The Holy Man's Sinner by T.M. Smith

Heat Level 3
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The Blood Coven World

The Sinner
Elisabeta is a vampire party girl. But when the revolving-door males, the dangerous craving for blood, and the indiscriminate sexual encounters no longer make her happy, she looks for something more in life. What she finds is surprising.

The Holy Man
While in a sacred shrine, Elisabeta contemplates her future. She meets Nelo, the spiritual leader of the vampire breed, but he’s nothing like an Earther holy man. He likes his blood fresh and his sex hot.

They are an unlikely match.
From the moment Nelo sees Elisabeta, he is struck by her beauty and sympathetic with her desire to change her life.

Do opposites really attract?



“Tell me about these selfless acts which will heal me.” Her lips caressed the glass as she sipped her drink.

Nelo’s breath caught at the sight. Remembering the conversation, he puzzled his chin with a forefinger. “Good deeds will fill your days and contemplation your nights. At the end of your healing, a worthy, seductive male awaits your recovery.” He patted his chest. “The male would be me.”

“Cruor, you lack humility.”

“It is a flaw I work on.”

“In the meantime, you’ll assign me to a soup kitchen until I feel better about myself?”

“To something. Not a soup kitchen.” He tilted his glass, swallowing a sip and noticing how Elisabeta watched him.

“How do you know your solution will work?” she asked.

He rolled the amber liquid in the tumbler. “I am the Cruor, a male wise beyond his years.”

“With only a small flaw.”

“So tiny. Not worth mentioning.” He threw back his drink, rose, and shoved out his hand.