Don't Shoot...I'm a Werebear by Angelique Voisen

Heat Level 3
SKU 978-1-77233-957-4

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Can a lonely city bear nurse his broken heart? 

Bear shifter Barry Smithson is going native. Rejected by his boss and crush of five years, Barry’s going back to his hometown. Believing he’ll win over the love of his life with his animal’s ferocious nature, Barry decides to spend some time in the woods. 

But Barry is not an outdoorsy kind of bear. He’s obsessive compulsive and terrified of open spaces. Tired and lost, Barry catches wind of a delectable scent, leading him to a human fishing for salmon. Hunger of the carnal kind hits him bone-deep. Once Barry gets a taste, he’ll want more. 

Can Barry convince the human not to shoot him?

Be Warned: m/m sex


Please. I liked that word on his lips. After all of the attitude he’d shown me, who knew Zack was capable of pleading? I understood him a little better now. Not entirely, but enough. When I looked into his eyes, I saw bits of myself reflected there. Both of us had been hurt before. Too wary to trust again––but I could change that.

Grinning, I complied, this time slowing it down. I couldn’t recall the last time I took my time kissing another man. Zack locked his arms around my neck, grinding his body against mine, doing wonders for my hard-on. It annoyed the hell out of me he still had his clothes on. Grabbing a handful of his flannel shirt, I jerked, the sound of tearing fabric startling him.

“W-what are you doing?”

I liked the uncertainty in his voice and the excitement underneath.

“I need to taste you, more of you.”

Zack didn’t fight me. “You better be ready to pay for that shirt.”

“Not a problem.”

The less horny and logical part of me reminded me I still had a bullet in my shoulder. Not silver, but I needed medical attention, to yank out the line still caught in my arm. None of the little aches mattered now. I made a trail of kisses down Zack’s throat. His leaping pulse pushed me to the edge of my sanity. I could bite him right now and tie our souls together, but I’d never take a man against his will.

I shouldn’t be thinking in terms of ‘til death do us part. Zack and I just met, but I had a feeling I would be extending my stay in Ironwood. Leila would be elated. I would be happy. Never mind how impromptu the plan sounded. All my life I’d made careful choices. Debated the pros and cons of every single thing—latte or cappuccino, tell Hamish I loved him or keep quiet.

Seven rocks lay strewn around us, and an equal number of oak trees loomed in the distance. Reckless and acting on impulse hadn’t ever been me, but everything about this moment felt right.

I planted seven kisses down Zack’s chest. At eight, I took his left nipple into my mouth, sucking, loving the way he buckled underneath me. Zack dug his hands into my shoulders, nails sinking into skin, bound to leave marks, but I didn’t care. The bud hardened and I bit down, leaving the perfect imprint of my teeth. Zack groaned, clearly turned on by the pain.

“By the time I’m done with you, everyone will know what you are.”

“What am I?”



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Written by undefined on 19th Apr 2017

Barry wasn’t good at making – or keeping – friends. As a werebear he finds himself moody and grumpy far too often. Even though Barry has had a crush on his boss for five years, he’s not quite managed to make his attraction known, and then it’s too late. Deciding to go home to try and ground himself, Barry goes for a walk in the woods and meets Zack, and both their worlds are turned upside down. Major kudos to the author for this title. I have to admit the title is the main reason I picked up this short story and I’m so glad that I did! While I felt the start of the story moved a little slowly, once Zack and Barry finally meet up everything moves along at a lovely pace. I enjoyed getting to know Barry properly first, learning about how he’s struggled with his werebear and life in general. I love that Barry had flaws, wasn’t some perfect, alpha hero – it made him feel more real to me and indeed I enjoyed Barry far more for his imperfections. It took a bit longer to really get to know Zack – but I loved his character as much as Barry’s by the end. The plot of this story is mostly Barry coming to the realisation that he needs to stop running from his life, and then Barry and Zack coming together and I really enjoyed this. Both Barry and Zack are interesting and complicated characters, and I didn’t find the story at all lacking for only having a few other strong secondary characters. Some readers mightn’t like how there’s no sex to speak of until the second half of the book but personally I actually preferred to really get to know Barry and his situation first. And when Barry and Zack finally come together I found it well worth the wait. I really enjoyed this story and found the sex hot and intimate, I loved the characters and generally found this to be an excellent short story and well worth the read. Recommended.

4 stars
Written by Anne on 21st Aug 2016

Sweet and sexy read! Love Barry, the clumsy but so adorable "Teddy"-bear, and Zack, of course.