His Mafia Princess by April Zyon

Heat Level 4
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Family First, 1

Gregorio Bosco worked his way up the ranks of The Family. He never had trouble killing, selling, or anything he was tasked to do. He'd been trained to take over for Giovanni when he stepped down, but that all changed when Alessandra was taken. She was the only good in his life, and he'd do anything in order to protect her—no matter the cost to anyone around him. 

Alessandra Morello was born into a life that she didn’t understand. She thought she was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, however she learned it was far from the truth. She's pulled into the center of a war with Gregorio as her only constant. Her attraction for the older man has only grown over the years, but can there be a future for them in their twisted world?

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, orgies



Gregorio was pissed off that he had been called to the mansion, again. He had to get a hold of his men, or the Boss wouldn’t let him take over in the timeframe given to them. It wasn’t because of his fuck up, but one of his underlings. The little bastard was dead now. Greg had personally seen to it. No one got away with stealing from the family, not under his watch. Period. Now if only he could get the Boss to agree that times needed to change and the stakes had to be higher so that their family ran even tighter, because the Russians were trying to move in on their turf and usurp their power. It was up to Gregorio as the Boss’s right hand—and eventual heir—to ensure that they died trying instead of taking over the area that they had carved out for themselves.

When he was let into the Boss’s study, he stood loose in front of the man. Gregorio was armed and ready for anything. “You called?”

“Gregorio, take a seat.” The man didn’t pose it as a question, and Gregorio knew it. It was an order. Once he was sitting, the Boss nodded. “I hear you took care of the mistake.” The Boss sneered as he said the last word, as if it were dirty. “And you made an example?”

“Yes, sir. I did. He’s currently hanging with his hands cut off and his gullet filled with molten silver. His silver-filled body was left on the lawn of the Russian Boss’s home, as per your request. We will need to be more careful with our recruits. How this one passed as Italian, I will never know. It was the theft from the small general store that got him. The girl recalled him speaking Russian as he stole from her. She was injured and in the robbery, she remembered our underling because he had come to collect the protection fee two days earlier.”  

Gregorio smiled. It was a smile of pure darkness as he thought of the pain the man suffered. He then tilted his head slightly as he asked the next question.  “You let your daughter leave without a guard?” Gregorio changed the subject to one he really wanted to know. That woman had gotten under his skin and had been there since she was sixteen when he saw her naked in the pool house. That was when he was third in the organization. Gregorio killed the second because he was jacking off to Alessandra. Only he was allowed to even think of her in that capacity, and he ensured that every-fucking-one knew it. Even the Boss knew now that Gregorio had declared himself to the man.

“She plays golf with her friends every Thursday. Her guards are with her. Have you learned more of her mugging?”

“I have.” Another reason Gregorio was angry; he was here when he should be tracking the bastards that hurt her. No one hurt her and lived.

“And?” the Boss asked impatiently.

“One of them is sitting in my basement tied to a chair. I was in the middle of discussing respect with the man when you called.”

“It’s more than respect,” the Boss said angrily. “You would do well to remember respect yourself.”

Gregorio had to bite the inside of his cheek. “Yes, Boss. I’m sorry.” He hated those words because it was a reminder of just how much more Gregorio had to learn. Just saying them had him wanting to kill someone.

“That’s better. You have to remember who you are speaking with at all times. Yes, I have been grooming you to take over, but that’s in the near future. In the meantime, you’ve much to learn, things I had to learn the hard way through trial and error and a lot of blood lost.”

“Thank you, sir.” Those words came from his mouth in a near growl. It wasn’t that Gregorio didn’t appreciate what the Boss was doing for him, but the simple fact was that he was impossibly impatient at times.

“Now, what was offered to Tomas to make him turn from his Family?”

“Half million and the promise of a new life. Beyond that, it was the tie to his long lost relative who was a Russian that we didn’t know about.” He shook his head decisively at that statement.

“The Russians are growing bolder. They are searching out long lost Russians in our family’s men and enforcers. Seems as if we need to work on our own genealogy so we can head these off at the pass when possible.”

“They want what we have. They want the docks. They want the refinery and everything else we have. Everything we’ve worked so hard to get.”

“That I worked so hard to get. That my Father worked so hard to get. Don’t forget, Gregorio, you are only being groomed because I didn’t have a son but a daughter. One that I would kill for and one that will never know the reality of her life.”

Greg knew the truth though. The old man had twin sons that were older than Alessandra, but they were born from his whore so they would never hold any sort of position of power inside of the organization.

“I agree. She’ll never know the truth of this life. Not as long as I live. That’s my blood vow to you, Boss.” He would give it too, his blood to keep Alessandra safe, to keep her pure and to keep her out of this life.

He was going to say something else when the doors opened. Gregorio was on his feet with his weapon drawn on reflex.

The man who stood in the doors literally pissed his pants. “I’m sorry, Boss, but we got a note you have to read.”

“Bring it.”

Gregorio holstered his weapon and watched. He was curious about what would have anyone daring to open the door when he and the Boss were in a conference. No one but Alessandra dared do such a thing. She would breeze in when they were planning war and not realize what she walked in on.

When the Boss stood fast enough to send his chair flying behind him, Gregorio knew it had to involve Alessandra. She was the only one that would garner that sort of reaction in the man. “Those fucking bastards!” The Boss yelled out his frustration. “Get everyone here.” He looked at Gregorio. “Someone took Alessandra. Took her in the middle of a crowded lunch at the Country Club.”

Gregorio saw red. He shook in his fury. “Who?” He spoke to the man that brought the note. “Where are her guards?”

“They were found in their cars, both with holes in their foreheads. Whoever did this made it personal. They wanted these men to see who killed them.”

“Boss?” Gregorio waited for his orders to find the woman that held both of their hearts.

“Go. Find her. Take her to safety. I’m done with these Russian bastards on our turf.”

“You calling a war?”

“They did when they took her,” the Boss said as he pulled his weapons from his desk. 

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The TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 26th Oct 2016

Oh, a mafia romance! I haven’t read one of these in a while. Gregorio has no problem living in his dark world of killing. His one ray of light is Alessandra and when she’s kidnapped, he will do anything to get her back unharmed. Hello dark and dirty! This book really hits those marks. I like how dark Gregorio is but also that with Alessandra he seems to grow and open up. It makes for great character development. Alessandra is a little more naive and clueless about the world around her. Once she does find out, I find it comes of realistic and I fell for her too. As the plot unfolds these two come together in smoking hot sex. Yeah, very hot. Yeah, very sexy. This is the first book in the Family First series and I’m looking forward to the next! ​ His Mafia Princess, is dark and dirty in all the right places!

just proves to how deep their love is. This is a hot book that shows ...
Written by Karen DiGaetano on 29th Aug 2016

Greg has only one weakness. She has been his weakness from practically the first time he ever saw her when she was too young for anyone to notice her. He killed men for seeing her naked. In most books, that would cause me some alarm. But this is a book about the Mafia. So, that act actually is romantic. The fact that Alessandra has wanted him about as long as he wanted her and knowing what he is a part of and what he has done, just proves to how deep their love is. This is a hot book that shows that even Mobsters can find love too.

His Mafia Princess
Written by Tracie on 26th Aug 2016

4.5 Stars His Mafia Princess is Captivating!! What happens when somebody kidnaps the daughter of the Mafia Mob Boss and destined bride of its future leader?? Be sure to grab your copy of His Mafia Princess and find out!!! I love this book and found myself buried deep within the pages from beginning to end. I will definitely be waiting on release day for the next installment of this series.

His Mafia Princess is a Hit!
Written by KnottyGirl Reviews on 25th Aug 2016

I am a big fan of April Zyon's, so when I saw she had a new series out, I figured, "Why not?" Ok, that's a lie, I jumped on it like a high school quarterback on a cheerleader. And I'm happy to report it was well worth it. His Mafia Princess is the first book in the Family First series, and it's a bit different than April's usual faire, but it doesn't disappoint in the least. She does a wonderful job with the tale of a mafioso's daughter and her relationship with his second-in-command, who is primed to take over the whole operation. Allesandra mistakenly believes that her father is a sweet old man who runs an import/export business. But she is attracted to the dangerous guy that works for him, Gregorio, who she has had a thing for since the tender age of 8 when he was 20. Both her father and Gregorio have kept her in the dark about the fact that her father is the head of the italian mob. After the russian mob kidnaps her to send a message, war has been declared. And Gregorio stakes his claim on Les. The action only gets better from here my Knotty friends. You don't want to miss what happens next. This is truly a 5 steamy hot Orgasm read!

loved it
Written by Natalie Kirkland on 24th Aug 2016

Omg this book was amazing i cant wait for more

Hot, hot, hot!!!!
Written by Rhonda on 23rd Aug 2016

This is a whole new genre for April Zyon and I must say I really enjoyed it. It's gritty, raunchy and dirty, something I like at the moment. Gregorino is being groomed to take over for Alessandra father, Giovanni but when she is kidnapped by their enemies, Gregorino goes a little crazy. Unbeknown to anyone, Alessandra is his weakness and he will do whatever it takes or kill whoever he needs to to get her back. The story is gritty and doesn't shy away from what "the Family" is about. I do sense several other stories here in the biker clubs and with Gregorino's friends. As for Alessandra, she has no clue what her father really does for a living and when she finds out, it stuns her. She's a very strong woman though and learns to deal with it. When the two of them finally get together, WOW!!! It's explosive and so hot, I thought my Kindle would burst into flames. Needless to say, I think April Zyon has a new hit series on her hands and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next story.

Zyon has done in the past but I must say I enjoyed where she took us
Written by Amazon Customer on 23rd Aug 2016

This is a bit grittier than Ms. Zyon has done in the past but I must say I enjoyed where she took us. Gregorio is by no means a "good" guy. He has done things that are less than legal and by his own words enjoys it. That is not to say that he is in any way psychotic because he isn't. He just does his job. But Allessandra is his weakness. She has caused him to change a bit in order to be better without even trying. She is unaware of the world she has grown up in and while she can accept it with the man she has always loved, she struggles to accept it of her father. Although I think that has more to do with a sense of betrayal more than anything else. Having said that I really enjoyed the struggle Gregorio has in accepting that Allessandra means more than just a body to him. Ms. Zyon did not shy away from the nastier aspects of Gregorio's life but she also did not focus on the gory. Gregorio has a family of sorts and she focused on those connections. I could see many a characters who I wanted Ms. Zyon to give us a happily ever after for. This story is classic Ms. Zyon but with an edgier twist. It was a wonderful quick read and I can't wait to see where she will go next in this darker new world.

Not safe to read at work! Excellent book.
Written by Amazon Customer on 22nd Aug 2016

Wow! That's all I can say. I just bought this book about three hours ago and read it through. It's a hot read, actually had me fanning myself at one point and hunting down my boyfriend. Tye book is very well written, intriguing and it's something very new from this author. It was a bit edgier and darker but not as taboo as I had thought it would be. I really hope that Ms Zyon gives Giovanni (the heroines father) a story one day perhaps, along with Gregorio's second in command, Antonio. I also can see Ms Zyon maybe doing a spin off series for the bikers that are in this book at one point as well because they were hinted at strongly and pricked my interest for sure. Well done, Ms Zyon. Kudos to you.