The Alpha's Son by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Alpha Shifter Collection, 21

After being away from the pack for seven years, Joe Johnson is back. He's ready to learn from his father so he can take over as alpha one day. On the first night back, he meets up with friends, and catches the most unexpected scent. It was like the best vanilla frosting he’d ever smelled, and he is shocked and delighted to find it's coming from Darcy Pine.

She is also fifteen years older than him, and even though loved by the pack, is considered boring.

Darcy is not mated. She has never been mated because she refuses to settle down with anyone but her true mate. After discovering the alpha's son is her mate, she's terrified. Joe is not taking no for an answer.

But Joe has a secret. He has never been with a woman. For as long as he could remember, he has had a crush on Darcy, and even when he was younger, he was obsessed with her.

Darcy has never been with a man, but when it comes to Joe, she cannot deny her attraction. Rather than tell anyone, they decide to keep their relationship a secret. They don’t want the pack to know.

However, when one of Joe’s friends insults her, Joe cannot control his need to protect her. They cannot keep their relationship a secret for much longer, but will the pack accept them?



“Hello, Darcy,” he said. “You and I both know why I am here.”

She tensed up. Last night had been so scary. She looked past his shoulder, but no one was waiting in the wings to laugh and mock her. Nibbling her lip, she didn’t know if she should try to avoid the truth or give him a chance.

“Come in,” she said.

Stepping away from the door, she moved to the kitchen, so that the island separated them. This was insane. Joe was younger than her.

He had his whole life ahead of him, and she had gotten used to being alone. She had gone on dates, but none of them had ended well. Some of the guys she dated only wanted to have meaningless sex, which she wasn’t interested in.

She heard Joe close her front door and seconds later, he stood in her kitchen. Her home was small and cozy, which was one of the many things she loved about it, but right now, it seemed a little too small with Joe in her kitchen.

Neither of them spoke for several minutes. They just looked at each other, and she didn’t know how to say what needed to be said.

“Did you have a good trip?” she asked.

“You’re my mate, Darcy.”

She pressed her lips together and looked at him. “I, er, I … do you want a drink?”

“You’re not denying it.”

She reached for the kettle but then stopped herself and turned toward him. Rubbing at her temple, she released a sigh. “I … ugh, I don’t know what to say, Joe.”

He put his hands on her countertop. “Tell me you feel it too?”

Darcy looked at him and she didn’t know what to do or say. What should she tell him?

The truth.

“Yes.” She hadn’t felt anything like this. Her heart raced, her nipples felt heavy, and her pussy was slick. Her wolf, which was quite happy to be calm and relaxed, wanted to go and rub herself all over Joe.

Joe went to round the counter but she held her hand out. “Stop.”

She moved away from him.

“What the fuck, Darcy?”

“I’m forty years old, Joe. I’m older than you. You’re the alpha’s son!” She couldn’t quite believe it. For as long as she could remember, she had wanted a mate, someone to call her own, and to be loved by another.

Not once had her dreams been given, and now, the man that was meant to be hers was fifteen years her junior. There was no way William Johnson would stand for it.

“I don’t give a flying fuck about that. I’m your mate, Darcy.”

“Maybe it is an error,” Darcy said. “You’re so young and you’ve just come back, and…”

“And what?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I’m kind of panicking right now. I don’t know if you can see that.”

“I can see that. Are you saying you’re rejecting me?” he asked.

She instantly recoiled at the dirty word. “No, I’m not rejecting you.”

He went to move closer to her, and she took another step, trying to keep a good distance between them.

She had no idea what her wolf was going to do. Darcy wasn’t used to feeling this unpredictable. She didn’t know how her body was going to react.

Staring at him, she felt her wolf wanting to get to him.




Get him.

Keep him.

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Brilliant series
Written by MrsKissmas on 2nd Apr 2024

The Alpha's Son The Alpha Shifter Collection Book 21 - Sam Crescent Another great addition to a thoroughly enjoyable series and a refreshing change of the woman being older instead of age gap older male romance that is so popular with so many of us. Joe Johnson finally returns home to his pack at the age of 25 intent on finding his place and learning about becoming the future Alpha from his father. He never dreams that once he returned a night out with friends and an intense heavenly scent would lead him to Darcy Pine who even though was someone he had crushed on for many years as she is slightly older at 40 he never realised that she was his mate. Once he does all bets are off and even though Darcy worries about their age difference and the fact he is going to be the future alpha but Joe will not let that stop him from eventually claiming his mate. I enjoyed the chemistry between Darcy and Joe, the fact they were both inexperienced and how they slowly built their connection and learnt about each other and their growing relationship together. It was a really enjoyable story that I completely got hooked into. Ryan and Wade were not exactly outstanding friends and I would of liked to of seen them both fall for their mates and see them grow up and understand how Joe felt. Also I hope that the author Sam Crescent will give Kelly an additional character her much deserving happily ever after in this great shifter series because she definitely would be a fascinating story yo fall in love with. Happy Reading. 5 out of 5 stars Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

Romantically Blissful December to May Romance!
Written by A.K. Shaw on 24th Feb 2024

The Alpha's Son is the twenty-first book in the Alpha Shifter Collection. It is a wonderfully romantic story of how Joe and Darcy found their mates for life. It is a very sentimental tale, with a little action, lots of romance, and some steamy romance. It is awesome that the story is about "you love who you love," as the woman in this story is fifteen years older than the man of her dreams. Even better, she has been the woman of his dreams most of his life. Those two coming together and facing whether the Pack and their friends accept it makes the story even more entertaining.

Very romantic book and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 24th Feb 2024

This book was filled with romance and love. There were some mistakes made by the main character, but after apologies were made the HEA was achieved. The steam factor was a 10 out of 10 to match up with the romance factor. Loved this book!!

Alpha's Son
Written by Danee on 24th Feb 2024

A wonderful shifter story, I couldn't say that I thought Darcy was a Cougar. It was a reverse novel with an older woman and younger man Joe this time. They both have to deal with fears and insecurities that they have to deal with. Despite the attraction, they both have to go through many bumps and twists to reach their hea. Highly recommended! .I received an Advance Reader copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by Flavia K on 24th Feb 2024

An extra sweet and young alpha's Son and a mature woman... The love story between these mates is amazingly sweet and full of passion. Joe and Darcy overcome their own prejudices together and discover that things in the pack are not as hard as they seem.

Age gap mates
Written by mooredeba on 24th Feb 2024

This story is filled with many emotions. It is well written and the characters are strong loving, and they have massive chemistry. The alphas son grows up, finds out some truths, and realizes what he’s good at doing for the pack. His mate struggles with the idea of her being older. She learns that the mate bond and love can be a good, and happy things.

The Alpha's Sonc
Written by Bookluver Treecie on 24th Feb 2024

Joe has just returned to back to pack after being gone for 7 years. He founds out that the older woman that he has had a crush for all these years is his mate. Darcy is 15 years older than Joe and is now to the pack at the town's bore. She's nervous about being mates with Joe. They agree to not tell anyone at first that they are mates. I love the part when they both had sex for the first time (they are both virgins) and it only lasted a few minutes! LOL! He goes to talk to his dad about it and she talks to Joe's mom. That part was hilarious. Overall it was such a good book!

great read
Written by Heather1145 on 24th Feb 2024

A page turner. I loved Joe and Darcy's story. There's a age difference Darcy's older. and they know they are mates. A must read,

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 24th Feb 2024

I've read a lot of books written by Sam Crescent; she is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is part of the Alpha Shifter Collection Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Darcy & Joe; he returns home to learn from his father as the alpha of the pact and find his mate.

Written by Mreads90 on 24th Feb 2024

Is one of my favorite from this series it was totally different from anything I’ve read from her. I love this trope so much and I’m really hope that Sam continues to rot more like this. This is a five star!

Innocent story
Written by RaeWoodland on 24th Feb 2024

This has a very innocent feel to it as both are meeting at the beginning despite their ages and what they have gone through individually. I’m about 40 and really liked how this story worked out. Darcy is very relatable

An enjoyable paranormal romance story.
Written by Rowena on 24th Feb 2024

Low on drama but lots of sweet and steamy moments. Joe Johnson is back with his pack after spending time away to discover himself and when he returns it’s to discover that Darcy is his mate. I loved that it’s an age gap between an older woman and younger man, but he is very mature for his age so their relationship works. This newest addition to the Alpha Shifter Collection series was an enjoyable paranormal romance with likable characters and a HEA.

The Alpha Knows What He Wants...
Written by thischickloves2read! on 24th Feb 2024

I love this series! Especially, this one. The male character was strong and decided in conviction of his love for his mate. She was a strong character also but in a softer manner. She's 15 years older and worries about what this will mean to the pack so they hide it until he is unable to anymore. He' may be younger but he knows what he wants and it is Darcy. Joe loves her with all his heart. This is a very good steamy love story where age does not matter.

Age gap
Written by Redfaeryrose on 24th Feb 2024

This is the first book I’ve read where it is the FMC who is the older person in the relationship. There is still that swoon factor because the MMC believes that age is just a number. There is still that swoon and giddy factor we are all looking for in the story.

Loved it!!
Written by Kimberly R on 24th Feb 2024

Absolutely loved this book. It was a fantastic read. I really liked Joe and Darcy. They were awesome characters. I highly recommend this book.

The Alpha's Son!
Written by Mary on 24th Feb 2024

This is a new story in the "Alpha Shifter" collection but can be read as a stand alone story. It is a fairly short and quick read about fated mates with a reverse age gap. The story is about Darcy and Joe. Joe, the alpha's son, has just returned home after being gone for about seven years. He freaked out with his first transition, thinking he was the only one who had trouble with the shift. He did not want to seem weak some he left home to spread his wings and make peace with his wolf. Now he is home and comes face to face with his intended mate. Darcy, fifteen years older than Joe, is shocked to realize he is her mate. Overall, this is a good story but not one of my favorite of the Alpha Shifter stories. I like the characters and thought they were a good fit. I thought it was sweet of him to want to help new shifters with their for shift. Love how his father is with him too.

Loved it
Written by Deanna S on 24th Feb 2024

Such a change from older man/younger woman. Many authors don't want to go to that genre but if you're good you're good. This story was intriguing and caught my interest from the get go.

Written by Maria M on 24th Feb 2024

I have been reading this author for a while now This series is read as standalones albeit with a theme Really enjoyed the characters and their stories.

Written by RahiaLeight on 24th Feb 2024

Cute tale. I am generally the opposite in my preference, but this tale was good. For the alpha's son to discover that his mate was his lifelong crush and that he'd left her behind for so long; I imagine that was quite difficult. It was fantastic when he put his friends in their place regarding his mate. In terms of supernaturals, it seems silly that there would have been any sort of taboo around their age differences, but it was certainly an easy struggle to make the tale work. Overall, sweet and fast-paced.

True mates.
Written by Juliet18 on 24th Feb 2024

True mates. I absolutely Darcy, the pack member that is pitied by her pack. Joe has been away for awhile, but upon his return he scents his mate. Upon first impressions I would not think that they would be a match because of my biased thinking that it is always a younger woman older man, but I absolutely love them together. This book has an amazing story and wonderful characters.

Older Mate
Written by ChrisL on 24th Feb 2024

This is Darcy and Joe's story. He left seven years ago and now he is ready to become the Alpha when his father dies. He did not expect to find his mate when he gets home. Darcy is not sure she is older and everyone thinks she is boring and not worthy of any mate. What will happen? Will they mate or will it not happen?

Age Gap Romance
Written by Samkat on 24th Feb 2024

This was an interesting age gap romance since the older one was the woman. Usually these stories have an older man with a younger woman, but this one was reversed. This twist on a common theme created an interesting unique storyline, not to mention the shifter aspect as well. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more in the series.

Wonderful romance
Written by LBing on 24th Feb 2024

This was a wonderful age gap romance were our gal, Darcy, is 15 years older than Joe, the alpha's son. These wolves are long-lived, though, so age really doesn't matter. Joe always had a thing for Darcy and now that he's back, he realizes why - she's his fated mate. She however, has been mistreated as 'boring' since she was saving herself for her mate... Well, Joe is her mate, and funnily enough, he's a virgin, too. It takes some work to have Darcy see herself as the wonderful mate he sees and it was fun watching Joe woo his mate. There are lots of talks of feelings, acts of protectiveness, love, family support and a wonderful HEA. All in all, this was a heartwarming and engaging read and I loved how it unfolded :D

Darcy and Joe
Written by SeahawkGirl on 24th Feb 2024

I have enjoyed all of the books in the Alpha Shifter Collection and this book was no exception. This was a new twist on fated mates as the female wolf shifter was 15 years older than the male wolf shifter. Joe was the alpha's son and had left town immediately following his first transition to a wolf. He suffered greatly through the ordeal and felt like he was weak because of the amount of pain her endured. Darcy kept to herself and did not find her fated mate until Joe returned to town. She is hesitant at first but cannot fight the draw of fated mates. This was a good story and worth the time to read.

Loved this book!!!
Written by Brooke T on 24th Feb 2024

The Alpha’s Son by Sam Crescent was an exciting and refreshing book. This book is a PNR wolf shifter romance which a reverse age gap. I absolutely loved this take on the age gap trope. The world Sam Crescent created was beautifully written and had me turning the pages until the end!!! The characters are complex and I loved their chemistry. The push and pull, the angst and the spice was perfect!!!

A great match
Written by Jill G on 24th Feb 2024

Returning home, Joe finds his mate to be Darcy, an older woman, that he has had a crush on since he was a teenager. I liked the idea of the woman being older and the fact that the pack easily accepted their mating. The story is well written with great characters and an entertaining storyline. Definitely worth reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Liked this one!
Written by AvaNorris on 24th Feb 2024

This was a cute story. It's an older woman, younger man love story with wolf shifters thrown into the mix. There was no angst or anything like that so it's a perfect palate cleanser for anyone! Highly recommended.

Joe & Darcy
Written by Shell R on 24th Feb 2024

Sometimes Fate can be a little funny when you don't expect your mate to be 15 years younger than you. Alpha Joe has returned from his journey finding himself to realize Darcy is his mate...his older sexier mate. Join the story to see how Joe and Darcy deal with finding their mate in each other and the age gap. How will that pack take it when they realize the alpha son is no longer available and the sweet as peach pie Darcy is off the market. Enjoy ?

The Alpha's Son.
Written by Shiftybugger on 24th Feb 2024

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Wow, another astonishing book by Sam Crescent, the story was Fated mates, age gap, virgin's, and the characters were really sensational. This story was about Joe and Darcy, Joe is the Alpha's son left the pack to come back stronger like his father. Darcy lives a lonely life never finding her mate or any man to be with. Joe was at the pub when a sweet smell caught his interest, he stopped her to talk and form a romantic relationship.

Darcy and Joe
Written by Bobcat on 24th Feb 2024

Joe has returned back to his pack after several years away. He had left feeling disappointed in himself and doubting his ability to become the Alpha his father needed him to be. Darcy is a quiet gentle woman of forty. She has always wanted to find her mate and had waited for the day he arrived. She didn't expect the prodical son of the pack to be her mate. He's fifteen years younger than her and the Alpha’s son. Joe was also surprised, but finally understood why he had always crushed on Darcy throughout his childhood. Even though he didn't know she was his mate, he had always thought about her while he was gone. The Alpha’s Son is a sweet, reverse age-gap, dual virgin, insta-love romance with an HEA and two epilogues.

Loved this
Written by Reensburger on 24th Feb 2024

I loved this Alpha story. Joe is back in town and with his pack after seven years away finding himself. He's really to learn from his father what it means to be an alpha. On his first night back he scents his mate, Darcy, a woman 15 his senior who has been labeled around town as "boring" and a spinster. What follows is Joe helping Darcy see that she isn't boring, and that she is everything he's always wanted as has always had a crush on her and loves that she is his mate. Such a sweet story with all the spicy scenes you'd expect from a Sam Crescent novella.

Fantastic addition to series!
Written by DJ Rums on 24th Feb 2024

I really liked this book. It was so nice to not see a rejection story and it was nice to see a double virgin troupe. It’s an older woman younger man with both waiting for their mate. There wasn’t any conflict just relationship navigation. I also liked the realistic questions concerning their first time experience. It was a quick and fun read for those who just want a simple no drama story. Very light on the drama which for me was great as I am a huge hater on excessive drama especially due to poor communication. Already reread. Great book.

The alphas son
Written by P W on 24th Feb 2024

With the age gap could it work. Exciting book and a shifter one too. Lots of thrills and more and well written. A book that has a lot to offer I recieved a free copy via Booksprout and I’m giving my review freely and honestly

Alpha’s Son by Sam Crescent
Written by Spender of Money on 24th Feb 2024

I snatched this book up, when I saw what kind of age gap was in this book. And it was Sam Crescent and part of the Alpha Shifter Collection? Clickity click click! I <adored> Darcy. She was such a great character. She deserved all the things, and the author ensured she had them. *sigh* Joe was younger, back home to take his place in the pack. I liked how it was Darcy that struggled with their differences. She deserved to be wooed, to have this man chase her. And Joe was the kind of Alpha she needed, wanted (and deserved.) Loved!

reverse age gap
Written by Natalie22 on 24th Feb 2024

I enjoyed this story and loved the reverse aga gap element add in the shifter element and it's a great easy read.

4.5 Stars - Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 24th Feb 2024

This latest installment of The Alpha Shifter Collection was well written and kept me hooked from start to finish. Another home run for Sam Crescent.

Finding Each Other
Written by De&#039;Anna on 24th Feb 2024

Part of The Alpha Shifter Collection each can be read as a standalone with a sexy shifter the mate that catches his attention. Darcy is such a sweetheart most pity her since she hasn’t found her true mate so she lives a quiet but lonely life waiting refusing to settle all but has given up on a mate until the alpha’s son returns to take his place as alpha and she is think how could it be seeing that she is 15 years older than him how could the moon goddess do this give her a boy as a mate. Joe sexy as all get out son of the alpha trained all his life to take over once his father retires as alpha so when he decides to comes home after years of traveling, heading out on to be with his friends when he smells his mate never imagining it would the sweet, quiet, yet well liked women who happens to be 15 years older than him. But he isn’t going to let that stop him because he believes the mood goddess makes no mistakes so knows she will be his but can he convince her despite what others say, will his parents accept her, will his pack accept her, and can they find their happiness together despite their differences?

So good!
Written by Shelly44 on 24th Feb 2024

Another great story from this author. I have read the other novels in this series and really enjoyed them. This novel did not disappoint. It is a reverse age gap novel. I loved seeing Joe again. I loved how Joe was obsessed with Darcy. This novel captured my attention in the first chapter and I was smitten till the last. I can't wait to see what is coming next from this author.

Epic addition to this series!
Written by Andrea R on 24th Feb 2024

It is not often that you have a reverse age gap romance but author made it so relatable. Enjoyed the chemistry and also the Alpha Hero was awesome--fierce protector when his heroine was threatened. Just a great addition to this series!

Written by A Schofield on 24th Feb 2024

This is a sweet story about two people falling in love but, being afraid that other people will not like their differences. It shows that obstacles don’t matter and that you should go for your dreams. This is a good story between Darcy and Joe. They are a cute couple. This book, is entertaining and romantic and is a great Sunday afternoon read!

Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 24th Feb 2024

This story was a nice surprise as Darcy is older than Joe. One of my favorite series by Sam Crescent, book 21 was on the shorter side but it didn't lack for any steam. Joe left the pack but has come back to learn about being the Alpha when he dad steps aside of that roll. Darcy has kept to herself all these years and both her and Joe are surprised to realize they are true mates. She's worried about her being older than him and if the pack would accept her as his mate, but Joe doesn't care. Will they be accepted or will they both leave the pack to be able to stay together? Another wonderful addition to this series!

A little new twist on messy beginnings!
Written by The Dragon Den Book Blog on 24th Feb 2024

ARC Review of The Alpha's Son by Sam Crescent * * * * * A reverse age gap, curvy shifter romance that has the awkwardness and positive relationship growth I have been waiting for! After seven years of travel, carrying a shameful secret with him, Joe has returned home to his pack. He is ready to take on his role, or at least learn the roll, as he was born to do. Joe just never expected his fated mate would finally reveal themselves as the gorgeous Darcy - the pack's loner and titled 'most boring wolf'. Darcy enjoys her time to herself, aware of how people see her. However, he life is about to take an unexpected twist when young Joe reveals himself as her mate. Joe is ready to be her mate, but can Darcy open up? Things are about to become a little less boring for Darcy. A very sweet and positive affirming romance where it's not always easy-going hot and steamy goodness straight up! It's messy. It's complicated. It's a new experience where someone doesn't know what they are doing but somehow extremely good at it! Men opening up about their feelings and concerns! Loved this new little spin from Sam Crescent, and was still able to deliver the usual sexiness!

Younger Man
Written by Nikki R on 24th Feb 2024

Joe returns home after seven years and meets his mate, an older woman. He has always been drawn to Darcy and now he knows why. Darcy is a shy 40 year old woman who worries about how the pack will react to the Alpha’s 25 year old son mating with her. Together she and Joe learn to do what’s best for them. This was an entertaining shifter romance.

Darcy and Joe find love
Written by Bookbunny on 24th Feb 2024

Joe is back. He went away to find himself before he was to take his place as alpha. His father still was Alpha and would be for a while. But on his return he scents something sweet in the air, his true mate. But more surprising is who it is, Darcy. Darcy is 15yrs older then Joe and lived a quiet life. The pack pity’s her. No mate and living alone. But she does have a mate and he is a lot younger. You have to feel for these two. For one Darcy is no cougar. She loves her life and wouldn’t change it. Yes it may seem boring to others but she is happy. These two start of slow and then things heats up. Joe makes one mistake but he makes it right. His parents were no fools and knew about these two. This was a great story. I am always thrilled to see that that an older woman can still get the younger man. We aren’t throw always. We have a lot to offer. Well done.

The Alpha’s Son
Written by Mimi J on 24th Feb 2024

A good story. I especially liked Darcy’s character, a woman filling life with craft projects waiting for the happy ever after but seems Joe needed a little more maturity. Glad it worked out. Relaxing reading.

Written by KMH on 24th Feb 2024

Every time I see another book in this series coming up I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I loved the swap over, normally I don't tend to go for an older woman younger man story but honestly I'll read anything if its written by this author so I gave it a go! And boy was I glad... this author has converted me! For me, the age gap wasn't over the top but the relationship between them was so good! The heated tension and the chemistry lit up the pages and I couldn't put it down! This was a really good addition to this series and I cannot wait for the next one!

Written by Laura S. on 24th Feb 2024

It was great to read about an older woman / younger man dynamic in the shifter world! Although Darcy isn't really a cougar, she just happens to have a mate that is 15 years younger than her. This is a great story; with the hero and heroine going through all of the usual anxieties that go along with an out of the box type relationship. I really enjoyed this story, and I think you will too!

So good!
Written by Mistie Best on 24th Feb 2024

Darcy has always been the boring one around the pack except to Joe. He was always smitten with her but then he left 7 years ago. Watching these two together was so good!

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 24th Feb 2024

Joe returns to his pack to learn to take over from his father the Alpha when the time comes. When on a night out he senses his mate. Darcy is 15 years older than Joe and was waiting for her true mate. When they discover they are mates they try to keep it secret from the pack but what happens when it comes to light will they accept their future alphas older mate! Well written quick steamy reverse age gap desires and more

The Alpha&#039;s Son
Written by AngelaC on 24th Feb 2024

What I liked about Joe was his passionate defense of his mate, Darcy. Others made fun of her "boring" ways, but that didn't matter to him. Her ways made him happy, because she was happy.

Great Read
Written by Sua on 24th Feb 2024

An excellent reverse age gap that had me hooked onto Joe and Darcy’s relationship. The pace of the relationship was perfect and not rushed so there was plenty of good lingering feelings between them.

What a surprise!!
Written by Firecracker on 24th Feb 2024

I will tell you this book surprised me alot. Older Shewolf with a younger mate. I find I liked the woman to be older it was refreshing and just a good read!!

The Alpha&#039;s Son
Written by Karen99 on 24th Feb 2024

A Wonderful Meaningful Read! She’s 15 years older than him but it doesn’t stop him recognizing his fated mate! Darcy had waited all her life for her fated mate but being a lot older than Joe left her feeling apprehensive. Could someone who was a lot older than him be accepted as his mate. Joe had always has a thing for Darcy and when he left to find himself, she was always on his mind. Now he was back and no-one would stop him from claiming his future but first he had to convince Darcy they were together forever. A wonderful romantic steamy read!

The Alpha&#039;s Son
Written by Karen99 on 24th Feb 2024

A Wonderful Meaningful Read! She’s 15 years older than him but it doesn’t stop him recognizing his fated mate! Darcy had waited all her life for her fated mate but being a lot older than Joe left her feeling apprehensive. Could someone who was a lot older than him be accepted as his mate. Joe had always has a thing for Darcy and when he left to find himself, she was always on his mind. Now he was back and no-one would stop him from claiming his future but first he had to convince Darcy they were together forever. A wonderful romantic steamy read!

Written by Diana A on 24th Feb 2024

I always enjoy a good warewolf book and I love Sam's books. This one had a really good plot, an older women with the younger alpha, but it was all....meeehh. Maybe I got my expectations really high at the beginning. Don't get me is a good romance warewolf book.

Short, sweet but still steamy
Written by EPM on 24th Feb 2024

Reverse Age gap, with the MFC 15 years older than the MMC. Joe had left the pack for a time and when he returned, he recognized Darcy as his mate, however things were not straight forward. Joe had his work cut out to convince Darcy that she was the one for him. A short, sweet but still steamy read, with Joe attempting to woo Darcy in secret and convince her that her that he was the one for her. Despite being part of a large series, can be read as a standalone.

Loved it
Written by Court050 on 24th Feb 2024

Great story that I had a hard time putting down. I love the sexy scenes and dominant Alpha with a sweet side for his mate. Joe and Darcy are a great couple. Well recommended

such fun
Written by Mr. Bobos on 24th Feb 2024

This was a charming book. I really enjoyed it. It was such a fun read with no betrayal, just romance.