Snowflaked by Serenity Snow

Heat Level 3
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Coyote Bound, 7

Montana Summer is determined to find the infamous cartel leader Iron Capsule, but when she seizes one of his drug shipments, she’s unprepared for his response.

Iron Capsule launches a war against Montana striking at first her family and then her career. Next, her relationship with the sexy Dylan Ashley is threatened.

As the battle thickens, Iron Capsule makes a move to destroy the three coyote packs who’ve agreed to protect and shelter Montana. The move is the first shot in a concerted effort to destroy the dominant coyote women controlling the area. As the battles rage there can only be one outcome. The wolves must win or lose the region to the coyotes forever.

Be Warned: f/f sex



Rowel sighed. “In private.”

“My office,” she said and led the way. Once they were inside, she picked up a vaguely familiar scent. Someone had been in here. “What’s going on?” She faced him.

“Detectives Nair and Aldis went to put something in the property room and found the drugs and money missing,”

The money, she’d moved, but the drugs she’d left. Montana had had a feeling IC would have someone go after the money.

She nodded. “What were they doing in there? They aren’t working any cases that would have given them cause to be in there.”

“Problem is, Nair said she saw you in there before you left, and she heard you tell that lawyer that you were going to spend that money.”

“So?” she asked coolly.

“It’s gone.”