Don't Ask, Don't Tell by Melissa Kendall

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go

Sergeant Jason Holt and his boyfriend Sergeant Patrick Wentworth have been in a secret relationship for almost ten years. When the daily paper brings news of the repeal of the military’s ‘Dont AskDont Tell’ policy, they think their prayers have finally been answered. Yet things aren’t always as easy as they seem, with not everybody at work supportive of their lifestyle and even their parents skeptical. Will they finally be able to be out and proud?

Be Warned: m/m sex



My mind filled with images of when Patrick came into my life.
We met our first day at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. I was a Texan boy following in the footsteps of a long line of military men, Patrick a local New Yorker escaping a troubled life. Drawn to each other right away, it didn’t take long for us to become the best of friends. Only after we graduated from West Point did we both recognize our feelings were more than platonic.
Together, we shipped out to the 504th BFSB at Fort Hood. We bunked together for the first year, and everything was great, until one night about three months after we arrived, things changed.
I jumped in the shower while Patrick went to get takeout for dinner. When I finished getting clean, I headed out of the bathroom to get dressed. Not expecting anybody to be about but me, I didn’t bother wrapping a towel around my waist. A gasp and the thud of paper bags meeting the floor made me realize my roommate had returned.
I looked up, not expecting to see the expression of pure lust on Patrick’s face. I went from flaccid to erect in all of a second, my body’s reaction unmistakable. In two large strides, Patrick closed the gap between us, his lips colliding with mine in a passion-filled kiss. When my brain caught up with my body, I threw my arms around him, pulling him against me in a tight embrace, all the while our lips and tongues danced.
Years of pent up sexual tension seemed to explode from both of us. Our hands caressed everywhere, unable to get enough.
Feeling fabric under my fingertips instead of skin I pulled away from the kiss and set about trying to get him naked as fast as possible. I unbuckled his belt, and then unbuttoned his fly. As I pulled his jeans open, my heart skipped a beat as his dick sprang out at me. I cocked my eyebrow at him, questioning his choice of commando. He just shrugged. Since he’d given me such easy access, I wasted no time taking full advantage. I pulled his pants down until they were around his ankles, placing my mouth around the head of his cock before he even got a chance to step out of them.
“Holy fuck!” Patrick moaned. “Jesus, Jason ... so ... fucking ... good.” He placed his hand on the back of my head, guiding my movements.
I’d been on the receiving end of having my dick sucked many a time, but never given it. On my knees in front of him, I appreciated the comforting weight of his guidance. Unable to fit more than half his length in my mouth, I wrapped my hand around the base and moved it up and down in time with my mouth. The cacophony of grunts and groans coming from Patrick made my dick ache. I wrapped my spare hand around my own cock and moved it in time with my ministrations on his erection.
I glanced up and noticed him staring at me, lust written all over his face, and I almost came on the spot. I’d always hoped someone would look at me in such a lascivious manner, and for at least a year, I’d been hoping it would be Patrick. However, to see the expression on his face directed at me made my heart beat a million miles an hour. I moaned around his cock, knowing it always got me close to coming. All of a sudden, his cum shot down the back of my throat as he let out a feral sounding growl. The combination of hearing him come and knowing I brought him that pleasure sent me over the edge, my release spilling all over my hand and the floor.
Collapsing in a spent heap on the floor, we remained there for quite a while, the reality of what we’d done sinking in.
The military did not accept gays. I’d known when I enrolled at West Point, the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy meant I’d have to hide a side of myself. Raised in an army family, I understood I could never fully be myself by joining. I’d thought I could do it, no problem. Meeting Patrick, I realized hiding my sexual orientation wasn’t going to be as easy as I’d thought.
Once we both got our breath back, we crawled into Patrick’s bed and curled up together, dinner lying forgotten on the floor. We had many firsts that night. For the most part, however, we talked about what happened and what we wanted to happen.
It shocked both of us to find out we’d been harboring feelings for one another for at least a year. We’d also each chosen careers in the military even though we were both well aware we were gay.
Patrick’s hand waving in front of my face brought me out of my memories.
“Where did you go, babe?”
“Sorry, darlin’, I was just remembering the first time I gave you a blow job.”
A smile reappeared on his face. “Mmmm, I remember that well.”
“Me too. How about a do-over?” I asked with a cheeky grin.
“Sounds like a plan.”

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luv in military
Written by kitkat on 20th Apr 2018

i love reding this book itbis soo cute. i also hope they thwy will tell. instesd of keepin it s aeckrey.

This is a great short read
Written by Michelle Bowman on 20th Apr 2018

This is a great short read. Its all about Jason and Patrick being tired of hiding their relationship. Even though the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy was repealed they know that they will still face opposition when they come out to their co-workers. After all the military is full of people who don't approve of homosexuality. However after living in secret for 10 years they are ready to let everyone know that they are in love. And realize that quite a few people already expected. For such a short story I was very entertained. You could really tell how much he guys loved each other and get a little feel of what a gay person in the military might face. **Free copy provided for an honest review** For more reviews visit welovekink(dot)com

Short, sweet and lovely
Written by Kimberly Roberts on 20th Apr 2018

Very well done novella that tells the story of two military men who are finally able to marry after the repeal if "don't ask, don't tell".

Top2Bottom Book Reviews
Written by Top2Bottom on 24th Apr 2013

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a delightful short story! I adored this couple! Jason and Patrick are so beautiful together, you’ll find yourself rooting for them to have all they have dreamed for and growling at anyone to tries to oppose them. For a short story Don’t Ask Don’t Tell packs a whole lot of hot loving, and a whole lot of tenderness between these two wonderful men! I do wish the book had been longer, but if you’re in the mood for a hot, short read this is definitely the book for you!

A lovely read from a wonderful author.
Written by Aine @ House Millar on 11th Apr 2013

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a sexy short by Melissa Kendall in which we travel along side Sgts. Jason Holt and Patrick Wentworth as they find their way through coming out post DADT. This story is well written with characters that draw you in and make you care about them and the emotional rollercoaster of coming out, not just to friends and family, but to the ARMY as well. This is a H O T, emotional read that while short, stays with you long after the last page. It also guides us through the fear that many gays in the military have suffered even after the repeal of DADT. A lovely read from a wonderful author.