Something Shifty by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 4
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Professor Seth Dustin thinks he's alone in the world, but when he meets another shifter, he's forced to reevaluate his whole life. Dex Connor is gorgeous, talented, and male—everything Seth had no idea he wanted.

However, when Seth discovers Dex is keeping dangerous secrets from him, he must decide if he can forgive the man who has become his closest friend, the man who stole his heart. Seth never expected to find himself in the midst of a territorial fight with a rival clan. He doesn't know how to deal with the jealous hostility of a woman who wants Dex for herself. Love is unexpectedly complicated, but is being alone better?

Rocker, shifter, mate: Dex is all of these, and more. Professor, shifter, loner: Seth wants more. When two shifters meet, instinct takes over.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming



“Shape shifters have one true mate. A lot of us don’t find that person. Some of us do and lose him, like my sister lost hers. They were so young they never even bonded.” He lifted a shoulder. “I knew almost from the moment I met you.”

Seth swallowed thickly. “I think you’re insane.” He meant it nicely, but still, Dex couldn’t imagine he would take this seriously, could he?

Dex laughed and shoved his chair away from the table. “I promise I’m not.”

Seth leaned his elbows against the solid wood and tried to figure out what the hell there was to say to that. His erection hadn’t flagged, either, oh no. In fact, his cock was harder than ever and had been since Dex said the word “mate.”

“Dex—” he began, then stopped, shocked at how rough he sounded. He pushed away from the table, edgy and aroused and not sure what to do with himself. He glanced at Dex whose eyes had gone dark.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” Dex said, standing up in one graceful movement. The muscles in his arms flexed beautifully.

For a shifter who can’t shift, he certainly is in great shape, Seth thought vaguely, then Dex’s lips were on his and he stopped thinking at all. Dex hauled him up against his body and Seth shuddered. This kiss was even more incendiary than the last one, maybe because he wasn’t angry anymore, maybe because he wasn’t as shocked as the first time. He wasn’t sure he cared why. He ran his hands through Dex’s hair and hung on, crazily aroused by the feel of another man’s stubble against his mouth.

“Jesus, Dex,” he panted when Dex nibbled down his jaw. “What are we doing?”

Dex growled. All the hair on Seth’s body stood up and he pushed against Dex, trying to get closer. The table dug into his hip and he realized that Dex was pushing back at him, shoving him into the wood. Seth snapped. He groaned and grabbed Dex by the shoulders, swinging him around and walking him backwards until they hit the kitchen sink with a thump.

“Seth, fuck,” Dex said, kissing him again. Seth moaned and jammed his hands down Dex’s jeans.

“Off, take these off,” he said, hips jerking uncontrollably as Dex bucked against him.

“Seth, wait,” he said, but Seth wasn’t listening anymore. He didn’t want to know what new piece of annoying information Dex thought he absolutely must know. He wanted to rut against Dex’s hard, smooth, gorgeous body until he came, and he wanted to do it right the fuck now.

“Shut up.” Seth grunted, slipping a hand in between them to fumble at Dex’s jeans. “You talk too much and I’m done listening.”

“God, what are you—” Dex began, but Seth had the button open now. He eased the zipper down, breathing harshly against Dex’s throat.

“Be quiet,” Seth said, licking under his ear. Dex’s flavor burst over his tongue and he sucked in a breath as the taste of wild and hotand mine exploded in his body. “God, Dex, you taste incredible. Why do you taste so good?”

“Seth, if we do this, there’s no going back,” Dex muttered, his hands busy ripping Seth’s hoodie to shreds.

“I don’t see you stopping,” Seth taunted, biting him again. Dex shuddered against his mouth and he licked the spot where his teeth had just been. He loved the way Dex moved under his touch. Then Dex pushed him away and literally tore his hoodie off his body. “Holy shit.”

Dex smiled, fierce and possessive. “You were taking too long.”

Dex had a point. Seth blinked, suddenly right on the fucking edge of climax. He jammed his fist against his balls, trying to stave it off. “If you keep ripping my clothes off me, I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

Dex dropped the pieces of Seth’s top and reached for his sweatpants. Seth danced away. “Fuck. Let me do it so you don’t break anything. Take your shirt off, for Christ’s sake.”

Dex snarled, but did as Seth asked, throwing it across the kitchen. His hair came out messy, but it made him look even hotter. Seth stared at Dex’s body, dazed at the sight of a huge tattoo covering most of his left hip and disappearing into his open pants. “Jesus, that must have hurt.”

Dex ran a finger up the design. “When I lost the ability to shift, I had the clan artist ink my lost animals onto me.”

Seth looked at the intertwined wolf and eagle and several other creatures cavorting across Dex’s skin. He wanted to taste them, run his fingers over them until he knew them as intimately as he knew his own. “It suits you,” he said gruffly. He eased his sweats over his erection carefully. When he straightened back up, he found Dex staring at him, eyes hot.

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Such a Fun Read!
Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 16th Jul 2015

I don't know why I didn't know "Something Shifty" existed. I thought I had read everything that Erin Leaf has ever written, but I was woefully wrong. I stumbled upon it a few days ago and rushed to buy it. I was not disappointed. I loved Dex and Seth. Their chemistry was instant and strong...and oh, so sexy! They're perfect for each other. Did I mention that they were sexy? Their sex scenes (while obviously loving) were smoking hot, and I even read them out loud to my husband. The background characters are great and support the story completely. Sometimes, they get in the way, but Delia and the others enhance everything. The plot is well thought out and very enjoyable. I love to see bad guys get their comeuppance, and I got exactly what I wanted. Please check this book out. In fact, check out ALL of Erin Leaf's books. She's a fantastic writer, and all of her stories are damn near perfect. I'm so happy to have read this.

MM Good Book Reviews
Written by Lisa on 3rd Nov 2014

This was an amazing story. There was so much depth and feeling to it. I was fascinated with this story and can’t wait to check out the rest of Erin’s books. If they are anything like this one then they are all going to be a hit. I hope that there is going to be more books out there that are connected to this one. I loved the characters and how they mixed. This had the excitement of shifting and meeting new people, the adventure of having traveled all over, the surprise at finding yourself mated to another shifter and even the jealousy of a bitch scorned. Well not scorned but just not wanted period. What would a gay man want with a female? Seth had been adopted and never knew that there were shifters out there. He had started when he was younger shifting into different animals and always wondering if he would always be alone. That is until one day he meets Delia. She had been in her shifter form. After meeting up with her, he was introduced to Dex. Now Delia is a con artist at will, she fails to tell Seth that Dex is not only her brother but a shifter also. Boy did that one bite her in the ass. Seth was falling for Dex and then he finds out all of the secrets. Someone was going to get bit that was for sure. Dex was fascinated by Seth and then realizes that this sexy man is his mate. The problem was Dex couldn’t shift. He had lost his abilities close to a year prior and then with his parents death he was to take over the clan. Now many had problems with that and the fact that he was gay. It is up to his mate to help them all realize that he was going to be the strongest alpha there is.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by NOR on 11th Jun 2013

Remember how you felt the last time occurrences just don't seem quite right. It is difficult to place a finger on what it is but there is a vibration that has a fragrance of enticement. Something Shifty is an artfully created love story that whittles its way into a reader's heart and soul. This seductive narrative of self-discovery, love, tenderness and patience gives great meaning to the quote “Good things happen to those who can wait”. That quote bounced around in my mind as I read and savored the juiciness of this meaty story. Sensational energy is depicted so cleverly by Erin M. Leaf in this well-coordinated, realistic narrative of shape-shifters of the respected pack. There isn't anything lovers will do to please and bring joy to a partner. The sweet whispers can often be missed because of the noisy chatter that plays constantly in the background of one's consciousness. The chattering, clinging sound harbors self-doubt, secrets and distrust of the true instincts that only the heart and soul comprehend. Something Shifty is about the strength of love and sometimes that requires a bit of interceding influence from an outside source to shine lights on a situation that appears full of contradictions. The sizzle between the main characters is pleasing and the eroticism is more than a little titillating. Something Shifty warms all aspects of the human senses. I valued the message Ms. Leaf conveyed. “Judgments are roadblocks to the center of what makes a beautiful life”. Seth Dustin is a professor at the university. He is handsome, sexy, strong, and full of every aromatic essence of manliness. Dex is a famous musical genius who brings all women weakly to their knees, mouth unhinged. He is tall, easy on the eyes with an outstanding ripped physique, yum, sex appeal that encourages one to want to be a freak. Delia Connor, Dex's sister, is an artistically perfectionist from her chestnut brown head of hair down to her toes, but more importantly this manifests when it relates to the music industry. Her skills and type “A” personality are a perfect match for her brother Dex's recording career. This is a well formulated story of action, erotica, paranormal shape shifters, real life dilemmas and the resolution that leaves the audience enchanted. Ms. Leaf does an outstanding job of providing the characters and the audience with what they hunger for: great dialogue and action. The Alpha male struggle, in an effort to secure dominance, added that extra saucy, sparkles and flame to the kindling of sensuality. I felt sated after reading Something Shifty. I enjoyed the injection of humor and clandestine energy Ms. Leaf added to the storyline. I found the development of the tender relations believable and I felt as though I was present in the background of Something Shifty and a proud member of the clan. Ms. Leaf's secondary characters are a robust support system and framework for the actions and reactions. One would be lucky to have a dedicated group of friends such as those in Dex's pack…Jack, Mark, Jill, Dr. Laura, Carole, Sanjay and others. Under the spell of love Seth fell hook line and sinker for all that Dex had to offer. When things become open and unlimited love crystallizes and the multi-dimensional aspects made me want to cheer during this fast paced read. The smooth writing style made Something Shifty irresistible and I wrapped myself up in the carnal passions of the love and understanding of an accepting association of a loyal clan. Love it 4.5 stars

The Romance Review
Written by TRR on 12th May 2013

SOMETHING SHIFTY is an above-average MM shifter romance with two good leads, a strong romance, and world building I'd like to read more of. Professor Seth is the only shifter he's ever known and his loneliness has prevented him from any meaningful relationships until he meets Dex. Dex is the new alpha of his shifter clan and a rock star. He's not prepared to meet Seth or for them to be in the middle of a territory dispute with a rival, homophobic shifter clan. This is a very good romance between Seth and Dex. It happens quickly, yes, but it's got good emotional intimacy as well as sexual. I really love the low-drama of Seth accepting his desire for Dex since he hadn't previously been attracted to men. Usually this addition irritates me in stories but here, this was good romance storytelling. This book does use the destined mate trope so familiar to shifter stories but it has a few new accessories that freshened it up for me. I also liked the plot involving a rival, homophobic clan who are plotting to destroy Dex and take over his clan. This provided a strong plot and showcased the importance of Seth and Dex's relationship to his clan. The secondary characters are also very good here, especially Dex's spitfire sister. The integration of the rock star element to the shifter story seemed odd at first but with the secondary characters explained, it became a well executed novella. SOMETHING SHIFTY is a very good read I enjoyed and hope becomes a series.

Fast-paced, funny and delightful
Written by undefined on 31st Mar 2013

I love good banter more than anything, and I got that in spades with Something Shifty. The romance between Seth and Dex is delightfully sweet and hot, and the dialogue is truly a thing of beauty. I'm going back to check out more of Ms. Leaf's work.