Staked by Desire by Rose Wulf

Heat Level 3
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Night Shadows, 6

As the adoptive daughter of the Vampire Princess, Kendall Wheeler was raised in the sheltered world of dangerous, elite vampires. After the terrifying battle in Sacramento, Kendall realized she could no longer sit idly by while the rest of her family was in danger. So she ran off to reconvene with the shockingly capable Slayer who had been called in to eliminate a pair of serial-killer vampire brothers, eager to help him complete his task.

Adrian Colt preferred to work alone, but something about Kendall’s impassioned plea compelled him to let her join him on the hunt for the surviving Wilson brother. He realized quickly this decision was more dangerous than it should have been—Kendall Wheeler was everything he’d dreamed of in a partner. Except that a life partner is the last thing he’s ever wanted.

The hunt takes them from California to Colorado, where their target finally stops running. But Colorado has its own dangers, and without their usual allies, survival is not guaranteed.



She thought she heard something drop in the bathroom, and her heart kicked into overdrive. Adrian was in the shower.

It’s okay. It’s just the housekeeper. Kendall scooped up her phone, tucking it into her pocket as she strode toward the door. They had the Do Not Disturb sign up. She didn’t know why the housekeeper would knock at all. Maybe they’d bumped the sign off when they’d come back to the room?

Kendall reached the door just as the second round of knocking began, and by the time she’d pulled the door open, the housekeeper had taken a half-step backward. Kendall barely noticed the woman before she registered the sign still hanging from the door handle, and her frown was automatic. She lifted her gaze up to the woman’s face, skimming over the generic uniform and taking note of the cleaning supply cart across the hall.

The housekeeper smoothed a hand down the apron tied around her waist and offered a short, closed-lip smile. “Good morning,” she said, her brown gaze darting past Kendall as her nostrils flared with an intake of breath. “Would you like some cleaning? Do you need anything?”

Something made Kendall hesitate. She held tighter to the handle of the door.

“The sign says Do Not Disturb,” Adrian said as he moved up behind Kendall, so close his body heat penetrated her clothes and the scent of his soap carried to her.

The woman’s focus snapped to him and her eyes widened.

Adrian shouldered his way forward, bodily forcing Kendall to step back until she was behind him and could barely see anything of the woman at the door. Heat rose to her face at what she did see, though. Adrian seemed to have rushed straight from the shower, as he stood before her in nothing more than a towel that hung low on his hips, wielding one of his daggers in his hand. In all the time they’d traveled together, Kendall didn’t think she’d gotten such a good, close-up look at his naked back. It was a good back, with tight, sinewy muscles still glistening from his interrupted shower.

Kendall swallowed hard.

“S-sir,” the housekeeper said, a note of fear in her voice.

“Were you looking for me, wolf?” Adrian asked, holding still now that he was in front.

Kendall sucked in a breath, her lust instantly forgotten as it struck her, all of a sudden, how exposed he was. It wasn’t like he went on his hunts in any kind of armor, but this time he was basically naked and armed with nothing but a single dagger. The dagger was surely silver, and he had reflexes that kept up with most vampires, but at the end of the day he was still human. She didn’t want to see him hurt.

And apparently the woman at the door was a werewolf.


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4 stars
Written by Bonita on 22nd Jul 2022

Vampire hunting was never so heated! Great chemistry between our two leads and enough adventure with the bad vamps to really keep things going. Can always count on Wulf to keep the shifters and vamps coming! A quick read, perfect for weekend or anytime - but you will get hooked, so just beware!

Loved it!
Written by JS Pretorius on 9th Jun 2022

Plot: 4/5 Steam: 3.5/5 Characters: 4.5/5 I loved this! I love paranormal romance and this hit the spot. Lots of action to keep you turning the pages even though you know you should be doing something else. I absolutely love Adrian! He is everything I want in a character. I recommend reading the other novels in the series but it isn't necessary. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Hot and Steamy Vampire Romance
Written by Jacquelyn on 1st Jun 2022

Staked by Desire is a Hot and Steamy story in the Night Shadows Series. It is full of action and adventure. You definitely won't want to miss the Hot and Steamy scenes either. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.