Wrong Mate by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Alpha Shifter Collection, 19

Leah hates Killian. The alpha wolf that rejected her.

He was destined to be her mate, but no, she was too witchy for him. She wasn't going to stand around waiting for him, and she certainly wasn't going to follow him around like a lost little puppy.

Just a tiny problem. He needs her.

Her coven and her parents believe it's a good idea for her to go with him, to help him on his super secret mission. So that's what she does. Not because she wants to be with him, but because he needs a witch.

Killian is in search of a way to break the mating bond between him and Leah. She cannot be his mate. A witch will be his undoing. He’s seen the prophecy. Leah will destroy the pack, and he can’t allow that to happen.

He has to go on a quest and make the ultimate sacrifice. Mate with Leah, and then end that bond. He has waited a lifetime to find his mate, and now he must let her go. Can he?

Will he destroy the prophecy for the sake of his pack? Or ruin the only good thing to ever come into his life?



Snapping the lock was easy and he stepped into the bathroom. Leah was nowhere to be seen. Her clothes were on the floor, and he took a step toward the shower. She was standing beneath the water.

“Get out,” Leah said.

“You asked for the truth,” he said.

“And I got it, now get out.”

“You have to get your shit together.”

She turned her head and he tried not to look down the long length of her back, but it was so fucking hard. Especially as her ass looked so damn inviting. Plump and juicy, designed to sit within his palm and for him to hold her as he fucked her hard, fast, and deep. This is why he wanted to avoid being near her. She was temptation. And each minute he spent with her, the harder it was becoming for him to want to sever their bond.

Lucinda was right. For decades he’d been hoping, praying for his mate. Now that he had her, he was going to give her up for the safety of his pack.

“Get out,” Leah said.

He stepped into the shower stall, not caring that his clothes were getting wet.

“I know I’m hurting you, but you have to see that it’s for your own good,” he said.

“Rejecting me is for my own good. What kind of bullshit is that?”

He noticed when she was hurting, she swore a lot more. It sounded cute.

“I’m old, Leah. You’re still young and I know that wolves and witches only mix well in small doses. You and I would make each other unhappy in no time.”

“You don’t know that. There’s no way you could ever know that,” she said, sniffling. “You’ve not even given us a chance.”

He wrapped his arm around her after another ground-shaking rumble filled the air. The moment he touched her, he felt so fucking free. Pressing his face against her neck, he breathed her in. The wolf inside him calmed.

For three days his wolf refused to settle. Always tense, ready to strike. It was exhausting, and he knew it was part of his punishment for the journey they were taking.

“Why give us something we can’t have?” Killian said.

“Who says we can’t have it?” Leah asked. “Why not give us this chance?”

She spun around in his arms. Her tits pressed against his chest. His hands were now near the base of her back. A mere few inches would see him touching that precious ass, and he wanted to, so badly. He didn’t.

Cupping his face, she forced him to look at her.

He didn’t want to look away. Her eyes were red from crying and he hated himself for causing it. All he wanted to do was protect her and his pack. There was no way for him to have both.

“I don’t know how long we’re going to be on this mission but why not allow ourselves the luxury of being mates? You’re not around your pack. I’m not near my coven. It’s just the two of us, Killian. No one needs to know and when we’ve done what you need, we can go back to our lives. We would have at least given us a chance.”

Damn it, it was so tempting.

Her gaze went to his lips and he watched as she sunk her teeth into her bottom lip.

“Would it be so hard to think about?” she asked. “Tonight.”

She pulled away from him and stepped out of the shower. He didn’t turn but he knew she picked up a towel and left the bathroom.

He turned off the hot water and removed his clothes in the stall as they were now soaking wet. Stepping out of the stall, he tried not to think about her body against his, or the temptation she possessed.

Their journey had taken longer than he planned. He didn’t know how long they were going to be, finding what he was looking for. The details of the path were etched on his mind. The seer had given him a concoction to drink, and he alone had the directions to the witch that would help him.

He thought about Leah. Having her all to himself, making her his mate for this time only, and then, once he found the witch, severing the ties that bound them together. He could have the best of both worlds, even for a little while. Leah, his mate, as well as the safety of his pack. For however long it lasted, he would soak it up.

With a towel wrapped around his waist, he stepped into the main hotel room. Leah had a towel around her body, and she used another to dry her hair.

The thunder and lightning had stopped. All that remained was the smattering of rain, and it didn’t come down as ferocious as before.

“Has any man ever kissed you?” he asked.

Leah spun around, her mouth open slightly in surprise. “What?”

He took a step toward her. “Has anyone ever kissed you?” he asked.

She shook her head, licked her lips. “No.”

He closed the distance between them. They were close now, toe to toe. Leah didn’t try to escape. She tilted her head back to look at him and as she did, she nibbled the corner of her mouth.

He put one hand at her waist, the other at the back of her neck. “Then let’s rectify that.”

Killian didn’t give her a chance to argue. Drawing her close, he slammed his lips down on hers and took the kiss he’d been craving. Tracing his tongue across her lips, she moaned and gasped, and he plundered inside, swallowing down the pleasured sounds. He couldn’t get enough of them.

Moving the hand he held at her waist, around her back, he went down to her ass, gripping the full, plump flesh, and drew her close. This time, he didn’t hide his arousal. There was no point in doing so.


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Written by Pippie on 29th Oct 2023

Killian and Leah’s story is so good. They start out so unhappy with having to be near each other. I love that they try and fight the mate bond. It is a sweet, romance with a little bit of spice. Well worth the read.

Leah and Killian
Written by casvec on 29th Oct 2023

He was the Alpha and needed to make sure his pack was taken care of. With a future being told he would do anything for them, even give up his mate. She was a witch who came into her powers early. She knew that he was her mate, but he also wanted nothing to do with him. Leah and Killian's story is lacey with danger, tension and suspense as someone is trying to get Leah. Killian was told a witch would be his pack's downfall, now he must do the unthinkable. This was a good story that kept you on the edge as fate brought Leah and Killian together and they fight to keep evil at bay.

A highly recommended 5 star read
Written by Nicole P on 29th Oct 2023

I absolutely love paranormal romance & Sam Crescent has delivered a 5 star read with Killian & Leah's story. Their journey is a enemies to lovers rollercoaster ride that had me hooked from page 1. They are supposed to be mates but he rejected her & now she hates him. Despite her hatred she can't deny the growing attraction. Will he remain stubborn in his beliefs & lose what is right in front of him?

Wrong Mate
Written by Bookluver Treecie on 29th Oct 2023

This story was really good!! I felt bad for how Killian rejected Leah as his mate because she was a witch and some prophecy said that a witch would be the undoing of his pack. The story follows Killian and Leah on a secret quest. Leah doesn't know that the quest is to find another witch who will be able to break the bond between them. One the bond is broken Leah will be able to get another mate but Killian would not. They travel by foot through a forest and are met with several obstacles along the way. While traveling Killian finds out that he must first mate with Leah prior to breaking the mating bond, which he ends up doing. But once they get to the witch that can break the bond, he realizes that it not Leah that would cause harm to his back but the other witch. At that point he doesn't want to break the bond. He has fallen for Leah but it broke her heart to know what he did to her. It takes her months for her to forgive him and she finally do and they live HEA. This book was really good and I look forward to ready more of your work!!!

One of my favorites
Written by Mreads90 on 29th Oct 2023

I always love Sams Alpha shifter collection books and this one was no different!! This one is one of favorites so far! I have to have it in paperback! It’s a five star for me

Wrong Mate, enjoyed
Written by Babs on 29th Oct 2023

Book nineteen in the Alpha Shifter Collection series, Leah and Killian's story. A prophesy that will make the story interesting with the misunderstanding it will bring. I enjoyed seeing this story come together with its twists and turns. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Wrote Mate
Written by Ruby rose ? on 29th Oct 2023

This is a beautifully written story with amazing characters you either love or want to shake ? some sense into, silly man. Leah is a extremely strong, talented & kind young witch who loves her fated mate, but Killian Alpha Wolf of his pack & Leahs fated mate has read a prophecy that a witch will destroy his pack so he rejected Leah. With the reluctant cooperation of Leah’s coven & family Killian plans to break the mating bond to save his pack. They trick Leah into going with Killian on a secret mission, they face battles with evil wizards, witches, wolf packs & mermaids to find the witch to break the mating bonds. At the very least moment as they find the witch, Killian releases his mistake, it’s impossible for him to give up Leah. He & Leah fight to escape from the evil witch & Leahs family & coven arrives to help. This is when Leah discovers the devastating betrayal of her family & coven. Leah is heartbroken & refuses to have anything to do with them. Killian tries for six months to get Leah to forgive him. Very long, sad & painful journey to the happy ever after. Spellbinding & wonderful reading.

Shifter mates
Written by LestWITCH on 29th Oct 2023

This was such a good shifter read . Killian and Leah embark on a quest and things go different than planned. Great read. And that epilogue.

Lots of frustration
Written by RahiaLeight on 29th Oct 2023

Through 90% of this story, I wanted to scream at Killian. Putting the pieces together was so easy, it was thoroughly frustrating that he couldn't see it. It was also frustrating that she couldn't see what he intended to do to her. Blinded by love, true. You'd think she'd be jaded enough at that point to at least be leery of his "sweetness". In the end it all works out as it should, but what a frustrating man!

Rejected mate
Written by Crystal74 on 29th Oct 2023

Leah despises Killian after he rejected her He needs her, do her coven and parents suggest that she help him. She doesn't know he wants to sever the mating bond because of a prophecy. I really liked Leah the fmc the mmc grows on you but he has a$$hole tendencies.

Fast paced and entertaining
Written by LBing on 29th Oct 2023

This is quite the rejected mates story that's based around a prophecy. Killian is a wolf shifter that has lived a VERY long time and he was told a prophecy of a witch killing his pack... When he finds his fated mate is a witch, he rejects her to save his pack...and then embarks on a mission with her to go and get their mating bond removed. Sadly, he doesn't share his plan with Leah, his mate, and she sasses her way along side him ;) Of course, their journey if fraught with danger and the issue of their bond pulling them closer and closer. Expect an exciting read that's full of magic, lies, vengeance, betrayal, and smoking hot chemistry and love. It was a fast paced and entertaining page turner for me :D

Prophecy be damned
Written by NikiG on 29th Oct 2023

Leah and Killian are mates. He’s a wolf and she’s a witch. Because of an age old prophecy, he rejected her. When he finds a way to end their mating bond he takes Leah on tte mission. What will happen when the truth of the mission is revealed to Leah.

Great Read
Written by Lisana on 29th Oct 2023

Leah is a powerful witch who has been mated with Killian, an Alpha wolf. But because of a prophecy predicting the downfall of his pack because of a witch, Killian decides to reject Leah. In order to destroy their bond once and for all, Killian takes Leah on a mission without her being aware of his mate's intentions. But will Killian be able to resist the bond between them? And is Leah really the witch of prophecy? The double POV is perfect, because we readers know directly what Killian's intentions are, and I must admit that I wanted to punch him several times ^^. For once, the rejection is not due to appearance or social position, but to a desire to protect his family. Killian will do anything to protect his pack, even if it means being unhappy for the rest of his life. I wish Killian had groveled a little more, but that's just my opinion. It's a good read, and I still love the author's writing :)

Great read
Written by hgrainger88 on 29th Oct 2023

I love Sam Crescent's stories. I enjoyed Leah and Killian's story. A Alpha wolf and a Witch. And they are fated mates. She's a powerful witch and only uses her powers for good. I was hooked from the start a page turner and a must read. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Great shifter book
Written by Shortbec on 29th Oct 2023

What happens when fate gives you the wrong mate. The mate that "prophecies" said would destroy your pack. Well for Killian that is what occurred he is the alpha that is going to protect his pack. Leah was a strong witch that was sent to help Killian's pack while there she discovered that he was her mate. At that moment Killian rejected her. But tonmake sure that bond would be torn he took Leah on a quest one where at the end he would break the mating bond and let Leah go. But what happens when the truth comes out on what he has to do. Will he be able to save his pack and Leah.

rejected, unrejected
Written by Redfaeryrose on 29th Oct 2023

I loved this author's books and I tried to read all her published books (budget willing). The prologue started me excited. It was fun reading our MMC eating his words. I loved the epilogue.

Great shifter/witch romance!
Written by Ash J on 29th Oct 2023

I really enjoyed this read. I loved both the main characters but dot really frustrated at Killian for continuing on with his mission even when he was warned repeatedly that the prophecy could have many ways to play out. The book was a little steamy, had a lot of adventure and danger, and had a great storyline.

she's perfect
Written by Jessica on 26th Sep 2023

Such a wonderful read. I enjoy reading anything written by Sam Crescent, they are truly wonderful. Leah is such a wonderful and strong female lead. You can’t help but love her and wonder what is wrong with Killian. While he may have a belief in thinking his reasons are right he should just trust her. She is perfect for him, and he just so stubborn or stupid to notice, he could have begged a little more if you ask me. I also love how the parts of yourself that you normally would dislike are the parts that the male leads love about the woman in these books.

Wrong Mate
Written by DebG on 4th Jul 2023

This stories two main characters are Killian the alpha of his wolf clan and Leah a young witch. When Killian finds out they are fated mates he takes Leah on a quest to break this bond because he has read a prophesy that says a witch will be the undoing of his clan and he feels he must put the clan first even though he will never have another mate if he does this. Will Leah be able to make him see that love is worth the risk and prophesys are not set in stone. Check this one out to see. Its worth it.

Written by Debs48 on 4th Jul 2023

Every now and then I like to read something different and love this authors books the story is good the way their fated relationship has to become and be destroyed in order for the good but the cost is great the writing flows all the way through

What a read
Written by Firecracker on 26th Jun 2023

A mysterious adventure and a mating bond. What more could you want? How about a hot Alpha and a heroine who you can not help but like. Simply amazing 5 plus stars

Entertaining and fast paced!
Written by Kimmijane on 26th Jun 2023

I loved the characters! This was a clever story about mates, a witch and a wolf. What I liked about this book is Leah knew her own value and she was so kind.

The Alpha Shifter Collection
Written by Iva on 26th Jun 2023

so love this whole series...and was anticipating next book..and love this one too much. she is witch, he is wolf...and he heard one prophecy....and due to this...whe reject her as mate....but to do that, whe has to take a long path...and it is time for her to show him that he can change his fate...

A strong-willed witch and a head-strong Alpha
Written by Sarah-Jade on 26th Jun 2023

Loved this book, especially as it was between a witch and an Alpha wolf. Leah adores Killian and he wants to love her with all his heart but he has let a prophecy guide him in the wrong direction! Leah doesn't take any backlash from him either in this book which is amazing. A great read!

Written by Diana A on 26th Jun 2023

I loved this book. It actually make me love and hate Killian. And love strong, kind, powerfull Leah!!! I felt this book a bit different from the other in the series. Maybe because it has a strong female since the beginning. I love the anguish and romance, everything!

Wrong Mate.
Written by Caroline D on 26th Jun 2023

Killian was going on a mission with his mate Leah to see a witch to get their bond broken but Leah doesn’t know that, Killian saw a seer who said that a witch his mate would turn evil and destroy him and his pack so he can’t let that happen. Fantastic story I loved it even though I wanted to give Killian a swift kick he was an idiot and I highly recommend this book.

Written by KMH Romancessessed Reviews on 26th Jun 2023

Wow! I was hooked on this book right from the start and I ended up craving every interaction between the main characters. I loved the tension and the intensity of their relationship. I loved the secondary characters too. I loved the world that the author created and I cannot wait to read more of this series. This is a firm favourite series from this author!

Believing in fate
Written by Bookbunny on 26th Jun 2023

Leah was born a powerful witch. She is special, gifted but mated to an idiot Alpha wolf. Killian knew that he couldn’t have a witch as a mate. The prophecy told of this. He had to sever the bonds and free himself and her. But the journey isn’t as simple as it seems. The longer they are together, the more Killian is wondering if this is right. I have to say from the beginning I was feeling Leah’s pain. She didn’t choose Killian, but fate did. But to be humiliated by his rejection in front of the pack was cold. Then to go on this quest, not knowing what for. Killian did deserve the pain he got. He should have talked with Leah first. She was the smart one. She knew how a prophecy worked. This one will pull at your threat.

Love Sam's shifters!
Written by Becky Jean on 26th Jun 2023

I love a good shifter book. Wrong Mate by Sam Crescent was fantastic. Alpha wolf. Good and bad witches. Fighting the mating bond. I'd give it 10 ? if I could. Kudos.

Wrong Mate
Written by AngelaC on 26th Jun 2023

What I liked most about Leah was that, despite the fact she knew Killian didn't like her, she still put forth her best efforts to help him with his mission. That is kindness and selflessness all tied in a bow.

Wrong Mate
Written by mysticbaby1991 on 26th Jun 2023

Some of these wrong mates, to me, were seeming to all kind of sound the same. However, this one came out of left park (in a good way) and I absolutely loved this one. Killian and Leah are mates and both know it. But while Leah is willing to mate with the much older alpha wolf, Killian isn't having it. A prophecy has Killian convinced that a witch will be the downfall of his pack and Leah isn't only just a witch, she's the most powerful witch. To break the bond between them Killian must go on a quest, alone with his mate. Spending a few days alone with the woman he wants but can't mate with shouldn't be too difficult, right? However, things aren't all they seem. Prophecies aren't always to be believed, and Killian is going to have to decide if he's willing to break the bond permanantly, despite everyone telling him he's making a mistake.

Wolf and Witch Mates
Written by dvince on 26th Jun 2023

This was a good read. The characters were interesting and I wanted the couple to figure out their issues and get together. I enjoyed the fight scenes, even when the character turns out to be their own worst enemy. I appreciated that he had to work for what he wanted in the end. I always enjoy a book with both view points and a HEA.

Fast paced
Written by Michele77 on 26th Jun 2023

A very different take on the rejected mate troupe. The characters are made for each other and their chemistry is apparent. A quick read filled with heat, intrigue and suspense.

Good read!
Written by Anotherdayinparadise on 26th Jun 2023

Really enjoyable story, the characters are likable even though they fight through the book, all the while having to work together. Drama, suspense and intrigue and a quick read. I recommend it’s is a great addiction to this series.

Wrong Mate Book 19 of The Alpha Shifter Collection
Written by Makeen on 26th Jun 2023

Sam Crescent’s Wrong Mate is a tale of a witch and a wolf who are fated mates. Killian is his pack’s Alpha and he must always protect them first. Leah is such a strong witch that she has been raised only in her coven. There is so much emotion, drama, and danger packed in their lives because a prophecy seems to point at Leah being his pack’s downfall. Manipulation, betrayal, darkness, and jealousy plot to turn Leah towards dark magic and destruction. Killian feels an intense sexual and emotional connection to Leah even though he rejected her and is set on a path to break their bond. Leah and Killian are strong and even stronger together, are scorching hot, and make their world better. Loved it!!

An excellent story
Written by Jill G on 26th Jun 2023

I loved Killian and Leah’s story. It is well written and entertaining with two strong characters Killian an Alpha wolf and Leah a witch who is his fated mate. A prophecy keeps them apart and Killian has a plan that does not turn out quite like he expected. This story is their journey and their eventual HEA but there are many dangers along the way. This is definitely a story worth reading and one I would highly recommend. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by Deanna S on 26th Jun 2023

This book was amazing an alpha who would do anything to keep his pack safe even sacrificing his own happiness. I give that a ten. This book was better than I expected.

Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 26th Jun 2023

When Killian tries to break the mating bond between him and Leah, he doesn't understand what will happen! This is probably my favorite shifter series by Sam Crescent. I loved how these two characters had to work together, even though they "seem" to hate each other. And when Killian realizes how badly he's messed up, it's going to take a LOT to assure Leah that he does, in fact, need and want her. Will she cave in and let him back in her life?

Wrong Mate
Written by Karen99 on 26th Jun 2023

She Was Always Meant To Be His Leah had been told Killian needed her help to go on a quest. She wasn’t happy Killian was her fated mate and had rejected her in the past. Killian would have take Leah to mate years ago and not rejected her if not for a prophecy which foretold of a Witch destroying his pack. His Wolf was crying out for her but his pack came first and the quest was to try to sever the mating link so that she could live her life and find another mate perfect for her. What an adventure, I loved the characters along the way and how they both came to know each other’s personalities. You could feel all the emotions within the storyline and know that they were meant to be together. A mad, passionate, steamy journey into love with a HEA! Thoroughly enjoyed the story!

He loves me, he loves me not
Written by Slvrdlphn on 26th Jun 2023

I was sucked into this story from the get-go. The characters are interesting and their rationale for acting the way they do made me go "huh?" but in a good way. Killian's reason made some sense but at the same time if he had just listened to Leah's explanation about prophecies they wouldn't be in the pickle they were in. The pacing was good and before I even realized it, the story was done leaving me with warm tingles. I loved it! It didn't need to be longer. Great job, author!

This was such wonderful book--love the addition to this series--AMAZING!
Written by Andrea R on 26th Jun 2023

This book was truly a great book. The ups and downs were so gripping. The characters that fight each other at every turn but the heroine being still vulnerable waiting with hope that her mate will change his mind and chose her. This book had everything one would look for and more. I love this author and her writing style is truly a gift to her readers.

great read
Written by PHOENIX96 on 26th Jun 2023

Leah and Killian are fated mates, A wolf and a witch but Killian rejects her and their bond in fear of a prophecy, now he wants to make sure the bond is truly broken but in doing so will it bring them closer together? well written steamy fated rejected mates romance

Written by Sua on 26th Jun 2023

What an adventure when it came to both characters and their perspectives on each other as one is adamant about their rejection while the other one pines to be loved. Great action and seeing if both characters go through with finding a way to break their bond or keep it.

Loved it!
Written by Readstoforget on 26th Jun 2023

A wolf and his witch. I love the Alpha series, I really really do. This one has the rejected mate trope that I thrive on. Killian is fated to Leah but because of a prophesy he rejects her and their bond. In order to completely remove the bond, he needs to take Leah into the forest on a short quest but on that quest is where feelings and desires cannot be ignored. Absolutely loved this one. Definitely recommend.

Magic and alphas, what more could you want?
Written by Reensburger on 26th Jun 2023

I loved the two in this book. Yes Killian was an absolute stubborn ass sometimes, but he really was coming from a good place. Leah was every bit the type of h I love, brave, clever and definitely not a doormat. Great book with magic and mystery. Loved it

Stubborn and innocent till the HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 26th Jun 2023

These 2 characters were made for each other, but that stupid prophecy gets in the way. They come together for a short time until a twist in the story pulls the rug from under their feet. Love and passion pull them back together for a perfect HEA.

You can't always tell what will happen in the future!
Written by Laura S. on 26th Jun 2023

Wow! Was Killian such a wonderful guy because he was sacrificing his future for his pack? I'm not sure I would have put up with his "noble" attitude, but for this story it works. I just wish our heroine had a bit more backbone to give him a harder time when he kept leading her on and not telling her the truth. It seemed to all work out in the end, but only because of Leah keeping her feet firmly planted in the present! This was an enjoyable read.

Written by Mozzy on 26th Jun 2023

A delightful story that is very entertaining and enjoyable to read. Leah was a witch and Killian an alpha of his pack. He will do anything to protect them. However he is also Leahs mate and he has rejected her. But they have to work together on a quest which isnt made clear to Leah in the start. There are Other people trying to kill her or capture her to lure her to the dark side. Witches with dark magic, mermaids and sirens. A bond is made and trust is given, can they both evade them all to finally get to the end of the quest.