Lucien's War by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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The Brothers of Menace, 3

She is forbidden, but that doesn't stop Lucien from wanting her...

Lucien Silver is the president of The Brothers of Menace MC. He knows he screwed up three months ago by letting the daughter of the VP of his club stay at his house one night. Callie is young and off limits, and although nothing happened between them, he should have told her father, Kink. Lucien may want Callie desperately, but having her would be a betrayal of Kink and the club.

Callie wants Lucien, and she knows he wants her, too. But being with him would cause bad blood between her dad and Lucien. She doesn't want club relationships ruined, but her feelings for him grow, and Callie knows she can't stay away.

When Kink catches Lucien with Callie together all hell breaks loose. Lifelong friendships are tested, blood is spilled, and anger and pain entwine. Lucien and Callie must decide if being together is worth it all.



“Lucien.” She breathed out his name, feeling her hands tremble even harder now. “I’ve never…” She trailed off, feeling a little embarrassed at her inexperience. She wanted to give him everything he needed as a man, wanted to be able to pleasure him as much as he would surely pleasure her.


“Oh Callie, baby.” He pulled her close, cupped her cheek, and stared into her face. Even in the darkness she saw his nostrils flare and this possessive, dangerous look cover his face. “You’re a virgin?” he almost groaned out.


He asked the question, and she nodded. But it was due to the way he said it, soft and low, and filled with a lot of emotion, that she felt her throat close. Lucien backed her up until the edge of the bed came in contact with the back of her knees. She slowly lowered herself to the bed, and stared up at him. He held onto her chin, tilted her head back, and braced his other hand on the bed as he leaned in close to her face. They breathed the same air for a second, and then he was kissing her again.


“Callie, baby. You’re killing me here,” he said against her mouth, and then groaned out loud. “I’m your first, and I’ll be your fucking last,” he said possessively, fiercely, and she knew without a doubt he was telling the truth. “Your cherry is mine.” He stroked her lips with his tongue, and moved his hand down her chest, over her belly, and rested it on her panties. “Your pussy is mine.” He pulled at her bottom lip with his teeth until she groaned out, and he slipped his hand inside the waistband of her underwear, but didn’t so much as rub her clit. “You are mine.”


She felt that truth deep in her body, and knew without a doubt he meant every word. He took a few steps back, started removing his cut, and then went for his t-shirt. When he was shirtless, and started working at undoing his belt, button, and zipper, she stared at his chest. Hard planes of muscle covered every inch of his broad chest. The large tattoo in the center of his chest was of the Brother of Menace logo. It beckoned her with the temptation of the dark side, the forbidden corner of her life that she had never thought she’d venture to. His arms were covered in ink, all dark and intricate as they told a story. Because she couldn’t help herself, Callie let her eyes travel lower. A line of dark hair started below his navel and made a trail down his rippling abdomen to disappear beneath his pants. The low throb that had been present between her thighs now became a fierce pounding that demanded to be noticed.


“If only you knew what I see when I look at you.” His voice was low and filled with heat. Finished getting undressed, he now stood there completely naked, unashamed or bashful of his nudity, and rock hard for her. “If only you knew that I’d kill anyone that hurt you.” His words were low and deep and held a hell of a lot of threat.



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The Romance Rviews TRR
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 1st Aug 2015

The president of an MC is supposed to be the baddest of all, the one who sets the bar for other members. Eighteen-year-old Callie, the daughter of the club vice president, is ready to head to college, but she's got her eyes on a man her father considers a brother. Author Jenika Snow delivers the third installment in the BROTHERS OF MENACE series with LUCIEN'S WAR. Having already been a fan of this series, I found LUCIEN'S WAR to be a perfect fit. Although it is clear that Lucien is in a war with himself, his sense of honor should be applauded. Callie's character adds a solid love interest who is trying hard to rationalize her feelings for Lucien with what she expects her father will say. Set against a backdrop of a hardcore MC, this story has the right combination of sizzle and spice. Add in some pretty heavy tension and it is a race to see whether duty or honor will beat the power of love. - See more at:

Night Owl Reviews
Written by V. Rainey on 8th Jan 2015

Lucien Silver is the president of The Brothers of the Menace MC, and he is in love with the vice president’s young daughter, Callie. Callie is in love with Lucien as well but each of them have to deal with Callie’s father’s reaction of their relationship. Lucien’s War is the third book in The Brothers of Menace MC series by Jenika Snow. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel. The beginning of the story leaves you interested and wanting to know more. By the end of the first chapter, I could not put the book down. Ms. Snow created a vivid and realistic world and managed to pull me into the story. The pace of the story was a bit fast at some points. I would have liked it more flushed out at some points. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating and genuine. Lucien was very realistic due to all his faults and true heart, while Callie’s youth made an impression. The story is told from Lucien’s perspective, and it was an enjoyable outlook. The main issue of the story was Lucien’s falling in love with Callie, a woman twenty two years younger than himself. I enjoyed seeing how Lucien handled not only his friendship with Callie’s father but his love for Callie. The dialogue between the characters was honest and realistic. Each character had an individual voice that was distinct from the other characters. The ending was a bit predictable but the author takes the reader on a wonderful journey. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future.

Luciens war
Written by kindle customer on 2nd Dec 2014

I really love this author series and the author, I can't wait for the next book. if you haven't read it what are you waiting for??

Written by Barbara Young on 2nd Dec 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed this Book & Loving the series .. The Story is great & the s€x is Hot... Lucien & Callie get through there struggles but not without a Hell of a fight.... Literally .... So Get One Clicking People Find the Answer to this yourself.. :-)

Lucien and Callie,
Written by Deborah on 29th Nov 2014

I've been waiting for Lucien's book since he made his first appearance in the Grizzly MC's, he's always been a charismatic character and I wondered when we'd get his book and who he'd fall for, we found out the who in the last book 'Kinks Way' and it's Callie, Kinks daughter who's only eighteen while Lucien is forty and believing it's wrong he fights it, he tries to stay away from her but that's only delaying the inevitable. I read romance and so I loved this, despite the age difference and the not ideal circumstances it's hard not to love a book where the two lead characters are so much in love that they're prepared to go through anything just to be together, on top of that they're both great characters, I've been a bit in love with Lucien since his first appearance in 'One Night in the Outlaws Bed' I think it was and Callie is lovely and just what he needs. And that is the story here, they fought it, they avoided it, they ignored it but the heart wants what the heart wants and I loved this book.

MC Romance
Written by Kristin Holste "book head" on 27th Nov 2014

Loved it, woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning to read this book. I don't know what it is about the way Jenika writes but I love it. I am not one for long reviews, I mean come on people, buy this series and get going. You will not be let down.

Written by monicarey2005 on 27th Nov 2014

If you know anything about Lucien and Callie from the previous books, you'll know that Lucien is the President of the MC Club Brothers of Menace and Kink, Callie's father, is the VP. If you read Kink's Way, you'll also know that the chemistry between Lucien and Callie was off the charts in the few times they interacted together, and left us all chomping at the bit for their story. Let me tell you, IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT!! While we only saw a little of them together before, now we get them full blast and the sexual chemistry was electric and smoking hot!! I absolutely LOVED how alpha and possessive Lucien was over Callie, but we saw a side to him we had never seen before. But I also loved how sweet and gentle he could be with Callie. I literally felt the angst they both went through, trying to decide how and when to tell Kink about them, and then once he found out, how they felt so torn. And the conversation between Lucien and Kink after Kink finally calmed down gave me chills and left me in tears. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED LUCIEN AND CALLIE'S BEAUTIFUL STORY!! In short, if you haven't read this amazing book, you're SO missing out!!!

amazing story with a lot of heart
Written by ana carrion on 27th Nov 2014

If you love the Brothers of Menace then you are going to love Lucien and Callie story. It shows you that in love, age is only a matter of mind and if you don't mind it doesn't matter. Love has no boundaries of obstacles that you can't pass or conquer. It's an amazing story write with a lot of heart by a great and amazing writer. It has me on edge the whole book. I love it and I'm sure you are going to love it too. JENIKA thanks for the opportunity to read the ARC. It was amazing.

All that and then some
Written by Lisa M on 27th Nov 2014

Oh all that is holy, this book was hot. But then every Jenika Snow book is. Love my MC books and she writes some of the best out there. I had no problem with their age differences. I cant wait for the next book, cant wait to see Cain get his girl and for Lucien and Callie to reappear to see how they are doing. Thanks Jenika

Awesome as Always
Written by Kelly on 27th Nov 2014

Wonderful story! I waited impatiently for Lucien and Callie's story Nd was definitely not disappointed. I can't wait for the next installment!

A Fantastic Read!
Written by Amy Bowens on 27th Nov 2014

Another great hit! Lucien and Callie are so very wrong for each other. So many obstacles, rules, even age, but when they get together it just seems so right between the two. A great addition to the series. Absolutely loved it!

Loved It!
Written by Tory Richards on 27th Nov 2014

Read it straight through! Shorter than I thought it would be but still a good story, everyone deserves happiness and this is mostly a romance that takes place in The Brothers of Menace MC between the president of the club and his VP's daughter. Not a lot of biker drama going on in this one. In spite of the club rules, the age difference, and other complications the author does a great job on showing that you can't help who you love and when you do love someone you'll fight for them at any costs.

Modern day love story of forbidden love between a young woman who ...
Written by Amazon Customer on 27th Nov 2014

Worth the wait and most certainly worth the read......Modern day love story of forbidden love between a young woman who grew up apart of the MC culture and the clubs President.....

Holy Hotness,
Written by Rhonda on 27th Nov 2014

I have been waiting for this book since she started this series. It was hot and it showed us just how tortured Lucien was over how he felt about about his VP' s daughter, Callie. This is a May/December romance with Lucien being much older than Callie. The sex is, well like I would expect from one one Jenikas books; raunchy and explicit but it made you see how he feels about her. I like the fact that Lucien expected Callie to finish her college education instead of dropping it to be with him. The MC club members are mentioned throughout the book but this is totally about Lucien, Callie and Kink (her father and Lucien' s VP) and how the three of them deal with the emotions they all are feeling with this romance. I would highly recommend reading the first two books so you understand the other members and the club better but it can be read as a stand alone. If you like MC books with totally hot alpha males and women who are strong on their own, get all of Jenika' s books.

Great Book
Written by NICOLE on 26th Nov 2014

Callie and Lucien (President of the Brothers of Menace) A Great Book well written and oh so good to see these two get the story to bring their feelings to the attention of not only the brothers but to Kink (Callie's Dad and the VP of the brothers of Menace)Would Highly Recommend this book to new readers who want to try something different and to Jenika Snow loyal readers. Do not miss this book.

Written by Michelle lane on 26th Nov 2014

If you know anything about the story about lucien and callie , you know this is a must have , the chemistry behind these two characters are so hot that you need a fan to just cool on for a second

Lucien & Callie are a must read
Written by Allie Meredith on 26th Nov 2014

I was blessed with an ARC of Lucien's War. I think everyone is going to be blown away with this book. The book starts back up where the last one ended. Recently released from jail " Cain" finally has his revenge against the disgusting excuse for a human being who violated his daughter. It is graphic, brutal and yet I don't feel any sympathy for what is done to that man. Cain does what a father pushed to the limits to make his daughter feel safe again. Read to the end though because a little twist may prove that his daughter was not the only one getting the benefits of Cain's revenge . A new character named 'Violet Wings" is introduced and I very much hope for a future book to learn more of her past story and what the future may hold for her. Most of the MC is away from the clubhouse in this book, but that allows everything to center on Lucien and Callie. Callie is 18 years old and heading off to a college filled with frat boys, parties and a sassy new roommate. Lucien is twice her age and they both are trying to fight off the inevitable love they each feel for each other. Lucien, being the once thought cold hearted president of the MC has his gut twisted when he has to face his VP Kink. Kink is the father of Callie and has taken a very active role after what happened to her mother in the previous book. ( No spoilers in case you didn't read it yet) While Kink and Lucien are brothers in the MC world, it doesn't mean there wont be bloodshed over the knowledge of Callie with Lucien. She may be eighteen, but will always be daddy's little girl. Luckily, Cookie and Kink are together for the long haul and have a few surprises of their own. Callie is quite mature and has her priorities in check. While a romance intertwines Callie and Lucien, the rest of the world evolves as well. Can distance, a large age gap, and disputes between blood family and an MC family keep them apart? You have to read to find out! The intimate scenes between Lucien and Callie are graphic, but in the most beautiful of ways. Nothing comes across as vulgar and brash. Instead the reader gets a view how love can really change a man intent on never having the " One true love". The age difference did not even bother me. The two of them have a mind and heart that beat as one. The biggest turmoil in the book is the war of heart, love and family. Blood is not always thicker than water in the MC world. The best part is that the book wasn't a typical fall in love and all other dreams get thrown away. I loved that Callie does what her goals were from the beginning and Lucien is man enough to not interfere. Instead he is encouraging and always looks out for Callie's best interest. There are some story lines that end with this book, new beginnings for future plots and in the end an MC that grows in love for each other and the people they keep true to their hearts. I could re-read this many times and never get tired of it. Yes it was an MC book with Alpha males, beautiful women, violence and sex. Though what shows through the most is love and honor to one another will be the ultimate power of wills. Thank you Jenika Snow for an award worthy book that deserves to be on every bookshelf.

Written by Mmlayer on 26th Nov 2014

So freaking awesome and so can't wait for more! So can't wait for Cain's book to come out! Loved it!

Loved it
Written by Nicole on 25th Nov 2014

Brothers of Menace bk 3. The story of Lucien and Callie. Wow whata story it was great i loved it. A story that was heart warming and heart wrenching but oh so good. Heart warming as two ppl who love each other overcome the doubt and the odds to take the risk and give the love they feel a try. Heart wrenching as the two betray the loyalty of the brother code and most esp Kink(Callie's Dad)to be together. Myself i was thinking they love each other, Lucien will never hurt Callie. A betrayal of trust maybe but get over it! No one could be better for Callie than Lucien. or should that be no one could be better for Lucien than Callie. either way these two were made for each other. the softness and the hardness. Highly Recommend.