Shoot Your Shot by Fiona Embers

Heat Level 3
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Mad City Moments, 1

Roxie Nowak is a former basketball player, with a great job in tech and her own swanky place. She doesn't date, because what's the point? Men always want someone petite, pillowy, and pastel—everything that Roxie isn't—so she sticks to casual hookups, and life is good.

As a hot lawyer and a romantic to boot, Chris Dunn should have no trouble finding love. But a gaping hole at his center, left by childhood hurts, prevents him from having the type of relationship he seeks. He knew Roxie years ago, when her basketball career ended, and she inspired him to take the reins to his career.

When Chris moves back to town and into Roxie's building, their friendship and mutual attraction deepen. They finally give in with blinding intensity, unaware just how combustible the mix of her avoidance and his insecurity can be—until one vindictive ex-lover lights a match.


Chris steps toward me and now we are only a couple feet apart. I can hear my heart beating in my throat. Why is it so hot in here? And why does he smell so good?

“I’m not some dude you screw and discard, and you’re not some random hookup for me. You are way too important to me, and it infuriates me that you think you don’t deserve all the consideration of yourself as a person and that you are less important than getting my dick wet, and I really wish you would stop talking about how you see me and us and other people are disposable. I don’t even believe you really think any of it, you just act like you do because you’ve been around too many assholes who didn’t deserve you and, now, because of them, you think you don’t deserve anything.”

My hand darts on its own and lands on his upper arm. He looks down at it, then at me.

I finally understand that old cliché about time standing still.

He is so warm, I can feel the heat radiating through his shirt. His muscles tighten under my grip, and that tension, knowing I am causing the tension, makes heat surge to my center.

He takes a step forward and is now within my personal space, his nose a mere inch from mine, and he waits. His eyes are dark and hooded and fixated on my mouth. Shallow breaths leave his partly open mouth and I can see the inside of his lower lip, wet with saliva and glistening faintly in the light of the TV, and I feel a primitive urge to sink my teeth into that plump juicy flesh. I barely resist, and instead graze it lightly with my fingertips. He holds his breath and closes his eyes.

The urge swells, getting stronger, impossible to resist. I close the small distance between us while his eyes are still closed, remove my fingertips, and gently suck that infernal protruding lip into my mouth.

That’s all he needs because he grabs me by the waist and the back of my neck and crushes me into his body and his mouth is soft and open and his tongue is a hard muscle twisting together with mine, and his lips are everywhere at once, all over mine, exploring, then out on my chin, on my jawline, moving down my neck and up again, and then I feel his breath and the tip of his tongue pressing on that spot on the neck right where the jaw and the earlobe meet, and I swear a jolt of electricity shoots straight into my pussy and I can’t contain a moan.

He grunts something like “Nmhn” in response and his hands are moving, one down from my waist and toward my ass, which he grabs not at all like the nice dorky boy I thought he was for some reason, stupid stupid Roxie, and his other hand is in my hair and he massages my scalp before he grabs a handful of strands and pulls backwards so I would open up my neck to him, and he uses his tongue and his teeth to sear lines on my skin from my cleavage to my collarbone to my jaw.

My hands roam along his neck, shoulders, chest, his face, and I have no idea what is actually guiding them.

There is a massive erection against my lower belly and I slide my hand up and down his cock over his pants and his hips follow my hand, chasing the friction, the pressure. I spread my legs a little and nestle his thigh in between mine, and I rub my pelvis against it, just a little, the rubs both igniting and soothing the ache in my clit, and that cock is magnetic so my little pelvic thrusts acts as little bows to its majesty, while I continue to stroke it and Chris is busy frying the nerve ends in my throat.

His hand moves to my breast and the traitorous nipples could cut glass and he squeezes the breast a few times, but it is not enough, so he yanks my shirt up and the cup of my bra down and he descends upon that nipple like it is the Holy Grail, and he licks it all over, in broad, measured strokes, and then he starts to suck on it, and his other hand is on the other breast, yanking the cup, and he is nibbling on one and pinching and twisting the other, and the jolts, one after the other, so many, shooting straight down into my clit and I buck against him, my spine arching because this is a lot, but then he switches so the other nipple wouldn’t feel overlooked and he sucks for dear life, and I grab onto his shoulders because my knees might give out.

His mouth is back on mine, his hand sliding into the front of my pants, and he slowly moves in between the folds and I moan as he makes little back and forth movements, inching toward the opening, teasing countless nerves along his path, my whole pelvic floor swollen and throbbing and ready and eager. So eager.

He sticks two fingers inside my cunt and groans and I know that is because I am so fucking wet, and I moan, “Chris—”

But hearing his name seems to bring him back to reality. His body stiffens and he lets go of me, then puts his hands up between us and takes a step back, panting.

“Fuck… Roxie, we can’t.”

Why not?

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Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings)
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Written by ChrisL on 23rd Mar 2024

This is Chris and Roxie's story. He's a lawyer and she is a tech. When Chris comes back to town and meets up with Roxie again what will happen? They both have so many hang-ups that they need to get past. Can they do it?

Good story!!
Written by Wendy L on 23rd Mar 2024

This is the first book in a new series, and this is Chris and Roxie’s story. This is a good story which has family, friendships, angst, regrets, emotions, challenges, miscommunication, insecurities, acceptance, romance, and love, which leads to an enjoyable and steamy page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Shoot Your Shot
Written by KDWeb on 23rd Mar 2024

A steamy romance, where the characters are well written with a couple hang ups. Both Chris and Roxie, when it came to their issues, felt realistic. They met in college, when he was dating her roommate. They became friends but lost touch until he moves into her building. The way these two struggled with addressing their feelings was so real.

Shoot Your Shot!
Written by Mary on 23rd Mar 2024

This Mad City Moments story is really good and nicely developed. It is about two people with insecurities, self doubts and trouble accepting love. The story is about Chris and Roxie. These two meet in college and become good friends. Years later they are in the same building and things develop. I was addicted and hooked in this story.

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 23rd Mar 2024

This is the first book I've read written by Fiona Embers; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the first book in the Mad City Moments Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Roxie & Chris.

Friends to lovers
Written by Jordan F on 23rd Mar 2024

Really cute! The spice level was pretty good. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two characters. Roxie and Chris both have toxic families which I felt helped them relate to each other. However, it also caused problems between them due to the toxicity. There was a lot of back and forth between the two but they got where they needed to be in the end.

A great debut romance story
Written by EPM on 23rd Mar 2024

He was her college roommate's ex-boyfriend. They connected again when he moved back after 10 years away. They developed a great friendship, however they started grappling with their feelings for each other, not wanting to ruin their newly established friendship, but also feeling more. This development is also impacted by their individual hang-ups as a result of their respective childhood challenges. I really enjoyed this book, it was a good length, it was humerous, and hot. I loved their text exchanges, the various nicknames and the cats are awesome. I also liked how Roxie and Chris were "normal" ie Chris wasn't a Billionaire, there was no massive age gap between them and Roxie had hang ups about her height, feeling that she wasn't what men wanted (former Basketball player) - the story seemed more based on real life than many of the books I typically read - (though I am not knocking all the Billionaire, age gap, mafia etc tropes, I love those too) - this book just made a nice change. I am looking forward to reading more books by Fiona Embers.

Written by Marie R on 23rd Mar 2024

This is a very enjoyable sports romance. Once I started reading it, I had a hard time putting the book down. It was a definite page turner. Chris and Roxie have a wonderful connection and I was cheering them on. Will they work through their insecurities and get to their HEA? I would recommend reading this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Written by Nasra on 23rd Mar 2024

This one was a very intense reading. I couldn't put it down. It has just amount for everything, charming that they both have the best personality. Female not whinny girl and male not all violent obsessive man. They just have a good relationship. It wasn't great about how they didn't know how to explain their need of feelings but it was understandable. Also I really wanted to knw why his mom doesn't like him. Otherwise a very good job to you I see myself reading others books from you