The Rules by Gale Stanley

Heat Level 4
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Scenes from the Underground, 1

Wil Rice has been a Dom for over ten years, but he has yet to find the perfect submissive to share his dark desires. Maybe he wants too much. He’s looking for the whole package—a partner, a lover, a man who will trust him enough to surrender body and mind. 

Wil plays at an underground sex party, and a scene with Aiden Murphy convinces him that he’s found his submissive. But Aiden belongs to someone else—a sadistic police chief who’s not about to give up his property. Wil knows he should walk away, but he’s hooked. He can’t get Aiden out of his head, and he’ll do anything to get his hands on the boy again.

Be Warned: BDSM, m/m sex, public exhibition, sex toys, flogging



Motherfuck! Wil cursed silently, he never liked losing, but in truth, he wasn’t all that upset. The Thai boy would have been fun but Wil wanted more. He wanted to feel… a spark, chemistry, something. When he spotted the right man, he wouldn’t have to think about it, he’d know immediately. But, it looked like tonight would be another bust. Every time Wil went to one of these parties, he started out with high hopes of meeting someone special, but the evening always ended with him settling for something less. Tonight he might end up completely alone.


Suddenly, a spotlight came on, illuminating an empty platform with a Saint Andrew’s cross at one end. Wil made his way over, and stood in the shadows, waiting for the show. The minutes dragged on, allowing the audience to grow and anticipation to build. Finally, a young man climbed onto the platform, but someone much taller than Wil’s six foot two, stepped in front of him. The Goliath, in jeans and a studded harness, completely blocked Wil’s view. Cursing under his breath, Wil squeezed past Goliath, and edged closer to the stage.


The young man on display pulled a tie from his hair, and released a thick auburn mane that matched his flushed cheeks. His hair glowed like fire under the spotlight, making his blue eyes appear cold by comparison. Wil’s breath caught. In his experience, redheads made the most adventurous, passionate, and yes, dangerous lovers. He’d always been a big believer in first impressions. Usually he made up his mind about a new sub within thirty seconds. Tonight it was closer to fifteen.


Young. Smaller than me. Black muscle shirt. Skinny jeans. Short black combat boots.


The overall look screamed ‘submissive boy looking for a Master’, but Wil saw so much more.


Fearful, yet cocky. Savage, yet sweet. Submissive, yet prideful. Untrained, yet intelligent.


Wil was intrigued.


Who are you? What are you doing here?


Flashing a fake smile, the boy peeled away his shirt. The dusting of red-gold hair between toned pecs gave Wil a boner. He’d never been a big fan of the shaved look. So far, he liked everything he saw. Even watching the redhead pull his boots off was a turn-on. Wil shifted his stance to give his rapidly growing erection some breathing room.


The boy turned his back and shoved his jeans over slim hips. Wil shuddered, imagining that firm, tight, white ass covered with cum after a good hard fucking. The boy turned again, giving Wil a glimpse of the wild bush at his groin. Perfect. The lack of grooming told Wil the boy was probably new to the scene and not tied to anyone. God, what I could teach him… Wil’s gaze fixed on the redhead with a desperate fascination. He knew if he looked away, the boy would disappear like a mirage.


The boy yanked at his genitals. Then, head erect and chest thrown out, he strutted around the stage, jerking off slowly, then faster as he coaxed his dick to grow for the crowd. Eventually, his cock grew to a respectable size and thickness, not huge, but a meaty handful. The redhead’s legs trembled. Evidently, being on display was a turn-on. His walk slowed, while his hand speeded up. Beads of pre-cum glistened on the head of his cock. So fucking, incredibly hot! Wil bit his lip to keep from groaning.





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The Romance Reviews TRR
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 28th Jun 2015

Wil Rice wasn't exactly looking for relationship when he visited the underground sex party. Author Gale Stanley delivers a quick read with THE RULES. Wil becomes intrigued with an untrained submissive but Aiden is brutally taken from him. When they meet again it's under a completely different set of circumstances. Can Wil help Aiden handle a new set of rules? What it lacks in length is more than made up for in hot spiciness. This was an interesting story since it featured BDSM elements between two men. Wil and Aiden mesh well together, providing a good example of the Dom/sub dynamic. If I could make any suggestions for improvement, it would be to build more depth. As it is, the explicit encounters overshadow the storyline. Not they aren't well-written, but a bit more substance would have been fantastic. - See more at:

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena Yates on 9th Jun 2015

BDSM stories can be dark due to different factors, including what goes on if things aren’t consensual. The main reason this one had me worried and tense is that things are not out in the open, and mostly not consensual. The situation is pretty dire in a city where all BDSM club activity has gone underground, and is controlled by a corrupt chief of police and the cops who work with him. What chance does anyone stand - be they a desperate sub or a Dom looking for more than a willing body – against those kinds of odds? That is the focus of this story. Combined with interesting characters, a tense situation, and some very hot BDSM activity, I found myself glued to the pages. Wil is a dedicated Dom, but he is looking for more than a man to play with. He wants a real connection, and when he finally finds it with Aiden, it turns out that fate is against them. Or rather, the corrupt police chief who has other plans is putting obstacles in their way. That does not stop Wil. He is determined to find Aiden again and set him free – well, free enough to agree to submit to Wil. Aiden is desperate. He has no home, and when he is driven to the streets to make a living, he is arrested and given a “choice”. Go to prison, which he knows he wouldn’t survive, or do whatever the police chief tells him to do. The one time Aiden manages to submit to a man who is actually kind to him turns out to be a fluke, and Aiden’s life as a brutally abused slave begins. His desperation is so deep that he finds it difficult to trust Wil even after the man comes to his rescue – until he learns that Wil’s Rules are quite different from the ones he was taught while a captive. If you like darker stories with hints of nonconsensual BDSM, if you want to find out more about an abused man who learns to hope, and the determined Dom who sets him free, and if you’re looking for an emotional, intense, and suspenseful read with some very hot BDSM and other activity, then you will probably like this short story.

Hearts On Fire Reviews
Written by undefined on 2nd May 2015

Review by Shereadsalot You know how Bazooka Joe bubble gum came with the comics attached? I used to love those, it was a comic for 5 cents. Do they still make those? *searches on ye old internet* Yes, it is! The reason why I liked those comics back then was because I was 1) a kid and 2) was on a budget. So they amused me. A comic book would rock but this is all you got - a page of funnies. Anyway, this was like reading a BDSM Bazooka Joe bubble gum comic. (See, I had a point.) Long story short - this should have been at least a novella. This is the first in a series, I don't know if it will continue with the same couple or a new one. Too many awesome topics/ideas, too condensed, not enough impact. This novella had a LOT of my go to thing that I love: GINGER TWINK RENT BOY (*squees*), abused, raped, damaged MC, an orphan MC, hurt/comfort, a care-taking Dom, flogging, PUBLIC SEX. Oh, this was a jackpot in the topic department. But the rushed suspense, too quick ILY...*smh* And was this set in America present time? Because if this was alternate universe, I'll bump my rating to maybe a half star. Since the tags state contemporary, it sticks. What was with the weird police chief villain> Or the unresolved ending to the abuse/kidnap/non-con (off page)? Wil is a Dom looking for a permanent boy. He likes gingers (can't fault the man for taste) and sees his one true boy in Aiden Murphy, a ginger twink who has a rough life and had to resort to tricking to survive. (insert my happy grin here). Wil got chills seeing his future boy and saw how untrained he was. He had t scoop him up and fuck him for all to see he's been claimed. But there was a problem - the evil police chief-wanna be Dom. He steals Aiden and forces him into sex slavery. Now I hope the author was trying to teach about SSC BDSM with the errors in the way Aiden was treated this because the way Aiden said he didn't have a safe word - made me pause. And the reptition about the Rules. I got the message - it could've been toned down for me a little. Wil did a good job of taking care of Aiden when he could though the last scene? Shouldn't have happened the night the boy just returned in his arms. Too quick. Ruined the experience. If it kept it light, nixed the villain and just focused on training the resistant twink who didn't know he was a sub? I'd have eat this story up. As it was, I didn't. I enjoyed the main elements but wished this was longer -too dense for a Romance-on-the-Go. I'd try out the next one in the series, for a look see. The sex scenes sizzled.

Great Story
Written by ChristophFischerBooks on 16th Mar 2015

"The Rules (Scenes from the Underground Book 1)" by Gale Stanley is yet another one of her sexy and sensitively written stories about all aspects of love. In this case we follow the love between a gay submissive and his master. With excellent insight into the gay scene, BDSM and the mind of both lovers, I found it hard to believe that Gale should not be a gay man herself. Great authenticity, beautiful writing, hot and steamy scenes and excellent character development - this is more than just a sexy story. For fans of BDSM, gay erotica and for those who would like to read about great characters and a different but wonderful love story I cannot recomment this highy enough. Well done!

Deep, Dark and Emotional
Written by Hunter S Jones on 14th Mar 2015

This new series takes place in New York, where corruption is rampant, and the politicians who promised to clean up the city are taking over the sex industry. Aiden can’t find work and gets caught up in sex trafficking. When Wil sees him at an underground BDSM party there’s an instant attraction. The connection is cemented after a flogging scene and Wil wants to take it further, but Aiden already has a Master. Not a typical romance. It’s deep, dark, and emotional. Very seductive.

Another great read from Gale Stanley
Written by H. Volpe on 13th Mar 2015

Another great read from Gale Stanley! Gale has a way of drawing you in hook, line and sinker! You will not put this down. I am anxiously now awaiting the next one!

a short but very satisfying read
Written by willowtree on 13th Mar 2015

I loved this story, and read it in one sitting. It’s short, but there was enough background, so it was easy for me to connect with the main characters. I felt sorry for Aiden, he pretty much hit rock bottom and got involved with some bad people. When Wil sees him at a sex party, the attraction is immediate, Aiden, not so much. But during a flogging scene, Wil takes Aiden to another level, and they have a real connection. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series, and I hope these characters come back.

The Rules are Meant to be Broken!
Written by JenTheRiot on 13th Mar 2015

In my opinion, Gale Stanley has a great writing style! While I'm not the typical M/M reader, I find her writing non-offensive and lyrical.Her characters are so well written that you forget the sexual orientation of what you're reading. In The Rules, we get a glimpse into some gritty unethical characters (public servants no less). Arthur Wright was one of those. A seedy, nasty man - Arthur was the farthest thing in my mind from a man wanting a true, trusting Dom/Sub relationship. He was in it for himself and his self gratification. Will Rice, on the other hand was in search of a meaningful relationship. His visit to the club that night netted him someone he could actually enjoy and connect with - a young ginger haired man named Aiden. This book is short, so I can't give spoilers, but I will tell you that I connected with Will and Aiden. I enjoyed the story line and while it was a quick read, it kind of left me wanting more of the story.....The book contains some hot explicit sex, but that compliments the emotion between Will and Aiden. A great short read!

Hot Sexy Read!,
Written by Jacintha Topaz on 11th Mar 2015

A sexy read about a Dom who has his eye on a sub and is determined to have him at any cost--even in the face of a sadistic cop. The story kept my attention from beginning to end, and left me wanting more. As with others of Stanley's works, I got emotionally invested in the characters and wanted Wil and Aiden to have their promising future. Definitely another winner and a great start to a wonderful series. I am so looking forward to the next book!