Daddy's Little Fighter by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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Daddy Series, 27

The one thing Jade hates most in life are bullies. She’s been bullied since her childhood, and now that she can fight back, she does.

Cole is back in the United States, alive but not whole. The war has taken parts of him that he'll never get back, so he works to make his life fulfilling, staying around people he cares about. Romance never enters in his mind until he meets Jade.

He always thought he repulsed women, so he hasn't started to date. Jade doesn't seem to see his disability and becames protective of him. It gets to the point that he has to pull her out of fights every day. She doesn't seem to understand that he can easily kill anyone with just his bare hands—he isn't as helpless as she thinks he is. He’ll get her to see the truth sooner or later because he isn't letting her go. Ever.

Be Warned: DDLG, anal sex


“Do you know what tonight is?”

She shook her head.

“Tonight, I’m going to make you mine.”

“Really?” She smiled.


“I’ve waited for this forever.”

He snorted. “Not really. I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with me, and I wanted to be able to walk to you.”

“I never cared about that, Daddy.”

He pressed a kiss to the tip of her nose. “I know, and I love you for it. I just had to do it for my peace of mind.”

“I understand. As long as I’m with you, I’m happy.”

“You’ve always been with me, and you always will,” he said. His head dipped again, and he started nipping and kissing her face and neck. Then he trailed his lips down, sucking and licking whatever he could reach.

He loved the sounds she made when he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Since he could tell she enjoyed it, he spent several minutes just doing that. When her tits were dark red and rigid, he resumed his journey.

Cole kept his touches light as they skimmed over her body, wanting to overstimulate her senses so she’d be able to take him easier because she’d be so hungry for him. He slid down the bed and spread her thighs farther apart to give him room. “You’re so fucking beautiful, baby.”

She tried to grip his shoulders and pull him up, but she couldn’t even budge him. No one would be able to move him because of his desperate need to taste her.

“Fuck, woman, you smell so fucking good.” He speared his tongue into her tight cunt, making her scream. “And you taste even better. I’ll never get enough of you.”

“Daddy, please make the ache go away.”

“I will—when I’m ready. Now, stay still while I enjoy you.”

He grinned when she whimpered but froze. She was clearly trying hard to stay still, but it seemed like she couldn’t control the passion that shook her body.

He enjoyed her for several minutes until she was panting, and a film of sweat covered her body. “Let’s see how tight my baby is.”

Her back bowed off the mattress when he slid one of his large fingers into her juicy cunt. He stopped when he came to the skin of her virginity. Bumping into it, he tested to see how thick it might be. It seemed to give fairly well, which would make it easier for her when he took her cherry.

“Let’s try two.”


“I know, baby.”

“Now, please. I ache so much.”

“Just let me get you loosened up a bit more.” By the time she was taking three of his fingers, they were both desperate for each other.

After he reached out and grabbed a condom, he quickly rolled one on and then moved up her body. He needed to be as deep in her cunt as possible and make them one. A bonding like this would make their relationship stronger.

He gripped her head in one hand and guided his cock to her cunt with the other. Her eyes widened as the pressure grew, and he didn’t want to prolong her pain any longer.

He tightened his ass cheeks and lunged through the membrane.

She screamed out. “Daddy. No.”

“I know, baby. I’m so sorry. It’s all over with. Give it a minute to subside. You’ll never feel pain again.” He kept his hips still as he gently kissed her mouth, cheek, and neck. After a minute, he felt her relax, so he pulled out a bit and pushed back in.

“How’s that? Does that hurt at all?” Cole asked.

She stared at him with a look of wonder and shook her head. “No.”

He grinned. “Does it feel good?”

She nodded.

“All right. Now, I’m going to make you feel even better. Hold on to me.”

Jade wrapped her hands around his neck and lifted her hips to take him as deep as he could.

“Fuck, woman, you’re so fucking wet and hot right now. I’m not going to be able to last this first time.”

“Then don’t.”

“I’m not going over without you.” His strokes got harder and deeper until they were both gasping for breath and moaning.

“Damn, your body was made to be mine. You’re so fucking perfect.”

He could feel her start to tighten on him. “That’s a girl. Come for Daddy.”

Her mouth opened, and her body tensed. Before she screamed, he covered her mouth with his to try to cover up some of the sounds. He moaned as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over him. When it finally subsided, he exhaled, dropped his head to her shoulder, and braced his weight off her as he struggled to gain control of his body.

Never in his life had he lost it as he did just then, and it felt like it changed something inside of him.

He raised his head and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was back to normal.

“How are you, baby?”

Her eyes fluttered open. “I think I’m okay.”

“You think?’ He chuckled.

“Is it okay if my body is numb?”

Damn, she was so fucking perfect. “Yes, baby, it means I did my job right in loving you.”

“Can you tell me when the sensation will come back?”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Just relax. I’ll be right back.

She nodded and closed her eyes again.

When he got back after washing and grabbing a wet cloth, she was out. He cleaned the cum, sweat, and blood from her thighs and cunt, and then tossed the washcloth in the sink.

Cole crawled in, maneuvered her so her back was against his chest, and kissed her temple. “I love you, baby.”

He smiled when she hummed.

There was no way in hell he’d ever be able to live without her now.


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It can be surprising when someone stands up for you.
Written by MontanaRose on 20th Dec 2022

I kind of loved this story. It was entertaining and enjoyable with a Daddy/little dynamic between the two main characters. The characters were interesting and likable. Blake and Jade interacted as though they were brother and sister which was funny as heck. Cole was a Navy Seal that was home after an injury. While he was out, a man approached him about his injury and then gave him a hard time. Jade was there and heard the man bullying Cole. She promptly took care of the bully for Cole. He was immediately interested in Jade and wanted to get to know her better but she had other ideas. Jade was very independent and worked hard to take care of herself. She was sweet but sassy and very protective of anyone that was being bullied. Cole’s desire to take care of Jade was hard for her to understand but he kept at it until she believed him. I loved the banter and interactions between Jade and Cole’s team. The way that the story ended was great, but I would have liked an epilogue further out because I’m greedy like that. I recommend reading this book.

Cole and Jade
Written by OrianaReads on 30th Nov 2022

Jade is a young woman that was bullied all her life... It made her a little scrapper. Cole is missing part of his leg after being injured while serving as a SEAL. She works at a community center where she meets Cole when she fights for his pride.

Wowza What a Story
Written by Jenny B on 30th Nov 2022

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. In this book we meet Jade & Cole. When these two meet for the first time Cole is being bullied in a pool area. Jade jumps out of the pool and attacks the guy. Cole realises at that moment not only has he found the most beautiful woman but she has a problem with her aggression. Can these two find a HEA or will the secrets that they are keeping keep them apart forever? Another amazing story by this author. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Entertaining and steamy
Written by LBing on 30th Nov 2022

This was another fun story for the series and I love that it followed a different path than the others. In this case, Jade was tiny but fierce. She couldn't abide bullies and that's how she and Veteran Cole met - she dished out the punishment to a much bigger guy over his verbal abuse of Cole's amputation. Their chemistry was off the charts but I also liked the side characters - Jade and Blake were hilarious together. I'm looking forward to more of these entertaining and steamy stories :D

Favorite couple ever
Written by Shannonsk1 on 19th Nov 2022

Awesome Dd little story. Age gap. Both Cole and Jade had to overcome adversity to get their hea. One of my favorite pairings ever. Definitely recommend....

Great read
Written by Sua on 19th Nov 2022

Great read. I really like that Jade is feisty and protective when she sees someone being bullied. Cole is a good mix with Jade as they both even each other out when it comes to their feelings. There was also some good funny moments and definitely some steamy moments too.

Sexy Read!!
Written by WS1977 on 19th Nov 2022

This is my first time reading Lila Fox and it won’t be my last. This book was sexy and funny. The chemistry between Cole and Jade were blazing hot and jumped off the pages! They were made for each other. Jade was feisty and didn’t take any crap from anyone including Cole! I loved the camaraderie between Jade and Blake, they were hilarious and kept Cole on his toes! I would highly recommend this series!

Written by RahiaLeight on 19th Nov 2022

I really enjoyed this story. She is a little spitfire and it's awesome. Definitely not a pushover and I think she'd be a pretty awesome friend. I don't like bullies, either.

Short and sweet
Written by ReadingUnicorn on 19th Nov 2022

While the plotline was largely standard for this type of book, I did find it enjoyable. I found Jade to be a very interesting character actually and her reactions, while perhaps naive, a good expression of her underlying personality and morals. Overall, I also like Cole as a main character and did like to learn more about his backstory and own emotional/physical struggles. Should the author want to turn this into a full length novel, that could be easily accomplished. It does stand alone as a short novel and has enough plotline and character development to keep the story interesting. I may not read it again, but it was an enjoyable read.

Daddy's Little Fighter is more like his little protector!
Written by Arahsan on 19th Nov 2022

Daddy's Little Fighter by Lila Fox introduces us to Cole and Jade. Cole is rehabbing from a serious injury that occurred while he was in the military when he meets Jade a quirky swim instructor with a heart for the underdog. I don't know if Lila meant to inject some comedic elements in this book, but even if she didn't I found myself laughing at at Jade's antics because they weren't written so well. She was so earnest in her desire to not see anyone marginalized or hurt. I really admired how strong she was and really enjoyed how Jade and Cole's relationship played out. The book is a little formulaic as it is the 27th offering in the series, but it definitely stands on its own and Lila Fox remains a favorite one-click author for me.

Written by Maria M on 19th Nov 2022

This is a fairly new author to me I enjoyed this Loved the characters and storytelling. Looking forward to more from them

Jade really hate bullies
Written by Anne Harris on 19th Nov 2022

Jade really hate bullies Jade was finding it tough living by herself paying her bills. At the age of 18 her family had kicked her out. Not willing to waste money on her anymore. Jade is amazing, she went out there and found a job, slept on a couch for a while until she found an apartment and even then it took her months to get a mattress but she did it. Not 4 years later life was getting tougher as her rent just been increased by $100 a month. Cole is back in the USA After losing a leg while he was a navy seal. he found himself a job and was getting his life back on track. He had gone to talk to a guy but was startled when a little slip of a woman came over and assaulted the man Cole was talking to stating that she didn’t like bullies. Cole was mesmerised by her and asked her for a date. But she said no he asked if it was a wheelchair he was in and she said no and then she was gone. Cole knew that he would find this girl and make her his. Jade didn’t say no because of the wheelchair she didn’t care in fact she was really attracted to him but he was well out of her league. She dealt with bullies most of her life and that included her family. So now she took care of bullies herself. she may look small and she knew she was under weight but she could pack a punch. it wasn’t long before she came face-to-face with Cole again. And this time she didn’t say no. Could he be the one to finally see the real Jade?? I thoroughly enjoyed this book I adore Cole and Jade. Jade just made me laugh so many times and Cole bless his heart he’s never gonna be able to fully control Jade but I think he knows that and I think he enjoys that but he is the daddy that she needs. The passion is off the charts but it is the chemistry and connection that really completed this book for me. Cannot wait for next book in the series.

Daddy's Little Fighter!
Written by Mary on 19th Nov 2022

This is another good story in the "Daddy" series. It is a short and quick stand alone read in the series of daddy/little stories. This one is about Jade and Cole. He meets this feisty little thing and knows she is made perfectly for him. Cole was injured and has lost part of his leg but he is still one determined SEAL. Jade is working herself to death to help support herself. She has been on her own since she was legal. She cannot stand to see someone bullied. She constantly stands up for other people. This is how she meets Cole. She might be little but she can take care of herself and anyone else who feels is being treated poorly. Cole takes over and all he wants to do is take care of her. This is a steamy story that is sweet and cute. I love the characters!!! She might be my favorite little to come along.

Short but Cotton Candy Sweet
Written by Booklvr891 on 19th Nov 2022

In the market for a cavity inducing quick story? This book follows many traditional storylines she's a feisty leading lady and he's a male hottie. be ready for some hot chemistry while reading. It's short so it likely won't take days to get through this fast paced book.

Charming, funny, complex
Written by Linda Foley on 19th Nov 2022

Cole thought he was broken. He returned minus a leg from war and still fighting the memories of the battleground. Jade had her own battles- from being bullied. Now she is ready to stand up for anyone. At the bar where she started working she defends Cole from the insults of drunken patrons. That starts their rather stranger relationship. Jade find someone who maybe for the first time in her life stands up for her. The question is- will she let him or push him away forever. The interactions between these two are wonderful. This book examines how the right relationship can be both healing for the characters (and the readers) if honest, compassionate and maybe fulfilling deeper desires. I loved watching the story unfold. Their relationship was written with a delicate pen. Thank you for this book.

Written by Book_Lover_97 on 19th Nov 2022

Jade and Cole have such a cute and fun story. This is a ddlg age gap romance that is fun, steamy and had me laughing. Jade and Cole have so much chemistry and passion together. I really loved their story and interactions

Be prepared for the many LOL moments.
Written by Nicole Potter on 19th Nov 2022

I think this is worth more than 5 stars. If you love DDLG, role play romance with an older guy then you are going to love "Daddy's Little Fighter" - Jade & Cole's story. There are sparks from the first moment they meet. I had an absolute blast reading this & the many LOL moments. I highly recommend giving this book a read.

Daddy’s Little Fighter
Written by Stacii on 19th Nov 2022

Cole and Jade’s story is a Good story with these two having steamy chemistry even with her being overprotective of him and he thinks he’s not worthy since he was injured in military but he finds out one thing he doesn’t want to let her go

Feisty peanut
Written by Vibekke on 19th Nov 2022

Cole's navy seals career is cut short and he has ended up in a wheelchair until he has got the hang of his prosthetic. At the club a small swiped a girl defend him against a bully. The next time he sees her is at a bar where she hits another bully over the head. On the same time she is a perfect little for him. Cole has his work cut out for him, how to keep Jade safe and to keep her out of trouble. This is a really sweet short story. I highly recommend this.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne Richardson on 19th Nov 2022

I've read several books written by Lila Fox; she is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is part of the Daddy Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Jade & Cole. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Four stars
Written by April is probably reading smut on 26th Oct 2022

Four daddy stars ☆☆☆☆ This was such a cute ddlg romance! Cole is in a wheelchair because he was a SEAL who lost part of his leg. He meets Jade when she nearly beats someone up for insulting him. They're immediately inseperable! I love how protective Jade was of Cole, that was so sweet and funny. If you like ddlg romances, this is a must read! safety: virgin heroine age gap (22h, 30sH) DDLG anal sex no OM/OW no cheating/sharing HEA ♡

4 star
Written by Michele77 on 26th Oct 2022

Cole is a wounded warrior trying to return to civilian life with a life altering injury. Jade is living on her own trying to survive. They meet and are instantly attracted to each other; Cade pursues her until she is fully in his life. A fast paced read that introduces other characters that are new to the series.

I loved it
Written by Advocate nasrah on 26th Oct 2022

As usual simple yet very charming. I loved the characters. Male ws matured fl was little but very woman who can handle herself. Can't go wrong with lila fox in writing ddlg books. Good job