Royally Screwed by Amber Malloy

Heat Level 3
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The Royal Series, 1

Prince Ford Beaumont, who taught at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, loved his career … until his ex-wife got him fired. On very thin ice with the monarchy, the prince is forced to participate in a reality dating show. However, an unintentional ponytail tug to a very sexy princess permanently changes his plans for the worse. Now, Ford only has two choices available: he can either stay on The Establishment’s planned out course or risk his title for the wild child princess.

Third in line to the throne, Princess Belle Deschamps ran from Emerald Isle years ago. She only returns to her birthright out of contractual obligation. Unfortunately, one very public fight with a handsome prince forces her into a one-sided deal that could destroy everything she built for herself.


Ford held the door to Belle’s office building open. As she passed by, the warm scent of apple and cinnamon filled his nose, begging him to get a stronger whiff. The entire time they’d waited in the coffee line, the need to taste her bee-stung lips had distracted him. They were plump with the perfect bow that tipped up. A strong urge to feel her pretty, painted mouth on his consumed his thoughts since … shit, since when, junior high?

He mildly remembered a small crush on the middle child Deschamps, but at the time who didn’t have one on Belle? Even though they had run in different circles, his friends mooned over her. Then one day, poof, she’d been sent off to boarding school.

That memory must have been bricked away. The flashback confused the shit out of him. Teenage years were hormonally trippy, but he couldn’t remember why Belle had been the only child from the monarchy to obtain her education off the island.

Following her farther into the building, he admired the way her curly, black hair cascaded down the back of her sweater, complementing her silky, chocolate coloring. More than once he averted his eyes from that amazing face to concentrate on the conversation at hand. While this easygoing, funny princess belonged to the Windy City, the stuck-up version must have been reserved strictly for their homeland.

Ford didn’t know what he would find once he touched down in Chicago. He’d planned to give her a heads-up, but that idea got nixed somewhere between JFK and O’Hare.

The last time they were in each other’s presence it didn’t go well. Basically, he’d wound her up, finally getting under her skin, and she took the bait. The consequences for the princess had far outreached a little ponytail tugging on his part.  

Still, what he absolutely hadn’t expected this morning before his second cup of coffee was the urge to kill one of the best centerfields in the league.

They continued their trek down a corridor. Once they reached the end of the hall, they were greeted by brick walls with wood inlay and sliding glass doors. A few desks intermingled with a foosball table putting the finishing touches on Belle’s cool kids’ club.

“Is it usually this quiet?” he whispered, hoping Belle didn’t beat her employees. The room full of twenty wide-eyed, staring people reminded Ford of a doomsday cult.

“No, they’re just bedazzled.”


“You… He won’t bite,” Belle announced to the room.

“Are you sure? Because that would be fun.”

Her employees laughed, which helped cut the weird tension, as a very cheery woman broke away from the pack.

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Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings)
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Interesting and well written read
Written by Caroline B on 31st Oct 2023

This book has some great characters with a well written storyline. Belle and Ford are each others perfect match, but will they realise it?...

good read
Written by Koalajt on 31st Oct 2023

a good read with interesting characters and a good story line of will they or wont they get together ????? looking forward to more in this series

The Tale of two thrones
Written by Dale on 31st Oct 2023

This was such a wonderful read of two families facing their own futures AND pasts. And the sights and feel of the islands and the cultural details, are what makes this book a wonderful read. The chemistry between Prince Ford and Princess Belle is so strong and so realistic. It makes you just want to book a reservation for at least a month. I have to say, that this the first time I’ve ever read anything from this author, and with great respect for the job done well. I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to reading and seeing more from Amber Malloy. Mar my words, great works are sure to come. Any opinions expressed in this review are solely and uniquely made by me and I am happily leaving this review. I originally voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book via bsprout.

Written by Amanda1444 on 31st Oct 2023

I loved this book! Belle and Ford drew me in from the very beginning. They are both royals from opposite sides, their families share rule of an island. The chemistry was undeniable and in addition fantastic character building. Belle is used to being the strong daughter that protects everyone and fights all her battles alone. Ford is the mediator determined to find his place outside of the royal family.

I Loved This Story
Written by Danee on 4th Jul 2023

What a wonderful book with great characters and their story is so gripping that you are completely sucked into their story from the start. I loved Belle and Ford and the journey they take together. This is highly recommended to read as their story eventually comes full circle.

Royal Love!
Written by WS1977 on 4th Jul 2023

This is the first book I’ve read written by this author and I really enjoyed it. It was well written and had a good storyline! The lead characters had very intense chemistry and passion!! The author did her research and that made the story more compelling and entertaining! I enjoy this book and would highly recommend it!

A Royal Life Worth Living!
Written by rjreads on 4th Jul 2023

A Royal Life Worth Living! A Prince and A Princess co-exist on their respective half of the island they inhabit each wanting to experience life beyond their titles. When Ford makes a pass, it's surprisingly a go. Now if only The Establishment would stop meddling in the lives of the Ford and Belle, they may be able, just yet, figure out how to have it all. A must read!

Charming romance with a bite
Written by Krysty A on 4th Jul 2023

I actually really enjoyed this charming romance, especially as the MFC was a black woman. I loved that there was diversity in this story, even though, as often is the case, there was insidious racism. The characters were interesting, the MFC, Belle, was a particularly strong-willed and feisty young woman; while the MMC was on a bit of a journey of self-discovery. I think that this book will appeal to those who love HE and romance in general. An enjoyable read.

The Prince and The Princess.
Written by Mylene on 4th Jul 2023

Who doesn't like a royal romance with scandal? No matter the level of Royalty. Will the Prince Ford win over the Princess Belle? A good read.

Written by DidiF on 4th Jul 2023

Overall good reading experience as this is a new author for me. It was a well done storyline dealing with an interracial couple’s journey to love. Plot filled with chemistry, strength, scandal, bravery, race, inequality, steam, and relationship growth.

Princess and the Prince
Written by Shell R on 4th Jul 2023

I really enjoyed this book. Once I got into it I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed Ford's and Belle's relationship and how it develop to the next level. I enjoyed finding out all the secrets relating to the families and the island. A must read. Enjoy ?

Written by Maria M on 4th Jul 2023

This is an author that is new to me - great new series Great characters and enjoyed the story telling Looking forward to more from them.

Written by mima48 on 4th Jul 2023

Can't wait for the next book as this is a richly written plot and the characters, Belle and Ford are great. I was carried by them as they build their relationship.

Very good novel
Written by Bobby's Dark Angel on 4th Jul 2023

This is book 1 in the series a very good read I very much enjoyed reading this page turner novel very much enjoyed reading this book

Ford & Belle
Written by ChristinaMichelle on 4th Jul 2023

This is the story of two royal family’s who share the ruling of a beautiful island nation. Each family has three brothers and three sisters…very Brady Bunch. Ford and Belle fall in love but will they live happily ever after because not all is as it would seem on the island and there’s some underhanded stuff going on. Which will all be revealed as soon as you read the book. This book is a well written, quick read and is mildly spicy.

I like the overall story
Written by BreezyB on 26th Jun 2023

The plot of this story was fun and interesting. I was team Belle pretty much from the start! I warmed up to Ford although I was annoyed how aloof he seemed to be when it came to the overt racism and the attitude of his “best friend”. I would’ve liked to have seen the more about what happened to the antagonists at the end (I love seeing people get their comeuppance). Also it did take me a little bit of time to fully understand what was going on in the story. It felt like I was missing something, and the abrupt cut to different scenes took some adjusting. Overall it’s a pretty good story.

Royally Screwed Book 1 of The Royal Series by Amber Malloy
Written by mickala r on 26th Jun 2023

first book in a royal romance series and a brilliant start great story and characters cant wait for next book a must for royal fans