Taste Me by Marie Medina

Heat Level 4
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The Year of Gods, 1

Erik found his mate Lucas when he was only thirteen and in desperate need of help. Erik stepped in right away to save Lucas and his sisters, and his entire life became about caring for them. 

But now Lucas is a man and wants Erik to see him as more than just someone who needs protection. As the ups and downs of life teach them all the true meaning of family, Lucas makes plans to show his vampire that he’s more than ready to be claimed.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming


Lucas woke up tangled in his sheets. Tugging at them revealed that he had semen on his leg. He rose and cleaned himself up, stripping the sheets and going across the room to get new ones. He remade the bed and then washed his face.

He dreamt of Erik almost every night. Some nights the dreams were sweet, but others, like tonight, they were erotic. His birthday was coming up in just a few days. He’d be eighteen, a man by human standards. He smiled as he looked at himself in the mirror. He’d grown taller and built up more muscles, and he knew his appearance pleased Erik.

If only Erik would do something about it!

He shook his head and dressed quickly. He took the sheets down the hall to the bin to be washed and walked back to his room, yawning and ready to climb back under the covers. Erik’s door opened, and when the vampire saw Lucas he became concerned right away.

“Is everything all right?” Erik asked, rushing over to him.

“Yes, it’s fine.” Lucas moved in and kissed Erik’s cheek. He gazed up at his mate, wondering if his vampire would notice something different about his scent right now, so soon after his release.

“Are you having trouble sleeping? Would you like a glass of milk?”

Lucas drew back a few inches. At least he didn’t offer me cookies. “No, I’m fine. Just needed a little fresh air.”

Erik put his arm around Lucas and led him down the hall, reaching over to feel his forehead. Lucas felt the blood rush to his face, and Erik glanced at him when they reached his door. “You’re a bit flushed. You sure you’re not sick?”

Lucas pulled away. “I’m fine. Good night.” He went into his room and shut the door firmly. He waited. Erik stood there a moment, and he almost pulled the door open again. All he had to do was open it and pull Erik to him. But he didn’t. He was too angry, too hurt. He blew out the candle and crawled back into bed, and when he heard Erik’s door close, he threw a pillow at his own door and burrowed under the covers.

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Joyfully Jay
Written by Kris on 14th Dec 2015

Erik is a vampire lord and he drinks from bags of donated blood to keep that hunger sated. When Erik tastes his mate’s blood, he only finds out that the boy is named Lucas and he just turned thirteen. Erik thinks they have plenty of time to get to know each other, but Lucas’s father shows up at the castle with Lucas the next day. Erik immediately despises the man and the way he treats Lucas, and agrees to take Lucas in. And when he learns that the father has been abusing his children, he offers a home to all seven of Lucas’s sisters. Erik immediately sets about doing what he can to raise the children, and for a long time, though he loves Lucas, he doesn’t see the man he’s become. When Lucas turns 18 he thinks he finally will be able to have his mate. But a miscommunication has Lucas running to a friend and thinking that Erik will never see him as anything more than a child. Erik and Lucas finally have the conversation that has been lacking, and they agree to take their relationship to the next level, as well as start planning their matehood celebration. This story takes place in the future by the dates, but there is basically a feudal society at work. Erik is lord of the land, having taken over from his uncle with the older man passed, and it seems that vampires are the ruling class, with humans as their subjects. The world building wasn’t super clear and defined here, and consequently it took a little bit for me to get into the groove of the way things work. While I appreciated that there wasn’t a big info dump of information about how things operated, I would have liked a bit more explanation in the first chapter that would have helped me understand things a bit more. I liked Erik and Lucas a lot. Their romance was a sweet and easy one, with some bumps and miscommunications along the way, and that absolutely worked here. I really liked that the miscommunications didn’t go on for too long, and that these guys were quick to discuss their issues and were good about really listening to each other. What I liked here was that the distinction was made that fated mates means instant lust, but it does not mean love. And I really could feel the love between them. Even though I would have liked to spend a little more time with them as they were falling in love, this part worked, and I adored these guys together. There were some interesting quirks about vampires in the story, like the way their eyes changed color and for what reason. But I didn’t really feel the vampire-ness about Erik. Yes, there was some blood drinking and superhuman strength, and the eye thing, but basically, everything else just made him seem like a regular guy. A benevolent, big hearted, fair ruler, but a guy nonetheless. So this part feel short for me of what I expect out of paranormal stories. Just because you tell me a character drinks blood and has fangs, that’s not enough for me to wholly believe he’s a vampire. So, yeah, I had some quibbles with the story, but I still enjoyed it enough to say that if fated mates are your thing, then put this one on your list. It’s the first of series and the author sets up another pair for a future book. I’m definitely interested enough to pick up the next one and see where it goes

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 9th Dec 2015

This was a really good story… I was surprised at how much information we got from the length of the book. These characters were able to grow and develop from beginning to end. Erik is a sensible man that doesn’t know how he became a lord; He is honest, loyal, and fair to everyone he meets. Meeting his mate is something to be excited about, but he’s young and Erik wants to love… Luke is young but once he’s old enough he can’t wait to mate eric. He and his 8 sisters move in and bond as a family over time… This story was short but full love and understanding… I truly enjoyed the dynamics between all the characters. I give this book 4 diamonds and can’t wait to see how the second book moves this world forward…