Spirit River by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 3
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Bad Oak Boys, 5

Rock star River has it all: fame, fortune, and forbidden witch power. So what if he’s lonely? He can always crash one of his cousins’ concerts for kicks—the Bad Oak boys are shifters, but River can hold his own when it comes to music. Yet when an explosive encounter with a fan triggers dormant werewolf genes, he must suddenly grapple with a bond he never expected with a wolf who ghosts him right after the music stops.

Werewolf Gregor Eutimo expects nothing but a fun night out when his sister drags him to a River concert, yet the moment he sees the man singing his heart out on stage, something wild clicks. A hot hookup with a rock star isn’t on his menu, but he can’t deny the mating instinct, not even when it means finally accepting his bisexuality. Not even when it means more power and love than he ever expected.

Be Warned: m/m sex, MPREG



River had no fucking idea what the fuck he thought he was doing, but the guy in the front row had been driving him fucking insane and he had to do something. He couldn’t perform like this. Energy rushed through his body like a wildfire, and he spared a half second to send some down into the Earth, trying to ground himself before he shorted out the entire venue, or worse, set something on fucking fire. Unfortunately, releasing a little power didn’t do much. He still felt like he was going to crack apart. “Hey,” he managed through clenched teeth.
The man stared at him like he was nuts. “What am I doing here?”
River let go of the guy’s shirt. He didn’t reply, because the answer was, I have no fucking clue what I think I’m doing, and wouldn’t that be a great way to start a conversation? No. No, it would not, he told himself, eyeing the guy from head to toe. The man wore unrelenting black, and that just pumped up the volume of River’s desperate arousal even more. Added to that, the guy was fucking built. He was solid, and as tall as he was, he looked about as movable as a rock. In other words, exactly what River liked most in a man.
Get a grip, River, he told himself, mouth going dry at the warmth pumping off the guy. He looked him up and down again, gaze lingering on the serious package in the man’s pants, wondering why he hadn’t decked River yet for kidnapping. “What’s your name?” he finally managed to ask, swallowing hard when the guy’s hazel eyes met his, piercing through every fucking wall he’d ever tried to build.
“Gregor Eutimo,” the man said, voice so low and rumbly that River’s cock immediately hardened even more. Which I didn’t think was possible.
“Fuck,” River muttered. He slammed the door shut behind them and locked it. “I’ve got twenty minutes.”
“Twenty minutes for what?” Gregor asked, hazel eyes glowing with some sort of power that just revved River up more. “I have no idea what the hell I’m doing here,” the man continued.
River shook his head, frustrated. “Like hell you don’t.” His witchy energy, usually heightened during a concert, was going crazy. He didn’t usually have to shed excess, but tonight was clearly a night for firsts. “I never fucking do this,” he muttered, grabbing the guy by his shirt again. “Never.” He fisted his hands in the soft cloth, then moved in, pushing the guy up against the door so that his knuckles pressed against the man’s solid chest. “Who are you?” Thank fuck the guy didn’t resist, or, God forbid, punch him in the face, which would be a disaster in the middle of a show. River wasn’t a small guy, much to most people’s surprise when they met him, but this dude carried even more muscle than he did.
Gregor dug his fingers into River’s biceps, as if he couldn’t quite believe what was happening. “I told you—” he started to say, but River cut him off.
“Your name isn’t what I want.”
The man’s eyes narrowed, and he dug his fingers in harder, almost tight enough to bruise. River liked it. River liked everything about this man. Gregor felt somehow solid while also feeling as though he were entirely made of energy, deep as a well but as volatile as lightning. River had to struggle with his power because it kept wanting to reach out and sink fingers into the guy. Fucking hell. What is happening? He dragged in a deep breath. “What are you?” River gritted out, thinking that might be the better question.
“I’m a wolf,” Gregor said huskily after a searing look. He licked his lips, gaze dropping to River’s mouth.
Christ on a cracker. River swallowed hard, somehow unsurprised even though he hadn’t expected that answer. Figures. He leaned in, letting the man take his weight. To his delight, Gregor shuddered. When his erection met the man’s hips, he writhed slightly, and the next thing River knew, they were kissing. He moaned at the taste of him—sweet, wild—and then Gregor pulled him closer, hips slotting up against his perfectly. The man’s thick cock was hot enough that River could feel it through both his leather and the man’s jeans.
“Jesus fucking Christ,” River said roughly, coming up for air. He had his hands in the man’s hair and no memory of putting them there. “What the fuck.” It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. The guy answered anyway.
“You’re the one who brought me here.” Gregor rolled his hips, making them both groan. “I’m straight.”
Denial, thy name is Gregor. River shook his head violently, even as his body jerked forward, hard. “I can’t blow my load in these pants. I need to finish the concert.” He closed his eyes and breathed for a moment, as if that would help. Instead, when he inhaled, all he could smell was Gregor’s wild scent, like a forest after a good soaking rain. Fuck.
“This is impossible,” Gregor muttered, and River was about to agree, when suddenly the man slid a hand down and unbuttoned the soft leather of River’s pants. “I don’t do things like this.” He slid his hand inside.
River froze, hanging on for dear life. “You and me both, dude,” he muttered. When Gregor’s fingers cupped his cock, River bit his lip hard enough to cut himself. Gregor growled, and he did not sound human. The coppery taste of blood vibrated in River’s mouth, as if his energy had just been waiting for that one signal to ramp up. Gregor licked inside, obviously chasing the flavor.
“Oh, fucking hell,” River heard himself say, but Gregor was jacking him so slow and perfect he couldn’t figure out what the hell was happening, let alone gather the self-control to stop this. His cock swelled even as his energy sparked out, sinking into Gregor’s solid presence. The wolf felt like a tree and water and the Earth all at once: solid and strong and deep and alive with power. Metaphors slid through his mind, one after the other, like lyrics on a fast forward rush to the bottom of a ravine. River couldn’t stop it. He didn’t want to stop it.


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The writing in this book was phenomenal
Written by Wendy B on 31st Oct 2023

The writing in this book was phenomenal. I would never believe this was the author's debut novel. The writing style has such a perfect flow with a great combination of dialogue and internal monologues. I also loved the way the plot unfolded, Beautifully written with good characters and dialogue. It's a very detailed book with interwoven characters with good character development. The driving force behind this though is the story, it moves effortlessly and is so engaging

Written by tashyka on 1st Jan 2023

Erin M. Leaf's Spirit River was a fantastic read for me. This is the penultimate installment of the Bad Oak Boys novels. The story of River and Gregor was so compelling. I started reading this series with book five, without having read the others in the series, and while I struggled to keep track of the characters at first, I really enjoyed this book once I did. All of the steamy scenes between River and Gregor were my favorite parts of the book. Looking forward to continuing with the series.

I loved it!
Written by Carrie K on 19th Dec 2022

I loved Spirit River by Erin M. Leaf. It's the fifth book in the Bad Oak Boys series. I loved River and Gregor's story. I jumped into the series at book five without having read the other books, so I was a little bit lost in the beginning trying to figure out who was who, but once I did, the book was great. I loved River and Gregor's chemistry and all of their hot scenes. I can't wait to read the other books in the series.

Paranormal Romance Suspense
Written by Cynthia B on 19th Dec 2022

Gregor is a wolf shifter with family but not pack. River is the singer for the rock band Bad Oak. River's family are his cousins who are part of the band. River is human but is a male witch. Both don't feel balanced in their lives and then they meet and everything changes. I really enjoyed this book.

Gregor and River
Written by weaveswife on 1st Dec 2022

This was great. Definitely different and refreshing compared to the books I usually read. I loved the relationship between Gregor and River. They were amazing together. They also cared about others. This was a first for me from this author and I look forward to more.

Spirit River!
Written by Mary on 1st Dec 2022

This is the fifth story in the "Bad Oak Boys" series but can be enjoyed as a stand alone read. This one is a MM paranormal romance between a rock star and a werewolf dragged to his concert. I enjoyed the story and love the characters. These two are explosive together!

Written by AvidReader33 on 1st Dec 2022

I really enjoyed River and Gregor's story and they couldn't be more different. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

Loved It
Written by Nina D on 1st Dec 2022

I really enjoyed this book. Good world building and wonderful characters. I really liked the dynamic between rock star witch River, and wolf Gregor. I loved that first connection between them at the concert- it was powerful and sizzling and took them both by surprise; like it was something out of their control and impossible to resist. I was completely captivated by the story and couldn't put it down. This was the first book I've read by this author and I would read more. 5 stars.

Enjoyable read
Written by Rani on 1st Dec 2022

I really enjoyed this story. River and Gregor are so very different and their unexpected bond made for an interesting story.

River and Gregor: Oh so good!
Written by smjw2004 on 1st Dec 2022

A really nice twist to a paranormal romance. Some things are hard to avoid when the right person comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Unexpected steamy goodness from a witch and a wolf. A hookup that is anything but. Fascinating my good characters that are River and Gregor.

Written by Flavia Karina on 1st Dec 2022

This is a new author for me! I loved the story between River and Gregor. The characters are amazing and the way their relationship develops is so sweet and volcanically hot at the same time! I liked the plot and the twists it has. I must confess that at first it was a bit confusing for me with so many characters with so much to say, but then the plot becomes fluid and the reading takes off. I love Gregor and River and I definitely want to read about the other characters.

Written by jspider on 1st Dec 2022

i have enjoyed reading this book and i am looking forward to reading future books from this author..

he got more than music
Written by Luvreading on 1st Dec 2022

When Gregor takes his little sister to a rock concert he gets more than just the music. Gregor, a wolf-shifter, catches the attention of rock star River, is invited to meet him back stage and their connection is off the charts. Neither expects the bond that sizzles between them or the journey that meeting one another will propel them on. They are so different but also so it for one another. River and Gregor are in so much more than a steamy romance and they take us along for the ride that their courtship becomes.

Combining Power
Written by acpatrick on 24th Nov 2022

This is not your average, sweet, fluffy, quick romance read. It is an intense and complex story that needs to read carefully to fully follow and understand the world and systems created by the author. It is worth the effort. The paranormal world, created by the author, is very different from most other authors' works. Even if you have read the other books in the series, the addition of witch magic in this story creates a whole new dynamic.

Oh River!
Written by SMK9 on 24th Nov 2022

This is a fantastic addition to the series. River and Gregor are such a "cool" couple. I mean, River is a rock star how could they not be?! They must acknowledge things about themselves while trying to do their regular job, build a relationship and try to make sure others happy and safe. No small thing when the entire world is watching. This is a good story with a few twists that just makes these two even better suited for each other.

Steamy fated mates wolf shifter-witch rock-star MM romance
Written by tashmarcelle on 24th Nov 2022

Erin M. Leaf is a new-to-me author, and I very much enjoyed diving into her world of wolf shifters, witches, rock stars, and fated mates. This low-angst, high-steam romance swept me off my feet and kept me engaged. Please read the sales copy for a plot summary. When low-key wolf shifter Gregor takes his little sis to see rock-star River’s latest concert, the last thing he expects is to make eye contact with the superstar and be swept backstage to meet the man. But the bizarre connection that zaps between them won’t be denied, and so begins an unexpected and inconvenient bond that knocks both men off their feet and ties them together in a way that changes both their lives immediately and undeniably. Gregor’s quiet family life and River’s chaotic rock-star existence make them an unlikely match. But the two men realize quickly that trying to stay apart isn’t an option. Seeing them connect, communicate, deal with concerned and supportive extended family, and unearth long-held secrets was a lot of fun, and their physical connection is off the charts. While they face external danger, there’s little angst between them, making for an enjoyable and charming read. River’s cousins and Gregor’s family add depth and color to their worlds. A simple, enjoyable read. HEA, no cheating or emotional cheating, wolf shifters, witches, magic, fated mates, MPREG element…all the good stuff for a fun PNR story. Recommended.

5 Stars
Written by Zinnia R on 24th Nov 2022

I received a copy for an honest review. I enjoyed this book. It was my first time reading a story from Author Erin M Leaf and I will now read more of their content now. The main characters Gregor and River are likable, sexy, and funny. It is the fifth book in a series, so there are appearances of characters from the other 4 books. Even though I didn't know their history, it did not detract from the enjoyment of this story. Gregor is a wolf shifter from a dwindling pack without pack bonds. River is a male witch and Rock Star. The unlikely pair meet in one of River's concerts and their encounter is explosive. Even though Gregor thought he was straight he feels an instant attraction toward River he can't yet explain. Their brief encounter changes them forever and creates unbreakable bonds that will save them and their family. I recommend this book, but I suggest starting from the first book in the series to get a better understanding of the world in this story.

Good read
Written by Laura Carter-Alexander on 24th Nov 2022

When Sebastian and Gregor collide at a concert, sparks between them fly. The chemistry between them is off the charts, but a misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart before they have even begun. Will Sebastian and Gregor find their way back to each other before it’s too late?

River & Gregor
Written by DLB2572 on 24th Nov 2022

This is a nice continuation of the Bad Oak Boys Series. I enjoyed the fact that River was kind of an offshoot of the original members and that this kept the series going for a bit more to get a solid conclusion of the witch issue.

Fresh take on fated mates and packs/covens
Written by Michelle C on 18th Nov 2022

What happens when a witch and a wolf meet at a rock concert? Fireworks that’s what… I enjoyed this fresh take on fated mates and packs/covens. Although it’s book 5 in the series I haven’t read the earlier books but was able to keep up with the story.

A super fun book
Written by Stephanie G on 18th Nov 2022

What a refreshingly different twist on the worlds of shifters, magic and rock stars. Who knew, right? Overall, a super fun book with some mysteries to solve that aren't 100% obvious and lots of interesting characters. It is a mpreg, but not a lot of focus on it. I will definitely be looking into other books in the series and by the author, Erin M. Leaf.

Written by Kati L on 18th Nov 2022

I have never read a book by Erin Leaf but I definitely need to go back and start from book one because this one was AMAZING! I am partial to paranormal characters and just love this unexpected story.

Spirit River.
Written by Caroline Doig on 18th Nov 2022

This is my 1st read and review for this author so sadly I haven’t read the other 4 books in this series but I loved this m/m shifter story plus it has my absolute favourite genre rockstars, bands etc and this is River’s and Gregor’s story. Sorry guys no spoilers so read the blurb and that will give you the gist to this story, I loved this story and the characters and I can’t wait to read more by this author and I highly recommend this book.

Right up my ally
Written by Rachel S on 26th Oct 2022

Thank you for allowing me to read an advanced copy as an arc reader and all thoughts and reviews are my own. I actually really liked this book. This is the first time I’m reading something of the from Erin Leaf and it won’t be the last. I feel as though if I possibly read the other books I might of enjoyed this one fully. I also adore paranormal books so this was right up my ally

Spirit River
Written by Amanda B on 26th Oct 2022

When a witchy rock star and an unaffiliated wolf meet at a concert, their worlds collide and create a situation that both expands their possibilities and leads to danger. Even though this is the fifth book in a series, I had no problems understanding the rules of this paranormal world or keeping characters straight. I adored the relationships Gregor has with his family and watching River learn to stop being a loner. (And the two of them together!) This was exactly the type of story I was looking for when I picked it up. I plan to go back and read more in this series and by this author.

Love the chemistry this two have.
Written by Mary S on 26th Oct 2022

It’s been awhile since I have read the Bad Oaks series and oh my gosh I didn’t know how much I was miss them until I read River and Gregor story. This two were awesome to read love their chemistry and love seeing the gathering of the bad oaks boys band here too.

Love against the odds
Written by Uccello on 26th Oct 2022

Rock star River is hitting the big time with the help of Bad Oak, a rock band which has a couple of his cousins as members. He is also the son of a witch and is able to use magic up to a point. Being a male witch is unknown and not something he wants widely known. His cousins on the other hand are known to be werewolves and it has not hurt their popularity. Witches are a different matter with some bad stuff having gone down in the past. Things are going to get really complicated when River meets up with Gregor at a concert and has an instant attraction which is acted on. Complicated because River does not have the time for a relationship, Gregor is a wolf shifter and ‘straight’, and they find out that they are fated mates. There are even more complications ahead which just adds to the fun and the dangers they will face over the next few days. On the negative side there are a few things that are repeated so many times my inner wolf was growling. How many times did I need to be told men cannot wield witch power, and wolves and magic are a bad mix only for those things to be contradicted? Even Gregor has to tell his family that his mate is male twice before they get it. On the plus side there are some great characters and some exciting set pieces. Gregor and River have a lot of problems to deal with if they are going to make a go of it. These include intrusive witches, dormant wolf genes, werewolf laws, fans, and lack of privacy. They all go together to make for a good read with some funny moments and some quite thrilling ones as well.

Gregor, need shifter and River, rock star half witch ... restoring pack and balance
Written by Kindle Distracted on 26th Oct 2022

Gregor has never been part of a pack but loves his shifter family dearly. Imagine the surprise when he finds out that his mate is none other than singing idol River. A bit of intense intermission bonding sparks not only their mate bond but dormant witch and shifter genes. In a convoluted tale of witch vs wolf rivalry these two must fight to accept what they are and to defeat the dark coven that wants to steal their power. The scene where River's cousins reveal he is becoming a werewolf was good in so far as River demanded answers, but frustrating in that these 2 family members, who had been through the same thing apparently, did nothing constructive to help. No really useful information provided , dire warnings are given and then they left him to find the unknown mate by himself, and without leaving someone to help if he spontaneously shifted! It was satisfying how on board Gregor was with having River as his mate and accepting of everything that came with it ... weird visions, witch powers, dark destiny, evil stalker, the lot. However, Raven plays the part of the self sacrificing lone ranger putting himself, and therefore Gregor, in danger. The final battle needed both of them, partners in life, love and battle. Two good epilogues. Interesting read with good twists on werewolf lore.

Must-read for supernatural, romance fans!
Written by JC Nichols on 26th Oct 2022

It was a fun, fast read. It almost had a bit of a modern-day fairy tale feel to it. I'm not usually a fan of the love first site trope, but it was handled in a fun way that I enjoyed. The two leads were each distinct and interesting to observe. Tackling werewolves and witches at the same time was a lot of fun. The cast was interesting and well-rounded. I wasn't aware of this author until now. I'm going to have to check out her back catalog now. Thanks to NetGally for the ARC opportunity. This is a must-read for supernatural, romance fans!