Dragon King's Prize by Angelique Voisen

Heat Level 3
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Leon is an anomaly, born to a family of hunters who believe all shifters need to die. When his family goes too far and uses a young dragon shifter as bait, Leon is forced to make the greatest mistake…or best decision of his life. Saved by an Alpha dragon, Leon wonders if Rashik is his captor or the one man he’s been searching for all his life.

Dragon King Rashik has been on the search for a stolen hatchling. He never expected to find a tasty and defiant human with steel in his spine. Humans hunt his kind for sport, yet Rashik can’t deny his attraction. Leon might be different but claiming the human could shift the balance in his clan. 

Regardless of the consequences, Rashik is king for a reason. Once he sets his sights on Leon, Rashik will do anything to claim him.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“I can smell your arousal, human. See your dick straining against your jeans. You think you’re flawed because you don’t think the same way your old tribe did, because you desire me.”

“I don’t desire you.” Once the words left his lips, Leon knew they were a lie.

Rashik laughed. How could the sound be seductive, music to Leon’s ears? If Rashik wasn’t a dangerous predator and didn’t hold Leon and the life of his baby dragon in his hands, Leon would certainly be attracted to the man.

He’s my enemy. I can’t afford to fall for him. There’s too much at stake.

He kept repeating the mantra in his head. If he drilled those words, he could cover the truth up. It worked in the past. But was Rashik his enemy? His own family would shoot him in the head for helping one baby dragon escape, for hindering their mission. Rashik had given him a chance. To be fair, the part about having his eyes torn out wasn’t exactly something he looked forward to. But this deal gave Leon a new reason to live.

“Liar.” Rashik flung that single word out with such confidence, it made Leon quietly seethe.

“Prove it.” 

Rashik’s pupils changed from green to yellow.

Oh shit.

Leon winced, expecting a blow, the feel of fangs on his neck, ready to rip his throat apart. Would he die before he could help the dragon baby? He didn’t even know her name.

Rashik didn’t do any of those things. He did something worse. Angling Leon’s face for a kiss, the dragon Alpha went in for the kill, pulling their lips together. The kiss was rough, insistent, and utterly mind-blowing. Leon completely melted. He knew he should keep his hands still, but once he touched hard golden skin, he couldn’t stop. 

No other man had ever kissed Leon like this or sparked something so fierce and passionate inside him.

Just as Rashik initiated the unexpected kiss, the dragon shifter ended it, leaving Leon wanting.

“This is going to be an interesting week, little human.” 

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Written by Mistletoe on 8th Jun 2017

All his life Leon just tried to survive. Living in the shadow of his father, the mighty paranormal hunter, was not always a good thing especially when he did not believe in his father’s ideals. Leon always believed that the shifters had just as much right to be in this world as the humans did. When Leon goes against his father and the other hunters by saving a baby dragon he finds himself under the protection of the dragon king. Just what will happen to Leon now that he is among the dragons. Is he safe or has he just traded one prison for another one? Leon’s story grabs you right from the start. He leads a hard life living amongst the hunters and believing that the shifters have a right to live. Being beaten and ostracized, Leon takes one last chance to do one thing right in his life and that decision leads him to Rashik and his dragons. From the very beginning the two feel something going on between them and they must figure out just where they each stand. I enjoyed watching the two find their way to each other and their happy ever after. They live in a world that is divided yet the two men find a way to come together and fight for what is right. Not only do we get to see Rashik and Leon’s relationship build but we also get to see Leon grow and find himself as he fights to protect the baby dragon. There are those that are full of hate in every race and Leon finds that he must be on guard at all times. Love and trust are key to Leon and Rashik’s relationship and the two must realize when to let their guard down and let that love and trust in. The author weaves and intriguing story full of adventure and emotions. I quickly found myself engrossed in their story and as with any good book it left me wanting to return and see more from this world and its characters.

Jofully Jay
Written by Veronica on 6th Mar 2017

Leon lives in a post-apocalyptic Earth centuries after the evolution of shifters of all types. His father, whose disappointment in Leon is only eclipsed by his ruthlessness, is a famous shifter hunter/killer. Their band of hunters takes refuge with another militant group in the remains of a ruined skyscraper. Leon hears the wails of a captured young dragon shifter being used as bait to draw adult dragons near for the kill. Leon’s so sickened by the depravity, he rushes the rooftop to save the creature, and gets caught in the crossfire. His father disowns him as a traitor, and the young he rescues won’t leave the scene without Leon. King Rashik isn’t best pleased about having a Hunter human in his keep—but he needed to save Liv, the tiny mutilated young his tribe had thought lost. Now, to assuage the ire of his fellow dragons he makes a bargain: Leon must aid Liv to return to her human state in the next two weeks, or they will both be banished. Not only that, Liv will be feral if she remains in her dragon form longer, and Leon will forfeit his eyesight if they are banished—to protect the location of the dragon lair. So, it’s pretty tense, and only gets more so when Rashik recognizes that he’s drawn to Leon as a fated mate. But, it’s not going to be easy; few of the dragons want a human in their midst, and some are aggressive and intent about disposing of Leon and probably-feral Liv without delay. This is an interesting shifter story, especially the enemies-to-lovers aspect. I’ve read some dragon shifter stories, but the post-apocalypse setting made this one unique, to me. I really felt for Leon; he’s suffered his dad’s cruelty and won’t allow Liv to be thrown away like he was. I loved how Leon stood up for Liv, even against Rashik. The romance between Rashik and Leon is a little fast—with such a compressed time frame we really only get lust and hints of esteem. That’s not out of the ordinary for fated-mates romance, but I wished we’d had a little more time for a relationship bond to build. This is a novella, and it did a good job of relating a dark and dangerous world with moments of love, family and heroism.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Emma on 4th Feb 2017

“Dragon King's Prize” is a short but very entertaining shifter story. Leon and Rashik are appealing characters. Leon's courage and sense of right and wrong make him the classic underdog. Rashik has a strong code of honor that allows his attraction to a human to grow. The baby dragon ties the whole story together. It was touching and exciting tale of love, hate and redemption. There is fast paced action, passionate longing and a race to save a little girl. Great story and the perfect length for an afternoon break. Leon has been a disappointment to his family all his life. When his shifter hating father uses a baby dragon as bait for the adults, Leon knows he has to help. In freeing the baby, he becomes the prisoner of King Rashik. His life hangs in the balance even as Rashik fights his attraction to human.

Great quick read
Written by Kindle Customer on 10th Nov 2016

Wonderful spin on the world after civilization fell from shifter-human fighting. This well written short story had action, emotions and romance and a HEA. This was the first story I have read by Ms. Voisen but I will look for more of her work.