Royal Boy by Hannah Morse

Heat Level 4
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Can an English Nobleman and a Texan find enough in common to build a life together?

Duke George Corbyn commands both wealth and power. An attack before he flies to the states leads him to getting an American bodyguard. George is nonplussed. A babysitter is a no, but a Daddy would be a yes, because what nobody knows is that under his posh exterior, he’s a little longing for a Daddy.

When drill sergeant Aaron Anderson needed a job, he was recruited into CARE, Inc.—a security company that gave him a new start as a bodyguard. Assigned to watch over George, Aaron is not only attracted to the man, but also very aware that Georgie needs a firm hand to guide him. And that hand probably needs to be on the brat’s behind.

When the attacker returns, they learn more is at stake than just their hearts.

Be Warned: m/m sex, spanking, DDLB, roleplay 



The woman’s lips thinned. “You’re very American, aren’t you? I’m Lettie, head of Lord Eastshire’s security.”

Aaron stored that away. Place name title, check. He shook Lettie’s hand, then discreetly stretched his fingers out at his side after she freed him from her crushing grip. “I’m from Texas, ma’am. That’s pretty American.”

She waved a hand. “I’ve been assured that you’re the best.” Her tone suggested she didn’t quite believe him. The suit was working even better than expected. He should have added a cowboy hat. “And your security plans do seem to be well thought out and comprehensive.”

“That’s mighty kind of you to say, ma’am.”

Lettie looked like she was praying for a moment. If she’d been hoping for the floor to swallow him, it didn’t happen.

“Lord Eastshire is not thrilled with this arrangement,” Lettie said. “But after the incident last week, we didn’t want him wandering alone around the States where anything could happen.” She made it sound like wild bears or roving packs of revolutionary soldiers might jump out from behind the nearest potted plant.

“He’ll be safe.”

Lettie studied Aaron, then nodded once briskly and led him to a set of double doors. She pushed them open.

For a moment the view dazzled Aaron. Seattle stretched around them, framed by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Those would have been more of an issue if any assassin wouldn’t have needed a helicopter and wind that cooperated to have any chance of hitting someone in the suite. It might be bulletproof glass. He’d have to ask.

Out on Puget Sound, ferries left white water in their wake. The waves were so far below it was impossible to see them moving.

“Lord Eastshire,” Lettie said, her tone very different from the one she’d used on Aaron. The amount of deference in her voice was impressive. She must really be into the almost-royalty thing.

Aaron dragged his gaze away from the view, only to be stopped in his tracks by an even more gorgeous sight.

The kid was standing in front of a blank television screen, pouting, with his arms crossed. The photos hadn’t done him justice. Lord Eastshire looked expensive, from the cut of his dove-gray dress shirt and crisp trousers to the glass of booze in his hand. Which he had no business drinking—it was barely past noon.

Georgie—there was no way Aaron was going to ever be able to call him Lord such and such—had a lower lip to die for. Its sweet, lush plumpness contrasted well with his squared-off jaw and an absurd amount of golden curls. It pushed all of Aaron’s buttons at once. Not what he looked for in a client.

Swallowing down any awkwardness, Aaron marched over to him and stuck out a hand. “Howdy, son, it’s nice to meet you. I’m fixin’ to be your bodyguard, so no need to stand on formality.”

Georgie made a face at Aaron’s hand before gingerly taking it. The kid’s long, slim fingers were soft. “It’s nice to meet you,” he said in a tone that was anything but nice. Dropping Aaron’s hand, Georgie edged around him. “Lettie, this won’t work, I’m afraid. Please get this bloke out of my penthouse.”

Aaron almost expected Lettie to bow and do as told, but her face remained blank. “I’m sorry, sir. As you know, Mr. Anderson was hired from higher up. I’m afraid he has to stay,” she said before departing.

He put on a wide grin. “What the little lady said. Now how about you tell me what you’ve got planned in Vegas? Are you going to be hitting up the clubs? Bringing guys home?” He winked at Georgie, whose decidedly pale complexion was working its way toward being as white as a sheet.

“I,” Georgie said, the single word dripping with importance, “am not here for that sort of thing. I’ll be spearheading an initiative on micro-loans in developing nations, as well as being expected to attend every single bloody event as a guest of honor. I suggest you worry about making sure nothing happens at those functions, not about what I do to blow off steam.”

There was anger in the words, but it wasn’t reaching Georgie’s eyes. Aaron almost forgot himself and offered a hug. The kid obviously needed one, and the blow-off-steam part had been accompanied by his gaze darting away. Whatever he was into, dragging random guys home to fuck didn’t seem to be a part of it. Which was good in more ways than one. Aaron didn’t entirely want to think about what kind of torture it’d be standing outside this boy’s bedroom while he got hot and heavy with some Mr. Right Now.

But he’d play it cool. “If you say so, but I can be discreet, son.”

Georgie blew out a breath that made the curls over his forehead shift and fall further into his eyes. “Are you going to be up my arse for this entire bloody trip?”

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I Enjoyed It
Written by Nina D on 16th Apr 2023

"Champagne bubbles danced through George’s veins. This was it, the thing he hadn’t dared to ever dream about beyond a handful of thoughts. It seemed impossible." I enjoyed this book. I loved the characters. George and Aaron made a great match and had wonderful chemistry. I liked that George was coming into his own as a Little with Aaron's help and their relationship deepening. George being in danger from an attacker kept a sense of tension in the background. A great read. 4 stars.

good read
Written by Pauli on 5th Mar 2023

An interesting take on a scurity company, but the writer doesn't make it weird or sappy, just a backdrop for the mystery of who is stalking the client. Hints are there, but the ending is still good.

Good read
Written by Rani on 5th Mar 2023

I really enjoyed this book. I have always like bodyguard stories and Aaron is just perfect for George in every way.

The Client and His Bodyguard
Written by smjw2004 on 5th Mar 2023

George was definitely a little brat and Aaron was the perfect guy for this challenge. Patience was the name of the game for this bodyguard hired to protect George. Denying their mutual feelings would only last so long.

UK and Texas will never be the same
Written by Kwallywoman on 5th Mar 2023

George is an English Nobelman that is need of some protection. So he hires a bodyguard. Texan Aaron. This is a multicultural daddy/little read. There are a lot of funny moments but also loving ones. Cute read

Written by C. B. on 5th Mar 2023

Duke George has a secret, which he keeps closely guarded. He is also constantly harrassed and attacked for his lifestyle. Aaron, is discharged and becomes a bodyguard for Care, Inc. He takes the job guarding Duke George understanding two things, the threat against Duke George is real and the Duke needs a firm hand. Duke George recognizes Aaron is just who he needs. Good adventure story. Excellent characters, nice development. Nice cover art. Well done!

Royal Boy
Written by Sundayrays74 on 5th Mar 2023

This was my first time reading material written by this author and I was delighted and enjoyed reading. The characters were interesting full of attraction and definitely had me totally hooked on their road to love I hope the next installment is just as good if not better

Great loving dynamic
Written by Laora on 5th Mar 2023

George and Aaron their d/b relationship comes across as a very comforting one especially for George, who is being threatened, and more and more for Aaron, his bodyguard. Their attraction turns into a caring and loving relationship with not a lot of emphasis on the sexual side. This is not an insta story but neverrheless moves quickly along with a bit of mystery to solve.

Great start to a new series!
Written by Carrie K on 5th Mar 2023

I loved Royal Boy by Hannah Morse. It's the first book in the Care Inc. series. I loved Aaron and George. I loved how bratty George was and how Aaron was up for the challenge, and I loved how George flourished with him. This book could have gone on for another hundred pages, and I would have happily devoured them. I loved this Daddy/boy story.

Is There A Moat?
Written by Akasha721 on 5th Mar 2023

Great and fun first book in the CARE series! The Duke is lonely and in need of a Daddy. In walks Aaron the daddy/bodyguard that ticks all of his boxes and buttons. The two take their relationship to the next level when Aaron follows George back to the U.K. There they are living happily ever after!

Sweet Story
Written by DLB2572 on 5th Mar 2023

This is a sweet Daddy/little, hurt/comfort story. I enjoyed reading it quite a bit. It was an interesting read.

Duke or Little
Written by SMK9 on 5th Mar 2023

This book has bit of everything going on and I only have one complaint. The over exaggerated use of the Texas drawl and slang. It was way overused. We have George, Lord Eastshire, who thinks he is Little but is not sure never having the chance to fully explore it. Then there is Aaron, Bodyguard for CARE Inc. and former drill Sergeant. They meet when Aaron is assigned to watch over the Duke while he is in Vegas for a 2-week conference. What starts as just another assignment for Aaron, it becomes so much more when he figures out that Georgie is a Little that has never gotten to explore this side of himself. To say the Daddy comes out is an understatement. Aaron lovingly guides Georgie through his first ever Littlespace time and George is forever changed. There is still a very real threat to George's life that followed him from his home to the states and Aaron will keep his boy safe no matter what. Will Daddy be able to keep his boy safe when he travels home? Will they continue the relationship they started in Vegas? Grab this book and find out.

I loved it
Written by Nasra on 5th Mar 2023

The chemistry is on another level. I liked most when he gave his little boy a little space. Good book I like all if her books and it's one of those when you see the book you click it because it is guaranteed. Good job once again. you get when you read your books. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by Laura on 18th Feb 2022

This being my first read dealing with the Daddy/Little dynamic and unsure if I'd connect with the story line, my trust in (and love of) Hannah's writing had me thoroughly enjoying this beautiful MM romance. Emotional and tender (and yes, sexy, too!) the characters found exactly what they needed on each other.

5.0 out of 5 stars A sweet, m/m romance with a touch of candy spice...
Written by R.M. Scholl on 30th Jan 2022

When I saw Hannah had another book out, I jumped at the chance to pick it up! Her book Cake (Sea Treats) is one of my favorite books from 2021. If you haven’t seen my review for Cake, you can check it out here. George is an openly gay, English Duke who suffers regular harassment and homophobic attacks from disapproving citizens. Lately, someone has been stepping up their attack, slipping through his security to get close enough to reach him. As if this wasn’t enough, Georges’ most damning secret must never come to light. Aaron is an honorably discharged drill sergeant turned bodyguard for Care, Inc., a personal security service specializing in protecting high-profile gay men who fit a certain… demographic. What Aaron thinks will be just another job turns into so much more when George’s unspoken need calls to his own. We have two plots here. The secondary plot is the stalker who has managed to get uncomfortably close. This is played pretty straight. I admit, I pegged someone else to be the stalker, but I’ve never been very good at sussing out the bad guy on the first try. The primary plot is much more interesting to me. Naturally, it's the sweet romance between our dear duke and battle-scarred bodyguard. Specifically, the secret needs the two characters share and which dovetail together. This is a BDSM story, but it’s not your garden variety BDSM, as I’ll get into in a moment. On first meeting, George comes across as bratty and immature, throwing tantrums and being a general man-child, which put me off on him as a protagonist until I got to the twist. Aaron, on the other hand, is upfront about his character from the beginning. What you see is what you get. He ain’t got no time for games, and he doesn’t deny or try to hide his needs. For him it's more about finding a partner who meets his needs, with whom he can settle down. This is a contemporary romance on earth, so in lieu of my thoughts on worldbuilding, I want to take a moment to talk about the centerpiece of this charming story. As I said before, Royal Boy features BDSM, but not just any BDSM. Age play. Duke George’s secret is that he has a little boy inside him who only wants to be loved and cared for, a boy that was forced to grow up far too quickly after his parents died. This need is matched by Aaron’s unfulfilled need to care for the boys under his command, whom he instead had to break before sending them off to war. I very much appreciate the depiction of age play on display here: the conscientious boundaries drawn around little play vs grown-up play, the examination of Little Space as a form of subspace, and how one might go about exploring these games. I found the overall presentation well done and respectful, and I commend the author for tackling this sensitive and often misunderstood subject matter. Royal Boy’s pacing is on par with Cake. It stays just long enough to appreciate the moment without loitering. The romance was well developed and the suspense plotline provided just enough tension to spice the story without taking over. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and am happy to include it among my recommendations. If you’re looking for a sweet, m/m romance with a touch of candy spice, you should absolutely check out Royal Boy. In conclusion, I rate Royal Boy as follows: Story: 8/10 Characters: 7/10 Worldbuilding: 10/10 Pacing: 10/10 Enjoyment: 10/10

Daddy/boy, Protector/Victim
Written by KjnRose on 24th Jan 2022

This is the first book I've read by this author and it was really good. The storyline was good and it was well written with great characters. It only lightly gets into the daddy/boy dynamic, which works for me as I am not greatly into BDSM. This is a move slow to love development between George and Aaron instead of an instalove. It's nice reading through the book and getting all the suspense and development of the characters. I will be looking out for the next one when it comes out.

perfect together
Written by AndreaRomance on 24th Jan 2022

English duke George lost his parents at an early age, placing ducal responsibilities on him before he was ready. Now, a homophobic stalker is after him. On a trip to the US, Texan Aaron is assigned as his bodyguard. Aaron immediately senses that George is a little. Aaron longs to be the Daddy George needs, but their relationship has to stay professional. As the boundaries begin to blur, the threat against George ramps up. Can Aaron keep George safe—and find a way to build a life with him? This was my first Daddy/little book, and it's adorable. The suspense subplot doesn't overwhelm the sweet and steamy love story, which is the main focus of the book. Aaron was so attuned to George's needs, they just fit perfectly together, even though their backgrounds are so different. Loved this book!

HEA/Age Play Romance
Written by LC on 24th Jan 2022

This book takes place partially in England and partially in the US. Lord George Corbyn, Duke of Eastshire, is in trouble with a capital T. This leads his security chief to hire CARE Inc for a top notch bodyguard for the Duke while in Las Vegas for a conference. Aaron is a former drill instructor for the Army, a little older, queer, and a dominant. See the premise behind CARE Inc is to “provide specialized bodyguard services, focusing on high-profile gay men that needed a guiding hand beyond just being kept safe.” George and Aaron together are like magnets pushing against each other one minute and pulling towards each other the next. I really did enjoy this book. It is a new to me author, Hannah Morse. It is a dominant/daddy, submissive/little boy book. I think my favorite part about how HM writes the age play in this story is that Aaron really does take care of George. He sees that little part of him that needs extra love and attention and gives it to him. They get their happily ever and as a reader that my happy moment too.

A Cowboy and a Duke walk into a bar…
Written by Karla on 18th Jan 2022

Sounds like the start of a really bad joke, but Aaron’s and George’s connection is definitely no joke. The Duke of Eastshire longs for time to be himself as a little, but the decisions of his station are never ending and with an unknown stalker lurking around, he’s needing help in the worst way. Enter, Texan by birth, military man by duty, and bodyguard Daddy at heart, Aaron guards the Duke of Eastshire from said homophobic stalker with his life (and his heart) because seriously, when it comes to his boy, you “Don’t Mess With Texas.” I absolutely LOVED this book! The characters are engaging and fun. The storyline is smooth and easy to follow. Hannah just became one of my favorite authors!

Perfect together
Written by AndreaRomance on 18th Jan 2022

English duke George lost his parents at an early age, placing ducal responsibilities on him before he was ready. Now, a homophobic stalker is after him. On a trip to the US, Texan Aaron is assigned as his bodyguard. Aaron immediately senses that George is a little. Aaron longs to be the Daddy George needs, but their relationship has to stay professional. As the boundaries begin to blur, the threat against George ramps up. Can Aaron keep George safe—and find a way to build a life with him? This was my first Daddy/little book, and it's adorable. The suspense subplot doesn't overwhelm the sweet and steamy love story, which is the main focus of the book. Aaron was so attuned to George's needs, they just fit perfectly together, even though their backgrounds are so different. Loved this book!