In His Sights by Laura M. Baird

Heat Level 3
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Shifter Clans, 1

Intelligence analyst Charity Masters is raising her niece after the death of her brother. If that isn’t enough to up-end her world, she’s pulled into a government project involving shifters, and a handsome distraction in the form of tempting hawk shifter, Mason. Although her strong personality has kept men at a distance, will she allow Mason close enough to appreciate the woman inside?

As clan leader of his Native American tribe, Mason Wegi wants to ensure their relationship with the government remains beneficial but well-contained. While focusing on a project involving human and shifter DNA experimentation, not only will he have to safeguard his people, but that of the alluring and willful beauty, Charity.

Will two people from different worlds come together for their happily-ever-after?



“Are you all right?”


Charity gasped as she reacted on instinct, rolling once again and springing up, preparing for…


Always priding herself for being prepared for the unknown, Charity certainly wasn’t prepared to come face to face with a gorgeous man on a trail in Sierra Vista. As she straightened to her full height of five feet ten inches, the man still towered above her by at least half a foot. With her back to the sun, she could see his features clearly, and what she saw nearly stole her breath.


Raven hair framed his lean face, falling well below his shoulders. Topaz eyes shined brightly as his brow knitted with worry, even while his luscious mouth hinted at a smile causing his tanned skin to crinkle at the corners. Muscled arms relaxed at his sides. A rusty orange t-shirt covered his chest, stretched across clearly defined shoulders and pecs. Gray athletic pants encased his legs and he wore running shoes dusty from the dirt, looking like they got good use.




Charity blinked several times while trying to clear the haze in her head as she met his stare. “I’m fine now, thank you.”


While the man scanned her body, he asked, “Did you take a tumble? Are you sure you’re all right?”


Charity looked down at the dust and debris on her clothing, and tried to swipe herself clean. Her white tank top and red running shorts weren’t any worse for wear, but a few scrapes on her left leg got her attention. She removed the bandana around her head, allowing her long blonde hair to fall free and curtain around her as she bent forward to wipe at the cuts. When she peered up at the man again, she saw his concentrated gaze continuing to scan her.


“Are you sure you don’t need medical attention?” he asked, his voice gruff.


Charity straightened. “No, really, thank you. I nearly had a close encounter with a rattlesnake but was saved by a hawk. It was, uh, well it all happened rather quickly, stunning me. I’m not far from home, so I’ll be fine.”


“If you’re sure.”


The tenor of his voice and the note of care had her warming, and not from the overhead sun. Once again she mentally shook herself as she finger-combed her hair and twisted it back up, securing it with her bandana. When she met the stranger’s gaze, his eyes snapped from her chest to her eyes, and she swore she saw a blush sweep over his cheeks.


When the man cleared his throat, he offered an introduction. “I’m Mason, Mason Wegi.” The sound of his name was like putting a ‘W’ in front of egg and adding ‘ee’. “I was just out for a run myself. I certainly didn’t expect to come across a fair maiden in distress. Not that I’m complaining.”

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Great Series Starter
Written by tburbr on 11th Oct 2022

This was a great start to a new series. I found the character work and story line to be well written and entertaining. I can't wait to see where this series takes us.

Paranormal romance with BA heroine and hero who lets her be BA
Written by Renap on 13th Sep 2022

I actually really loved the heroine. I liked that she was a B.A. veteran who was injured in combat, g=highly intelligent, older (mid thirties), and able to kick butt and take no crap from males. I loved that she has good instincts and knows when things aren't right and is able to rely on training despite having a prosthetic. She is also the sole guardian of her niece who she has such a sweet relationship. The hero is a hawk shift and also Native American (nice to have a non-white hero) who's tribe/ flock is also heavily invested in NETCOMM; whom the heroine's brother used to work for. She is recruited for her data analyst/coding expertise to work on the same project as her brother. Right away Charity realizes something is not right and that many of the people who were working on this project have died under some very mysterious circumstances including her brother. Her supervisor is always in her business and rushing her to figure out the mysterious code her brother left behind and on top of that handsome Mason is somehow involved in the shady deaths of shifters from his tribe. Can both of them figure this out and somehow still get it on? A great mix of romance, heat, intrigue, and thriller aspects. The villain is pretty obvious from the beginning but the circumstances surrounding what is going on is where the twist is FINALLY there is a heroine who is able to save herself!!!!! I thought the circumstances that led up to Charity joining NETCOMM were a little thin especially since that sort of code cracking wasn't her specialty it made more sense for her to crack code based on the programs in the lab *(which she does); I suppose makes sense why the niece was the key, and the discovery and ending did seem a little rushed. All in all enjoyed the book.

In His Sights
Written by Vivian C on 13th Sep 2022

This story is the first in a new series. It is also the first book I have read by this author. I was very impressed with both the story and the author. Will definitely be looking for book 2.

In his sights.
Written by Loubie73 on 13th Sep 2022

Oooooooooo so good! Don't know quite where to start if I'm honest. I loved everything about this book. It's not often a new series or author grabs my attention so quickly or so completely but this book is bloody brilliant. Read it for yourself, you will have the same opinion as me when you reach the last page. Couldn't out it down.

In His Sights!
Written by Mary on 13th Sep 2022

This is the first story in the "Shifters Clans" story. I can be read as a stand alone story but does have some connected characters and fight to stop bad people and experiments. This story sucked me in from the very beginning and I was hooked until the very. The story is about Charity and Mason. She is a strong women who has survived a life altering injury and now is raising her niece. She has not let her injury or the loss of her brother stop her. Mason is a hawk shifter who has been watching her and rescues her. Now they are working on a project together. The sparks fly from the minute they meet. I love these two! He is so wonderful to her and even to little Leah. The story is fairly short with some drama, suspense, mystery, passion, love and danger. I enjoyed this one so much that I cannot wait to read the next story about Brennon.

Great read
Written by LBing on 13th Sep 2022

This was a great start to a new series by a new-to-me author. The characters were fantastic - both the main characters, Mason and Charity, and also the side characters. We have mysterious deaths that need to be solved, a code to be broken, bad guy to sort out and a cute kid that was pretty integral to the story. The chemistry between Mason and Charity was off the charts and their romance was along the insta-love theme - but I expect that in these shorter reads with shifters. Altogether, I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to diving into the next book :D

Is Charity ready for her world to be changed?
Written by Nicole Potter on 13th Sep 2022

What a fantastic book. I had an absolute blast reading this book & would recommend it to anyone who who loves a shifter romance with some mystery/intrigue thrown. Charity, an intelligence analyst, gets asked to work on a secret government project & here her world is rocked as she learns of the existence of shifters. One particular hawk shifter Mason proves to be a distraction is the best kind of way. Can Mason & Charity figure out who is targeting the project before their chance at a HEA is taken away from them? I can't wait to read the next book.

Mason and Charity
Written by casvec on 13th Sep 2022

This was a delightful fast-paced story that keeps you on the edge of your seat with the dangerous twist and suspenseful turns. Mason is a shifter, and Charity is strong vet that is taking care of her niece, together they work together to protect those they love and find the love they have been missing.

Action packed thrill ride and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 31st Aug 2022

This book was amazing from the fast paced unexpected twists and turns to the amazing characters and the world around them. This was pretty much a classic shifter book with the usual stereotypes in effect, but it also included some nasty hate filled humans. The chauvinists of the world are alive and well tearing down one woman at a time. The woman and shifter hating Benjamin became the obvious bad guy as the book moved along, but was overshadowed by the main characters. Mason and his merry band of shifters are hawks which is an unusual choice for shifters as most writers tend to write about wolf shifters, but it was a refreshing difference to see for once. Mason and Charity not only fell into instalove but also instalust. Both of these made the book hard to put down and a very enjoyable read. Looking forward to reading more books by Laura M. Baird!!

worth reading
Written by Di Ketchup on 31st Aug 2022

Wish it was longer but solid plot, could've went deeper into characters past/psyche, and great pace! I would read this again, happy purchase.

Sexy and Intriguing romance
Written by Gidget1116 on 31st Aug 2022

Focused on her work and providing a safe, stable home for her niece Leah after losing Charity's brother. Mason and Charity work together to unravel the puzzling code her brother left behind. This is a wonderful romance and the way the author addresses the injuries that Charity sustained before leaving the military was nice to see. I was also excited to see a hawk shifter and the accompanying culture.

Amazing flight
Written by BecM on 7th Aug 2022

Shifter story with strength, humor, love , steamy romance & family. Loved Mason & his beautiful heart. Charity's independence & strength shined. Enjoyed their coming together with no drama. Suspense was engaging. Great start to a wonderful series I hope

Written by Debs48 on 7th Aug 2022

Lovely little story shape shifters and secret assignments enjoyed the interaction between the characters and of course catching the bad guy and a happy ever after

3.5 stars: Nice read
Written by Kam on 9th Nov 2019

People suspect the government has full knowledge of extraterrestrial beings and is currently experimenting on them. But, what if the government has programs set up to run experiments involving the supernatural world. In His Sights is about such a program. People are using shifter DNA to create super soldiers and Mason, his team, can’t allow that to happen. His clan wants shifters to remain hidden from the human world….with the exception of a few key humans. Charity and Leah, her niece, are two humans under the care of Mason and his tribe. They are assisting him in breaking a code, finding out who’s killing members of his team, and why. Laura, the author, developed a unique cast for In His Sights. Charity: Human, ex-military, coder, amputee, smart, brave, strong, and a loving parent/aunt. Leah: 6-year-old firecracker who has a brilliant mind and a big heart. Mason: hawk-shifter, leader of his clan (Tohono O’odham), protector and respectful of woman. There were more characters, all equally important to the story and the development of the plot. The plot, which sounds very scifi, could actually be plausible if you believe in the supernatural world. Whether you believe in the supernatural world or not, In His Sights is a book worth reading. There are erotic scenes, mystery, shifters, and a HEA. The villain was easy to pinpoint but it was a great story nonetheless.