Forbidden Stowaway by Arabella Sheen

Heat Level 3
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What was it Captain Crowe had said? ‘No woman could pack her trunks in time to sail on the morning tide.’ Well, she was about to prove him wrong.

The Honorable Olivia Trevillion has burnt her bridges. The moment she sets foot on board Captain Luke Crowe’s merchant ship, she knows the elite of society will no longer see her as a respectable woman.

She must choose between saving her brother and saving her good name, and there is no doubt in her mind about what she has to do … even if it means surrendering her innocence to Luke.

Is a journey of illicit discovery with Luke too much of a sacrifice to make for those she loves?

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“Staying with me in my cabin would cause a stir among the crew. They might come to believe you are my mistress,” Luke said.

“Let them think what they like. As long as you know I am not your mistress or your doxy, then there is nothing to be concerned about. Captain, I’ve already accepted the fact that I have lost my good name, so you may be easy on that point. If being with you means my reputation is tarnished, but it enables me to find my brother, then so be it. But there is still the problem of having only one bed,” Olivia protested.

“Then here’s an offer for you to consider. Perhaps you should think of sharing my bed as the price you will have to pay for stowing away on board my ship.”

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Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 22 ratings)
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Great read
Written by Samantha H on 31st Oct 2023

Great read. Well-developed characters. Easy to follow storyline with low drama. Would highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to pass a couple of hours.

Forbidden Stowaway!
Written by Mary on 4th Jul 2023

This is a good historical romance on the open seas. The story is fairly short and quick with likable characters. This is Olivia and Luke's story. She is on a mission to find and save her missing brother. She sneaks on board Luke's ship after being told no. Things getting interesting, fun and steamy.

Loved romance going through this book.
Written by kathryn m on 4th Jul 2023

Arabella Sheen does a great job in creating unique characters. They worked well in the historical setting. The plot worked well with the characters and I enjoyed reading this.

Forbidden stowaway
Written by Nate on 4th Jul 2023

I liked Luke and Olivia’s book. It was an entertaining read. Good characters. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Steamy sailing ahead
Written by Rose S, on 4th Jul 2023

Well written, fast paced reading. Full of drama, adventure, steam and lots of excitement. Does not have an true ending but leaves you with lots of unanswered questions. Hopefully there will be a next book to finish all these questions. Olivia brother's ship is taken by pirates and she wants to help find him, last place was in America. Luke is the Captain who doesn't recognize her as she was just a young girl when he saw her last with Joseph. After telling her no, she sneaks aboard the ship where to keep her safe, he tells his crew that she is his wife. Has some steamy scenes between them, just would have liked a better ending of more of the story. Would recommend this story.

Written by Danee on 4th Jul 2023

For all fans who love historical novels, this is one you must read. It's an easy story that flows smoothly. Good storyline with enough drama and steam.

Quick read This was a good quick read. Only thing is that I felt the story ended a bit abruptly. I really liked the characters and was hoping for more.
Written by ANG27 on 4th Jul 2023

This was a good quick read. Only thing is that I felt the story ended a bit abruptly. I really liked the characters and was hoping for more.

great read
Written by hgrainger88 on 4th Jul 2023

a wonderful story. Olivia had to save her brother and Luke helps her and they have a strong attraction. this was a page turner

Quick and enjoyable romance
Written by Lys on 4th Jul 2023

I liked the two main characters, Olivia and Luke. They are quickly attracted to one another, and it is well described. Following this initial attraction, the relationship moves too fast. So many questions remain unanswered. A good but too brief story.

Luke & Olivia
Written by Babs on 4th Jul 2023

" The Honorable Olivia Trevillion has burnt her bridges. The moment she sets foot on board Captain Luke Crowe’s merchant ship, she knows the elite of society will no longer see her as a respectable woman" I liked this statement. The short story is well written with a very good storyline. I know I will read again. This is a new Author to me, I will be looking to read more by her. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 4th Jul 2023

This is the first book I've read written by Arabella Sheen; I can’t wait to read more of her books. She has written a good short story. The story is about Olivia & Luke; she’s out to save her brother. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

A very Victorian seduction and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 4th Jul 2023

This book had a lot of steam and some really good characters. The chemistry between Luke and Olivia was apparent from the get go and as the book progresses turns into a very steamy romance with the guaranteed HEA.

Really good book
Written by Bobby's Dark Angel on 4th Jul 2023

I really enjoyed this read very good story line very well written a real page turner very good novel

To save her brother, Olivia will sail with Luke,, his friend, throwing her reputation away
Written by Yvette99 on 4th Jul 2023

Olivia sees Captain Luke Crowe as her only hope of rescuing her brother so she stows away on his ship before he sets sail. She doesn't care if her reputation is ruined but maybe Luke does. This is a sexy short read that I enjoyed. I like Olivia's character but I love Luke's character. If you enjoy historical romances, you should definitely give this one a try

Short, sexy and sweet
Written by Polli.P on 4th Jul 2023

High seas and hot passion snake through this novella as Luke's stowaway, Olivia, learns to play the part of his pretend bride. This is an enjoyable, naughty, nautical tale that ended just as it appeared to have begun. Really hope this is part 1 of a much longer series as it has all the right ingredients to be a fantastic adventure.

Luke and Olivia
Written by Bobcat on 4th Jul 2023

Forbidden Stowaway is the first book by Arabella Sheen that I have read. It was an enjoyable quick age-gap read involving Olivia and Luke. When her brother goes missing at sea, Olivia decides an old friend of his and a sea captain may be able to help. Risking her reputation, Olivia stows away on board the ship, despite being told by Luke that it would be improper. Now Luke says they must marry when she never even wanted marriage to anyone! Ending felt more like a HFN rather than a HEA since it was abrupt. Story and characters were still enjoyable.

steamy adventure
Written by jcb on 4th Jul 2023

Determined to find her brother, whose ship was rumored to have been captured by pirates, Olivia approached Captain Luke Crowe. As an old friend of her brother’s, she was so sure that he would take her with him on his ship and together they would find and rescue Joseph. But when he refused, she snuck aboard anyway. And now you have two people, who are very attracted to each other, sharing close quarters. This story is full of sexual tension and steamy encounters. They clearly have a lot to hammer out relationship-wise, but we are left with the hint of things to come.

Luke and Olivia.
Written by Crystal C on 4th Jul 2023

This book was a happy for now story. It was an entertaining book but it kind of left to many questions. Now from what I see there is no other book planned. I will keep watch because I want more closure and questions answered. Where is her brother? Will she find him and get him home before his child is born? What going to happen on the trip? Those are just three of my questions I have a few more. The book is naughty so be for warned. I did receive a free copy of this book from Booksprout and voluntarily chose to review it.

Forbidden Stowaway
Written by Jessica M on 16th Apr 2023

She is on a mission to find her missing brother and he owns the ship that she wants to be on. Except he wouldn’t agree to, so she got on, on a pretext. Their attraction to each other is instant and being in the same cabin leads to explosive encounters. Their relationship blossoms but there is more adventure to face! I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and leaving my review voluntarily.

This was good one
Written by Desiree on 16th Apr 2023

you had a stowaway and captain. This was all i needed and i had to read it. give me some hot historical reads any day of the week. This was good one and had me hooked line over this.

Happy for Now Ending
Written by Lyrica L on 16th Apr 2023

Forbidden Stowaway by Arabella Sheen is an amusing, quick read! It works well as a stand-alone novel and has a little bit of a reversed roles theme starting a 3rd of the way through the book. In the beginning Captain Crowe is a macho man who has worked his way t the top and owns a small fleet of ships. He only likes the best and this theme of him only taking the best circles back at the end by showing just how good, or the best his new Miss Olivia Trevillion is. Miss Olivia Trevillion can only be described as a hellion who bulks at societies rules and doesn't desire marriage. She sneaks aboard Captain Crowes ship and he is anything but mad about it. The pair pretend they are married and talk about a real marriage as they sail on. While this book has a happy for now ending, the main reason the pair got together isn't wrapped up. Was her brother ever found? Did they get married when they reached shore? Maybe there is more to come in a second book.

Starting point
Written by Heidisue on 16th Apr 2023

I am assuming this is the start to a series or a book 1 of a duty as there are many unanswered questions but it was interesting and sexy… even if he was a little forward towards her