Beautiful Fire by Cooper McKenzie

Heat Level 3
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Mystic's All Night Cafe, 4

Fulfilling her grandmother Sarah’s last request, Jules Tremont finds herself facing attorney Dickinson Seaton, a dragon-shifter and twenty-first century attorney in order to give him the necklace Sarah had always worn. Little does she realize this meeting will change her life forever.

Eighty years ago, Dickinson broke a witch’s heart. In retaliation, she stole his fire, leaving him nearly defenseless. Meeting Jules at Mystic’s All-Night Café, Dickinson recognizes her as his mate, and is shocked when she hands him a necklace. The necklace that holds the key to reconnecting the man with his dragon.

Can Dickinson overcome his anger at Sarah for keeping his fire from him for eight decades? Can Dickinson and Jules figure out how to reconnect Dickinson and his fire?



Dickinson noted the shift in the air. Checking his watch, he saw it was just before 9:00. His mate had entered the café. His cock, which had been half-hard for hours, began to stiffen further in anticipation.

He had been distracted since racing his car out of the parking garage, resulting in two near miss car accidents in the two miles that separated his office and his home. Once home, he’d paced the big warehouse space he called home, counting the seconds before he would meet his mate face-to-face for the first time.

And now the meeting was mere seconds away.

“Dickinson? Are you all right?” Livingston, the prince of the city’s vampire coven, asked as he nudged his elbow.

Dickinson jolted out of his thoughts that were a million miles away. “What? Oh, sorry. Just a little tired.”

The lie tasted foul on his tongue, but for now he felt it necessary to keep his private business private.

That was the way of dragons, and by extension, dragon shifters. Solitary, private about their business, and overly protective of their mates, money, and property. Which is why, out of a city of supernaturals, only the men sitting in this room knew the truth of his existence.

He was a dragon shifter who, eighty years ago, had lost the magic that allowed him to shift, breathe fire, and fly. But he had not simply lost the magic, it had been stolen from him. The witch he had loved and hurt when he refused to take her as his mate vowed he would remain in human form as long as she lived. And for the past eighty years, his dragon had remained in a coma or deep sleep, unable to be reached. Dickenson wasn’t certain he would ever shift again.

“You look tired. We’re done talking council business. Why don’t you head out and get some rest?” Jefferson, the city’s shifter pack Alpha, suggested.

Kingsley, the city’s leader of witches and mages, remained silent, but watched him with one slightly raised eyebrow and a smirk on his lips. He had probably also felt the energetic shift that had occurred when his mate had entered the café.

Knowing the mate he had waited more than four hundred years to meet was only a dozen yards away, Dickinson nodded and gathered the papers that were spread across the table in front of him. Not bothering to sort and straighten them, he shoved them, as well as his computer tablet, into his briefcase. Without another word, he hurried from the conference room, unable to wait another minute to meet his mate.

Entering the main dining room, Dickinson paused, his gaze sweeping the space. Only a few tables were occupied. At a glance, he could tell the trio of women across the room were pixies, no doubt planning some sort of mischief. The pair of vampires sitting in the corner drinking coffee and watching everything around them were no doubt the guards Livingston had called to protect them during their latest contract talks.

All of the city’s supernatural leaders had become overly protective of their mates, and all supernatural beings who frequented Mystic’s All-Night Café. The café was where the city’s supernaturals spent the nights drinking coffees and teas, and enjoying a wide variety of delicious pastries, safe behind the protective wards and barriers that kept the blands of the city away.

Dickinson finally turned his attention to the last occupied table, and his breath caught. There she was. His mate sat alone at a table for two that was partly shielded from the rest of the room. She wrote in a small notebook as she nibbled on one of the pastries Mystic had chosen especially for her.

She wore a white poet shirt that seemed to hang on her, with skin-tight, faded to gray jeans that were tucked into a pair of black cowboy boots. A thick braid of mahogany brown threaded through with yellow, blue, and green strands trailed over one shoulder. He couldn’t tell if the colors were ribbons or hair. A long black cloak hung from the coat hook beside the painting of a dragon and maiden which hung over the table.

Dickinson had to smile at the appropriateness of the painting since it was one he had done a couple decades before. That had been his creative phase before becoming an attorney. The maiden in the picture was the woman whose heart he had broken. The witch who had stolen his fire.

“What are you waiting for, Dragon? An engraved invitation to join your mate?” Mystic appeared by his side, causing him to jump in surprise.

“Damn, woman, why don’t you make some noise when you move?”

Mystic laughed her delighted cackle as she grabbed his arm and started to pull him across the room. “Come on, she’s waited long enough that she’s trying to figure out what magic I put in my shortbread.”

Dickinson followed, suddenly feeling unsure of himself. Even though he was over four hundred years old, there were still times the shyness of dragons took hold. Facing his mate for the first time was apparently one of those times.

“Jules Avery, witch, meet Dickinson Seaton, attorney-at-law,” Mystic made introductions once they were close enough to the table. “I’ll bring more tea. Lavender tea, I believe.”

Dickinson stopped beside the table and froze when the woman looked up at him and smiled. Her bright green eyes were identical to those of another woman who has passed through his life eight decades earlier.

Sarah Deavers.

But not Sarah.

So who was this woman who fate had declared was his life mate?


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Cute mating story
Written by Diana Rumsley on 11th Oct 2022

I loved this cute mating story. It was short and sweet. Both main characters were all in from the beginning. I would have liked a little history on the grandmother. Other than that it was good.

Written by dying2read247 on 11th Oct 2022

Dickenson relationship with her grandmother 80 odd years ago was a little weird, but I loved how it played out. I'm loving these books

Beautiful Fire
Written by Stacii on 27th Sep 2022

Jules and Dickinson’s story is a good paranormal story that has them meeting you return an amulet that she returns for her gma asks her to return. As Jules, a witch, meets Dickinson, a dragon shifter, they see that they are fated. As the mating ritual proceeds for his dragon they have a few bumps along the way to their hea

Written by tburbr on 27th Sep 2022

This was the first book that I've read by this author, but it won't be the last. I found the characters to be endearing and attention grabbing.

Mature mates
Written by Envy on 23rd Sep 2022

It is such a pleasure to read about a mature couple. Jules and Dickinson are hot & sexy together, especially now his dragon is free.

Beautiful Fire!
Written by Mary on 23rd Sep 2022

This is a short and quick stand alone read. This is the fourth story in the "Mystic's All Night Cafe" paranormal series The story is about Jules and Dickinson. Jules is a witch who is fulfilling so last bequests her grandmother wished her to carry out. The last one is to deliver an amulet to Dickinson, an attorney and dragon shifter. They meet at the Cafe and the attraction is instant. I don't want to give any more details but their story is magical. I love the characters in this nicely developed story.

A quick and enjoyable paranormal romance read.
Written by Rowena on 23rd Sep 2022

The fourth book in the Mystic’s All Night Cafe series and I’m a fan. Julie’s Tremont is fulfilling her grandmother’s last wish when she meets Dickson Seaton for the first time. She didn’t know the necklace that she is delivering to him, but she can sense that it was a start of some much more. What happens next was a quick romance read with a sweet HEA. I enjoyed the sizzling heat level between the characters and the unexpected mating that he didn’t know he would find.

Dickinson and Jules
Written by weaveswife on 23rd Sep 2022

This is the first book I've read from Cooper and I loved it! Crazy to think that her Gran is the reason he lost his fire but her granddaughter is his mate. Eek. I really liked them together. I loved that they had both dreamt of each other for years. That was so sweet and magical. ❤️

"You are mine. I am yours. And we'll be together for the rest of our lives."
Written by Nicole Potter on 23rd Sep 2022

This was a fun read. I liked how the author told the Jules & Dickinson story. If you love paranormal dragon romance I recommend giving this book a read. Jules is fulfilling her late grandmothers wish by returning an amulet to Dickinson. When they meet the attraction is felt immediately & both their lives are changed forever. Look forward to reading more from the author.

Full of Heat
Written by Vivian C on 23rd Sep 2022

This story may be a quick read but it's full of heat. Not necessarily because the hero is a dragon shifter, although that does add fuel to the flames, but because the story contains lots of anger, anguish and smexy.

Fire is Beautiful
Written by Kwallywoman on 23rd Sep 2022

Sarah was grieving the death of her grandmother. She was carrying out her final wishes. She never knew that meeting Dickinson Seaton would change her life, but would it be for the better. Dickinson Seaton just wished for his dragon back. After it being taken 80 years ago, he never thought he would see it. Now that he has it, maybe it was taken for a good reason. Great book

An old dragon and a mature witch.
Written by Flavia Karina on 23rd Sep 2022

This story has it all, good characters, a good setting, and steamy scenes. I liked the plot, and the way of presenting the mating drive. I liked the female character, a full-fledged woman who knows what she wants and where she belongs. He is a shapeshifting dragon, absolutely stunning... This is the first time I read this author and I will continue with the rest of the books in this series.

Finally finding his mate
Written by Bookbunny on 13th Sep 2022

Jules has a job to do. She has to turn over a pendent that her grandmother entrusted to her. When Dickinson finds out the Sarah has finally past, he is given his fire back but not only that but he finds that Sarah’s granddaughter is his true mate. He has waited a long time for her. When these two finally get together, it’s hot. But Jules doesn’t know how she will survive in the city. She is a country witch. This is like the city and country wolf. You can always find a happy medium. Thank goodness Jules had a great idea for them both. It was a cute story.

A short but hot read
Written by RhondaVB on 6th Sep 2022

For a short story, this packed a lot of punch. I loved the connection between Dickinson and Jules. It may have been a short story, but I really enjoyed it!!

betrayal and love
Written by Di Ketchup on 6th Sep 2022

Cooper McKenzie is an unique author that I will keep on following. She has this magic about her, in her words. She's so visceral and raw and unapologetic. If you've read her other works, get your hands on this one. It won't disappoint.