Still Hotter Than Hell by Berengaria Brown

Heat Level 3
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Spicy Love, 2

Nothing has changed. Enre still explodes into action without planning anything. He arrives on Kalman’s doorstep with his luggage, ready to move in. Kalman is fine with the idea, but there are things to do first to make it possible. Kalman gently tries to show Enre that thought before action can be good. But will their relationship work? Or will such close proximity kill their love? 

Be Warned: m/m sex


Enre pushed Kalman up against the wall. Watching him looking at him like that, seeing the love in his face and his good humor at all Enre thought of and did, was just so sexy to Enre. Everything Kalman was and did was just so right for him. They were two different people but their hearts beat as one. They shared a single soul and belonged together like this forever.

As fast as he could, he snapped the button on Kalman’s jeans and unzipped them, pushing at the denim to get it out of the way so he could reach Kalman’s delicious cock. Then he was on his knees, sucking Kalman’s dick deep into his throat. Deeper, deeper, swallowing him all the way down. Damn, the man tasted delicious. He was perfect. Everything Enre had ever wanted and more.

He drew himself up Kalman’s delightful body, stroking his palms over his skin under his shirt and tweaking his nipples.

Kalman smiled and pulled Enre closer for a hot and heavy kiss. “I love you so much,” Enre whispered.

“I love you, too.”

Now Kalman leaned forward and unzipped Enre’s jeans. But instead of going straight to Enre’s eager dick, which was standing up and waving, he lifted Enre’s T-shirt up and licked wet lines across his belly. That was similar to what he’d done last night, except he’d sucked his finger first as if it were a cock. This time he was flattening his tongue against Enre’s skin and his belly was twitching and bouncing as much as his cock.

“You’re torturing me,” he groaned.

“There’s no hurry. No need to rush. Slow down and enjoy the journey,” intoned Kalman.

“That’s your mantra. I think you just want to see my cock implode one day.”

Kalman laughed.

Enre took advantage of his inattention to roll Kalman’s balls in his hand, and press their bellies together. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as when they were both naked, but it was better than being apart.

Enre used every trick he knew to tease and tantalize Kalman. He scraped his fingernails up the insides of Kalman’s thighs. He kissed him everywhere as well as sucking on his tasty cock. And then he turned him to face the wall. Of course, then he had to hurry into the bedroom for lube and condoms, leaving Kalman alone, but Kalman was still leaning against the wall watching and waiting when he returned.

“We need to go get our health tests done. Then no more condoms,” Enre said, puffing as he opened the lube and coated Kalman’s entryway.

“That’s a good idea.”

“Do you think they’re open today?”

“I think we have quite enough to do already today organizing you to move in here.”

Enre felt himself pout and then laughed.

“Are you telling me to go slow again?” he twisted his fingers in Kalman’s ass, hunting for the magic spot that would make Kalman agree to anything he suggested.


Touching Kalman like this was making him more and more desperate to come. Likely it was heating him up just as fast as it was heating up Kalman. Hastily Enre lubed his sheathed dick and pressed it at Kalman’s entry. As always Kalman thrust his butt out, making it so easy for him, and then he was in, sliding into the heat and welcome of Kalman’s ass. This was what he loved. This was what bound them together. Their minds, hearts, and spirits were always aligned, but having their bodies joined together as well made their love ten times more potent. Only when they were linked like this could Enre relax completely. They were one. A unit, a family, and all his dreams come true at once.

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Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena Yates on 13th Sep 2014

Enre and Kalman, from ‘Hotter Than Hell’, are back and while the calming influence the more logical Kalman has had on the passionately fiery Enre has shown first results, his “turning Enre into a calmer version of himself”-project is proving to be more difficult and take longer than he anticipated. Not that he isn’t enjoying every inch of the road they’re traveling together, it’s just the speed at which they seem to be going, on occasion is a little much for Kalman. Take the example of them sharing an apartment, now that they are together. Kalman has just about started considering it, deciding to talk to Enre about it when Enre knocks on his door, surrounded by suitcases, cardboard boxes, and some bags. He’s had an opportunity to break his lease without a fee, so he decided to take it and move in with Kalman. The whole situation made me smile and what the two men do, and the obstacles they encounter as they proceed, is a wonderful peek into their lives together. If you like short, sweet reads about men who couldn’t be more different, yet have the same goals in life, if impulsive men and their issues, or lack thereof, sound like fun, and if you enjoy reads centered round everyday lives and issues, then you might like this short story.