The Boss's Possession by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Crave and Claimed, 4

Carson always gets what he wants. His days of living on the streets, begging for food and money, are over. He rose up to become … the Boss. The king. This city is his and no one takes anything from him.

The moment he meets sweet Willow Kaye, Carson knows he has to have her. He wants to possess her and will do everything in his power to do exactly that. There is only one problem, her grandmother. She knows who he is and what he is capable of.

When Lauren comes to him and asks for him to take care of her granddaughter, he knows something isn’t right. Lauren is dying and she wants someone to be there for Willow.

Willow knows exactly who Carson is. She sees the fear in people’s eyes, and the way they all move to avoid him. After losing her grandmother, she is not ready for him.

Carson gave her time, now she belongs to him, and he’s going to do everything he can to claim her. He wants her by his side, as his wife, and the mother of his children. Lauren asked him to do one thing, to make Willow have experiences and that is what he’s going to do. He’ll give Willow a good life, one she deserves. All she has to do is love him.

But will he be able to protect her from his world? He has a reputation people love to bring down, so can he survive long enough to have it all?



Carson put his food down and walked around the counter. Within seconds, she was in his arms, and in a strange way she had a feeling it would all be okay. She didn’t know why she thought that way, only that she did.

“I’ve got you,” he said. “It’s going to be okay. I’ve got you.” He kept repeating those words.

Willow closed her eyes and breathed him in. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she gave into him, holding him, not wanting to let go.

He stroked her hair. “I bet your grandmother is happy knowing you’ve got this place.”

“Didn’t you want to buy it from her?” Willow asked.

“Yes, I did, but not anymore.” Not from the moment he saw Willow so fucking happy here.

Willow sighed. She pulled away from him and then wiped at her face. “I’m okay. I’m fine.”

He watched her for several seconds to make sure. He didn’t leave her side, and reached for his pot of noodles.

“Sometimes I have no idea what to talk to you about,” Willow said, picking up her own pot.

“You can talk to me about anything.”

“Why me?” she asked.

This made him pause as he looked toward her. “What?”

“You heard me. There’s nothing special about me, Carson. I’m not an idiot. I know who you are. I’ve heard the whispers that follow your name.”

“And that doesn’t scare you?”

She shrugged. “Sometimes, but then I’ve also seen some of the shop owners down this street say your name, and they look relieved. How can I be upset by that?” she asked.

He smiled.

“You could have anyone in the world. You’re a good-looking guy.” He was pure sex, that was the truth. “Why me?”

She was just an ordinary girl. Men and women never stopped in the street to admire her beauty. She wasn’t special. She had no powers. She was just a woman trying to get by in the world, who’d experienced a lot of pain and loss. So why did he want her?

Carson put his food back down and cupped her face. She looked into his eyes. They were a shocking blue, unlike her brown ones. She felt like she was falling into him. His eyes reminded her of the ocean, the calm before the storm. She couldn’t look away, even if she wanted to. She was held still by his gaze.

“It was your smile,” Carson said.

“My smile?” She frowned.

“Yes. The way you stared at me, you made me stop and I just couldn’t look away. I didn’t want to. Walking away from you that first day without taking you with me was one of the hardest decisions I’d ever made.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“I thought about you. For the next week. I couldn’t get you out of my head and part of me had to wonder if I made it up. I thought there was no way I could be so drawn to a woman. I never had been in my life. But, after a week, I came back to see you. I wasn’t wrong. You were amazing. Beautiful. You became a reason for me to get up in the morning.”

Tears filled her eyes. It was so beautiful, the way he looked at her.

She didn’t know what to do, so she put her hands on his chest and slowly began to slide them up, wrapping them around his neck. Going onto her tiptoes, she pressed her lips to his and kissed him. There was nothing else she wanted to do at that moment.

Carson slid one of his hands to the back of her neck, and the other moved down toward her ass.

A gasp left her lips, and she tightened her hold on him. His tongue traced across her lips and when she opened her mouth, he plundered inside, deepening the kiss. She wanted to go on and on kissing him, but the sound of the doorbell stopped her.

Willow had no choice but to stop the kiss, even though she had no desire to do so.


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I love all of Sam’s books!!
Written by Alishali80 on 29th Jul 2023

Willow has had a hard life losing her father, mother, grandfather leaving her with her grandmother to raise. Carson had known Willow's grandfather and grandmother for years and the first time he saw Willow, he know she was meant to be his. So when her grandmother went to him explaining she would be dying in a few months, he promised to take care of and to never let anything happen to Willow.

Another book knocked out of the park!
Written by Sarah-Jade on 29th Jul 2023

Loved this story between Carson and Willow. He really loves her and looks after her and doesn't try to change Willow at all. Another great romance by Sam :)

Carson and Willow
Written by casvec on 29th Jul 2023

The Boss's Possession is a fast read with steamy moments that had me taking a second. Carson desire for Willow burns hot and bright as they navigate the loss of her family and his need for Willow.

Written by Isa Dal. on 29th Jul 2023

I loved this book and the author is an all-time favourite of mine. It was captivating and very well written! There is steaminess galore, attraction is undeniable and the characters are awesome! The Boss's Possession is an enthralling, yet hot, endearing and steamy love story that will pull at your heartstrings. It is a must read book.

Written by Arin B on 29th Jul 2023

This book is really good and easy to read in just a hour in my opinion. It got a strong independent woman who loves working with her grandmother. A very attractive guy who will do anything for the lady he wants everything with even kill. It kinda reminds me of a enemies to lovers book especially when he notices it time to step in when she isn’t taking care of herself which I love so much! In my opinion there are tear jerker moments along with crime, and unpredictable moments. I love the last chapter it made me so happy I kinda want more on these awesome characters!

Crime To Love
Written by Champagne77 on 29th Jul 2023

I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book. Willow has had a life filled with tragedy and loss, working with her grandmother in their own little bubble in the sewing and fabric shop her grandmother has spent years turning into a successful business. But yet again Willow is facing a tragedy with the death of her beloved grandma she is now truly alone. That is until Carson Dexter walked into the shop for the second time and tells her that she belongs to him, and they belong to each other. He makes his intentions clear, and he is a man that gets things done, she knows that he isn’t a man to be trifled with and that he is one of the most feared Kingpin in the city, but to her he makes her feel safe. Will Willow finally find happiness, or will more heartache be in her future? Carson Dexter once walked into a fabric shop with the plan of making the owner sell to him whether they wanted to or not, but he caught sight of an angel and knew that there was no way that he could take away her happiness and that was exactly what that little shop was to her. It was months later when Lauren Kaye requested a meeting and told him of her illness, and he made her a promise that Willow would be happy and experience life before he claimed her, and Carson agreed. He had never thought that he could love but that is exactly what happened that first day he set eyes on her. But Carson is not a nice man, and he has many enemies, will he be able to keep her safe from his enemies and show her that what he feels for her is more than he knew he could ever love, or will being with him put her in danger? Love this author I know that I am always going to get a story filled with danger, drama, the love of a lifetime and plenty of steam. This was no different and I found myself really liking the characters. 4.5* Read

Written by KMH Romancessessed Reviews on 29th Jul 2023

Throughly enjoyed this book! Having loved the three previous books in this series I knew that this was going to be good and it really didn't disappoint. I couldn't help but devour it and I loved every bit of it... even if I was left craving more of their story!

The Boss's Possession Book 4 of Crave and Claimed by Sam Crescent
Written by TracyaH1976 on 29th Jul 2023

The Boss's Possession Book 4 of Crave and Claimed Sam Crescent The story and characters, Willow and Carson, were wonderfully written and developed. I loved it! The chemistry, possession, love, and protection were top notch. Great read.

Carson claims Willow
Written by Maleficent on 29th Jul 2023

Carson lived on the streets growing up and as an adult he became the Boss. It is now his city, he is feared and respected. He has had his eye on Willow for sometime, when her grandmother comes to see him, it is to ask him to take care of Willow as she is dying. He promises to take care of her, she will be his. He gives her time to after her grandmother's death, telling her to call him when she is ready. When six moths past he is done waiting her goes to claim her.

So good!
Written by Flavia K on 29th Jul 2023

When Willow's grandmother asked Carson to take care of her he asked "And what do I get in return". The answer to that question is what makes this book a fabulous read, the kind you can't put down!

The boss’s possession
Written by Nate on 29th Jul 2023

This was Carson and Willow’s book. Carson always gets what he wants. His days of living on the streets, begging for food and money, are over. He rose up to become … the Boss. The king. This city is his. The moment he meets sweet Willow Kaye, Carson knows he has to have her. He wants to possess her and will do everything in his power to do exactly that. There is only one problem, her grandmother. She knows who he is and what he is capable of. It was an incredible, emotional read for me. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Great story
Written by Reader62 on 29th Jul 2023

Thisc author is new to me and I enjoyed reading this book. The story has and tells itall. Carson is the city king pin, the boss and not a man to be crossed. He owns many businesses and is used to getting what he wants. A man ofvlayers, to be feared, a man who has had many women but no attachment, a poor, deprived upbringing, without love in his life. Willow is a young woman, quiet, kind, friendly but a loner, living a sheltered life, working with and in her gran's fabric shop. Lost her parents, then her grandfather and now her grandmother. Carson, approached by the grandmother, promised to care for Willow, to love and provide for her to live and do exciting things. His feelings for her are the strongest and there is nothing he wouldn't do to make her happy. She in turn provides him with peace, love and a family, accepting his life and position without question. They each provide the other with what they need.

Loved it
Written by Amanda1444 on 29th Jul 2023

Carson is a organised crime boss. At first he wanted Willow's families business. All that changes the second he sees Willow. Now it’s her, he wants. Carson is determined to win Willow over, despite her hesitancy, he is not overbearing and domineering, he was just determined and protective. I loved how he wanted her to experience new things, he would just be right there with her encouraging her. This was an amazing story, I loved it!

Sam Crescent
Written by Stacii on 29th Jul 2023

Willow and Carson’s story has him wanting her and when her gma came to him to ask him to protect her and giver her experiences he does exactly that. And all he wants I return is her love. Wow

Possessive Alpha
Written by MazBeebee on 29th Jul 2023

This was an Age Gap, Opposite Attracts and Man Falls First Trope. This was a wonderful and Steamy short story. It was packed full with drama, action, violence, possessive growly alpha, love and steam. This was a fast paced Romance story. Carson is a broken soul that has worked himself to be someone to be feared and rich as they come. Willow was a sweet, kind and loving. The moment Carson saw Willow, his dead heart came to life. He knew he had to have her and Carson gets what Carson wants.. Give it a read, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

He kept his promise.
Written by Redfaeryrose on 29th Jul 2023

I don't know how I'd described the book but the feeling I'd got after reading the last line was satisfaction. It was like the MC was telling me that his story that he was telling is done and he had what he needed, their happy life. You'll never think that he was the boss in their gray world with the way he is with his family. If he is real in the real world, I wouldn't want to be on his bad side.l

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 29th Jul 2023

I've read a lot of books written by Sam Crescent; she is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the fourth book in the Crave and Claimed Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Willow & Carson. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

great read
Written by hgrainger88 on 29th Jul 2023

a great story and has a great plot. Willow and Carson are good together. They have a chemistry and I enjoyed reading their story

Such a good read!
Written by NaShara on 29th Jul 2023

I loved The Boss's Possesion! Carson is not a good man, but when he sees Willow for the first time. he wants her as his forever. Leaving nothing to chance, Carson makes sure that Willow eventually has no choice but to turn to him. For such a hard man, Carson thaws enough to be the man Willow deserves. Great read!

I Loved IT
Written by Lisa R on 29th Jul 2023

Carson is not a good man but when it comes to Willow he eats her and leaves her no choice, I loved seeing him thaw,a little when it came to her. I loved the character, the action and all the feels. It was a great story that had me hooked.

Fun and steamy OTT romance
Written by LBing on 29th Jul 2023

This was a fun and steamy OTT romance between crime boss, Carter, and grieving and shy fabric shop owner, Willow. At the request of Willow's gma, Carter commits to loving and caring for Willow - and man, did he deliver ;) She had a few insecurities and reserations but Carter was more than willing to love her unconditionally and she soon got the truth of her life going forward ;) I loved how these two worked their way to an HEA, especially all the wooing ;P

Written by Mreads90 on 29th Jul 2023

As always Sam never lets me down. Couldn't put it down! I loved the couple and the story kept me entertained the whole time!

Awesome Book
Written by Danee on 29th Jul 2023

Crave and Claimed is a wonderful series and this is already the fourth book of it. Carson is the boss of the mafia and Willow has not had an easy life in her life and her grandmother is also seriously ill. Carson accedes to her dying grandmother's wish that he take care of Willow when she is gone, and he is happy to oblige because he has been dying to have her from the moment he laid eyes on her. Will they get their hea together despite Willow knowing who he is and what Carson is doing? A real page turner and a must read.

Good read
Written by Shortbec on 29th Jul 2023

Willow and Carson come from 2 different worlds, and yet they still are so great together. Carlson comes from the dark side of life. He was on the streets from a very young age. He learned early on in life that he had to fight for everything. Willow has known heartache from a young age, losing her parents, then her grandfather, and then ultimately losing her grandmother. She is alone in the world, or so she thought.

A mafia romance must read.
Written by Rowena on 29th Jul 2023

A mafia romance must read! This was had a sweetness to the storyline that I didn’t expect. Carson is a crime boss and from the first sight he wants Willow except the one person standing in his way is her grandma. So waits like he promised until it was time for him to move in. What happens next was a steamy mafia story with just the right amount of heat level with a touch of sweetness tha5 doesn’t disappoint.

Excellent Story
Written by Merry J on 29th Jul 2023

Carson takes one look at Willow and knows that she is going to be his but there is one person that can come between them her grandmother who knows the caliber of man that he is. When her grandmother comes to him, he knows something is wrong and when she takes him in counsel his and Willow's path begins. Will their path lead them to happiness.

The Boss's Possession
Written by BrightJacks on 29th Jul 2023

Very sweet romance for a self proclaimed villain. It was almost too sweet at some points but still enjoyable. I am looking forward to her next book with a bit more action.

Written by NikiG on 29th Jul 2023

Carson is a mafia boss trying to buy an elderly lady’s fabric store. But the moment he sees Willow, he wants so much more. Can this self proclaimed bad man get his HEA? An intriguing read.

Written by Deanna S on 29th Jul 2023

I'm loving this book. This author hit it out of the park. I was hesitant when I first started reading but this was awesome.

Loved this!!
Written by Jamee h on 29th Jul 2023

This is very interesting book! both Characters had great chemistry, and it was a paged Turner. I definitely recommend reading it.

Good Read!
Written by MrzWise on 29th Jul 2023

This was my first time reading this Author. I really enjoyed Carson and Willow's Story and how they were their for Lauren.

Written by Angel Joy on 29th Jul 2023

Willow has been raised by her grandmother and when she knows that she is dying she wants someone to be there for here.

Written by Debs48 on 29th Jul 2023

Another of a fast becoming a favourite author of mine. How could anyone loose so many close family she was all alone except for the man watching her and he took her and said she will be his it was her grandmothers wishes and he would not break his promise to the old woman. Could willow open her feelings and let him in she knew all about him he wasn’t a good man but he made her feel safe

Sweet Read
Written by DidiF on 29th Jul 2023

A well crafted emotion tugging story about a tough Boss king and a younger shy women he wants as his. Storyline flows with sweetness, angst, insecurities, humor, violence, discovery, character growth, intimacy, and love. Epilogue. HEA.

Carson and Willow
Written by Bobcat on 29th Jul 2023

Loved The Boss's Possession by Sam Crescent. While Carson was a dark man doing dark deeds, he was an actual light to Willow. His patience and gentleness with her were striking in comparison to his regular life. In other words, perfection. Willow was allowed to grieve and get to know the man determined to be hers. I absolutely loved both characters and the epilogues.

I Really Liked this Book ?
Written by Red18 on 29th Jul 2023

This book really had it all. Dark, broody, possessive, obsessive, alpha male. Sweet, shy, self conscious, virgin heroine. Carson knew he wanted Willow but was very patient with all of her insecurities. It was a nice romance with steamy scenes to boot! Carson treated her so well even though she struggled with all of her insecurities. We see a progression in Willow’s character as Carson continues to love her unconditionally. She grows in confidence and love for him. A nice HEA.

Mafia boss finds love
Written by Brooke H on 25th Apr 2023

Carson Dexter is a mafia boss that makes a deal with a dying old woman that he would take care of her granddaughter, Willow, after she passes. Willow has known loss all her life. Both of her parents and grandparents have passed leaving her alone. She takes over her grandmother’s fabric shop and does her best to keep it going through her grief. Carson gives her time but eventually steps in when he sees after 6 months, Willow is still spiraling. They fall in love and marry quickly. Willow doubts Carson’s desire for her and he constantly reassures her. I liked the pace of the book and how Carson never loses his patience with her. I love both of their transformations throughout the book. He becomes a loving family man and she becomes more confident and sure of herself and where she fits in his life.

The Boss's Possession
Written by Karen99 on 25th Apr 2023

She Was His From The Moment He Saw Her! Loved It! A passionate, possessive man who is a deadly unfeeling person in his work life but for Willow he is everything, tender and romantic. She is his one weakness and he wasn’t about to let anyone or anything destroy the life he wanted with Willow! Willow knew what Carson was but as she came to love him and his possessiveness, she knew he would do anything for her, even give her the freedom to become her own person in work and love. Such a fast paced, page turner with lots of steamy moments and a HEA!

Great Book!!
Written by Amy J on 25th Apr 2023

Loved reading The Boss’s Possession. This book was so good I read it in one night. Willow and Carson’s story was beautiful done!!!

Good sweet read
Written by #Lisa D on 25th Apr 2023

This is a short sweet read, Carson who isn't a good man falls for Willow a sweet innocent women who has just lost her grandmother and now owns her sewing shop. I love the way Carson pursues willow to make her his and shows his kind side. It also has some violence, steamy scenes and has a HEA.

I was drawn into the story and never left until the end
Written by memes on 25th Apr 2023

Carson is a boss in organized crime and initially wanted Willow's grandmas fabric shop for a new business venture. All that changes the second he sees Willow, now it's Willow he wants. Carson and Willow have an age gap, he's older, and they are very attracted to each other. Carson is determined to woo Willow despite her hesitancy, he is not overbearing and domineering, he was just determined and protective. I loved how he wanted her to experience new things, he would just be right there with her encouraging her. The story had a lot of those awww how sweet moments and then plenty of super steamy scenes to balance it out. There is some humor and even violence. I think the majority of the story is him trying to woo her and I was totally on board with that, even now just thinking about parts of the story I get a silly, sappy smile on my face. The author did a great job drawing me into their world and I pretty much stayed there with them.

This was a cute romance
Written by JudyCh on 25th Apr 2023

Carson is not a good man but he fell for Willow one day and when her fyi g grandmother asked him to take care of her and love her he does just that, he is patient with her and their love blossoms, this is a very good romance.

The sweetest sexy dark hero
Written by Timma on 16th Apr 2023

I loved the way Carson pursued Willow with her grandmother Lauren's permission. He was an edgy dark hero with a soft gooey center for Willow. This was one of the smoothest readings of a book I have ever experienced. There was angst, drama, suspense, and darkness surrounded by a whole lot of love, patience and the maturing of Willow. The epilogue was just the cherry on top of double cream iced cake.

Best read!
Written by Mary S on 16th Apr 2023

This was the best read I have had and not to say that the last three books on the series haven’t been great but I think I love Carson and Willow story more. Love that even as Carson has a reputation of being a bad guy he is definitely sweet,caring and lovely towards Willow. Great story gear series love every moment of it.

Romancing the Willow!
Written by Laura S. on 16th Apr 2023

Carson Dexter was not a good guy, no doubt about it. He had pretty much all he wanted, until he saw Willow. He wanted her; her innocence, her love, he wanted a family with her. In this story, he doesn't seem that bad of a guy; I guess it's all relative to the reader! But this is a nice, romantic story between 2 unlikely people that will leave you feeling good in the end.

Good story
Written by Jedi on 16th Apr 2023

Carson knew he wanted Willow but respected her grandmother and waited. Willow lost everyone in her life and was not about to be bullied into anything. Great story watching the two of them navigate their relationship given their unusual roles and dynamics.

AWESOME--THIS SERIES ROCKS!!! Loved this so so much!
Written by Andrea R on 16th Apr 2023

I sincerely fell in love with this book--it will be another re-read book from this author for sure. The plot is so good. It has everything that I love--suspense, steam and just a great story. Author has not disappointed me before and this one was amazing as authors works always are!!

Sweet, Hot and Satisfying
Written by lauri h on 16th Apr 2023

This was an awesome book! The characters were believable. Watching the relationship grow and blossom between the mc’s was great. A little romance, lots of smexy times and some alpha action combined to make this a wonderful read.

The Boss's Possession
Written by Makeen on 16th Apr 2023

Willow is Carson’s woman from the moment he saw her. She protects herself with work as her only focus: no friends, no going out, a completely innocent young woman. Carson’s interest is vetted by her grandmother: with her approval she counseled him to love Willow and show her how to live. Carson is a feared boss, has never dated a woman, or ever thought he would have a family. Sam crafted a beautiful story full of emotion and love for an unlikely couple. Willow brings out a side of Carson that never had a chance to develop. He brings her excitement, gets her to try new things, and shows her intimacy with true caring. This is such a wonderful story- short but packed- and a sweet epilogue.

Love Carson and Willow
Written by Jilllovesbooks on 16th Apr 2023

I love this trope of book wrote by Sam. She never seizes to amaze me with a great storyline and characters. This one was no different from the beginning when Willow's grandmother makes a bargain with Carson to take care of Willow and keep her happy. Right on through to the happy ending. Great story!

Another brilliant Sam Crescent’s book
Written by GAnnG on 16th Apr 2023

Loved it, but yet again I am yet to find a Sam Crescent’s book I do not like. Shady alpha male - checked, innocent virgin - checked, HEA - checked, hotness of the book - checked. Well worth the read. Highly recommend.

Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 16th Apr 2023

Another wonderful story by Sam Crescent. Willow's grandma, Lauren, made a deal with Carson to take care of her shy granddaughter after she was gone. He's the one in the town no one wants to cross but has a soft spot for Lauren and eventually Willow. I loved the connection and how they slowly came together.

Carson & Willow
Written by Michelle E on 16th Apr 2023

I love books where the guy is dangerous, brutal and scary, but falls for the h. This was a well written short novel 120 pages. The book is part of the Craved and Claimed series, and can be read as a stand-alone. Insta lust steamy read and Sam knows how to bring the spice! Overall loved the book.

A grandmothers wish
Written by Bookbunny on 16th Apr 2023

Willow lost everyone in her life, her parents and her grandparents. Now she had to carry on without her beloved grandmother, Lauren. Carson Dexter isn’t a good man. Carson not only wants the shop but also Willow. Lauren Kaye only has so much time left and comes to him with a deal, take care of Willow. In the beginning I wondered if Carson would even honor the words of a dying woman. But he did. He actually fell in love with Willow. Willow was learning to live for the first time. Her grandmother always saw her shy granddaughter needing to open like a flower. She needed the comfort and love of a man that would always care for her. And he did. Carson still was a cruel man but only to those that crossed his path and messed with Willow.

Loved it!
Written by Readstoforget on 16th Apr 2023

The Boss’s Possession by Sam Crescent is a short but very good and entertaining read. This one is about a woman named Willow who owns a sewing shop. She meets a man named Carson who falls hard and fast. He’s a dangerous man but has the approval of her grandmother whom she loves. Willow does have a few self esteem issues which stops her from believing that what is happening between her and Carson is true, but she eventually overcomes her fears and their relationship really blossoms. This one as I said was a quick read, but a very nice palette cleanser. I really enjoyed it but I enjoy all Sam’s stories. While I live for angst, I do sometimes really enjoy the Insta love, no third act break up stories that just leave you smiling.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 16th Apr 2023

Carson came from the streets but raised to be the Boss. When he meets Willow he becomes obsessed, but when her grandmother asks him to watch over her when she's gone, he wants to do more than that. But given his reputation will Willow want to be with a man who installs fear into others and danger to their door? Well written steamy age gap, desires, obssesive

Sweet crime boss lite romance
Written by Arevalomencarelli on 16th Apr 2023

Loved this one! H is a crime boss, h is a young woman trying to get over the death of the last family member she had left. From the start the H IS ALL IN. He is obsessed with her and only her. I loved how he cared for her and gave her space without really giving her space. This one mafia lite so if you want a quick curvy girl romance that will melt your insides then this one is for you :)

Written by JustMe83 on 16th Apr 2023

This was so good. I absolutely loved how he watched over her and I loved their chemistry. I also liked she disnt fight it too long and gave him a chance. Her story was so sad but I'm so glad they got their HEA together!

Good book
Written by Michele. on 16th Apr 2023

This was a good book. Carson fell in love with Willow at first sight. Willows grandmother sees this and wants him to take care of her after she dies. They start their relationship on rocky ground, but as the relationship develops, they fall deeply in love with each other. It was a sweet and spicy read!

What a read
Written by fire on 16th Apr 2023

This book was simply amazing Loved the main characters This is a must read If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.