Carnelian by Serenity Snow

Heat Level 3
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Midnight's Jewels, 5

Jeri’s death left a hole in Bali’s heart, and she’s eager for vengeance. However, there is no clear-cut target until a face from the past shines a light into the dark. It’s not just the murky waters of the past that Carnelian lights, it’s the corners of Bali’s heart.

In Bali’s mind, Carnelian may be too young for her still, but her heart is a raging fire that demands satisfaction that Carnelian is all too willing to give. But will the price be higher than Bali is willing to pay?

Be Warned: f/f sex



Carnelian closed the distance between them at the uncertainty in Bali’s gaze and traced her finger along her jaw as she leaned toward her. “I didn’t peg you for a lights-off kind of woman years ago, and I still don’t.”

Carnelian leaned into her and lightly kissed the corner of Bali’s mouth before moving her lips against Bali’s, finding firm warmth against hers. She nipped Bali’s lower lip and when Bali’s lips parted, Carnelian’s tongue darted inside. Bali moaned, hands going to Carnelian’s waist, jerking her closer. Then, she deepened the kiss.

The touch of Bali’s tongue against hers made fire flare in Carnelian’s belly, spreading through her veins.

“Mmm.” Carnelian ran her hands up Bali’s back, letting her nails lightly rake the fabric before gliding her fingers down to rest on Bali’s hips. “Bali, don’t let this go too far if you’re not into me,” she said. “I’m not always very nice when I can’t have my way.” Carnelian stroked a finger down the placket of Bali’s pants and then tugged the shirt free.

“What? Are you going to start crying if I say no?”

Carnelian nipped her mouth. “No, I might burn something vital to make a point.” She cupped Bali’s impressive bulge, feeling her stiffen. “Don’t be self-conscious, baby. I already love everything about your body.”

“For now,” she said.

Carnelian smiled and pushed Bali’s shirt up and Bali lifted her arms to help, tossing the shirt in the direction of the chair across the room.

“I can’t imagine you’re anything but the hot butch I can’t stop thinking about,” she said and went on tip-toe to claim Bali’s mouth again. Carnelian’s tongue stroked Bali’s and Bali deepened the kiss.

Bali groaned and broke the kiss and Carnelian’s lashes fluttered up. She smiled before brushing her lips along Bali’s jaw and trailing kisses to the side of her neck.

“I don’t mind seducing you, sexy,” Carnelian murmured in her ear. “I’m sure you’re worth it.”

“Carnelian, are you sure you want to do this?”

“That’s what I’m trying to say, but the message is getting lost somewhere between my mouth and your brain,” she said and then kissed a path to Bali’s throat as she glided her hand up to cup Bali’s breast.

Bali tilted her head back against the door giving her better access and Carnelian licked the column slowly down to the hollow at the base of Bali’s throat where she swirled the tip of her tongue. Bali groaned, her hand going to Carnelian’s waist.

Carnelian met Bali’s gaze as she ran her hands down her chest, cupping her breasts. “Let’s get this off,” she said and reached around to deftly release the catch, even though Bali tried to stop her. “I want to see you.”

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TBR Pile
Written by Stefan on 12th Oct 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve read a story with this blend of genres, and it took a few pages to get back in the swing. It’s worth it. Serenity takes the reader on a non-stop action-fest with plenty of plot twists. There are witches, and power plays between werebats, bee-bats, brown bats, firefly-bats to name a few of the interesting shifters. Within the first couple of chapters, the two main characters, Carnelian and Bali, are introduced. Carnelian’s cousin, Mina, goes missing. Carnelian is ex-CIA, and a witch, starts to dig into what happened. The leader, Jeri, of the Midnight cabal is murdered, Bali, a lesbian dominant, doesn’t want the top job, but it’s personal, and she wants vengeance. The story is complex and full of revenge plots driven by events from the past, including witch wars. Don’t skip forward. The story is developed by switching between the lead character perspectives. Carnelian and Bali paths quickly cross and sparks fly between the two women, although Bali tries to keep the relationship non-sexual. She fails and in the latter part of the story there’s a couple of steamy sex scenes between the two women…plus a surprise. This is an exciting action story weaved with a romantic love story between Carne and Bali. I couldn’t guess the ending—which is great—and without giving the plot away, the final grandstand battle is awesome. ​ I enjoyed it. The fast pace, vivid characters, and spicy sex scenes—sold me. You’ll enjoy this one.

Awesome continuation of the series as usual
Written by Terry on 18th Sep 2018

I loved the newest addition to the Midnight Jewels series. I thought that Carnelian and Bali made an awesome team. I thought the story was well written and kept me reading in an night. It’s best to read the series from the start so you understand what’s happening. It’s very hot. Definitely recommend it.