A Mate for the Sheriff by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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Shifters-Match.com, 4

Jessica Morris has a secret that could get her killed. Hiding in plain sight, pretending to be normal, is all she’s ever known. And even though she’s been lucky so far, she knows that she can’t hide in Shifter Falls forever. Getting involved with the town sheriff is the last thing she needs, but lately it’s all she can think about.

Novak Porter has watched Jessica since the first day she came into town. He suspects that, like everyone else in Shifter Falls, she’s got a skeleton or two in her closet. She’s nervous around him, and for years he’s forced himself to give her time. But when a chance encounter throws them together for more than five minutes, Novak decides he’s tired of waiting. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her around. Convincing her to work for him is easy, but getting her to believe in happily ever after might be a little more difficult.



Jessica turned to the voice in the darkness. The sexiest voice on the face of the planet. “Sheriff,” she said, her pulse increasing when she turned to look at him.

He looked as if he had been built of stone, and again she wondered just exactly what sort of shifter he was. No one seemed to know, or be willing to share, which was very strange in a town like Shifter Falls. Then again, she didn’t let anyone know what she was, either, so it could just be a privacy thing.

“I’m not sure what’s going on, but suddenly all the electronics inside the car went completely dead. The lights, dash, everything. I’m afraid it’s the alternator, since it has a brand-new battery.” She might be a lot of things, but she wasn’t completely stupid. “And I think that Jagger’s cub swiped my cell phone, again, so do you think you could maybe call a tow for me?” She shook her head. “That little guy gets me every single time. I swear he’s taken more cell phones off of me than I can count. Phi is never able to find them, so there’s no telling what he does with them.” She was snickering as she said that. She didn’t know why she was talking so much, but she was.

The sheriff was watching her intently and didn’t seem all that bothered by her random rambling. He merely pulled out his cell and put in a call for a truck. “Mick will come get your car. He said to leave the keys on the passenger front tire since he might be a while. They had to pull a couple cars from a slough after some young twits decided that drag racing with their parents’ cars was a good plan. Come on, I’ll give you a ride home.”

She whistled. “Oh boy. I bet there are going to be some kids in serious trouble about right now. Thanks for the offer of the ride.” She grabbed her purse, locked the car, and put the keys on the front passenger tire as she had been instructed. “You’ll probably be going out of your way a bit. I live at twenty-nine Forest Acre Road.” It was a dirt road surrounded by forest and she loved it. Nature called to her, and at least there she didn’t have to worry about nulling any abilities as she typically did when she was near other witches.

“No worries at all. It keeps me out of the station until the parents have finally wound down to a dull roar and the kids have had a few minutes for everything to sink in. Anyhow, I think that an hour’s worth of stewing before I arrive to come up with some interesting charges might help the situation. By then I’ll know if the lawyers have actually been called in or not and can figure out how to play this to keep the kids from doing something worse down the line.” The sheriff held her door for her, then shut it when she settled into her seat. A minute later he was setting out reflective markers behind her car before sliding in behind the wheel to take her toward town and home.

“You are a good man. Too bad you can’t keep a secretary to save your gorgeous ass.” She felt her face turn red from heat when she realized she’d blurted that out. “Crap, ignore me. I don’t know what I’m saying.” She cringed, but then shrugged. Since it was too late to take her candid observation back, she pressed on. “Well, from what I understand, you have gone through thirteen of them inside of three months. That’s outstanding right there.”

He leveled a look on her she couldn’t read. She was only thankful he seemed to ignore her initial comment and it allowed her cheeks to cool. “I have a specific way I expect things to be done. And, I admit, my temper can get the best of me. Everything we do can be called into question inside a courtroom. If even one I isn’t dotted right, or a T was missed being crossed, that is potentially a dangerous offender being allowed out on the street due to clerical error. Unacceptable in my book so, yes, I have some impossibly high standards I expect to be carried out by every man and woman in the department.”

“No, not impossibly high standards. They are perfectly reasonable. The way that everyone made it sound you were seriously a neat freak nut job, but what you’re saying doesn’t sound like that at all.” She understood the importance of perfect record keeping, of ensuring that everything was where it should be at all times. “When the council took me on as their secretary, I had to redo a hell of a lot of stuff because the person before me couldn’t seem to understand that paperwork is filed by number then letter. Idiots.” She smirked and looked over at him. “I guess I have high standards as well. Then again since I’m a witch without abilities, I have to be able to contribute somehow, right? Especially with my mother’s coven proclaiming me to be nothing but a human.” That’s what all of Shifter Falls thought of her, and she was happy to keep it that way. When she’d first started out on her own, she’d wondered if it wouldn’t have been smarter, and safer, to try to hide even the fact that she’d been born into a witch family. Ultimately she’d decided that it was better to stick as close to the truth as possible. So she never tried to hide the fact that she had been born to witch parents. It was unlikely that she would ever run into anyone from her old coven, but on the off chance that she did, she didn’t want to arouse suspicion by being caught in a lie. Besides, being known as a witch without powers—therefore, more or less, human—kept her just as safe as if she’d tried to pass herself off as a normal human.

“I’m glad you understand. Few do,” he muttered. “I think the council foisted their rejects my way for some form of payback. They all loved the idea when the mayor had me run for office and I won by a landslide, but the minute I arrested the first council member and wouldn’t take a bribe, they started to wonder. Told them the same thing I told the mayor when he hired me—I was going to run things my way, and if they found someone that could run against me and get elected that would be the only way they’d get me out of that seat. They haven’t had any luck yet.”

Jess knew it was because the sheriff was respected by every citizen in the Falls as well as the other two cities that made up their exceptionally small county. While not everyone agreed with his methods and strict by-the-book ways, they liked how he’d cleaned up and kept the area protected from a drug problem several years back when he’d first taken the position.

“You cleaned up the area. No one would run against you. You’re too good at your job, so it is what it is.” She shrugged. “You are strict and you can be an ass from what I’ve been told, but then again there are a lot of falsehoods that fly through Shifter Falls, aren’t there?” she asked with a smile.

“True enough. The trick is determining what’s truth and what’s lie in everything that goes around town. It’s amazing what one can discover the moment they find that tiny thread and give it a tug. After all, there’s not a soul in this town that is exactly who they appear to be on the surface once you dig down a little further.”

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Written by undefined on 19th Apr 2017

This is fourth book in the Shifters-Match.com series by April Zyon. It’s a short but a very hot and delightful read. I enjoyed every page of this paranormal story. Jessica Morris is a witch with a big secret to hide. Sheriff Novak Porter is a shifter who is hiding a secret of his own. Jess believes that Novak is totally unaware that they are mates. She’s been avoiding him because she’s trying to protect Sheriff Hotty McHot. Novak has known all along and now he’s decided to make his claim. These two were both keeping secrets but it’s time for the truth to be revealed. They had to trust in each other as the climactic surprises and twists reved up the action and deepened the romance part. This was a short book with a very hot lively plot. It was well written with a super fast flow. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more books from April Zyon.

TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 20th Mar 2017

Jessica is hiding. Sheriff Novak is watching. After years of waiting, they’re thrust together and forced to deal with their problems or crumble under them. I like shifters stories. This book has a good dose of romance and a nice suspense to it. There are shifters, covens and sexy sheriff uniforms (Yum). This is book four in the series and I think you can enjoy it as a standalone. Jessica and Novak’s romance is really hot but also very sweet. I like them a lot and was rooting for their happy ending. Overall, a good story in another shifter world. If you love shifters, try A Mate for the Sheriff by April Zyon!

Knotty Girls Book Review
Written by Sandie on 8th Mar 2017

A Mate For The Sheriff is the 4th book in the Shifters-Match.com series by the oh so supremely talented April Zyon. I was totally excited when this came out. Though, to be honest, April could write a car manual and I’d probably get excited over that. In this book, our heroine Jess is hanging out with the mated ladies of Shifter Falls, Phi and Quinn. Talk comes to her needing a job and they mention that the sheriff needs a secretary. Jess has been trying to avoid Novak Porter, whom she refers to as “Sheriff Hottie McHot” because she’s got a secret she’s been hiding, well, maybe two. One of them is that she’s his mate. The other could get her killed. But a chance encounter puts them together and she has no choice but to spend time with him. Will he keep her safe once he finds out her big secret? And, just what kind of shifter is he? The town doesn’t even know. You’ll just have to read it to find out all of the answers. I promise, it’s worth it! This is most definitely one for the keeper pile. Novak is one hot, sexy alpha shifter who does everything to keep his smart, sassy, …lady safe. You’ll want to pick up a copy! I give this sexy shifter novel 5 Super Sexy Shifter Stars

Loved this book
Written by Porchia on 1st Mar 2017

I so enjoyed this book. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Hot alpha male yummy. Strong independent female.

A Good Book
Written by Alicia on 27th Feb 2017

This was the first book that I've read by April Zyon, and my first time reading a book from this series as well. I really liked it. I'm going to go back and read the other three books as well.

April is one of my favorite authors so when this book came out
Written by Rhonda on 27th Feb 2017

April is one of my favorite authors so when this book came out, it went right on my Kindle. I've read the other three books in this series and with each book, the stories get better and better. From the first page, I was hooked and caught up finding out what secrets Jessica and Novak were hiding!! There is passion, some drama, some ify moments but most of all, there is a love between the characters that you can feel as you read the book. I'm always in awe of authors who can create such a story that their readers can practically feel the emotions. Another awesome book and I can't wait for the next one!

great read
Written by Jessica Parsons on 23rd Feb 2017

This is actually the first book i've read in this series but it has made me want to go back and read the others while waiting for the next one. The book kept me hooked I sitting here with a dry mouth and my kindle battery dead and 80% through the book but thought i could finish it when the 10% battery warning came up lol. Really enjoyed these characters and the surprises in the story.

A Mate for the Sheriff
Written by Mezmerising on 23rd Feb 2017

Jessica knows she's the Sheriffs mate. Has known for a while but she keeps as far away from him as possible. One because he doesn't seem to know she's his mate and two because it would not be a good idea to get involved with someone. Why? Because she's a null - punishable with death by the very witches she was born amongst. A great story with all the feel of Insta love without the instant meeting. There's no pressure between them to feel something for each other. However they're love jumps off the pages. My only criticism is that at times when they were having long conversations I couldn't follow who was saying what. It was a little confusing. Otherwise beautifully written. I can't wait for more.

Sooo Good :)
Written by Andi on 21st Feb 2017

This is a new author for me and now I'm hooked. :) Despite not reading in order, I still loved this paranormal story; reading in one sitting. It's about Jessica Morris, a witch with a big difference in character. Then there is Novak Poter, the local Sheriff and a Shifter, though not as you'd expect. That did have me guessing until he reveals to Jessica. :) Jessica tries to blend in with her new home, settling into a job, making some good friends; well liked by all and keeping her abilities under the radar of others. When Novak helps her out after her car breaks down, things change fairly quickly. She knows he is her mate, just as he has also, always known but held back for various reasons. There is a great back-story into Jessica's origins and also Novak's, but it's great how they come together and are a firm mated pair as they both handle events as they unfold. I have my suspicions about a few little things and hope that we learn more in a 'next' book? :) I'm hooked and need to grab the others in this series to add to my collection. Thanks for a great read April, can't wait to read the others now. :)

"Sheriff Hotty McHot" shifter lovers must read!
Written by Krystàl Amora on 20th Feb 2017

ATTENTION Shifter lovers I have a series for you called Shifter-Match.com. This is the fourth installment in this series and frankly the first one that I have read. The story was intriguing from the very beginning and the secrets that are kept can be deadly if they get out. Jessica Morris is an independent woman who has been on her own for years. She is a witch that doesn’t have any powers and has been a disgrace for her family. A witch without powers is as good as human and worthless to her kind. We quickly learn this is not the case and she has been hiding in plane site her entire life. What secrets does she hold? We meet Sheriff Hotty McHot!!!! Novak Porter. His is the sheriff of Shifter Falls and has a reputation of being a no nonsense law man. The one thing this small town can’t figure out is what type of shifter Novak is. As we are reading we get a sense that his secret can be deadly as well. Jessica tries to keep to herself and avoid any local coven members, any magic stores and not working for the sheriff. She figured out years ago, that Novak is her fated mate. She is certain Novak doesn’t know they are destined to be together so she avoids being near him. One fated evening Jessica’s car broke down and can you guess what happens? Yep Novak is the one who comes to her rescue. The story takes off from there and it is explosive. The chemistry these two share was fun to read and had me hopeful for a happily ever after. Jessica and Novak confess their secrets to each other so they can be united if they needed to stay safe. Somehow Jessica secret is about to be revealed and she is in danger of being killed. I will not be going into any more details than that. You will just have to read to see what happens. I must say the book ends in a good place however, it didn’t feel like the story is finished. I was left with wanting more to find out what happens to the loose ends that were left hanging. I sincerely hope there will be more books about these two but this start was phenomenal.

Loved it
Written by Natalie Kirkland on 17th Feb 2017

Omg this was my favorite one in this series by far this will be a re read forever I freaking loved

A Mate for the Sheriff
Written by TracieR on 16th Feb 2017

What a great story!! A Mate for the Sheriff was fabulous I loved Novak and Jessica and the life twists surrounding the two of them. I can’t wait to see what MS. Zyon bring us next

Insta love at its best!
Written by titania on 16th Feb 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to April Zyon's Shifter-Match.com series. Novak is the sheriff and silent but deadly seems to fit him. He is by the book but so alpha, who cares. And while Jessica thinks she is hiding so much from, Novak makes it clears he has given her all the time he is willing before he takes what fate has decreed and Jessica is fighting. Ms. Zyon for me is the Queen of insta love. She does it so well that it feels natural and unforced. Novak and Jessica fit and I believed that from the get go. The chemistry between them was off the charts. And I thoroughly enjoyed how horny Jessica was when it came to Novak. Sheriff McHotty did it for her and once she had her mate, she didn't care who knew it. I love that Novak protected Jessica and gave her such a sense of safety that she was willing to follow his lead. She did not see that as losing her sense of self but as believing wholeheartedly in their budding relationship. Ms. Zyon had me laughing out loud at some of Jessica's antics and thoughts. And while it was quite so clear with Novak, I did not feel a lack. It was just enough for his character. You got peeks of his sense of fun which fit not only the story but also the man. This story was well written and full of laughter and joy. The emotions were real and the connections believable. I love returning to this town and can't wait until Ms. Zyon returns us to this world again.