Class Reunion by Juliet Chastain

Heat Level 3
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After years apart, Dana and Nicholas meet at their class reunion, each hoping the other will feel more than friendship. Their desire ignites a frenzy of passion, but their horrible ex-classmates keep getting in the way. 

When the class beauty queen makes a play for Nicholas, Dana has had enough. No longer is she the shy, awkward teen she used to be...and she's determined to show Nicholas just how much she's grown up.

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.


Nicholas grinned. “It was really just a pile of sand.”

“We pretended it was a castle.” She smiled and slowly put the crab cake in her mouth. His breath caught and he was suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to kiss those full, luscious lips of hers. Never mind the wine, the plates of seared tuna, tiny egg rolls, and crab cakes, never mind the silverware—he wanted to lean across the table and taste those lips.

He managed to remain in his seat.

She went on. “Then my dad built the playhouse and you were nice enough to play there with me. I know the other kids teased you about that.”

“I didn't care,” he lied. He had cared, but he'd wanted to play with her more than he cared about the put-downs.

“And you figured out how to bring electricity in there—you bought the electrical switch box and cord with your own money.”

“Used your dad's tools.”

“Yeah,” she said, a hint of bitterness in her voice. “He left all kinds of things behind when he ran off with Mrs. Moffitt.”

“Including his game console and his computer. How lucky was that?”

She nodded and brought a little shrimp roll to her lips. Before taking a bite, she moved it away and smiled at him. “It's good to see you.”

“Good to see you, too,” he croaked, unable to tear his gaze from her lips as she bit into the tiny appetizer. His cock stirred.

“You figured out how to use his computer and the Nintendo in no time,” she continued. “And soon we were escaping into our own online world that you'd built for us.” She put the rest of the roll in her mouth and licked her lower lip. Suddenly, outrageously, he imagined her licking his balls and then bringing that delectable mouth to his cock and—

She lowered her eyes. “Of course you had to teach me, but you never made me feel stupid.”

“You weren't stupid.” God, what's happened to my voice? I'm croaking like a frog.

“Compared to you I was. You were so smart that you actually designed games for us to play!”

“Well, you put up with all my failures and fumbles,” he said, relieved to finally hear his words come out in a normal voice.

She smiled and picked up another crab cake. “Here,” she said. “You have got to taste one of these.” They leaned across the table toward each other. His cock hardened as he carefully took the morsel from her, closing his lips for several seconds around her cool fingers. His blood ran thickly through his veins, pounded in his brain. She started. Her eyes widened and he thought he saw the gleam of desire in them.

She wants me. Oh my God, she wants me!

If she wanted him as badly as he wanted her, they'd never make it through this meal.

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Silly and cute
Written by u mad, bro? on 21st Jan 2016

I was looking for a fun quick read and stumbled on "Class Reunion" by Juliet Chastain. The story is too silly at times but sometimes we all need a bit of silliness in our lives

Loved Class Reunion!
Written by Lupita on 21st Jan 2016

I loved the torrid sex scenes and the intrigue between the two main characters...I couldn't wait to get to the end!