Daddy's Little Patient by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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Daddy Series, 31

Raina’s life had been hell ever since her father died and her aunt moved in. She struggled for years to keep out of her aunt's way while working behind the scenes to get the woman out of her house. When her aunt brought in someone who could destroy her, she ran and found herself in worse trouble—her life was in danger.

When Dr. Alex was called to help, he thought his friend was making him treat one of her animals again. Instead, he found a beautiful, very sick young woman. His first instinct was to take her to the ER, but she fought it. At his house, he worked diligently to make her better, and along the way, he fell in love with her. Now, he not only had to heal her, but he needed to keep her safe, too.

Be Warned: DDLG, anal sex


Alex cupped her cheek and lowered his head. His lips were tender at first but quickly became greedy. He twisted his head for better contact and deepened the kiss until she was withering next to him.

He set his hand on her stomach and felt the muscle contract and tighten, telling him she was already getting close to coming, and he hadn’t even touched her breasts or cunt.

Little sounds of need escaped her throat. The sounds made him want to instantly tuck her under him and ram his cock into her as far as he could go, but he had to remind himself that she was a virgin. The last thing he wanted was to hurt or scare her.

His fingers danced over her nipple before his hand engulfed her breast, weighing it in the palm of his hand before tormenting her hard buds.

“Oh, God!” she screamed.


The dreamy look in her eyes made him smile. He’d already brought her to a level that would make taking her cherry easier for her.


He ignored her and slid his lips down her neck and to her breasts to take a nipple into his mouth and suck hard. Her breath snagged in her throat, and her body arched.

Alex went back and forth until her nipples were hard and red before moving farther down. He pushed her legs farther apart to make room for his shoulders.

“Wait, Alex…”

“Hush. This is my body to do whatever I want, and you’ll have to take it.”

He grinned when she whimpered. He lowered his head and used his fingers to separate her pussy lips, showing him her juicy cunt.

“What a pretty sight. You’re all a delicate pink, and your clit is as hard as a rock.”

She screamed again when he flattened his tongue and dragged it from her cunt and around her clit. He continued to eat at her and used his fingers to stretch her until she squirmed on the mattress under him, and her cunt started to tighten on his tongue and fingers.

Alex used a finger to press against her cherry and pushed against it enough to tell him how hard his taking her virginity would be on her. So far, he thought she would have very little trouble if he kept her at a high level of need.

He rolled on a condom and moved into place on top of her, taking most of his weight on his arms to see her expression.

He worked his cock into her slowly until he bumped up against her hymen. “When I take your cherry, it will make you mine.”

“Daddy, please,” she mewed and tried to get him to go deeper by digging her heels into his hard ass.

Alex couldn’t stand it another moment. He pulled out and tightened his ass before plunging into her cunt, taking her cherry.

She cried out. He cradled her body and gently kissed her as he soothed her with his words, giving her time to adjust to him. It wasn’t long before she relaxed and wanted him to move. He tried to smile when she lifted her hips, but he was too far gone and needed her like he needed his next breath.

Alex started off slow, but the need to orgasm quickly took over most of his control. He started thrusting, and each thrust was harder and faster than the last. He cupped the back of her head and held her in place to keep her from moving up the mattress because of the force of his lunges.

All he heard were cries for more. “You need to come for me,” he murmured gruffly.

A groan tore from his mouth when he felt her tighten around him, making it nearly impossible to move within her.

“Come for me, Baby. Come for your daddy.”

A muffled scream started to build until it burst from her throat, echoing throughout the room. His moan of completion soon followed, and then his thrusts slowed and then stopped.

Alex rested his forehead on her shoulder as he concentrated on keeping his weight off her and trying to calm his heart and his breathing enough to move off of her.

When he had the energy, he lifted his head enough to see her face and smiled. She was tired and trying to keep her eyes open.

“Go to sleep, Baby. I’ll be here to hold you.”


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Raina needs someone to heal her and protect her.
Written by Rebecca G on 17th Aug 2023

Raina lost her parents as a teenager. Her aunt moved in with her but she doesn't really care for Raina. Her aunt just seems interested in taking advantage of her position. Her aunt has stayed in the same room and has gotten morbidly obese. Raina can't wait until she gets old enough to inherit. Then her aunt hires a creepy guy to help out around the house. When he tries to force Raina, she runs. She gets cut up and hides in a barn. She is found by a little who wants to take Raina to the hospital. Raina panics and refuses to go so they call Dr. Alex. Raina feels safe and protected with Dr. Alex Dr. Alex loves helping people who are hurt. He is a Daddy who hasn't been lucky enough to have found his little. When he is called in to help Raina, he is drawn to her instantly. She is a little who needs his help. He will do whatever it takes to protect her and heal her.

Daddy's little patience
Written by Amd2662 on 17th Aug 2023

Raina/Alex. Little/Daddy. Heiress/Doctor. Younger woman/Older man. Orphan. Escaped. Injured. Abusive Aunt. Thiefs. Protective. Attraction. Desire. Taboo. Affection. Adults. Virgin. Consensual. Acceptance. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Entertaining

Written by Danee on 17th Aug 2023

Another wonderful book from the Daddy Series. And this is the last book out. Raina didn't have an easy time after her father passed away and she was left alone. She still had an aunt but she was evil towards her and she tried to protect her home and the people who were loyal to her from her aunt. After she has a medical emergency she is rescued by the handsome doctor Alex who is a Daddy. I won't spoil the rest but I can say this is a wonderful Daddy Dom story and while reading you know that they are perfect for each other as Daddy and she are Little.

Alex is the perfect daddy
Written by Kaylapolk on 17th Aug 2023

Raina just needed someone to help heal her injury when she found her way into a barn. Little did she know she would find so much more. Alex was the doctor who came to help her and ultimately fell for her. He always wanted a little but until her never found someone. Now they were helping each other navigate life and love. Raina found family and everything she needs when she finds her daddy!

Entertaining plot
Written by Courtney B on 17th Aug 2023

Yes this book is primarily about the DDLG relationship, but the plot is actually interesting as well. Following their developing relationship as they fight to overcome FMC’s demons gives the reader a reason to keep turning pages.

Great Read!!
Written by Amy J on 17th Aug 2023

I really enjoyed reading Raina and Alex’s story in Daddy’s Little Patient. This book was actually a fast read for me once I started it.

Alex and Raina
Written by Angela F on 17th Aug 2023

This is Book 31 in the Daddy Series and is a stand-alone. I loved this book. Alex was tender and sweet to Raina And Raina was very strong and smart with what she had to deal with from her aunt. It was also great to read about some of the supporting characters. Great read!

Helping her recover.
Written by Lauren on 17th Aug 2023

When Raina's father died, her mother's sister moved into her house and decided everything within it belonged to her. She became so obese that she couldn't move around and has treated Raina in an awful way which has her desperate to remove her. She ran away when a man was brought to attack her and became injured. Raina is found by a Little called Mara who calls a doctor she knows to help. When Alex arrives he knows how serious Raina's injury is and knows he must act quickly once he has taken her back to his house. Fixing her and helping her recover will not be all he wants to offer this sweet Little when she provokes his Daddy side. I thoroughly enjoyed this ddlg romance as this is my favourite genre and was extremely well done. I loved how protective and caring this natural Daddy is towards her and how the dynamic develops between them. Her health comes first but I adored the subtle rules that are given and how she responds as a Little should even though she's unaware of the roles to start with. This is a charming little story that I found to be enchanting, sugary and knowledgeable about the lifestyle.

Wild reading ride filled with family drama
Written by LBing on 29th Jul 2023

This was a wild reading ride with crazy family drama. Raina ran away from home because her guardian aunt was abusive and intent on claiming her inheritance... Hidden in a barn and wounded, she ends up meeting Mara and so her new adventure begins. Dr. Alex answers a call from Mara to help at her farm. Expecting, once again, to be treating an animal, he's shocked when he sees Raina and how poorly she's doing. He helps heal her, shows her what life with him would be like and then they tackle her aunt. These two built a fab DDlg romance and her aunt got her just rewards ;P I also loved her family home and hope it shows up in future books ;D

Daddy’s Little Patient
Written by Keema O on 29th Jul 2023

This book is a fast paced and a refreshing read. There is an instant connection between Alex and Raina that’s so amazing. I love their relationship, it’s like they were made for each other. Alex basically nursed her back to health and made sure she was 100% before finding out about who she truly was. Not only that but with Mara’s help Raina was introduced to a whole new life of people that was just like her. To top matters off I loved that her aunt was shone the door. Truly was a priceless moment. Most of All although this story is fast paced it I loved that the story flows as the characters grow into themselves.

Good diverse characters. Enjoyable read.
Written by zjt on 29th Jul 2023

Raina's troubles are interesting and unusual, a little over the top, but to be expected in a book this size. The special features of Raina's house were unexpected, but sure to be a lot of fun in the future. I absolutely loved the playfulness of Raina and her new friends. The humour that was woven into the storyline worked, the Daddies are an intriguing group. There are a few of their backstories I will have to catch up on, although this book does read as a standalone.

Daddy’s Little Patient
Written by Michele77 on 29th Jul 2023

Running away from home and getting injured, Raina hides in a barn where she is found and placed under the care of Alex. Other characters from the series make an appearance while our leads deal with unwanted relatives and illegal activities, while exploring their Dd/lg relationship.

Daddy's Little Patient
Written by Makeen on 29th Jul 2023

Sweet Raina’s life has been horrible since her father died and left her all alone except for an evil aunt. She’s protected her beautiful home and faithful staff from this woman. She is rescued from a health emergency by Alex who is a Dr and a Daddy. Lila Fox’s ‘Daddy’s Little Patient’ has all the emotional, sexual, and D/lg features she is such an expert in writing about. Instalove/lust with great dialogue that shows the growth of their relationship. Spicy, caring, and passionate scenes and a little discipline. I love when the girls get together: lots of mischief!

I really liked this book
Written by Mozzy on 29th Jul 2023

Gosh what a beautiful story this was to read. I just loved Rainas character, she was a little but really didnt know much about them. She was a loving trusting sole who got a raw deal when her father died. Her Aunt was the only family she had left and what a disaster she turned out to be. After running away she comes across Mara who gets the Alex the doctor, as she has got a boo boo that needs fixing. Alex and Raina are beautiful together, i just loved this story and the great Hea that there was.. just delightful.

As always such a great story
Written by Andrea R on 29th Jul 2023

This book is such a spicy read. The Big/little storyline is in there but not overtly. It has the steam and suspense and just a great book all around.

Simple short story
Written by Nasra on 29th Jul 2023

Was soo simple and straightforward. It was very short but it has a story of its own. It was fast simple reading. it was sometime getting bored. Otherwise good job.

Written by Page turner on 29th Jul 2023

This book is a real page turner. Couldn't sleep till I got to the end. The way they meet and the pacing of the story got me squealing.