Theirs by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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East Coast Bad Boys, 2

Edlyn Carter has a secret, one that she is determined to keep at all costs. Coming back for her best friend’s wedding, she encounters not just one threat to her secrets, but two—two impossibly beautiful men who hold her heart in their hands.

Vincent Vanderwall has watched Edlyn from the time she was a child, waiting for her to become an adult so that he can take what’s his. Now he is ready, but the woman he wants to make his forever has grown into a beauty who is hiding deadly secrets from him.

Meeting her when she came into Vegas for her friend’s wedding, Ivan Petrov knew this woman was it the second he laid eyes on her. The only issue is that he lives an incredibly dangerous life, and he can’t allow someone as innocent as she is into it. 

Just when they are all going to finally find perfection together, Edlyn is called away, and now it is up to Vincent and Ivan to find out exactly what she is hiding from them and tell her that there is only one way that this is going to work. She is theirs, and it is damn time she knew it.

But will Edlyn’s secrets tear them apart before they even get started?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), double penetration



Vincent Vanderwall 

Taking a drink from the tumbler filled with amber liquid I felt the burn as it slid down my throat, but it didn’t dim the feelings that were in raging inside of me. I hadn’t dreamed that I would come home and find one of my baby sister’s friends grown into the beauty that I knew she would be. I was very well aware of Edlyn and always had been. She had been shy and so unlike Scarlett’s other friends. So much so that I had to force myself to ignore her or I would have been in jail far before I had a chance to do much anything else. I fantasized about Edlyn while I was in the sandpits that my teams had been sent to. I dreamed of her lush body when I was learning about the real family business, and I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to ever have her in my life. She was far too delicate.


Now I stood watching over Edi while she made her way through the motions with my sister, and I knew she had changed. I knew without a doubt with that change that she kept all of herself carefully hidden. Each movement she made was economical. It was measured, and it was very unlike the Edlyn that had grown up with Scarlett. She was different, secretive, and walked with an air of danger which interested me, greatly.


I had previously noticed that Ivan, one of Dimitri’s closest friends and Enforcers, had taken notice of Edlyn as well. No, she was mine and would only be mine. I would have her, even if it was the wrong thing to do. With that in mind I approached Ivan and settled beside him as we both leaned against the bar and watched our prey.


“I assume that you don’t want permanence with our Edi?” I was anything if not blunt. I had to know what exactly Ivan wanted from Edlyn, a woman that I was damn sure going to make mine.


“No, permanence isn’t something that I would enjoy. I’m a man who was created to be alone. I will never have a woman that I answer to, only women that I will play with when I so wish it.”


I snorted at Ivan’s answer, but that was perfectly fine with me. I wanted Edi as my own, but I wanted her to have a taste of all the passions that were out there so that she knew she was choosing me for herself and not because she didn’t want to be alone.


“Good,” I told the man. But I wasn’t so certain that he was telling me the truth. I knew the woman who had captured our attention and knew that she would not be the kind of woman that you walked away from. Unlike Ivan, I knew what I wanted. I wanted permanence, and Edi was the one that I wanted it with. “Then I think that we have something to discuss. A certain someone.” I nodded my head in Edi’s direction and watched the smile curve Ivan’s lips. I knew that the man had lusted after Edlyn from the moment he met her. That was when I began to plan my siege of the beautiful Edlyn Carter.


Edlyn Carter 

They all think I'm a saint. Seem to think that they all know me so well, but they don't. I'm not the good girl everyone seems to believe that I am, but I have to keep up the façade in order to protect the truth about myself. Scarlett and Alissa thought that I was always off saving the whales or some such nonsense, but that wasn’t the truth. I would never turn down a chance for a cruise, but that was as close as I would ever get to save the whales. No, I had far more pressing matters that I had to deal with.


I snorted as I watched my best friend, Scarlett, at her wedding reception, wondering just what they would all think if I told them the truth. I might be killed, but then again who knew with these people? All of the information I had on file seemed to be blown out if the water by the larger than life personalities that I was just meeting, and that had me on edge.


I glanced at Vinny and Ivan and wanted to groan. Life was never going to be the same, not just because of my bestie but because of these men. Vinny, I knew. I had known him all of my life, and damn the man if I wasn't in love with the asshat the whole time. Even if, when I was younger, he had only seen me as the fat one of his sister’s friends it hadn’t mattered. Nope, him I understood, but the Russian enforcer was a different ball of yarn. Him I didn't get and probably never would. Not if I wanted to keep breathing at least. It was best if I played coy and got the hell out of Vegas as quickly as possible, literally, since Scarlett and Dimitri were married in Vegas. I just hoped that Breaker remembered and called me at the appointed time, so I could rush off due to an emergency at school and get back to my reality. Not one where two men who were as hot as the sun lusted after me. This was some kind of weird dream. Period, the end.


I was standing in a corner, granted behind a huge potted palm tree, when I was suddenly caught off guard. I was shocked when a large hand touched me and took my left hand, but nothing could have prepared me for the roughened hand that took my right hand. What in the name of all of God’s creations was going on?


Looking up, I saw the two men, Ivan holding my champagne while Vinny looked down at me as if I had just made all of his birthday wishes come true simply because I wasn’t jerking away from him. Yep, I was in deep shit here.


“Can I help you?” I asked when I was finally able to find my voice. The touch of these two men was impossible to ignore. It ignited something in me that I had long ago forgotten about. Their touches made me feel alive, and that terrified me more than anything that I could understand.


“We want a dance,” Vinny said softly, his large thumb caressing my hand and making me a bit weak in the knees.


“Both of you? Then you should dance together.” I knew that I sounded like a sourpuss, but I had to have these men away from me or I was going to go into a gooey puddle at their feet and that just wouldn’t do at all. I had more of a backbone than that.


“Oh darling, you wound us.” Ivan spoke softly, lifting my hand and brushing his lips over my knuckles, a move that had Vinny letting out a low growling sound.


That was a new one. I had never heard him making those sorts of noises, ever. Then again, Ivan’s soft lips against my knuckles was something I couldn’t dream of either. I had to get out of here. I had to get away, or I was going to fall so hard for both men that it really would kill me to walk away.


“I don’t think that I could wound either of you. You both have on body armor. I wonder what Scarlett would think if she knew that you were both dressed for war while at her reception? Naughty, naughty boys,” I told them. However, I realized in that second that I had made a big mistake by acknowledging that I realized what they were wearing.


Backing me to the wall, both men seemed to have placed their tumblers of drinks as well as mine in the potted plant. It was comical; however, at this moment in time all I felt was warm and fuzzy. I wanted Vinny, had for as long as I could remember, but now I wanted Ivan, too, at least once. There was something seriously wrong with me, and I knew it.


Ivan spoke first, his fingers running over my cheek as he did so. “I believe that you should invite us to your room to dance if you don’t want to be seen on the floor with me.”


Wait, what? I couldn’t believe that this man had just suggested what he did, but even more so when Vinny added, “I have to agree with him, at least on this and ensuring your comfort.” Vinny then did something he had never done before. He leaned in and brushed his lips over the side of my neck and bit my earlobe.


Fuck my life but that tiny nibble went straight to my pussy, and then Ivan began. His hand moved over my back and down to my ass. He gave it a squeeze and smiled. He knew what he was doing to me. They both did. Damn them. Ivan’s hand moved up the back of my leg and under my skirt, the wall at our back and large planter at our front protecting us from sight.


I closed my eyes and let out a quiet moan. I had to be quiet since there were people having a chat on the other side of the plant. This was indecent, and I loved it. When Ivan’s hand touched my ass, I had to bite my lips. That didn’t last long however because before I knew it Vinny was kissing me while Ivan squeezed and caressed my behind. I was both thankful for and cursing the thong I was wearing. These men were working in synch to wear me down, and it worked perfectly for them. I opened my mouth at Vinny’s soft lips and probing tongue then shivered when his kiss deepened and Ivan’s clever fingers made their way under the floss-like thread of my panties, which had me whimpering with need.


I placed a hand on Vinny’s neck and tugged him closer, and the other hand I placed on Ivan’s chest, fisting into his shirt to hold him close. This was so naughty, but I couldn’t seem to care. All that I could care about was getting closer to these men.


“Take us to your room. I want to see you come. I want to hear you scream,” Ivan said when he and Vinny changed places, Ivan kissing me and Vinny’s hands moving into my panties. There was more than one person who moved around the dance floor and came near us, but I couldn’t seem to care. All that I wanted was these men. I heard a giggle and a discreet cough, which had me biting my lower lip to keep from crying out.


Finally, I whimpered and said, “Yes. God damn you both, yes.” I gave in to them because I desperately wanted and needed them, both of them. 


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 8 ratings)
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Written by Kaymay62 on 26th Sep 2018

This book has a good storyline that it is intriguing and intense. The characters are engaging and nicely developed. I do appreciate reading this book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Excellent read
Written by Sherry W on 26th Sep 2018

Working all out for these three is quite a thrill ride. A wonderful story with characters to match. It is exciting and catches your attention right away. It is suspenseful, emotional, edge of your seat at times and so much more. Very well written. I was given a review copy by booksprout and voluntarily review it.

She Belongs To Us
Written by Michelle S on 26th Sep 2018

Very good book. I loved Edlyn's dedication to her job. She was an angel. She really believed in what she was doing. I also understood why Vinnie and Ivan wanted to be with her and protect her when they were sure she was the one for them. They needed to protect the one they love. Will she let them? A must read!!!

Written by Mozzy on 26th Sep 2018

A totally enjoyable book to read. Two men both realise they have loved one women for a long while, so they decide to act on it, but before they get to tell her how they feel she disappears. It takes them a while to find her again because, she is deeply involved in mission that could affect her life Can these two men who are both deeply in love with her persuade her to give them both a chance

One time thing...or forever?
Written by Vivian C on 26th Sep 2018

Loved it!! Vincent knew what he wanted and was ready to do whatever was necessary to get it. If that meant sharing with Ivan, so be it. Edlyn thought it was going to be a one time thing and that scared her so she ran. How would she have reacted if she knew forever was on the line? Ivan didn't think he was capable of forever...he was wrong. When these three FINALLY get on the same page, that page will burn to ashes. Going to have to read Scarlett and Dimitri's book... I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Loved it
Written by Natalie Kirkland on 6th Sep 2018

I love this series this book was amazing

Will Her Secrets Cost her a Future?
Written by Titania on 4th Sep 2018

Edlyn has secrets. Secrets that she is determined to hide. But now that she is grown, Vincent will wait no more for the girl who holds his heart. He never expected to find out that she may need more than him to be whole. And Ivan doesn't expect more from Edlyn than one night but who is he kidding? I love the way Edlyn, Vincent and Ivan fit. They are an unlikely trio but Ms. Zyon somehow made it work. I loved seeing Vincent and Ivan pull back Edlyn's layers and would not allow her to hide from them or herself. I also enjoyed seeing Ivan fight his nature even as Vincent accepted his unlikely future. This story is well written and an enjoyable read. Ms. Zyon took a track I wasn't expected but it worked and I look forward to seeing where she will take us next in this series.

Written by Dawn on 30th Aug 2018

This book was hot! It hooked me from the start and didn't let go. I adored the first book and wondered about Edlyn, now I know what she was doing instead of "saving the whales"! Ms. Zyon does insta-love so well, you really dont realize how instant it is until you sit back later to write your review. Well done. I really hope that there will be another book, and another menage as well.