Through the Dom's Lens by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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Sometimes doing a favor can change your life forever...

Never one to rate her curves, Sally thinks her glamorous sister has lost the plot. Stand in for her at a photo shoot with the most sought after bondage photographer ever? She'll be laughed out of the studio, or arrested, or both. However, the temptation to actually meet the man she's been secretly lusting after for months proves too hard to resist.

Junsako cannot believe his eyes when Sally turns up. It's been a long time since the Dom in him felt such an instant pull to anyone. All those curves will look beautiful in Shibari suspension, and Sally proves to be a born submissive. If only she would let go of her body issues and see the beautiful woman he sees through his lens.

Only one thing to do—convince her—with as much kinky sex as possible.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking


"I want you to do something for me, pet. I want you to close your eyes and remember that feeling."

She frowned at him, but her eyes fluttered shut and after a while she smiled.

"Good, you're there in your mind?"

"Yes, Sir, I think so."

"Good girl, now open your eyes and look at the screen again." She tensed immediately and her smile slipped, but she did open her eyes and glanced at the screen. He'd changed the image to a slide of the process of her being bound. The first one showed her stood in front of him, looking nervous as hell, and she tensed even more when she saw it.

"What do you see, pet? Truly look at the picture, past the body, concentrate on your facial expression and remember how you felt."

She bit her lip, and her nose screwed up in concentration, but eventually she answered him.

"I was nervous…" she glanced at him and then continued in a whisper, "and turned on."

"Good girl, now the next picture. What do you see?"

In this shot she was half in her chest harness and blindfold, and Junsako hardened as he, too, remembered the heady thrill of binding her soft flesh in the rope. The picture didn’t do the eroticism of the art justice. In his mind's eye, however, he heard her soft sighs and mewls, he felt the rope slide through his fingers and mark her skin, as she sank further into that blissful state of submission.

Sally remembered it, too, if her increased breathing and the dampness seeping through his sweat pants were any indication. He didn't say anything else, afraid to break the moment, just continued to bring up picture after picture, until she wriggled on his lap, and he was hard enough to pound concrete again.

By the time they were back at the picture he intended to use, tears were falling down Sally's cheeks, but she was smiling this time.

"Thank you, Sir, for helping me remember what it felt like. I still see a fat woman, though. I know I'm not skinny and … oh."

The breath whooshed out of her lungs when he stood up with her and flung her over his shoulder. It was a matter of moments to cross the distance to his bedroom, and Sally shrieked when he threw her on the bed face down.

Before she had even stopped bouncing he grabbed her ankles and yanked her down until her ass hung over the edge with her knees on the floor. He kicked her legs apart, and took a moment to admire the view in front of him. With a flick of the remote he turned on the ceiling spotlights. The soft lighting illuminated Sally's shapely ass. With her legs spread wide, he had a perfect view of her glistening pussy. Her cunt got wetter the longer he just stood there and watched her, and when she tried to push herself up on her elbows he urged her back down on the bed with his hand flat on the small of her back.

"Stay still, pet. It amuses me to watch you like this. You have the most perfect ass, my love. It will look even more beautiful when it's pink from my hand."

Sally whimpered, and more of her juices slipped out of her clenching hole.

"I'm going to spank that ass now, and then I'm going to fuck it.  My little pet will like that, I think. Give me a color, pet."


Sally's heart beat so fast in her ears she was sure she'd have fallen to the floor had she not been lying down already. Junsako's dirty words made her so wet her juices were sliding down her inner thighs, and she found it difficult to concentrate on his words.

An open handed spank to her left ass cheek stung, and before she could open her mouth another one followed to the right side this time.

"I asked you a question, pet. What color are you?"

"Gr-green." She murmured the words into the cover, as he dug his fingernails into her tender skin and grabbed a generous handful. That should have mortified her, but somehow it didn't.

"I can't hear you, pet."

His strained voice soothed her concerns. He sounded like a man aroused, and it gave her an enormous thrill that he wanted her just as badly as she wanted him.

"Green, Sir. I'm so green. Please don't stop. I—"

The next spank set her ass on fire and sent her further up the bed, until her hips dug into the edge. It was padded, with little hard nobbles, and just the right height to stimulate her clit, as she discovered with the next few well-placed open handed swats from his hands. He hit a different spot on her ass every time, and with the added stimulation from the torture devices attached to the side, she was close to coming in record time.

Higher and higher she flew until time lost all meaning, and all that mattered was the breathtaking pause before he spanked her again. When he finally stopped heat radiated from her ass all over her body in rolling waves of bliss, and she ground herself against the edge. So close, she was so damn close.

Junsako grabbed her hips and pulled her away from the bed, and Sally whined her protest.

He kissed her shoulder, and chuckled into her neck, as his whole body seemed to engulf her. His hard cock nestled in the cleft of her ass, and he delivered little bites along her back, parallel to her spine. Every sharp sting made her moan, interspersed as it was by his murmured words.

"So beautiful, my pet. This luscious body belongs to me, and you will not come without my permission, will you, pet?"

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Sandiebuck on 1st Mar 2017

I've probably said this before, but Doris O'Connor is a wonderful author. She writes about BDSM from a place of love, trust, and honesty, as well as accuracy. Her stories, as well as being all of the above, are also mesmerizing, entertaining, and let's face it, just plain HOT! Through the Dom's Lens is all of this and more, Sally's sister Maddy is a model who is supposed to be doing a shoot with top bondage photographer and dominant, Junsako Frederickson. Sally has been studying his work for a long time. Her sister can't do the shoot and asks Sally to take her place, but Sally is self conscious about the fact she's full figured and she's no Maddy. Turns out that's just what Master J is looking for. What was so awesome about this book aside from the fact that it's a Doris O'Connor book, is that it deals with body image and deals with it well. If only all men were like Master J. This is a short read, but packed full of hot and steamy goodness that you'll want to read over and over again!

You Will Love Master J
Written by Nicole on 17th Aug 2015

Sally believes that she isn’t beautiful, not like her sister is. So when her sister asks her to go stand in at a photo shoot for her she’s convinced it will be a nightmare. And even though they are twins there is no way she can pull off looking like her sister. Junsako is a world renowned photographer. He’s also a Dom who doesn’t believe in love. His world is forever changed when he meets the curvy young woman at his studio who is pretending to be someone else. Sally has researched BDSM and is drawn to it. But she’s never found anyone she could truly let herself go with. She’s tempted by Junsako because she knows he is a very well-known Shibari photographer. Could this be a chance to experience what she most desires? Junsako knows that Sally is the one. He’s never felt a pull to a person like he has with the beautiful, curvy woman in his studio. When she flies at his hand he knows she is the perfect submissive. But can he convince her that she’s as beautiful as he says she is or will her low self-esteem be what tears them apart. Not everyone is perfect. We all have flaws, and not everyone has the body of a super model. Having a character like Sally who is curvy and has low self-esteem is a character than so many woman will relate to.

Through The Dom's Lens
Written by Tina B on 16th Feb 2015

4.5 stars I really enjoyed this one! It is about a curvy woman exploring her fantasies with a HOT Dom!! A woman coming to terms with her shape and getting comfortable with it. I love the rope play. It was a very sexy one with a happy HEA! It definitely makes me think more about getting over the body image thing that I have (as do most women). Lol. Another wonderful one, Doris!!

The Romance Review
Written by BookAddict on 5th Aug 2014

An erotic photographer with a real woman model? Finally a more real to life BDSM story. In THROUGH A DOM'S LENS, Sally is a normal woman with curves. Curves like the majority of us females possess. She ends up in a rope bondage photo session which makes me envious. Junsako, the photographer, is a delicious dominant looking for a new submissive. The two characters, Junsako and Sally, are sweet and the chemistry between the two is palpable. This is a romantic erotic fantasy which can actually come true. Based on the few BDSM photographers I've met, their preference in BDSM models for rope bondage are very close to Sally's body type and attitude. For those who have never seen rope bondage or experienced it, "Twiggy" models used for bondage are neither attractive nor arousing. There is something viscerally sexual when flesh is bound and bulges out due to the ropes. When the rope separates and emphasizes a soft body restrained, it is beautiful for the viewer and sensual for the bound. Ms. O'Connor does a lovely job describing the rope bondage and giving the readers a little taste into the art of Shibari. Ms. O'Connor packs this novella with some hawt erotic imagery. The dominance scenes Junsako takes newbie Sally through are divine. They are a perfect experience for a curious submissive. Most of the BDSM in this story is focused on sensation play and involve D/s and specifically BD. There is no SM in this story. This erotic novella is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book, especially for those who love bondage.

Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 26th May 2014

Body image is a sore spot for Sally, especially with having a sister who is a slim, beautiful model. So when Maddy suggests that Sally fill in for her with the famous Master J, she is terrified. A curvaceous, sexy woman sitting in his waiting room steals Junsako’s breath away. She is exactly what he is looking for, not only for this project, but personally as well. Everything about Junsako makes Sally melt: his voice, his body, and most definitely his Dom personality. There is no way a man like this could be interested in her, although he keeps insisting otherwise. Junsako is blown away by Sally’s truly gorgeous body, but it is her trust and submission that strikes a chord deep within his heart. Finding this kind of love and acceptance in a partner is what any good relationship should be about. I also think this author really nails it when she portrays Sally’s reaction to her own image. This is a feeling so many women have about their bodies, when, in actuality, most men see them in a completely different light. The photo scene tells it all, as Junsako walks Sally through each one, helping her understand that he cherishes every single thing about her. - See more at:

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 10th Apr 2014

This was a hot, interesting short story featuring a BDSM love story.atruegemaward Sally feels overweight, so she can’t believe her sister Maddy sends her in her place for a photo shoot with well known Dom Junsako Fredrickson, better known as Master J. Maddy is a famous model, thin and lovely, but not when she has an allergic reaction. She sends Sally in her place, something Sally knows is a mistake. Junsako doesn’t agree. He finds Sally’s curves appealing and is thrilled with the pictures he takes of her suspended in his ropes. He’s shocked to find Sally has a meltdown over seeing the photos herself. Can he overcome her poor self-image. And can Sally find a way through his well-protected defenses to his heart? This was well written and a quick easy read which most of us with poor self images can appreciate. Expect bondage, spanking, anal, and Shibari, all well explained and well written. This was my first story by this author, but it won’t be my last.

Hot Dom
Written by Tina B on 8th Apr 2014

4.5 stars I really enjoyed this one! It is about a curvy woman exploring her fantasies with a HOT Dom!! A woman coming to terms with her shape and getting comfortable with it. I love the rope play. It was a very sexy one with a happy HEA! It definitely makes me think more about getting over the body image thing that I have (as do most women). Lol. Another wonderful one, Doris!!

BDSM Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 25th Mar 2014

Through The Dom’s Lens by Doris O’Connor is the story of one born submissive’s journey to find her own happiness. Sally finds herself tricked by her sister into taking a photo shoot with the incredibly talented Master J. Through his eyes and his lens Sally finds much more than she bargains for including a true understanding of her need to submit. Sorry for the brief introduction to this beautiful short story but if more information was given it would give away way to much information. Doris O’Connor is one of very few authors as of late that has managed to stun this reviewer. To be able to capture the true beauty of a submissive’s heart is very difficult to do to begin with but to add in a Master who actually understood how to handle such a true gift is absolutely amazing. The BDSM scenes are simply stunning and well done described for how a blooming Dom/submissive relationship should be. Safe, Sane, and Consensual are reinforced throughout this whole story. This story touched this reviewer’s heart and I know that it will touch yours as well. This story receives five out five paddles and if a higher rating could be received this story would have achieved that rating. Enjoy the story and thank you Doris for sharing such a stunning and beautiful story with us.

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 22nd Mar 2014

Sally, lovely, curvy, sensual Sally. I really loved how Master J brought out her confidence and her submission. The way they reacted to each other was so beautiful. The plot is more about the growth of these two characters and it really flourishes. The shibari was beautifully written. I could really see all the intricate detail. The editing was a bit rough, that was the only reason for a four star review.

Sizzling Read!
Written by amy bowens on 11th Mar 2014

Sally agrees to take the place of her sister for a photo shoot done by a very famous photographer! Sally is very self conscious of her body, she agrees to help her sister out but it is more because she is curious about BDSM and Junsako who Is also a master at shibari. Junsako takes one look at Sally and her luscious curves and he knows she is the one for him! After the photo shoot they emark on a weekend that will change their lives. I thought this was a great story! The way Junsako made Sally feel about her body image was inspiring!