The Best Man by Scarlett J Rose

Heat Level 3
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SKU 978-1-77339-676-7

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Romance on the Go ®

Steph hasn’t seen Kyle since he dropped out of high school, never giving her a chance to tell him how she feels about him. 

Until he steps up to be her twin brother’s best man. 

Kyle’s never forgotten Steph, and never forgiven himself for not finding the time to tell her how he felt for her. Now’s his chance. But has too much time passed? is it too late to tell her exactly how he feels about her?



“Kyle, do you ever regret that we didn’t stay in touch?”

“Yes, I do. Stu’s been keeping me apprised of what was happening in your life. I missed you, but I didn’t know how to come back to you. I had no idea if you’d want me and I didn’t want to cause trouble if you’d moved on. You were one of my best friends, but I needed more. I need more.” 

“I’ve missed you, too.”

“I was behind you in line at a coffee shop one day when I was in town for business. You ordered, then your phone rang, it was one of your girlfriends. You grabbed your coffee and ran out of the shop before I could stop you to say hello. I would have liked to invite you out for an early dinner before I had to leave that night.” Kyle sighed.

“I wish you had stopped me that day.” She ran her fingertips over the front of his shirt. The scents of his cologne and natural musk were strong and her senses reacted. She had a strange sense she had been here before. “I feel like I’ve been here before, but I’d remember if I had.”

His eyes were fixed on her. “You have been. I brought you here the night of Stu and Clarissa’s wedding. You were so drunk, I put you to bed and you passed out. The next morning, while I was in the shower, you bolted.”

“So, you didn’t take advantage of me?”

“You have no idea how hard it was not to rip off your clothes and devour you. But you were drunk, and I would never do anything without your consent. Do you remember anything else from that night?” He sounded hopeful, and she recalled their kiss on the loveseat with a wry smile

“Maybe,” she whispered, shifting her body just a little bit closer. “But I might need to be reminded.” She lifted her head and brushed her lips against his softly, teasingly.

Kyle stood and lifted her from the bed, shifting her over his lap, straddling him. His hands shifted down to her ass and he pulled her against him. She moaned softly, pressing her lips against his passionately. Her tongue sought entrance to his mouth and his lips parted willingly. Their bodies raged with desire. Tonight, that desire would not be ignored.