The Alpha's Daughter by Sam Crescent

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The Alpha Shifter Collection, 20

Karina is not like any of the wolves within her pack. She's a human. The only human to be born of two wolves.

When her father invites another alpha to take his pick of willing, single, consenting females, Karina has no choice but to be in the lineup. She is pack, she is single, and she knows she is not going to get picked. She is human, and any alpha would be looking for a wolf.

Rage has no desire to take a woman from Westblood’s pack. He doesn’t need a woman to make an alliance against the rogue wolves that are deadly to all wolves. One scent of Karina, and all sense is lost. She is his mate. He doesn’t care that she's human, all he knows, is that he belongs with her.

Karina doesn’t feel anything for Rage. Even though he claims to be her mate, she doesn’t sense a thing. She has no wolf senses. She is weak. But slowly, little by little, she cannot help but be drawn to the new alpha. He doesn’t treat her with kid gloves. He shows her his wolf, and he is willing to explore with her.

Rage has already figured out why Karina is human. He doesn’t care. She is his love and his soul mate, and he will never let her go.


Rage burst out laughing.

She loved the sound.

“I can’t open jars either, which my brothers and Rose find amusing. Dad had to buy me a tool because it’s so bad. Everyone else, pop, and the lid is off.” She mimicked opening a jar for everyone else. “Not me, I look awful, red face, gritted teeth, the works.”

“Do you wish you were a wolf?” he asked.

“Sometimes. I think it might be a little easier for my parents, for the whole pack. No one says anything, but I am the odd one. The outsider. When they go out hunting, I stay home. It gets kind of lonely.”

“They don’t allow you to go out in the full moon?”

“No. They don’t want me to get hurt.”

“You’re pack. Even in wolf form, they’d be able to scent you. I can tell you’re a Westblood, by scent alone.”

She chuckled. “Yay, that can be my superpower. I smell real bad.”

“I didn’t say you smelled real bad.”

Karina laughed. “Please don’t worry about it. At least I know I smell of pack. That is kind of nice.”

“How about at the next full moon, you and I go out?”


“Yes, I’ll take you into the forest.”

“And have your wicked way with me?” she asked, kind of kidding. Was she kidding? She didn’t know if she was or not.

“If you’d like me to.”

Karina looked into Rage’s eyes, and there was something, a gleam, or a hint, a promise.

“Yeah, I don’t think my dad would allow us to do that. He didn’t want us to come here, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.” She wanted to break this … feeling. She had no idea what it was, but it was sweeping over her whole body. Her nipples felt tight and hard.

“You’re my mate, Karina. Your dad can try, but I won’t let him come between us. If you want to spend time with me at the next full moon, then say the words and I’ll make it happen.”

Could she do that? What if it angered her father? But the truth was, she was so curious about what it would mean to be in the moonlight with Rage.

In her mind, she imagined him naked. All the pack ended up naked after their initial change. Most of them abandoned their clothes. For days afterward, Karina often gathered up the clothes and placed them in a large box in the town square for others to come and claim. After twenty-four hours, the box was empty.

“I’d like that.”

“Then consider it done,” Rage said.

Her heart raced and she felt a tightness in her gut. This wasn’t fear, though, but anticipation.

They finished their meal, which was amazing. She loved every forkful, and the pudding was just as delicious. She didn’t think she’d love such dark chocolate, but it was glorious. Everything was amazing.

Rage drove them home, and she was aware of the curtains twitching once again. He got out of the car and walked her up to the main door.

There was no way for anyone to be sneaking looks at them, unless they were behind the main door.

“I had a wonderful time tonight.”

“I did as well,” he said. He reached out, tucking some of her hair behind her ear, and then gripped the back of her neck, pulling her in close. “Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to control myself when I’m around you?”

“You’re having to control yourself?” Karina asked.

He pressed his face against hers. She felt him inhale. “Around you, always.”


“I want to kiss you.”

She had never been kissed before like this, apart from that other kiss they had shared, but that didn’t count because he’d done it to silence her.

“Tell me to stop.”

“I can’t. I don’t want to.”

He gripped the back of her neck, pulled her in close, and then pressed his lips against hers. At first, the kiss seemed a little strange, but then it changed. Karina pressed her hands against his chest and slowly slid them up, wrapping them around his neck.

Rage sunk his fingers into her hair, deepening the kiss.

All thought left Karina. All she knew was that she wanted Rage and she didn’t want this kiss to end.


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Brilliant series
Written by MrsKissmas on 2nd Apr 2024

The Alpha Shifter Collection Book 20 - The Alpha's Daughter - Sam Crescent Karina Westblood is the youngest of 5 children born to William Westblood who is also the pack alpha, and his mate Patricia. She has 4 other siblings her 3 brothers Gale, Sean, Ben and her sister Rose who would definitely be a handful for any brave wolf to wabt to take on in the future. At the age of 23 Karina has lived a safe and fairly sheltered life because even though she is born of two wolf shifters she herself has no wolf and is completely human and susceptible to all those risks being human brings. She has none of the senses or gifts wolfs have and is a constant worry to her family that she will succumb to serious injury or worse because she has no wolf to help heal her. When the threat of dangerous rogue wolves arise William has no choice but to try to bind his pack with another to help strengthen them. As part of the offer the other pack alpha can choose a female from the Westblood pack, no one however expects Karina to be the chosen one. Rage the pack alpha has no interest in claiming a woman but when he realises he has found his one true mate in Karina no one realises the impact she will have on him or how much he truly loves her, just as she is even without a wolf. She is his entire world and its really lovely to see their story unfold and how Rage has worries of his own about keeping his mate because he senses her concerns and those of her pack but her being human is of no importance to he, wants her regardless and that is a thing if beauty. Karina's own fears and doubts show how they can change a person's course and until Karina and Rage work out her worries together they soon realise you could be throwing away a lifetime of happiness on a meaningless doubt. Really enjoyed this story, another great addition to the Alpha Shifter Collection Series but can be read as a standalone. Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 stars Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

Written by KiltLover on 7th Jan 2024

Her pack needs help so she comes to the pack. The pack expects him to choose a mate. But he does not plan to that'll change as when he sees her and smells that she is his mate. She cannot tell that he is her mate. So he has to gently Woo her secrets. Come out but the book is amazing

This book was Great
Written by Mreads90 on 7th Jan 2024

This book was so good! It was sweet and if you love the wolf shifter with a little romance then this is the book for u.

Written by bookfever52 on 7th Jan 2024

Rage and Karina. Hes alpha from another pack. Shes human born from two wolves. When he goes to pick bride human or not shes his mate and belongs with him. She is special and he will protect her at all costs. Loved this story.

Another great read!
Written by Fishmom on 7th Jan 2024

This was another great read from Sam Crescent. I love her writing and this story did not disappoint. Karina and Rage were a great couple. Karina was a surprising non wolf living in a wolf pack. Rage is a strong wolf. Wonderful story.

Written by The Voracious Reader on 7th Jan 2024

I am loving how these books are so interesting and something a great series is made of. It makes me really take notice and keep reading, not putting it down!

Karina and Rage
Written by Jen9731 on 7th Jan 2024

The Alpha's Daughter is a short and steamy, paranormal fated mates, curvy girl gets her hunky wolf shifter romance. Karina is a curvy Alpha's daughter. She is the youngest daughter of 5 and the only one born human. Rage is the hunky Alpha of a neighboring pack. William, Karina's father, has asked Rage to come to their pack to form an alliance to protect each other from recent rogue attacks. In exchange, he lets Rage know he can look and choose a mate from his pack. Rage is willing to create an alliance without the same, but when he sees Karina, he instantly knows she is his mate and claims her. But Karina, being human, doesn't feel the bond or have the same feelings. Can he win her over? I loved Rage and Karina. They were such a sweet couple, Rage was completely drool-worthy in how he committed to win her over. Can Karina let him in and stop thinking she isn't good enough for him? The chemistry was hot ? hot ? hot ?. There is a little bit of drama, but then we got a great HEA. I love anything Sam Crescent writes, but this was the first shifter novel of hers for me. It was fantastic!.

A must read!
Written by KMH on 7th Jan 2024

I really loved this book. I loved the dynamic. Where it was all werewolves but then the female was human even though her parents were both shifters... but I loved how the male didn't even have a problem with it, he wanted her even more for it! I loved the bit of mystery when it was all about finding out why her parents gave birth to her... a human when her siblings were shifters too. I loved the tension as you found out. This was a great addition to a series I'm already obsessed with. I must read!

The Alpha's Daughter Book 20 of The Alpha Shifter Collection by Sam Crescent
Written by TracyaH1976 on 7th Jan 2024

The Alpha's Daughter Book 20 of The Alpha Shifter Collection Sam Crescent Well written. Great characters, brilliant journey and easy to read.

Fascinating Story
Written by kdavis on 7th Jan 2024

Karina is the daughter of the Alpha of her pack. He wants to unite the Westblood's Pack with the Rage's pack. Karina is in the lineup of single, eligible females but she is human even though she was born of two wolves. As Rage checks out each female of the pack he finds his mate and it's Karina. She was born with a genetic defect so she can't shift. Rage knows that Karina is his mate he can smell it but it takes Karina a while to warm up to Rage. As she is special the whole pack will protect her and Rage promises and teaches her that he will always be there for her. Great storyline and fantastic characters. I enjoyed the story from beginning to the end.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 7th Jan 2024

I've read a lot of books written by Sam Crescent; she is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is part of the Alpha Shifter Collection; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Karina & Rage. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Alpha’s Daughter
Written by Stacii on 7th Jan 2024

Karina and Rage’s story had them coming together when her father, their pack alpha, invited the alpha from another pack to have his pick of a woman so they can stick together against the rogue wolves. Karina was born to wolves but she is human. Rage’s wolf still knew she was his mate. So between the rogue wolves and the wooing of the alpha to get his mate it was an interesting read

"Now no other woman in the world would ever be good enough."
Written by Anij on 7th Jan 2024

The Alpha Shifter Collection is the first series I ever read by Sam Crescent and I'm always happy to see a new addition. Usually the books in this series have quite a bit of drama and angst. So I was very suprised this new book had neither. Except for the steamy, explicit bedroom scenes this book was actually sweet. Rage, contrary to his name, was patient, charming, romantic and even humorous at times. Karina was also very sweet and refreshingly not fighting a bunch of low self-esteem. I loved watching Rage as he courted his hesitant mate, chatting with her at work, taking her out to dinner and even moonlit walks in the woods. I kept expecting something bad to happen but it never did. They literally fell in love and lived happily ever after, almost like a steamy fairy tale. It was a nice change of pace and a perfect choice after having recently finished a dark, emotionally draining book. Very good.

The Alpha's Daughter
Written by Connie M. on 7th Jan 2024

The Alpha’s Daughter is the first book by Sam Crescent that I’ve read, but won’t be the last! Rage and Karin have you rooting for them to get their HEA

HIs fated mate
Written by Redfaeryrose on 7th Jan 2024

This author is one of those that I follow and has become an automatic read for me. I loved her stories. The FMC is a born human in a pack of wolves. But she is much loved and protected by her family and her pack. But the love the MMC has for his fated mate is endearing. He just has to make the FMC realize that she is enough.

An enjoyable addition to the collection.
Written by Rowena on 7th Jan 2024

An enjoyable addition to The Alpha Shifter Collection. Rage doesn’t expect anything when he enters the Westwood pack to meet all the single women. But from the first sight he is goners for Karina the youngest daughter to Alpha William and a non shifter and his mate. No one expects him to claim her and when he does everything to win her heart just brings a heartwarming feeling. I love how the storyline blossoms to such an unexpected mating and a HEA.

Love at first smell
Written by Miss Math on 7th Jan 2024

Willian, an alpha with 3 sons and 2 daughters wanted extra protection from rogue wolves potentially threatening his pack, so he contacted Rage, an alpha from a nearby pack. To solidify the alliance, he offered the unmated females in his pack from which Rage could choose. The females lined up and Rage went through the motions of greeting each one…until one of them hummed. Bored out of her mind, Karina was humming to herself knowing full well that she wasn’t going to be picked…she was human, despite being the offspring of two wolf shifters. Rage’s wolf recognized her as his mate, so he approached the only female in a dress as she hummed to herself, grabbed her by the neck and smelled her. She in turn pulled away…and uhm, well, she screamed. Lol. ? It was love ❤️! It was really chaos, because her father didn’t think that she would be picked, so he started pulling her away…Rage wasn’t having any of that…her sister Rose was stunned but amused. The author narrated this scene extremely well. It will have you laughing. Read this delightful little paranormal romance and find out how Rage will sweet talk his way to making Karina understand that she is his mate, forever. Readers will also read the mystery surrounding Karina’s mother’s pregnancy and her birth. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and the epilogue. It deserves 5 stars ?.

Loved it!!
Written by Kimberly R on 7th Jan 2024

This was an amazing read. I absolutely LOVED it. I really loved Karina and Rage. They were fantastic characters. I highly recommend this book.

Finding Each Other
Written by De'Anna on 7th Jan 2024

Part of The Alpha Shifter Collection series each can be read as a standalone, but they connect via shifters and the mate that captures their undivided attention. Sometimes marriage is needed to bring two packs together or at least working together in protection rather than fighting one another. In the name of friendship, the alpha of the Westwood Pack invites the alpha from another pack to meet all the single women to see if his potential mate is within their pack. Rage sexy as all get out alpha a bit arrogant not needing a mate or a female from another pack to help with the rogue wolves that are hurting all packs because they are a danger but the moment, he arrives he knows his mate is there everything else means nothing. Karina is sweet but she knows she won’t have mate never understanding how she was born from two wolf parents, yet she didn’t get a wolf she is all human, knowing this she feels she won’t find a mate, and trying to be okay with this fact but her father demands she stand with the unmated females anyway. Neither of them expects to find their mate especially Karina but neither can deny the magnetic pull between them but will he be okay with her being human, why didn’t she get a wolf, can they take care of the rouges, and they find happiness?

Alpha's Daughter!
Written by Mary on 7th Jan 2024

This story is a part of the "Alpha Shifter" but stands completely alone. This one pulled at my heart strings. It is a fairly short and quick read about Karina and Rage. She is born to two shifter wolf parents but appears to be completely human. She is the baby and has three older brother and an older sister. She has been protected all her life, among other things. Karina's father, the pack alpha, wishes to merge with another pack in order to protect his from the rouge wolves. He has invited Rage, and his pack, to their territory to form an alliance. Rage, the pack alpha, can select a mate from the Westblood pack to form an alliance. He had no intention until he finds his one true mate and the mating call and pull come front and center. I loved this story and could not put it down until I finished it. My heartstrings pulled for both characters in different ways. I loved the characters but I especially loved how Rage was patient but determined.

Awesome Shifter Romance
Written by Danee on 7th Jan 2024

A beautiful shifter story, one that will keep you glued to your pages from the start. We follow Karin and Rage. Karin is special because she was born with some kind of genetic defect and is therefore protected by her pack. And not only by the pack but also by Rage. I can't reveal the rest, just say go read this wonderful story for yourself.

Written by JustMe83 on 7th Jan 2024

This was sooooo good!!!! I absolutely loved it. I LOOOVED how he was all in at the first second, he didn't question it or hesitate when she wasn't just like him. He was patient yet dominant. Just perfect balance throughout the whole book.

Great books with great characters
Written by Mak4556 on 7th Jan 2024

I really loved this book. The characters were great and the way Rage and Karina acted around each other was the best. The story itself was really good and engaging as well

Written by Deanna S on 7th Jan 2024

This book was really inviting. The way the characters were to the storyline will hook you. It just goes to shoe that opposites do attract.

Karina and Rage
Written by Crystal74 on 7th Jan 2024

Karina is the human daughter of the Alpha of the Westblood pack and he invites Rage to take a single woman from his packnto form an alliance between the 2 packs. Rage had no desire to take one of Westbloods woman until he scented Karina and knew right away she was his mate. What follows is a sweet story of Rage including her and not coddling her to all kinds of experiences. It is a sweet love story. Definitely recommend this book.

Shifter romance
Written by mooredeba on 7th Jan 2024

This story is one of acceptance and to not be afraid of the unknown. To cherish what you have, even if it is not for as you’d like. I enjoyed reading it and was drawn into the story through the characters and the plot. The book is well-written, the characters are strong, there are some steamy scenes.

Sweet Shifter Romance
Written by Samkat on 7th Jan 2024

Karina is a human born from wolf shifters. She a phenomenon. Not only are her parents and siblings shifters but her father is the Alpha of the pack. Karina’s father wants to strengthen his pack by aligning with another strong pack. He invites Alpha Rage and as per custom, all of the unmated females offer themselves as potential mates. Karina knows that because she’s human she won’t get picked but has to stand in the line as tradition. What no one expected was that Karina and Alpha Rage would be fated mates. Karina doesn’t feel the pull that Rage does and they have to move past fears and uncertainty to build their relationship. This was a sweet romance.

The Alphas Daughter
Written by BrightJacks on 7th Jan 2024

Another page turner by this author. Both characters had some learning and growing to do but I was happy for the HEA.

Love the Alpha’s Daughter!!! Rage ???
Written by Brooke T on 7th Jan 2024

Alpha’s Daughter was amazing!!! If i could give more stars I would!!! I love the originality of the book and the characters were complex and had exciting chemistry together. This book is part of the Alpha Shifter Collection and can be read as a standalone. I am obsessed with Sam Crescent and her writing. She creates these amazing, thrilling and spicy worlds. I can’t put her books down until I reach the end. Karina was a free spirit, loyal and selfless. I absolutely loved her in this book. She wasn’t a pushover but she was a people pleaser. She loved helping others. Rage was intense, determined and a total Alpha. He was unexpected and patient. I loved the chemistry between the two. The push and pull between them was fun to read.

Rage and Karina
Written by weaveswife on 7th Jan 2024

I loved this. It was an excellent shifter romance. I absolutely loved both Rage and Karina. And their chemistry? Flipping amazing. I'm looking forward to the next shifter book from Sam. They are always my favorites.

Alpha’s Daughter by Sam Crescent
Written by Spender of Money on 7th Jan 2024

Great main characters, well thought out world, interesting side characters. Everything I’ve learned to expect from this author. I very much enjoyed Karina and Rage’s relationship. I liked these two characters. The story was great, but I really liked these two. These two together. I could have easily read twice as much on them. I found them to be sweet and sometimes I need sweet.

Romance with a big twist
Written by LBing on 7th Jan 2024

This was a great romance for Rage and Karina. These two were fated mates, but since Karina is human, although born of two wolf shifters, only he 'knew' they were mates. This took the story on quite a different reading ride because he had to woo her. This allowed their romance to unfold at a more natural pace with no insta anything for her. They had great chemistry, though, and it finally was allowed free ;P I enjoyed learning the truth of Karina's issue, the inclusion of family and the fun epilogue :D

Loved it.
Written by Booklover1975vnc on 7th Jan 2024

I really enjoyed reading about Rage and Karina. Karina is the human daughter of an alpha. She’s the only one in her family that was born without a wolf (why is revealed in the book) when she’s told that she is to be part of a lineup to become mate to an alpha from from another pack she is sure once he learns she’s human she won’t be picked. But when Rage gets a scent of her he knows she’s his mate and chooses her. Of course she doesn’t think she is worthy, but Rage never gives up. A alpha wolf needs his mate. He falls first because she doesn’t have the same instincts he has as a wolf. Not drawn in the way he is. But she comes to care deeply for him. Very good read.

A human among wolves
Written by Vibekke on 7th Jan 2024

Karina is born without a wolf, the only human in her clan. When the alpha of the nameless clan comes to discuss alliance, everything change. Rage left his clan and started a new with those who followed him. He is surprised to find his mate, a human without a wolf. He knows he can’t leave or live without her. I loved this story.

So good!
Written by anne c on 7th Jan 2024

This was such a cute story! Rage was just the sweetest man and so patient with her. He treated her like she was special but didn’t stop her from doing what she wanted and that’s exactly what she needed in a mate someone who truly supported her. The story about what happen to her was so sad but the epilogue made me so so happy! Absolutely loved this one!

Another great book.
Written by Juliet18 on 7th Jan 2024

Rage and Karina are absolutely great characters. This is a part of The Alpha Shifter Collection, but I read it as a standalone. Karina seems to feel like she does not belong, but Rage makes her feel like she belongs with him. Short read, but absolutely wonderful.

great story
Written by Mr. Bobos on 7th Jan 2024

I really liked this book. It was all about the relationship building. There are several obstacles they have to get past, but the journey is worth it.

Great read!!!
Written by Kimmer555 on 7th Jan 2024

I really enjoyed this story between Rage and Karina! It was a great read, with characters you felt like you really got to understand and like. It's a sweet shifter story and has some spice as well. I am definitely getting more into the shifter stories and it is because of great books like this! Will most definitely read more by this author!

Loved this story!
Written by Kimmijane on 7th Jan 2024

This book was sweet! The characters are likable and the story is romantic . If you like short stories about shifters, then you’ll like this on for sure!

Finding love
Written by A Schofield on 7th Jan 2024

This is a story about finding love and being brave enough to grasp it with both hands. Karina has been made to feel weak, subconsciously, as she has been treated like brittle glass. Until Rage arrives and proclaims her his mate. She might have been treated as weak, but she is strong of character. Overall this is a romantic feel-good love story with a super sweet HEA. 5 stars!

Karina & Rage
Written by Shell R on 7th Jan 2024

This is a love story of a woman who grew up in a pack without her wolf. Karina has always felt she will never have a lover or a mate due to her missing wolf. Her alpha father needs an alliance with a neighboring wolf pack and has offered up all the single women in the pack. Fate has set it's eye on her being the mate of Rage the neighboring alpha. Join the story to see how this alpha wins over his mate enjoy ?.

Slow build.
Written by RaeWoodland on 7th Jan 2024

If you get lots of ads on TikTok for stories about a human in a wolf world than you will love this story. It has a slow build as the couple gets to know one another and Rage wins her trust naturally without relying on a mate bond.

Written by Kelsey B on 7th Jan 2024

The Alphas Daughter was a quick heartwarming read. It wasn’t intense. It’s a very light read. It would be a good palate cleanser if you’re between darker reads. I loved how accepting Rage was. He didn’t care what was wrong with his mate, he wanted her. I do wish that the pack would’ve felt guilty for treating her the way they did, even if it was their version of “protecting her”.

Shifter romance
Written by Shortbec on 7th Jan 2024

What happens when a human is born from wolves parents? How did it happen? There are so many questions about what happens to Karina. She is a human born from wolf parents. She can get sick, hurt, and doesn't have any special hearing or strength like wolves do. So when her father the alpha invites the neighboring packs alpha to choose a woman to unite their packs all are surprised when he chooses Karina. Rage did not want a woman, he was there to just talk alliances with the other alpha, but since he didn't want to show disrespect he goes down the line until a humming catches his attention. He then sees which woman is making the humming sound and he knows instantly that she is his mate. When he finds out that she is not the same as the others he makes it his mission to find out why and to try to win her heart.

So good!
Written by Shelly44 on 7th Jan 2024

I really enjoyed this novel, it was a great read. I love a good shifter romance and this novel hit the spot. I was engaged from the first chapter with the main character, Karina. I loved Karina and Rage together. I loved the way Rage showed Karina that she mattered. I loved their chemistry. It was so good!

A great story
Written by Jill G on 7th Jan 2024

The author wrote so much detail into the story that I felt as if I was an observer as the story unfolded. There is a lot going on in this story and I absolutely loved Karinę and her mate Rage. The story has a unique twist in the shifter community and that made for a great story. I would highly recommend this story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Unique Wolf Shifter Romance
Written by Nikki R on 7th Jan 2024

This was a unique wolf shifter love story. Karina’s dad needs an alliance to protect his pack. He offers Rage the chance to pick any woman for a wife. He is not expecting Rage to pick Karina since she is human. Well…Rage is drawn to Karina since she is his mate. Their courtship is cute and Rage gets to know Karina at her pace. They fall in love but Karina is worried that she will ruin Rage since she has always been called weak. Rage has to convince Karina that he loves her just the way she is!!

Not-quite-human mate
Written by Keaton W on 7th Jan 2024

I’ve read this series for a while now, and I’m always pleasantly surprised how unique each one feels, especially 20 books later. Karina is the youngest daughter of a pack’s alpha, but she is somehow not a wolf. Rage is a neighboring pack’s alpha who has been invited to form an alliance against rogues through his choosing of a woman. I loved reading about how a shifter had to throw out everything he knew in order to woo someone who didn’t possess his same instincts. It was hot and sweet and drew me in from the beginning. HEA guaranteed!

Pretty good book
Written by Jamee h on 7th Jan 2024

This was an overall pretty good book. Kept me entertained most of the time when an alpha from another pack comes to choose a mate in and finds his faded mate. Will he stay with her after he finds out she’s human?

Love a Sam Crescent Shifter romance
Written by Reensburger on 7th Jan 2024

Loved this sweet spicy book. Karina is the youngest child of the Aloha of the Westblood pack, and thanks to a quirk of her birth, the only human born of two wolf parents and the only human in the pack. Rage is the alpha of an unnamed pack, brought to Westblood pack to form an alliance. Part of this alliance is to choose a mate. Rage doesn't want a mate but imagine his surprise when he not only finds his mate, but she turns out to be human. Such a sweet almost slow burn shifter story, as Rage has to woo Karina because she doesn't have the same instincts. Another great book by Sam.

Karina and Rage
Written by SeahawkGirl on 7th Jan 2024

Karina is the non-shifting daughter of the pack alpha and his mate. She is the youngest of five children and the only person in the pack who is unable to shift. Fearing imminent attacks from rogue wolves Karina's father enlists the help of Rage. Rage is the alpha of his pack and has experience with rogue wolves. Karina's father offers Rage his pick of the unmated females hoping he will not choose Karina. Rage had no intention of choosing a mate until he saw and smelled Karina. He knows immediately that Karina is his fated mate. This was a sweet love story and different from others in the series. Karina was loved by her family and her pack and Rage was gentle with her and wooed her until she fell in love. Really beautiful story and an enjoyable read.

Another great Sam Crescent Read!
Written by Elisabeth C on 7th Jan 2024

The Alpha's Daughter by Sam Crescent is the 20th book in the Alpha Shifter Collection. This author is an automatic read for me, and I love this collection. Karina and Rage are a fantastic pair. Karina is sweet, family oriented and has an inner strength that only a few characters see. Rage is an alpha and melts when it comes to Karina. While most of the Alpha Shifter Collection have similar tropes, this author has the ability to make each story unique. I loved the fact this story did not have the uncurrent of bullying and shaming of the FMC. This story showcases the best of the characters while still sharing their flaws. I was very satisfied by the end of the book. I know that I will be re-reading this book in the future to revisit these characters. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Another fantastic shifter story by Sam Crescent
Written by EPM on 7th Jan 2024

I really enjoyed this book, Rage has come to a neighboring pack to discuss an alliance, he is not looking for a women, however all the single women are presented to him and he immediately recognizes his mate in Karina. However, Karina is different, she has no wolf, she is essentially human, despite being born to two shifter parents, so there are barriers thrown up by all (including Karina) thinking she is not the right fit for Rage, however Rage stands strong in his knowledge that she is his. Often in these Alpha books, the Alpha is a bully toward their mate, however in this case while Rage is a true, strong Alpha, toward Karina, he is nothing but caring and understanding as he tries to woo her - it made a nice change from the more "typical" storylines. While part of the Alpha Collection, this book is completely standalone.

The Alpha Shifter Collection
Written by Iva on 7th Jan 2024

I sooo sooo love this whole series...and Sam didn´t disapoint in this one..¨Karina is human daufhter of the wolf alpha....she is cherised by whole pack...but she is still human When RAge arrive to close a packt with her protect each other against rogue..nobody thought he will find mate in her..and he will do anythig to have her...even if he has to take it slow for her

A shifter romance with a BIG twist
Written by Sarah ES on 7th Jan 2024

This book was so very original!! There was the usual boy meets girl and realizes they are mates, but due to circumstances beyond their control the girl does not feel the same. The girl was born as a human due to trauma we find out towards the very end of the book. She is the only member of the pack to get sick and heal like a human. Regardless of all these circumstances, Rage the Alpha of another pack still knows they are mates and refuses to accept another wolf like himself as a mate. Eventually, the romance between Rage and Karina becomes the HEA they’ve both realized is coming. What a great story about shifters especially with the twist. Thanks for not following the standard shifter romance style!!

Love the Shifters Collection
Written by Mary S on 7th Jan 2024

Love this Alpha Shifters Collection every single story has been awesome to read. Rage and Karina had a bit of difficulties at the beginning of their relationship since Karina was not able to be a shifter. But at the end they found their pack and their happy ever after.

Not the typical Alpha Collection book
Written by ObsessiveReader on 7th Jan 2024

Usually, the books in this series involve bullying of the female main character either by the male main character or the people around her. This book is different in that there isn't any bully from anyone going on. Karina doesn't have a wolf and everyone around her goes out of their way to keep her protected since she can't heal like they can. When Rage arrives and finds out that Karina is his mate, it doesn't bother him that she has no wolf and has to convince her to give them a chance.

Written by Sua on 7th Jan 2024

I love the read between this couple as Rage finds his mate in Karina but she doesn't feel anything for him as she isn't wolf and more human. The way he tries to show her his intentions is what drew me to the story and the way she is hesitant about the relationship made me wanted to see how their story was going to end.

Rage and Karina
Written by Bobcat on 7th Jan 2024

The Alpha’s Daughter is a sweet fated mates romance between Rage and Karina. Rage is approached by another pack Alpha that they should join packs to be stronger against the rouges. He is offered any of the available females to choose from to take as a mate. Karina, though a Alpha’s daughter, was actually born human. She's always been part of the pack, but has never had a wolf. Even though she is in the lineup, it never occurs to her that she would be chosen. How can a human be strong enough for an Alpha? Why would he even want her? Rage had no intention of choosing any female from the pack. He was willing to partner with the other pack anyway. Until he smells his fated doesn't matter that she's human. That she's weaker. That she gets sick. That she doesn't have a wolf. That no one knows how long her lifespan will be. Rage just knows that Karina is perfect. Now he has to convince her. HEA with a great epilogue.

Wonderful story
Written by RhondaVB on 7th Jan 2024

This is one of my favorite series by Sam Crescent and it didn't disappoint! I loved that even though Karina was born human to wolf shifter parents, the pack still loved her. And her parents were wonderful to her instead of casting her aside. When Rage comes, he instantly knows that Karina is his mate but she doesn't feel the same things he does. Over time, he shows her in different ways that he truly cares and loves her. I was so happy with this story.

a apecial bond
Written by Thisbe on 7th Jan 2024

Karina is the beloved and youngest daughter of the alpha. Her mother got sick during the pregnancy and also both her parents are wolves, she is human. Her parents love her and she is sheltered, never leaving the pack, but also does not feel part of the pack, because she is always told that she is weak. When rogues become a more imminent threat the apha seeks help of another alpha called Rage to forge an alliance. He is offered every willing woman out of the pack, out of courtesy her sister Rose and Karina also line up, also she is sure that nobody would chose the odd human. It turns out she is alpha Rage’s mate and he wants her and does not care that she is human. Karina does not feel the mate pull and is certain to not be good enough. Rage is not coddeling her like her family, but showing her love. Finally the reason comes out, why Karina is special. I enjoyed this story so much. Rage is so loving with her, not once putting her down, but making sure she knows her value and is respected. But also not treating her like someone weak and showing her the world. Being told you are weak your whole life really takes a toll on you. Karina really is troubled about the weaknesses in her eyes that come with being human, not being good enough and holding him back because he deserves someone better. Thinking that sometimes you have to let the one you love go, but Rage is not letting her pull that crap. Intriguing, really felt with them.

Loved it!
Written by Mistie Best on 7th Jan 2024

So good! Karina has been coddled and protected her entire life after being born without a wolf, but when Rage shows up and realizes she's his mate, everything goes haywire from there! I loved this story and how perfectly Rage meets her needs. These two were perfect mates!

A good one
Written by NikiG on 7th Jan 2024

Karina was born to two wolves but she has no wolf qualities. When an alpha, Rage, from another pack visits to find a mate and form an alliance, he hints that Karina is his mate. Can a human and wolf be mates? Will she be enough for him? A good book and a good paranormal read!

A wolf-less mate
Written by Michele77 on 7th Jan 2024

This story brings together an alpha that never wanted a mate, and his mate who is wolf less. The read revolves around everyone’s perception of her humanness and what that means to his pack. Add the mystery of how she became wolf-less to the story and it makes for an intriguing read.

The Alpha's Daughter
Written by Karen99 on 7th Jan 2024

She Was The One! A tender emotional read with just the right amount or romance and steam. I loved the way Rage recognized her from the beginning even though he wasn’t looking for a mate. He was shocked when he found out she was human. There was no way he was going to leave or lose his forever fated mate so if he had to take it slow and easy with her he would! Karina couldn’t believe she was his fated mate, yes she felt a spark but could she find her HEA with him when she would never be as strong as his pack! Such a tender read the romance and patience Rage is willing to show to win the love of his life and his forever mate is portrayed quite beautifully. Wonderful characters with personalities that shine and a storyline that will make you sigh as they get their HEA.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 7th Jan 2024

Karina had been born different from her pack, she was human and when rogue wolfs start attacking near by her father the Alpha makes an aliance with Alpha Rage for him to choose a bride from his pack, he never thought Karina would be chosen. Rage didn't want to settle but as soon as he saw Karina he knew she was his mate, even if she couldn't sense it back, now he just has to win her over. Well written the story captures your attention from the start with engaging character, steamy desires, and more