The Summer Heat by Elodie Parkes

Heat Level 3
SKU 978-1-77130-950-9

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When lifelong friends Nate and Evan watch the arrival of a new neighbor, they never expect to find their friendship rocked by the lovely Annabel who moves into the empty house next door.

Annabel likes both Nate and Evan the moment she meets them. As they all grow close, will she be forced to choose between these gorgeous men?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM)



“Hi, I’m Annabel, I’ve just moved in.” She waved at her new house unnecessarily, and continued, “Do you live here, are we neighbors?” As she said this, her gaze traveled over the naked torsos of first one man and then the other. Their faded and ripped jeans rode low on their hips. The taller man’s jeans hung especially low and a hint of his dark pubic hair showed. Annabel could hardly take her eyes off his hard stomach. Licking her lips, she tore her gaze away to look into the other man’s eyes as he shielded them from the sun with a gloved hand.

He’s lovely. Holy hell they’re gorgeous, both of them. I couldn’t choose one. I wouldn’t … it’d be both … if possible…Annabel waited for an answer, heart pounding. Being so close to such perfect specimens of manhood played havoc with her condensation-primed nipples, and she crossed her arms to hide the obvious hard peaks.

One of the men answered. His eyes held a smile, his voice, deep and breathtakingly sexy.

“Hi, yes, we live here. I’m Evan, this is Nate,” and he gestured at his companion.

Nate took off his work glove and offered his hand to Annabel.

She shook his hand, looking into his blue-gray eyes. Annabel soaked up the texture of Nate’s skin and the sexual heat in his expression. She enjoyed the quick clench that occurred in her pussy as he smiled invitingly. He’s delicious.

“Hi Annabel, it’s good to meet you.”

Then Evan offered his hand.

She left Nate’s sensual grasp reluctantly and put her hand into Evan’s. He cradled it, and his fingertips skimmed the inside of her wrist. The effect was so sexy her pussy drenched her panties. Fuck, I’d like to drag him down onto the grass and do wild things. It made her smile a little, when the thought, with both of them, popped into her head.

Evan gently let go of her hand as he spoke. “We didn’t think the house would ever be sold. These places go quickly usually, but that one lingered all year.”

Unable to help herself, Annabel stared wistfully at his lips and then into his eyes. Are they single? She questioned inwardly, but said, “I can’t think why it took so long to sell, but I’m glad it did, so that I could buy it. I love the place.”

Evan smiled. “We love it here. Close to our work, close to beaches, great place. If you need a hand with moving in let us know.”

A thrill of pleasure coursed through her at his kind offer. “Everything heavy is in place. The removal guys did that. I just have boxes to unpack. It’s a warm day. Do you want to come over for a cold drink when you’ve finished that job?” She nodded at the tree stump. “I’ll probably know if there’s anything I need help with by then, and need a break. Thank you so much for offering.” She glanced at Nate as she said this to make sure he knew she meant them both.

Nate answered. “Love to.”

She smiled at him. He’s so lovely. Both men had dark hair and blue eyes. Are they brothers? It’s too soon to ask. “Great, I’ll let you get on with digging out the tree.”

She left them and crossed the path to her house. Her heart beating fast, elated by the encounter, she sighed with longing. 

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Short, Sizzling and Sexy!
Written by Amazon Customer on 21st Aug 2014

Yeah, it marked all the 'S's. It was hot! Whatelse can I say? It turned up the heat and left me all flushed till the end of it. A must read for anyone who wants a short, romantic tale with loads of spice and sizzle.

Wonderful Read!,
Written by Judith on 11th Aug 2014

A love story This is an excellent, well written menage romance. The characters are endearing and as a reader you really want them to have a happy ending. The love scenes sizzle and yet are full of tenderness as well as heat. The dilemma the two male characters find themselves in threatens their friendship, but is strong enough to pull through, thanks to the very endearing character, Nate. A novella that will definitely entertain, thrill and have you looking for more of this authors work. 5 stars

LOVED the Characters!
Written by Christina Mandara on 9th Aug 2014

I loved the three characters in this story. Every one of them was interesting and so well written by the author. The two heroes make a great journey each in their own way and I have to admit to falling in love with the more alpha of the two, Evan, though Nate is yummy too. The heroine knows what she wants and after a miserable love life in the past is elated to find Nate and Evan when she moves in next door. This is a hot, love story, tender, sizzling, interesting, and I loved the ending. Will be looking for more of this author's books.

A love story with sizzle
Written by Suzanne Steele on 8th Aug 2014

A great short romance with some sizzle in the love scenes and three great characters that engage right from the start. Liked the build up of the relationships between everyone and the way the friendship is described between the two male characters. It's well written and has a great ending. 5 stars

Sizzle sizzle
Written by Patti Fiala on 8th Aug 2014

A hot, romantic, story set to warm you up whatever the weather. Set in a pretty coastal town, you can almost feel the warm breeze and smell the ocean in the author's vivid writing. With two gorgeous guys to fall for and a heroine out to fix her sorry love life, this is an entertaining read. Everything you want in a romance is there with a touch of fun, angst and a lovely ending. A must read.

A well written love story with a twist!!
Written by wilimnot on 8th Aug 2014

With great descriptions of the summer warmth and the coastal town where the heroes and heroine live, this contemporary romance hooks you in right away to a believable and satisfying love story. Its hot love scenes will make you tingle, but the tenderness and love between all the characters as friends and then lovers will captivate. It's erotic and ultimately a menage situation, but so believable you accept that as the only way this story could end. Loved it, 5 stars.