A Dom for Patti by Elodie Parkes

Heat Level 3
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When a fleeting encounter with a handsome stranger ignites Patti’s repressed loneliness she has to admit she longs for the love of a sensual Dom.

Luck is on her side when she goes out for the evening and meets delicious Cameron in The Club—but is he all that he appears to be?

Cameron’s overwhelming attraction to Patti is tested when she inexplicably fails to show up for a date. Just what is going on and will they ever get together?

Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking, public exhibition



The scene with her tonight enchanted him. He glanced over to where she was dressing.

Patti struggled with the zip of her dress. Cameron went to her. He fastened her dress and ran his hand along the nape of her neck, turning her to face him.

Cameron’s heart filled with hope at Patti’s tender smile. He handed her shoes over. “Here you go.”

Patti took them. “Thank you, Sir.”

He watched her balance to put them on for a moment before scooping her up and helping as she laughed and clutched his shoulders. Walking with her in his arms, he deposited her on a barstool. “I’d like it very much if you’d call me Cameron.”

She nodded. Her thick blonde hair shone in the light from the bar. The white strip lights reflected in the mirror tiles at the back of the bar sent streaks glistening as she pushed her hair from her face and nodded in agreement. “Yes, Sir.”

Cameron hardened his expression. “I expect you to do as I say, even though our scene is over. I’ve asked you to call me by my name. It will be great if you’d do that.” He turned to the bartender. “Coffee for me, thanks.” He looked at Patti for her order.

She sat sideways on the stool, turned toward him. “For me too. Thank you, Cameron.”

Just how much he enjoyed hearing his name from her lips sent a spike of surprise through him. He stared into her chocolate brown eyes as he pulled the next barstool along and sat to face her. For a whole minute, he drank in the sight of her. With her small rounded nose, the pretty shape of her face, and those oh so kissable lips slightly parted as if she waited for his mouth on hers—she was just right. He gave in to the sweet temptation of her mouth and leaned over to kiss her.

Cameron breathed in the soft scent of her skin as his nose pressed against her cheek. Her response to his kiss sent him hurtling into desire so strong he pushed his hand up between her thighs and his fingertips traced the shape of her slit through the soft fabric of her panties.

A low groan escaped him. He broke away from the kiss. “If you have no Master or wish for a more permanent Dom, I’m inclined to apply for the vacancy.” He murmured the words as he gazed into Patti’s eyes. “I will expect your fidelity. I can’t share you, unless you’re desperate to have a ménage, and then I’ll choose the third partner in our sexual pleasure. I don’t do pain, so fair warning. I do spank when you really ask for punishment by continued disobedience, and if it makes you wet…” He stopped talking for a moment as he saw a fleeting emotion in her eyes and knew it did make her wet, and then continued. “I will want some extended scenes with some restraint you’re comfortable with, so that I can fully appreciate your sexy little body and response to my attention—I will take care of you. What do you think?”


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Patti Finds Her Match
Written by Liz Castillo on 21st Dec 2015

Patti had a chance encounter that opened her eyes to her loneliness. She needs someone to command her, awaken her desires, satisfy her every need. One night at The Club brings her in contact with a mysterious stranger that she shares a magnificent night with. They plan to meet up again, but outside forces causes her question their connection. Cameron can't get Patti out of his mind, he vows to find her and find out what happened. But when he does, he's got some explaining to do. And his tactics are irresistible. So can they get past their issues and make a go at something spectacular. I really loved this story. Patti is a woman that knows what she wants and sticks to her values. Sometimes that leads her to make hasty choices, but she strong enough to admit when she's wrong. I loved Cameron. He the kind of man you want over you, under you, and all over you. A sexy, gorgous force to be reckoned with. When he's on a mission, there is no stopping him. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel and pushes his way there. That night he finds Patti and makes her listen to him.... breathtaking! Cameron and Patti are perfectly matched inside and outside the bedroom. This a perfect story to that highlights that sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail for your perfect happiness.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by VRainey on 30th Jul 2015

Patti is a sub looking for a Dom. She meets a stranger that she wants to get to know better but a misunderstanding makes her not show up for a date with Cameron. Cameron is a Dom who is attracted to Patti but he is a mystery. Can they get together? The beginning of A Dom for Patti makes you interested to know how this book will end. By the end of the first chapter, I was excited to finish the book. The author did a good job of drawing the reader in to her world. She did a great job of making it very realistic. The pace of the story was steady, not too fast or too slow. The main characters and the secondary characters were exciting and likeable. I loved that both main characters, Patti and Cameron, were not perfect and each had issues they had deal with. The point of view alternated between Patti and Cameron, giving the reader a glimpse inside both characters. The changing point of view was done with care so the reader did not get lost or repeat story lines. The main conflict of the story is the budding relationship between Patti and Cameron. I found this story very realistic and did not cross the line of how much information to reveal, a tricky thing. The level of conflict is perfect and any more would have detracted from the overall storyline. The dialogue between the characters was genuine and distinct. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. The ending was a bit predictable but the author takes the reader on a wonderful journey. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future.

This one sizzles!
Written by Carmen C "I'm addicted to audiobooks, particularly thrillers and erotic reads. I'd love for you to f on 2nd Jul 2015

Who doesn't love a gorgeous hero who knows how to deliver a spanking that's sexy and designed to please his lady? Cameron is to die for in this contemporary erotic romance. The BDSM club scenes are tasteful and deliver a sensual picture. Patti is a great heroine, she's stronger than she thinks when things go awry and the plot takes a twist. Scorching love scenes and a satisfying ending make this a delicious summer must read.

Scorching Hot Love Story!
Written by Anari on 30th Jun 2015

This is erotic romance that sizzles with delicious love scenes and has a curly plot. I loved the characters. Patti is so likeable and Cameron is delightful, sexy, a Dom that truly loves women. When he meets Patti he's captivated. Loved the elegance of The Club setting and the summer feel to the waterside city. Definately a must read for erotic romance readers who love a happy ending.

Melt Your Kindle HOT!
Written by Hunter S. Jones on 25th Jun 2015

If you are looking for a hot, romantic read to add to your Kindle, then you must read A Domme for Patti by Elodie Parkes. This well written story will melt your Kindle for real.

Hot Romance
Written by OCMD on 25th Jun 2015

I’ve read several Elodie Parkes books and she never disappoints me. I know I’m in for a great read when I buy one of her books. This one is a hot romance with some light BDSM themes, but more of a scorching, sexy love story. The characters are loveable and realistic. It’s great to see Patti taking chances and finding previously elusive happiness. Cameron is the perfect hero. As a couple they mesh beautifully. The setting, a summer riverside city is excellently portrayed. I love the park scene. All in all, ‘A Dom for Patti’ is a well-written, lovely, story with a satisfying ending.

Yes, Sir
Written by Amazon Customer on 25th Jun 2015

A Dom for Patti is not at all what I expected. I bought the book on an impulse only because it was another new release from Elodie Parkes. I have to admit though I had my reservations. The title sounded like a typical BDSM erotica and I'm a sucker for romance. But like all Elodie Parkes romances, it had me hooked and I couldn't stop reading until I was done with it. Do not be mistaken. A Dom for Patti is a serious romance with very sexy and spicy scenes. In a nutshell, Patti is a sub looking for more than just a sexual relationship. She wants love and she finds it in dom, Cameron. But then she discovers Cameron isn't the man she thought he was. Heartbroken, she tries to end things with Cameron. But that cannot happen until and unless he can let her go. A tale of push and tug, angst and love, A Dom for Patti will not cease to disappoint you.

The Dom and his Sub!
Written by Hawk on 18th Jun 2015

A Dom for Patti is an erotica which deviates a bit from the usual. After being a Sub for over years, Patti felt the time had come for her to find a Dom of her own. She’d stayed away from the BDSM club for a while, but now that she was back, her reason for staying away has only become stronger, and she’ll settle for nothing less. Her chance encounter with the Dom, Cameron, was perfectly timed, but after their second scene, Patti learns some news that had her running away from Cameron, even while she longed for him. Will things work out between this Dom and his Sub? Get your copy to find out