Elijah: The Boss's Gift by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Deadly Duet, 3

Elijah is a dangerous man. He deals with the Deadly Duet in between raising his teenage daughter. One night he’s called to a warehouse where a special gift awaits him. She’s blonde, beautiful, and a survivor. He gives her an ultimatum. She can come with him and live or he’ll kill her. 

In the wrong place at the wrong time, Cherry has no desire to die. She sees a lifeline in Elijah and would rather go with him than risk an even worse fate. Once in his world, Cherry sees a whole new side to the deadly man. 

Their relationship takes a sudden turn. She becomes Elijah’s in every sense of the word. Passion drives them, need fuels them, but neither of them could have prepared for the change in their lives. However, Elijah’s gift is about to be taken from him. Someone wants his crown, and if taking Cherry gets them what they want, they’ll do exactly that. It’s a race against time to save the woman he loves. 

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, spanking



“I should be going to bed.” She placed the music player on top of the table. When she bent down Elijah got a clear view of her large tits. It had been so damn long since he’d fucked a woman. He spent nights imagining the slide of his cock inside a nice warm cunt. The only problem he had was Cherry was the woman he imagined. She was too damn young, had been through so fucking much, and he didn’t like younger women. They came with problems. He liked women who knew their own minds, who were not going to freak out at him when he slid his dick in their ass.

The heat built inside him. He couldn’t control his need, and from the flush of her cheeks, the hard bud of her nipples, neither could Cherry.

“You gave me one condition, Cherry.” He stepped around the table and stopped once he was in front of her. “I never break my word.” Elijah stared into her bright blue eyes, and need simply hit him. Reaching out, he cupped her face. The moment she told him to stop, he’d stop, but until then, he needed to have a little taste of her sweetness. Leaning in close, his breath brushed across her face as did hers across his. He smelled the soda she’d been drinking.


“Tell me to stop.”

She closed her lips, grabbing onto his arms as he closed the distance. He was only going to brush his lips across hers, a simple kiss, but nothing in his life was ever simple. What started out as an innocent kiss, a touch of lips, became something fierce. He gripped her face hard as he slammed his tongue deep into her mouth. She moaned, opening up her lips for his touch. Sinking inside, he tasted her, and she was so fucking exquisite.

Sliding his hand down from her cheek, he gripped her throat, feeling her rapidly beating pulse. He didn’t want to let her go. She squeezed his arms a little tighter, yet she didn’t push him away. In fact, she held him a little tighter. Moving his hand from her throat, he glided down to caress her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard buds. Stroking his finger over the hard peaks, he groaned. Touching her tits was not enough.

Pulling away from the kiss, he gripped the neckline of her shirt, and with a tug, he yanked it open, teasing the fabric until it hung off her arms.

Cherry gasped, pushing the ruined shirt from her shoulder. She wore a sexy as hell lace red bra.

Her curves were on full display. Reaching out, he slid his hand around her thick waist. She didn’t push him away or tell him to stop. Staring into her eyes, Elijah forced himself to talk to her.

“You can stop this at any time. I’m not going to fuck you against your will.”

He watched as her fingers went back to his arm. The way she gripped him, he didn’t know if she was going to pull him closer or push him away. She licked her lips once again.

She didn’t argue with him. Her hand slid up to the back of his neck, and she pulled him down against her. 

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Elijah and Cherry are awesome together!
Written by Angie on 24th Feb 2015

Elijah wasn't the guy that I had previously thought he was. He was kinder, but hid it. Elijah was very protective of his daughter and Cherry after he met her. Cherry didn't have a good life growing up, but she overlooked that to make her life better. These two realize that they are attracted to each other and can't keep fighting it. These two are good for each other and I really enjoyed seeing Elijah become a better person for his family.

Sam Crescent delivers again!!!!,
Written by Debbie on 18th Feb 2015

Sam Crescent delivers again! She has a talent for telling a story and I wasn't sure in would like the first book in the deadly duet series but here I am on the third book and they just keep getting better. The first was awesome but they just keep getting better! A must read!!!

Written by D.Briody-Buccella on 18th Feb 2015

review is from: Elijah: The Boss's Gift (Deadly Duet Book 3) (Kindle Edition) Omg Elijah is my favorite by far... Hot dayum, dominant, dangerous, possessive, caring, loving and SMOKING SEXY HOT HOT HOT This was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC

Even a very bad guy can get a good girl
Written by Porchia Gilbreath on 9th Feb 2015

This is book 3 in the series, you can read them as stand alone or in order, I recommend in order. Elijah is HOT!!! You get a glimpse of his character in books 1 & 2, I am so glad she gave him his own story. Cherry is in the wrong place at the wrong time luckily for her she is given to Elijah. I could not put this story down. It is hot, edgy and keeps you wanting more. Even a bad guy deserved a happy ending. Happy Hot Reading.

A Great Read
Written by Elizabeth Clinton on 8th Feb 2015

Once again another great read from Sam Crescent. Elijah is the ultimate Alpha male with a soft side. And that soft side comes in the way of his daughter and Cherry. Cherry is a struggling nursing student in the wrong place at the wrong time. When Elijah is presented with a ''gift'' in Cherry all he sees is a complication but as time passes he can't deny the attraction and one thing leads to another and he will do nothing to stop bringing happiness in her once hard life. If you are looking for a book that will bring you a Strong Alpha male, Romance and family. Thus is one you want to read

Love It
Written by Amazon Customer on 7th Feb 2015

Thanks for a great book. It had a perfect ending to the three books I love this series of books thank you

A Must Read!
Written by L. Sims "Linda" on 7th Feb 2015

Elijah first appeared in the Deadly Duet books, I'm so pleased the author decided to give him his own story. When Elijah is called to a warehouse by a man he does business with, there's a gift waiting for him. A young woman, if he doesn't want her they are going to kill her. With no other option Elijah takes Cherry home. Elijah has a 15 year old daughter Mindy whom he has brought up by himself since his wife died giving birth to her. Mindy immediately takes to Cherry. There's a spark of attraction between Elijah and Cherry but she's only 20 to his 39. I loved this story everything about it was well done from the plot to the characters. I especially liked Elijah he's a bad man with a touch of vulnerability about him, there's plenty of hot and heavy scenes as well. I even liked the cover. A recommended read

Probably the best in the Deadly Duet series so far...
Written by JKI on 6th Feb 2015

...in my opinion. Sam Crescent is sort of hit or miss for me, I admit. It's just personal preference. There is sometimes just too much anx in her writing... the '?Playboy's baby?' or whatever the title of that book being one of my least favorite, for example. Hated that "Hero." I did not really fully buy - want? - the HEA in that one. I really liked Elijah and Cherry. They are two strong characters that need and find each other. They both have pasts that need some putting to rest but they manage with a bit of help from each other. The love/sex scenes were hot. Checking in with the other 'Deadly' males was good. The only slightly downside was that it could have been slightly less pat - more? The twins bothered me - such a small scene but... Why were they living together? It made the whole scene easier... but... It just seemed less than believable at their supposed age. This part just really stuck with and bothered me for some reason. And Cherry should have interacted with some characters other than Elijah and his daughter. Just to round out her character a bit more. This is all relatively small though. The story really was fun. And sweet. With a bit of an edge.

Sam Crescent at her absolute best
Written by Deborah on 6th Feb 2015

I loved this book, once I started I just couldn't put it down. As we know from the previous books Elijah is a dangerous man, he's widowed with a fifteen year old daughter Mindy and while sorting out a deal Elijah is gifted Cherry if he doesn't take her he knows she'll be killed but will suffer beforehand so he's left with no real choice. Since the death of his wife Elijah has raised Mindy single handed plus security of course and he's done a fabulous job but there's no substitute for a female presence and that's what Cherry provides and Mindy latches onto her. The relationship between the girls comes about naturally and we know it's only a matter of time before Elijah and Cherry find their way to each other. Another thing I liked was Cherry, she'd been through so much and maybe as a result of that she was so level headed, no unnecessary drama, tantrums or escape attempts she was a really good character and I also liked that Elijah loved his wife, it's so easy in books like these to paint the previous relationship in a bad light and I appreciated that this wasn't the case here, he just slowly moved on. For me this was the best of this series while I really enjoyed 'Fear the Boss' and 'The Scarred One' I loved this.

This is a defintely keeper
Written by Annie on 5th Feb 2015

The author totally knocks it out of the park.. The story was hot, sweet, and not angsty. I will be re-reading this one over and over again; the book was all about the couple. I have to say, I kept waiting on the h to do something stupid (to artificially shake up the plot)....I was happy that none of the typical scenarios were used to add friction in the relationship. Well done, well done!!

A great read!
Written by Romantic Bookaholic on 5th Feb 2015

This was a great third book of the series!! The story flowed and you really connect to the characters. The ending action seemed a little rush but overall, I really enjoyed this book!!! Everything that author Sam Crescent writes is amazing!!

Written by Rhonda on 5th Feb 2015

Oh wow! This was such an awesome book. I love this series, even though it was suppose to only be two books. Sam never fails to make my day with her stories.

the best one yet!!!!
Written by Jannette on 5th Feb 2015

Loved it!!!! I really enjoyed reading this story! Cherry is a strong woman and a survivor. And Eli is an amazing alpha male!! Hot hot hot! Press buy!!!

Written by Srj on 5th Feb 2015

I loved this book. It was sad to read about her past. However I loved read their story. Really good read.

Elijah..Passion in Spades with a bit of Tough and Rough thrown in..
Written by B. Pinkerton on 4th Feb 2015

Another great story from Sam. This is a great addition to the Deadly Duets series - it has it all - Passion, HOT Sex and a bit of violence thrown in (he is a Bad Boy after all). He's brutal and mean and protects the ones he loves. His love for his daughter Mindy is great to see, he has to be home in time for Dinner every Friday, and then Cherry enters the picture. She starts off as a 'gift' to Elijah but that that soon changes. The story and characters are well written and sucks you in, as you have to know what happens next. If you enjoyed the previous two, definitely buy this one!