Still in Love With You by Lexie Davis

Heat Level 2
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Feisty businesswoman Aubree Manning knew coming back to Prospect, Texas would land her in the middle of drama. Her ex-boyfriend-turned-sheriff, Parker Montgomery, never forgave her for dumping his Camaro into the pond before she left town. Determined to make her pay, Parker arrests her the moment she enters town, but she manages to smooth talk her way out of trouble. However, it soon becomes difficult to suppress her lingering feelings for Parker when she starts spending more and more time with him.

Parker suffers in silence with anxiety and nightmares due to his dark past. After serving in the army for nearly eight years, he came back to Prospect to start anew. Though he never quite got over Aubree bailing on him the moment she turned eighteen, it seemed so easy picking up where they left off. The past can be forgiven, but the future stands in the balance. She’s only in town for a week and then she’s going to do the very thing she did ten years ago, unless Parker can find some way to convince her to stay.



“What are you doing?”

She stopped, startled by Parker’s large body behind her. “I needed to work out some frustrations.” She pulled her mask down and pushed her protective glasses higher on her nose with the back of her hand. “What are you doing here? I thought you were going to dinner in Tyler?”

“I don’t want to talk about that.” His jaw ticked. “Not with you.”

“Oh.” She set the sander down. After grabbing her phone from her back pocket, she glanced at the time. He’d barely spent any time away from Prospect, so she doubted he had a good time with his girlfriend.

He shook his head. “I can’t afford that place anyway.”

She set her phone aside and stared at him. “What’s wrong?”

He didn’t say anything as he searched for his house key. Aubree waited, watching as he unlocked the door and went inside. A few minutes later, he came out shirtless with a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

“That bad, huh?”

He tipped the bottle back, taking a swig, before finally meeting her eyes. “You’re a bad penny.”

She snorted. “Don’t blame me. I didn’t have anything to do with your date.”

He drank another swig of whiskey. “Maybe not, but you’re making my life hell right now.”

“I’ve done nothing to you.” She shoved her phone in her pocket. “I offered to talk to her. That’s the opposite of making your life hell.”

He gave her a sour look. “What’s in it for you?”


“Yeah right.” He stood and came toward her. “You deliberately went to the bakery to eat the fucking cake with those crazy old ladies even though you knew there was nothing between us.”

Aubree rolled her eyes. “Do you want chocolate chip instead of cookies-n-cream mousse?”

He crowded her, stepping into her space. “Sophie is pissed off about tonight.”

“Why? Because you can’t afford a fancy dinner?” Aubree glanced down at his bare, muscular chest. “Most girls would have said that even though Pierre’s restaurant was great, they would have been perfectly fine eating takeout on the couch while watching Netflix.”

“Yeah?” He took another drink of the liquor. “Let me guess … you’re like most girls.”

“No. I would have gone to the restaurant.” She licked her lips, staring at his. “And I would have had the lobster.”

He narrowed his gaze at her. “You are nothing but trouble.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

He set his whiskey aside. “No, but we’re going to.”

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Sweet Second Chance Love Story
Written by booklove on 20th Jan 2018

Aubrey Manning is returning to her hometown on Prospect, Texas. Upon entering city limits, Sheriff Parker Montgomery slaps handcuffs on her and drags her to jail. Her crime? She pushed his beloved Camaro into the lake 10 years ago ... right before she left town. And while it felt great for about 10 minutes, his feelings... his true feelings... surface once more, even though he hasn't seen her in 10 years. Aubrey is finding it difficult to reconcile what she feels now against what she felt all those years ago. Maybe getting married, settling down, having children ... maybe that's not so bad. She can remember how desperate she was to leave this small town before it smothered her. This is a sweet second chance romance. PTSD plays a big part as Parker still suffers after spending several years in the Army. My only complaint would be that certain phrases were used repeatedly the point of being really tiresome. I do think the issue of PTSD could have been better presented, with an eye to true treatment. I don't read much romance so I don't have a lot to compare it with. But overall, a nice easy read with good character development.

Love Second Chances
Written by KindleKat64 on 20th Jan 2018

This was my first Lexie Davis book and it certainly won't be my last. I really enjoyed this sweet yet sometimes difficult second chance love story. It was at times funny, flirty and sexy but other times very serious as it dealt with some real life issues. It was quite the mixture of emotions for me. I laughed, cried, even got angry; but in the end it was all good. Parker who was in the army for 8 years lives back home in his small hometown and he is the sheriff there. He is quietly suffering from PTSD. Aubrey left town, and Parker, years ago to make something of herself and now lives in Dallas. Neither of them has ever really and truly gotten over the other one so you can imagine what happens when she is suddenly back in town. Or can you? Aubrey's parting gift to Parker before she left was not exactly nice so the first thing he does when he sees her is slap some handcuffs on her and bring her to the station. Some pretty funny things happen from there. This is a small town after all.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Maryjane on 24th Apr 2017

“Still In Love With You” written by Lexie Davis is a very sweet love story!!! Makes me think of an old love song you would hear on a rainy, spring day. I would say the story was written nicely. It allowed me to read the story with ease. It had a nice flow to it. The author did nicely describing her characters and the setting of the story. The book itself was well written but I do wish there was more oomph to the story. All of the characters were great! The lead characters had strong personalities which makes for a good story. The other characters who surrounded Aubree and Parker were a good fit for the story of a long-lost love. It seemed Aubree was the wild child who was a natural born beauty. She moved to a big city to become a successful business women who came home to help her family and friends in time of need. Aubree’s home town notice she did a lot of growing up while she was away. She was still beautiful but grew to put others first like Parker and her family. I absolutely loved her spunk and she how kept the older woman of the small town going with their planning for big event. An event that would make everyone except for the most important people. That is the question! I had to keep reading to figure out what was the destiny to this book. Parker was another great character! He seemed to wearing his heart on his sleeve. It appeared to me he was the average good ol’ boy with a huge heart. He was Aubree’s other half so many years ago. Parker is also not the same man that Aubree left but he still cares for her. That is obvious despite what his girl thinks! HeHe! Parker gets hit with another reality check that he has to deal with and feeling a bit of betrayal as a result. I kept thinking will Parker be able to pull it together? What will he do? What is Aubree's part in the whole thing for Parker? I gave the story four stars. It was a good story!

Long and Short Reviews
Written by undefined on 6th Mar 2017

Still in Love with You is like a video of sizzling love scenes with a frame and background of small town and ranch living. It entertains! Short but very well written, this story slips the reader into a vicarious experience filled with humor, sadness, emotions both immature and mature, nosy but caring town folks, and a love that refuses to give up. Aubree Manning and Parker Montgomery, in love since childhood, have been apart ten years. Eight of those years Parker was fighting in Afghanistan. Now he is sheriff of Prospect, Texas and fights to control his PTSD. Aubree has been in Dallas. Now a rich financial counselor, she returns to Prospect for a week. Aubree, always a troublemaker, but a loved troublemaker, dabbles in danger as that undying love goads her into doing most unusual things to find her way back to Parker and to entice him back to her. The love scenes are hot and sweet. The high school memories captivate. The reconnection as “forever friends” is so sincere and caring, the reader feels Parker’s gradual release of anger, the seeping in of peace, and that “I’m all alone” feeling, so long endured, slithers away. Lexi Davis does a super job of taking the reader into the hearts and minds of the characters. The humor she slips in is delightful. What is revealed about the characters enthralls. The fictional ranch life and some of the small town life slips almost too far from reality at times and detract a little, but not enough for me to even dream of stopping. I had to be sure that “forever love” worked its magic so Aubree and Parker got their happy-ever-after.

5 Stars
Written by Amazon Customer on 5th Dec 2016

absolutely loved this book.