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White Tiger Mate by Keely Jakes


Product Description

Team Paladin, 6

When two strong alpha types come together, more than just sparks fly...

Two years ago, General Micah Andrews denied the mating pull he felt for Zach Tyler and walked away. Since then, Micah has been doing his job, but his heart has not been in it. When told he could be dead in six months, he knows it’s time to leave the military and find the man who has never been far from his thoughts.

Zach Tyler spent two long, lonely years wandering the team lands in his white tiger form. But when Micah shows up in Paladin, Zach returns to his human form to focus on healing his sick mate in the hopes he will not walk away again.

Can Zach forgive his gun-shy mate for denying their mating for so long? Can Micah learn to relax? Will the men be able to put the past to rest in order to look ahead to their future together? Or will the white tiger lose his mate in the end?

Be Warned: m/m sex



“General, wait, please.”

Shivers shot down Micah’s spine in response to that deep voice.

He could not help but do as the man behind him requested. That voice pulled at him and made him want to record it so he could listen to later. Stepping to the edge of the sidewalk, so he was out of the flow of traffic leaving the Navy’s medical center, Micah waited patiently for the man to catch up. He approached at a slow limp while leaning heavily on a cane. His left leg was in a heavy looking walking cast. When he was two feet away, he stopped.

“Sergeant Tyler, isn’t it?” Micah asked, though he already knew who the man was.

“Yes, Sir. Zach Tyler.” The man stood at attention though Micah could tell he it was uncomfortable for him standing on his casted leg.

“What can I do for you, Sergeant Tyler?”

Micah froze when the man took one more step forward. He then leaned in until his nose was only an inch from the side of Micah’s neck. He pulled in a deep breath then breathed, “Mine.”

“Excuse me?”

Micah stepped back, not sure exactly what was going on, but pretty damn sure it would not be good for his military career, no matter how close to retiring he might be. Though “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” had been lifted regarding gays in the military, there was still a stigma about same-sex love amongst higher ranks. Which was why he had been married, and divorced, twice in the past twenty years. No one knew he preferred men over women, and he planned to keep it that way, at least until he had taken off his uniform and was far from the political machine that was upper echelon military service.

Sergeant Tyler leaned in and took another deep breath before straightening again. “You’re my mate,” he whispered, glancing around to make sure their conversation was not overheard.

Micah looked the man up and down, unable to look away from the man’s eyes. The shape and slant told of an Asian heritage, though their neon blue coloring was unforgettable and not a color he had ever seen before. The man was an inch or so shorter than his own six feet, and though hospitalized, the man looked to be in perfect physical condition otherwise.

Micah felt pulled toward this man like he had never experienced before. His cock filled, causing pain as it was trapped in an awkward position. He shifted his weight, trying to relieve the pressure of his shorts. He had an insane urge to say to hell with the rest of his day’s schedule just so he could go somewhere private with this man and explore whatever might be between them.

“Ready to go, General?” His driver broke the spell wrapped around the two men, and Micah blinked.

“You’re mistaken, we can’t be mates.” He spoke brusquely before he turned and marched to the sidewalk where his car waited.

Climbing into the back seat, he forced himself to pick up his cellphone. He stared at it, not comprehending the message his assistant had sent regarding the upcoming state dinner. He did not look up until they had left the rehabilitation center’s parking lot, and the man who reached through the armor he had placed around his heart to keep it safe.

Pulling up the message app on his phone, he sent his assistant a request for Sergeant Zachary Tyler’s service record to be on his desk when he arrived back to his office. He needed more information on this shifter who claimed they were destined to be together.

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  1. 4 stars 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Aug 2018

    A nice story but forgiveness was a little quick for two years of denial and pain.

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