Sound and Deception by Nancy E. Polin

Heat Level 2
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A family emergency brings Klahanie Bishop back to the tiny Pacific Northwest island where she grew up. Going home wasn’t something she’d anticipated, nor had she anticipated running into Noah, the childhood boyfriend who’d humiliated her years ago.

Noah McLeod is torn when Klahanie returns to the island. The girl he’d loved forever had evolved into a stunning, free-spirited young woman, and Noah aches to grow close again, but fears the demons from his past will destroy any hope of a future.

But someone else is on the island, someone who blends with the locals and hides behind smiling eyes, someone with a cold-blooded secret …


I awoke aware and uneasy just before dawn. Rain had dissipated, leaving a tense silence, punctuated only by the ebb and flow of low tide. The sound of the ocean always brought comfort, but in the moment, it felt ominous, like a sleeping dragon.

Noah wasn’t next to me.

I pushed the covers back, and gooseflesh paraded up and down my arms and legs at the chill. He used a woodstove for heating, but the fire had receded to embers and needed more fuel. Noah’s flannel lay closest to me, so I grabbed it and slipped inside. His scent rose around me and I tried to take comfort in it, but my uneasiness continued to nip at me.

Holding my breath, I padded beyond the bedroom and into the den, careful to avoid any creeks in the wooden floor. The atmosphere felt heavy with impending threat, and although it confused me, I trusted my instincts.

Noah stood in front of his west window staring out into the last remnants of night. Although dim grey light from impending dawn touched the muscles in his shoulders, he remained largely in shadow, motionless. He only wore a pair of boxers, but seemed unbothered by the cool temperature.

His body looked taught, like a wire pulled to its extreme.

Or an active land mine.

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Loved It
Written by Danee on 2nd Oct 2023

This was a delightful story with enough suspense and mystery. The storyline and the characters Khalanie and Noah are woven together by the author in such a way that you had trouble putting your book down. This is a must read because you completely disappear into their story.

Sound and Deception
Written by Kim W on 2nd Oct 2023

Sound and Deception by Nancy E. Polin is a good, and enjoyable bully second chance romantic suspense read. The story has a great entertaining world building story line that was very well written read. The characters are great, and they have great chemistry. This story is a very entertaining page turning romance read. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Written by Steacyn on 2nd Oct 2023

What a great book with a wicket twist. Well written and great story between old friends in a small community. Not overly lovey. But just enough. Enjoy this one.

Suspense romance
Written by Polli.P on 2nd Oct 2023

Only read this because it was advertised as a bully romance, and was supposed to have explicit content. (So, I enjoy a bit of spice in my books, sue me!) Anyway this book is neither. Yes, there is a a psycho who commits murder, no real bullying just mild stalking. And as for explicit content, well, I've read worse in YA novels. The other categories it was advertised by included contemporary romance and suspense romance. These are correct. This is not the author's fault but of her promoters, who may have got their advertising mixed up with another book. Now all that said, I don't regret reading this because the underlying romance, though slow to start and eventually full of complications, was a clever piece of writing. I just loved the unique way it played out even though it was predictable. And this author has an absolute knack for painting with words! The imagery was superb! So, for a book I normally wouldn't have bothered with I can say this is well worth a read. It's as hauntingly beautiful as it is surprisingly serious. Would recommend!

Mending fences
Written by Crystal74 on 2nd Oct 2023

Klahanie and Noah were best friends growing up the they were high school sweethearts that separated from a misunderstanding. They go there separate ways until years later when Klahanie came back to help family. They start talking and working things out but someone is after Klahanie too. They want to kill her. This book is a really good book and who the killer was suprised me. Definitely ho read this book.

Coming home can be dangerous
Written by RahiaLeight on 2nd Oct 2023

My favorite part of this tale was the radio breaks with island gossip. I thought that was a really fun bit to include. This tale covers all of the bases, love, fear, hilarity, suspense. It is not a fast read, so grab a coffee and get comfy. The tale moves at a steady, but slow pace, and has some moments of nail-biting excitement. It definitely wasn't what I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Loved Klahanie and Noah
Written by Reensburger on 2nd Oct 2023

This was my first time reading this author and it won't be the last! I really enjoyed this book. It's a great thriller, there's a stalker/murderer that likes to play with his prey. Enter Klahanie back to the island she grew up on to look after her injured grandmother. A little standoffish, by reconnecting with her high school boyfriend and in turn her friends she finds that life is actually better when you give people a chance. The murderer in the background is so well written, especially once he sets his sights on the h. A great twist during the reveal of the bad guy has this book ticking a lot of boxes. I can't recommend this book more.

This bully romance is AMAZING--loved it alot!
Written by Andrea R on 17th Aug 2023

If you are a fan of bully romances this is a great read--really enjoyed it and the characters and the story was very well written. I do recommend highly.

Great Suspense and Story Telling
Written by Fanfair on 17th Aug 2023

Right from the intro this author sends us on a journey of childhood sweethearts and a killer who is determined to capture his next victim. The misunderstanding between Klahanie and Nathan was a great look into how young love can be and how mistakes can be made. I loved the look into how they changed and how their experiences have impacted who they became as adults. The DJ chapters are funny and give the reader a great contrast between the killers stalking. The stalking adds an element of creepy anticipation and suspense that just makes the story all the better. The story is filled with great supporting characters and lots of twists and turns. The foreshadowing was done well without giving anything away. Best thing....I did not see the end coming!