Donovan's Forever Love by Cooper McKenzie

Heat Level 3
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A vampire walks into a bar and Jayne Peters knows her life will never be the same. She recognizes the man as the one her great-grandmother loved eighty years before she met Jayne’s great-grandfather. Now Donovan Richards is back and she fully understands the attraction. 

Donovan cannot believe how much Jayne looks like Charlotte, the woman he loved and lost because she was afraid of his lifestyle. Will Jayne be fearful as well? Or will she enjoy being the mate of a five-hundred-year old vampire? Can they work together to defeat her debilitating migraines?

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.


The moment he walked in there was a shift in the air as it grew hot and damp and languid. October in New Bern, North Carolina had never been known to be cool and dry, but with this change in the atmosphere, it was as if everyone in the room felt the heat and now thought about nothing other than sex. Or maybe it was just me. Being celibate sucked and reading erotic romance novels did not help my condition, but I had yet to meet a man who could overcome my past. That is, until I saw him.

I recognized him at once and an intense erotic hunger I had never experienced before in my life roared to life. I recognized him, even after all these years. Tall, built like a Greek god with a face to match, he was still a walking advertisement for sex. He crossed the room and slid into a booth in the darkest, most private corner of the room.

I looked around, but no one else seemed to notice him. No one else seemed to care that a five-hundred-year old vampire had just walked into the restaurant. I alone knew of his extensive past, but I could not share the news that an undead had just walked in the bar because then questions would be raised that I could never answer.

“Jayne, can you make the rounds with the decaf? I’ll take the regular,” Ellie, one of the other waitresses working tonight said, handing me a pot of coffee.

“Sure.” I accepted the pot and followed her around the dining room. I smiled and poured until we passed his table. He looked up, his expression blank as he nodded in response to Ellie’s greeting. He ordered a glass of the house burgundy wine without even looking at the menu. Had he been here before? Surely I would have seen him, would have recognized him.

As I followed Ellie to the next table, he glanced my way, then took a second look.

“I know you.” His words were not a question, but a statement of fact as his large hand grabbed my left elbow. Fortunately, the coffee pot was in my right hand or one of us would have been wearing the hot, dark brew. The coolness of his touch melted through my white imitation silk shirt and woke my sleeping libido. It also brought forth memories of another time and place. A time and place when I had been another woman. Another lifetime when I had lived, and loved this man.

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Review @ TRS
Written by Catherine on 16th Nov 2016

Jayne lays eyes on a handsome man in the café where she worked and has a mystical feeling that she has known him all her life. What’s more mysterious is that she believes she has been with him before but the diner is where they first met. Set in North Carolina, this explicitly hot story of two people destined to meet throughout the ages as their lives intertwined through history. Richard Donovan’s love saves her and Jayne’s trust in him saves them both. I enjoy vampire stories and when it’s as different as this one, with her essence seeming to be captured by her great-grandmother’s past, it makes for a great story. I loved reading it because it’s almost like reincarnation but in a sexy way. The lovemaking between them is quite an experience as well.

Written by undefined on 12th Mar 2016

This was an interesting story. Two lovers from the past are reunited through reincarnation. Donovan is a vampire while Jayne is human. She was once his lover but with another name. The story is different and enjoyable.