Stone by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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Silver Devils MC, 1

He'll do anything to keep her safe...

The last thing that wedding planner Ava Charleston ever dreamed that she would do was run for her life, but here she is, running away from a pair of murderers and back toward a home she hadn’t been to in years.

Stone Mayhew is the president of the Silver Devils, a one percenter motorcycle club, so when a brother receives a call from his cousin Ava begging for help, Stone is one of the first ones there to help his friend.

The moment Stone meets Ava he knows that she is it for him, just like his daddy had told him would happen one day. Stone knows that he will do whatever it takes in order to ensure that Ava remains safe, but he doesn’t realize it will have to happen the second that they arrive back at the Club.

Misunderstandings lead to more danger, and that sends them all to chasing down trouble through the bayous of Louisiana. But once he finds Ava, Stone vows never to let her go again. 



Stone Mayhew

When a friend asks you for help the only answer is yes, especially in an MC Club. Of course, I could have told Sarge no. That was one of the perks of being the president of the club, but the fact was that I was curious about this missing family member of Sarge’s, the one that was off-limits for discussion. The one that Sarge had told me about one time when he had been too drunk to realize what he was saying. No one was that good. No one had that little malice in their body. I knew. I had thought at one time that I had found someone good in the woman that I had been fucking, but Cheryl had turned out to be a bitch. She thought that because I was a biker and my father had been president of the club that she would ride my dick up the ranks and never have to worry about anything.

Too bad for her that I had found out what a complete bitch she was when one of the old ladies had caught her fucking one of the pledges. Cheryl had gone off on the old lady, telling her that because she was fucking me that had her higher in the pecking order and if she didn’t want to cause trouble for her old man she would keep her mouth shut. Too bad for my ex that I had heard her and then saw her as she hit the woman.

Needless to say, the pledge was never found again, and the whore was put into the place she belonged. She was now a dick rider for anyone who wanted her. Sure, I had to see her and she still tried to get me to fall for her tricks, but I never would again. I was not stupid and wouldn’t fall for any bitch’s shit. No, I was not only Stone in name but also in my heart as well. I wasn’t going to blow Sarge’s viewpoint on his cousin, but I just hoped the woman didn’t turn out to be just as shitty as every other woman I had met in my life.

Even with all of those thoughts rumbling in my mind I knew I couldn’t let Sarge ride alone. Charles, or Sarge as he was called in the club because he was my Sergeant-at-Arms, was as close to me as a brother. Charles and I had been thick as thieves for years, and I had met all of Charles’s family, even Ava’s mother, who actually had been a decent old lady, but I had never met this woman, Ava. So that was what had me on my bike with a dozen of my men and another half-dozen pledges. It was time for us to show force and protect one of our own, even if it was a woman.

We met up with the woman in question along the road, and when I first saw her I had to admit I was taken aback. She didn’t look anything at all like Charles. She was fucking stunning. She had thick, long, midnight-black hair that curled around her ass. Her eyes were a deep green, and her skin was lightly tanned. I could tell by looking at her that she had been running her hands through that glorious hair, and it made my dick hard. The thought of wrapping my hands in her hair and fucking her from behind instantly popped into my mind, a thought I shouldn’t have about a brother’s family. And then she spoke. Hell, the woman’s voice was like angels singing, if I believed in such fucking things anymore.

“Charlie!” she called to Sarge and flung herself at him. For the first time in a long time, I felt like punching the man and had no idea why. This reaction was insane, and I didn’t understand it all. I could tell that the woman was surprised by the number of bikers that had surrounded her in the small turnoff that Sarge had told her to take, but she only moved closer to her cousin. “When you said gang, I thought you were kidding,” she whispered to her cousin, words that were caught by every man present.

I’d had enough and stood. Approaching Sarge and the woman, Ava, I said, “Well, we’re more like a brotherhood.” I offered my tattooed hand to her. “I’m Stone Mayhew, President of the Silver Devils, and you are now officially under our protection.”

I didn’t offer my protection lightly, but I did to her willingly, easily. When she placed her hand in mine the shock was immediate. I had heard my old man talking about this, heard the whispers from some of the older generation of men that were still there and married with old ladies. The ones that were faithful old bastards but still as badass today as they were back when they were taking turns on jobs. Her hand was soft, that was the second thing I noticed, and she looked me in the eyes, not something a lot of people did.

“Nice to meet you, Stone,” she said and then smiled up at me. She hugged me then, taking all of them by surprise. I heard a couple of my men slide their pieces from their holsters and Sarge’s immediate, pissed-off growl to those men.

“Holster your fucking weapons. She’s just a goddamn hugger, you idiots.” Leave it to Sarge to put a name to what the woman was doing. When she pulled back she looked shocked, however.

“You have guns and knives on you.” She had looked up at me as she asked me that question, and quickly raced back to her cousin and the relative safety she thought she had there. If only she knew just how deadly her cousin was.

“Yes, we all have weapons on us, Kitten. We aren’t a damn knitting club. We are an MC club, and we’re a one-percenter club at that. That means that we take no fucking shit from anyone, which is why Sarge told you to get your sweet ass down here double-time.” I knew I was being a dick, but I had to put distance between myself and the woman because I wanted her, in a big way.

I watched her bristle under the use of the name Kitten and smiled when she volleyed back with her next words, “Well, how was I to know that you didn’t belong to a knitting club? You look like you could do a double stitch with the best of them. After all, I’m assuming that those vests aren’t picked up at Wal-Mart, so someone has to have some kind of talent.”

Well, good for her, she could stand up for herself. Her words had me fighting a smile, but Sarge just snickered, damn him.

“That’s what the pledges are for.” Sarge waved to a couple of the men and then told her, “This is Kenny and Baxter. They’re going to take your SUV, cuz, and I’m taking you.” He wrapped a protective arm around her and hugged her to his side, giving me a hard look. “Unless that’s an issue?”

“Nope, not with me,” I said and held up my hands and went back to my bike. There was an issue, the fact that I wanted to have her riding behind me and not behind Sarge. “Let’s get moving. I’m sending Tuba, Vax, and Bird to her place in New York. Kitten, pass your house keys over to the boys so they can pack your shit and put it in a moving van to head out when the pledges get there.”

“My name is Ava. Please don’t call me Kitten again. I dislike that from people that don’t even know me, yet.”

Oh, I would use it all right, but when I did I would be balls deep inside her little pussy. Fuck, I hadn’t meant to go there again. I shouldn’t be thinking about my friend’s family like that.

“Sarge.” I warned my friend to get her in line, hoping he would.

“Okay, cuz, let’s get on my bike and get moving. Thanks, Prez,” Sarge said to me and nodded once as they walked past me to Sarge’s bike. It was comical watching Sarge trying to help her onto the back of his bike, but once she was up there she looked like she was born to ride bitch on the back of a bike. God damn it, the woman was giving me blue balls and killing me with just how good she looked. I kicked my bike’s kickstand. Once I got on it and we all got moving, I was able to watch her as she rode behind her cousin. At first, she was tentative and clung to Sarge’s middle, the lucky fuck, but then she let go and had her hands out with a gleeful laugh that made me ache to be the one to introduce her to riding.

Fuck, this was not going to work. I didn’t know what it was about the woman, but I was drawn to her, far too much. 

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Pauline Michael on 23rd Feb 2018

April Zyon brings readers on the most amazing adventure with this short sexy MC read. From the very first words I was hooked! the premise was absolutely fascinating and I couldn’t help but panic as I raced along with Ava Charleston. Stone Mayhew is an absolute Alpha male worthy of being a leading man and I’m a sucker for a curvy heroine and a man who knows what he wants right from the beginning. Having only read a few MC books I will admit that I was a little shocked by some of the abrupt violence but it didn’t put me off the story enough to stop reading and I really should have expected it from a motorcycle gang. I enjoyed how swiftly things moved and the fact that in this There wasn’t anything lost I still got to know Stone and Ava well as well as getting to meet some other interesting characters I hope to revisit. If you like your heroes with a rough edge and your romance stories with a swift pace this is a must read. The Story: Ava cannot believe she is the target for two dangerous killers and she calls the only person who can help. When her cousin and his MC brothers show up she’s surprised but certain these tough guys can keep her safe. But who’s going to protect her heart from sexy Prez Stone Mayhew?

Long and Short Reviews LASR
Written by undefined on 29th Jan 2018

This book was a very good start to a new series. It was love at first sight for Ava and Stone. I absolutely loved the instant connection between these two characters. They couldn’t have been more opposite–Stone was a total Alpha Male and Ava was a good girl–but the chemistry between them was super charged. The romance and sex scenes were great but that wasn’t all this story had going for it. Trouble followed Ava back to Louisiana so that added bit of suspense helped to keep the story lively, as well. Lastly, I loved the intriguing characters and gritty biker world of this new series. It has me eagerly waiting for the next book. The author caught my attention with this story. I can’t wait for the next book in the Silver Devils MC series.

So running to her cousin seemed like the best thing to do but did she jump ...
Written by Titania on 20th Dec 2017

Ava never thought being a wedding planner would be deadly. But her latest bride and groom are more than the appear...deadly even. So running to her cousin seemed like the best thing to do but did she jump from the pan to the fire? I really enjoyed Stone the first in a new series by April Zyon. Stone doesn't expect Ava and isn't quite sure she is real...that is until he meets her. Stone has been hurt and doesn't trust women but when his friend, brother and Sargent at Arms says he needs help the club is there. Meeting Ava changes everything and protecting her becomes necessary. I love that Ms. Zyon gave me an alpha male who doesn't quite know what to expect from Ava. She is nothing like the women he knows but she means the world to him...and on the first meeting at that. I love that Ms. Zyon has given yet another insta love story that was humorous. I am not sure it was meant to be as funny as I found it but Ava tickled my fancy. And her attraction to Stone was equally as strong as his was to her. Seeing them navigate a world neither was used to was well articulated in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their chemistry morph into feelings and permanency. I hope that Ms. Zyon will return to this world in the future.

Loved it
Written by Natalie Kirkland on 17th Dec 2017

Loved this book I love MC books and insta love books this one was amazeballs loved it

Written by Neringa on 15th Dec 2017

It was pretty good start into new series. I liked that Ava wasn't just a good girl. She has sass and she used that well against Stone. Stone was possessive alpha. It was insta between them. He claimed his woman instantly, without a fight against his feelings. There's a page or two having a bitch drama, which I like, so it was a bit let down it was short. But also I loved how Stone dealt with her. Never before, any H acted that way. At least until the end. So it was refreshing, and made me wish to give Stole high five. Lol. Another let down was too quick dealing with Avas threat. It was a second and done. I wished a bit torture for the 'threat'. Yup, I'm blood thirsty. Lol But in all, I for sure will check out next book.