Love My Pain by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Cape Falls, 6

Edward Banner is so out of his depth, and he knows it. Falling for a waitress that is younger than he is was one thing. Falling for a woman who self-harms? That is another thing altogether. He doesn’t understand it. But he can’t bear to see it happen, and there’s no turning back. 

Isabel Benson has not lived a great life. Abandoned by her parents from a young age, she was the one who raised her little sister. When the pressures of life got too much, she found one solution to get herself through, the only thing she could ever control, cutting. It’s hers alone. Her little secret—until Edward catches her. 

He wants her to stop, but she doesn’t know if she can. There is no easy way to help. But he’s not walking away like so many people have in her life. He’s not going to stop loving her, and he’s not going to stop being there. 

Can Isabel find the strength to see that she doesn’t need to hurt herself anymore? Will Edward stay true to his word, and stay by her side? 

Be Warned: spanking



Was it possible for Edward to fall in love with her? She already knew her feelings for him. She loved him, knew without a doubt that she did. Her feelings when it came to him had been building from that very first time he walked into the diner.

She had been captivated by him, and now, she wanted to be everything he needed.

It had been nearly two weeks since he had taken her kit from her, and she hadn’t felt the need for it. There was no weekly ritual in her life for the kit. It wasn’t like she set a day every week, and then stuck to it.

The only time she had used it was when she couldn’t stand not to. The longest she had been without hurting herself was three months. Three months she could handle. Two weeks were a piece of cake.

Cleaning the dishes, she felt Edward close beside her. He stood, drying up the dishes that she washed.

The cut on her thigh was all healed up, and she didn’t know how to tell him.

Her body was on fire for him. She wanted him so badly. Her dreams at night were getting hotter.

With no release, she was finding it hard to concentrate on anything else. His hands looked so big, and she wondered what they would be like on her body, touching her. Her imagination was running riot right now.

“My legs are fine,” she said, blurting the words out, and cringing as she finished.

“I’m sorry?”

“My leg. It’s fine. No more damage.” She had still covered it with tape just in case. She didn’t want to risk the scab opening up and bleeding.

Handing him the final plate, she cleaned the sink up and washed her hands.

“Show me,” he said.

Staring at him, and around the kitchen, she licked her dry lips. She wasn’t nervous about showing him her healed leg. No, she was more nervous about him discovering the truth of her arousal. She was wet. Even her panties were wet.

Grow up. You’re twenty-five for God’s sake. Get your shit together.

Unbuttoning her jeans, she lowered the zipper and wriggled the jeans down to her knees. The shirt she wore covered her thighs, so she lifted it up. All she wanted to do was cover up. Most of her old scars were faded, some of them just silvery strips similar to wounds made in surgery. Only hers were not perfect.

She had never gone too deep, or hurt herself to the point that she needed to go to the hospital for stitches. As with all things in her life, she had been careful.

Holding her shirt at the apex of her thighs, she was praying that he didn’t notice her wet panties, or the scent of her arousal.

Isabel truly believed that she could smell herself. Edward knelt down, and she watched him as he removed the Band-Aid from her thigh. The scab was nice and clean. For as long as she could, she kept it exposed so the scab would form quickly. She had even opted for some skirts to help with the process, only long skirts though, down to her ankles, hiding everything.

“Remove your jeans,” he said. 

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Night Owl Review
Written by Pauline Michael on 10th Aug 2017

Sam Crescent is one of my favourite steamy romance authors but with this story she shows that she can do heavy emotions as well. Isabel Benson is a complicated young woman and Edward Banner wants to help her. But Edward doesn't want to change her. That's what made this such a poignant piece for me. The sexual attraction was definitely there, but there was a friendship a real bond between these two. That bond pulled me in and kept my heart engaged. Edward is demanding and often overwhelmed and overwhelming. The entire package is what made him so appealing. He is such a wonderful fit for Isabel. Isabel is smart and such a survivor, yet she has issues. I enjoyed the fact that this story didn't sugarcoat the issues or turn it into a clinical diagnosis. Instead the author approached it from how Isabel's actions affected her and how Edward and others loved her. If you enjoy this author's sexy shorts, give this serious story a read. There is still plenty of her trademark heat and you'll get to experience a much deeper story. The Story: Edward Banner is definitely out of his depth. He's moved from the UK to a small town in the US that practically worships small town virtues and old fashioned values. When he discovers Isabel Benson's secret, can he be there for her when she needs him and can this trust be the basis of a solid relationship?

Knotty Girl Book Reviews
Written by Sandie on 23rd Apr 2017

Sam Crescent is one of my faves, but this time she’s decided to tackle a subject a bit more on the serious side, cutting. After reading Love My Pain, I think Sam did a great job with it. I was a little miffed with Edward in the beginning for leaving Isabel alone when she was chained up in the dungeon, since that’s just a huge no-no, otherwise, Edward was a terrific character who handled everything well. Isabel Benson cuts herself on occasion to feel. She’s had a rough childhood where her parents made her feel awful, that is, when they bothered to be around. They left her to raise her sister Sophie. Edward is a bit older than Isabel, but he’s determined to help her with her problem. He’s also just a friend. But he’s also attracted to Isabel. When Isabel finally admits what she wants and needs, Edward may just have a change of heart that will heal them both. I enjoyed this book immensely, and even though it’s part of a series, it is a stand alone. 5 Dark and Domalicious Stars

Written by Neringa on 12th Apr 2017

Edward and Isabel's story was long time coming. But I'm glad that Sam didn't rushed it. It has not easy topic. Self-harming. And maybe because of it, not Edward, nor Isabel were ready to move on, or to heal before now. Edward seemed lost at the beginning. It was kinda interesting to see dom to be so confused and uncertain. He helped Isabel a lot already, but where self-harming was concerned... Well, he was out of his depth. I was glad that he didn't stumbled blindly for long and took some actions. Edward become someone who would do anything for Isabel. And I loved him because of that. Isabel... I didn’t liked her. Well, it's maybe to harsh. She wasn't bad character, I just didn't connected with her. I like my h to be with some sass, not so passive and not to feel like a disappointment about everything and all the time. Isabel was like someone who has the whole worlds troubles on her shoulders. I don't say what she was dealt with was easy, it just... Well, there this moment again, when it has lots of sides. On one Isabel was too depressing in a way, but on the other people are individuals and reacts differently in the same situation. So, do I have room to judge her? Maybe I should just leave it at that that I'm glad she found HEA for herself.

Loved it!
Written by Mlmayer on 11th Apr 2017

So good! I have been waiting and wanting this book for so long and it didn't disappoint! Love this series and I hope there is more to come!

What a beautiful story
Written by RoGo on 11th Apr 2017

No one ever really knows or understands another persons struggle and I am envious of the love you see and feel in Isabel and Edwards story!! Edward is the ultimate Dom for me (and he's British lol) and Isabel is just simply perfect for him!! Isabel is so beautifully strong!! (Not even sure is that make sense)... and it amazes me how Sam Cresent is able to make you feel so much with all her stories!! Love this story and it has taken a piece of heart that I will never want back!!

Beautifully told story!
Written by Rhonda on 11th Apr 2017

I"ve been waiting for this story for 3 years and finally got to read it. As the mother of a former cutter, I was concerned that Ms. Crescent get certain facts straight but I should have known she would. Sam did her research and it definitely shows in the story. Self injury is still to this day, a taboo subject that people don't like to talk about. I have the utmost respect for Ms. Crescent for tackling this and doing it in such a wonderful way. Isabel reminds me of my daughter and Edward reminds me of my son in law. The love he feels for her is real and while he makes mistakes, he doesn't leave her like everyone did in her life. Love the story and I love Sam for writing it. There are triggers in this story so if you read this, please remember this!

Loved it
Written by Leslie on 10th Apr 2017

This book was so great. I have been waiting for this for a long time and it doesn't disappoint. It is so sweet you will fall in love with Is and all that she has been through. You will love how this story plays out and who wouldn't like to take a trip to Cape Falls.