The Love of My Bully by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Prudence and Drake hate each other from the moment they meet. She only knows cruelty at his hands. For years, it fuels her, but rather than shy away, she stands up and fights.

Drake can’t stand the new girl in his town, and the one who doesn’t care about his wealth. No one can touch him. He owns the town and he will own Prudence, too.

Their hatred for one another stokes a passion neither can deny. The fire burns so bright.

He hates her, and she despises him, but there’s no stopping their need. She should walk away, but the moment his lips touch hers, she’s trapped. However, they’re from different worlds and there’s no way they can come together. Never to love, never to fight, never to be as one.

But Drake’s not the kind of man to lose the woman he loves. He didn’t want to love Pru, but he does, and now there’s no stopping it. He’ll fight for her and their future, even if it means losing everything he once treasured.

Owning Pru’s heart is all that matters.



“Are we playing here? Who is playing?”

He smiled. “You and me. No one else, right fucking here.” He pointed at the ground.

She lowered herself into a sitting position, crossing her legs. He wondered if she and Sean had anything special going on tonight. She wasn’t dressed to impress. She was never dressed for anyone but herself and he liked that. It was probably the only thing he did like about her.

“This is a game for twelve-year-old kids, Drake. You can’t come up with anything else?”

He sat opposite her, ignoring all the bullshit coming out of her mouth. Drake didn’t care about anyone else, just her, and being right here in this moment. “You scared, Trash?”

“I’m not afraid of you, Drake. You know that. This isn’t the first time we’ve been doing this together and it won’t be the last.” She stared at him. “How does this go?”

“Simple. Truth or dare?”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. Er, Truth.” She held onto her knees, staring at him.

“You ever fucked anyone, Trash?” he asked.


“You’re still a virgin.”

“My turn. Truth or dare?” she asked.

“I’ll go dare.”

“Kiss your own ass,” she said.

The crowd erupted into laughter. He did no more than kiss the tip of his fingers and place them against his butt. “Done. Truth or dare?”


“You’re not going to go with a dare?”

“Drake, just ask me a question so I can get out of this,” she said.

“You ever sucked a guy’s cock?”

“Wow, okay, this is just fucking ridiculous. No, I’ve never fucked anyone. No, I’ve never messed around with anyone. Yes, I’m a virgin. Are we done now? Can I go?” she asked.

“Not yet.”

“Truth or dare?” she asked again.


“Why do you hate me so much?” she asked.

This took him by surprise and he remained silent, very much aware of everyone watching them. He couldn’t stand to have their attention and he certainly didn’t want it.

“Well! Are you not going to answer me, hotshot?”

“I never said I did,” he said.

“Oh, come on, you totally fucking hate me!”

“Does that bother you? Thinking I hate you?”

She glared at him and he loved the challenge in her eyes. “No, it doesn’t.”

“Then why waste a question?”

“What I don’t get is if you don’t hate me, why oh, why, do you treat me like shit?” she asked.

“’Cause trash is always treated the way it’s supposed to be.” There was a loud chorus of whoops around the room. “Truth or dare?”


Now they were getting somewhere.

He didn’t want to scare her off too soon.

“Drink a shot. Someone grab her a shot.”

“That’s it. One shot?”

“Why not?”

He was handed a shot, which he immediately gave to her, waiting for her to drink it. The booze at his parties were always the good stuff, and he watched as she knocked it back, trying not to cough as it burned the back of her throat.

“That’s right, that’s the good stuff.”

She handed him the glass while shaking her head at the same time. “That’s horrible.” She covered her mouth to cough. “Truth or dare?”


“Ugh.” She looked around the room and then he saw the wicked smile that played across her lips. “Kiss Ree,” she said.

“That’s it? You’re going to waste your dare on a silly kiss with your friend?”

“What’s the matter, Drake? Chicken?” she asked.