Hmmmmmmm........... Will's and Cara's relationship grows quickly and they find themselves to be quite in love. Read and find out just what a love tattoo is. I do believe you'll enjoy reading this novel as much as I did.

Very good!
Written by Emily on 25th Apr 2011

Awesome read!!! I really, really enjoyed Will's Shakespeare quoting, it was pretty original!!! Overall good novel, and i look forward to reading more from this author!!

Bitten by Paranormal Romance
Written by Laurie on 13th Apr 2011

Love Tattoo is a very sweet romance story between a hero vampire and a heroine human. This is not an adventure or fast action read. This is about two meeting and falling in love, getting to know each other and accepting each other. There a lot of sexual tension and sex, but it’s on the less steamy side. Even though this is a short novella the author tells a lot about both Will and Cara so you get to know them. I enjoyed reading this love story and I recommend this to anyone who just wants a simple love story without complications. Tease: I am either your worst nightmare or your salvation.” That voice purred like a happy cat on a comfortable lap. “My name is Will Brennan and it is a pleasure to meet you.” He told his name so it seemed like I had to give him mine. “I’m Cara Riley.” I stuck my hand out to him to shake but instead he took it in his then bent down over it to kiss it. Both his fingers and his lips felt cold to me but I figured it was just that hot summer morning. No one ever kissed my hand before, ever, and I liked it. Will did it with graceful, suave moves more suitable to a nobleman at a royal court and not the truck driver I guessed he must be.

More than a vampire story
Written by Jane Clancy on 29th Mar 2011

I loved this book on so many levels, the voice of Cara, the sexy Will Brennan, description of Memphis, and the story. This is a love story, way beyond just a vampire or paranormal. This couple rocks and I enjoyed it so much!

Sexy read!
Written by Trixie on 23rd Mar 2011

This was an interesting and sexy read. I like the main character who tells the story and the hero, Will, is hotter than hot.