Unexpected Angel by N.J. Walters

Heat Level 3
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Marks Mercenaries, 2

Angelina Astoferus is on the run from her uncle, who wants to marry her off as part of a business deal. Her only hope is to find a spaceship to escape on—and a man willing to take her virginity, since her being pure is part of the deal. A desperate escape attempt leads her to the loading docks of the planet Oasis, where she spies Amos. Captivated by him, when the opportunity to sneak on board his ship arises, she takes it.

When Amos Marks discovers a stowaway on his ship, he knows she is big trouble. He and his brothers don’t need two dangerous enemies—her powerful uncle and the jilted warrior from Gravas—but Amos can’t turn his back on her. He decides to help her with her outlandish plan, but neither of them expects that the physical connection between them will lead to so much more.



She took a deep breath, left the precarious safety of the metal bin, and walked as fast as she could manage, keeping her eyes downcast. This was the only way on or off the small supply planet of Oasis. She was just thankful they’d docked for supplies before their final leg of the journey to the dark, barren planet of Gravas where her future husband waited.

She shivered and ignored the sweat that seeped down her back and made her clothes cling to her body. She had a plan, or at least the beginnings of one.

It will work, she told herself. It had to.

People hurried past, most of them concerned only with their own business. But a few of them stared as she stumbled by. She prayed no one would stop her, or worse, alert one of the many security men and women who patrolled the station. Her heart beat so hard she was sure they could hear it even above the din.

She couldn’t go back. Wouldn’t go back.

She raised her head and glanced around the busy docking platform at the various ships, desperately searching for a way out of her predicament. Some of them were taking on cargo while others had just arrived. There was a commercial passenger shuttle, but most were private vessels.

Then she saw him.

He was a tall man with midnight black hair tied at his nape with a leather cord. Even in the middle of all the chaos, there was something about him that drew her. He was the calm in the midst of the storm. His shoulders were broad and stretched the seams of the flightsuit he wore. He raised his left hand and pointed to a large container. The robotic cargo droid zipped into place, picked up the shipment, and whizzed aboard the ship that was docked next to the man.

The man was missing the pinky finger on his left hand.

As though sensing her scrutiny, he swiveled in her direction. Angelina got a glimpse of his face as she ducked her head and stepped behind a wide metal pillar. He was handsome in a rugged way. But what surprised her most was the shock of white hair in the front, such a contrast to the rest of it.

She held her breath and counted to ten. When she finally dared to peek around the pillar, the man had turned back toward his ship and was directing the cargo droid as it zoomed up and down the loading ramp. The man consulted his manifest and spoke to the droid. She couldn’t make out what he said, but he frowned and stalked aboard the ship.

This was her chance.

The world was growing blurrier by the second. She was running out of time. Already her limbs were heavy, making her clumsy when she lurched away from the pillar. She prayed no one was watching as she made her way across the platform.

The hatch of the ship was open.

Angelina ignored the fatigue pulling at her and stumbled up the ramp. The burst of adrenaline that had taken her this far had run its course, and she knew she would soon collapse. She had to find somewhere safe to hide before that happened.

Sweat beaded on her forehead and seeped down onto her lashes, making her eyes sting. Almost there. The rest of the world faded, her entire being focused on the entrance only steps away. She pushed herself hard and scrambled into the loading bay airlock. The huge metal door to her right was open, revealing a large cargo bay.

She heard voices nearby, and her heart nearly stopped. She was so close to freedom. Failure was not an option. The cargo containers were piled high, and she slid behind one just as two men stepped into view. Hunkering down, she did her best to blend in with her surroundings, letting her cloak cover her entire body.

“We’re missing one container, but the cargo droid has gone to retrieve it.”

Angelina risked a peek around the edge of the container. Sure enough, that deep voice belonged to the man from the cargo dock.

“Get it loaded so we can get the fuck out of here.” The man who growled the order was huge and scary with his hair buzzed short and a patch covering his right eye.

Angelina shivered and tucked her head against her knees. She feared she’d have nightmares about this man. There was no softness in his face, no sign of compassion. He appeared ruthless, the kind of man who would turn her over to her uncle without a moment’s hesitation, especially if there was a reward involved.

“I’m on it.” She liked this man’s voice. It was deep and made her shiver in a good way.

As much as she wanted to see him again, she didn’t dare risk another glance. Instead, she pushed deeper into the shadows and prayed she would go unnoticed. It seemed like days instead of minutes before the cargo droid rumbled over the metal gangway and into the hold. It deposited the final container, turned and zipped right back out.

She held her breath as the ramp was raised and the hatch sealed. The men hadn’t come back this way, leaving her alone in the dark with the cargo. There was a security light at the far end of the room, but as much as she craved the light, she stayed where she was, for fear they might have activated some sort of security system.

The engines growled, and it wasn’t long before the ship eased away from the dock. Angelina prayed fervently for a clean escape. If she could get away from her uncle long enough to enact the second part of her plan, she’d be safe.

The ship dipped to the side, banking left and then dropping. This was it. She’d made it.

All the stress and worry of the past few hours fell away, leaving her exhausted. Now all she needed to do was find a man to take her virginity. As fatigue pulled her under, her last thought was of the man from the loading dock. Maybe he’d help her.

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The TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 6th Sep 2019

On the run from an arranged marriage, Angelina gets aboard a ship with a sexy captain. Now, she just has to convince him to take her virginity… Amos, the sexy captain, is a genuine good guy. He didn’t just turn her over when he found some strange girl stowed away on his spaceship. He even decides to go along with her crazy plan but he has an ulterior motive. He’s smitten with her. Angelina is a desperate woman who can only do what she has to do. She doesn’t want to marry like her uncle expects. She’s not the blindly obey type. If you can’t tell, I really liked her. She had spunk and determination! Their romance takes place with a scifi background and I genuinely enjoyed this story. I’ve read the first book a while ago and found no problem keeping up with the series. Let’s get to the juicy part, the sex. Yummy Amos and beautiful Angelina. It is definitely steaming up my screen. ​ Unexpected Angel is a great scifi romance read!

Long & Short Reviews
Written by Dryas on 30th Jul 2019

What would you do if you were engaged to an alien that you didn’t know anything about, except for the fact that their women have to be a virgin. This is what happened to Angelina Astoferus. She was desperate to get away from her scheming uncle and avoid a marriage that she does not want She refuses to be a pawn for her uncle, especially since she has proof that he is going to double cross her fiancee’s people. She decides to stowaway on the Abigail because the man she saw seemed nice. Amos Marks is the engineer for the Abigail. The ship is owned by himself and his brothers: Flynn, Kal, and Garth. She is a trading ship but they also do some mercenary work, although they do their research to make certain that the person deserves to be taken out. This is a very sweet novel with wonderful love scenes. The tenderness made me melt but there is also quite a bit of lust involved to. Angelina is a strong character with a past that would have broken most people. She took her destiny in her own hands, stowing away on a random ship to get away from her controlling uncle. Her entire existence had been forced to live in a cage, a very luxuries cage but a cage nonetheless. Her determination to lose her virginity to any man shows her desperation to live her own life. She figured that once she lost her virginity she could get dropped off on a planet and figure out where she should go and what she should do. Abel is a strong man with a family of tough brothers who love and cherish their younger sister. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to find out where their sister is or any information as to where she could be. That was the plan until he meets Angelina. It was funny seeing his reaction when this beautiful woman throws herself at him. Their connection is immediate and strong. He admires her beauty but is wowed by her strength of character. Abel’s protective manner seems to be a behavior of all his brothers. Once they learned how dep his feelings went, they welcome her as part of the family the close ranks around her and were ready to do anything they could to keep her safe. Angelina is also powerful enough to help the brothers find their sister. She wants to help her new family heal. I would have liked to see the relationship develop a little slower. Also, the talk of their sister seems to be a background plot even though it seems like it should be the major plot. A wonderful novel full of great characters developing into one unit whose love has changed them for the better. Each character adds to the plot and character development. If you like a short, sweet novel with strong characters this is the book for you.

5 Star Unexpected Angel Review
Written by Stormy Vixen on 10th Jun 2019

On the run from her uncle who wants to marry her off as part of a business deal, Angelina Astorferus’ only hope is find a spaceship to escape on and a man willing to take her virginity. Even though he knows that he and his brothers don’t need to two dangerous enemies. Amos Marks can’t turn his back on the stowaway he found and decides to help her with her outlandish plans. The second book in the ‘Marks Mercenaries’ series is a fun, flirty and suspenseful read. The characters are a delight to read and easily connected to as they discover the unexpected physical and extremely hot connection between them. The romance is sweet, steamy and passionate with a dash of adventurous due to the circumstances, especially as they could making a very dangerous enemy or two. Although on the short side, the story is fast paced and full of suspense as readers remained glued to the pages from the very intriguing start to this story. The brothers find themselves caught between an asteroid and a hard place when Angelina’s father and the jilted warrior that she was promised to catch up them which adds danger and a couple of unexpected twists add spice. Readers can’t help but enjoy this entertaining ‘knight’ rescuing the damsel’ fairy tale romance.