Mr. Rockstar by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 4
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Isabelle’s best friend is getting married and guess who’s the maid-of-honor?

Going to the wedding alone isn’t an option, so when Isabelle’s brother sends his buddy to her rescue, she can hardly believe who it is: rocker Marvin Clementine! He shows up at her door incognito, but nothing can hide the sexy smile that melts her spine.

At the wedding, he is the perfect gentleman right up until Isabelle’s ex-boyfriend attacks him. When Marvin punches him in the nose, taking him down with one swing, what can Isabelle do except take Mr. Rockstar home and kiss his wounds until he’s better?

Of course, one night of bliss isn’t enough for her to overcome her fears. Marvin’s celebrity lifestyle freaks her out, and it would be crazy to move to L.A., right? Especially for someone as shy as Isabelle. Unfortunately, she’s pretty sure Marvin is her one true love…

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, knife play





He shrugged off his jacket and hung it from the hook on the back of her door. “I’m fine.”

“I just want to make sure it won’t get infected,” she said, unnerved by how he seemed to dominate her bathroom. She had flowers on the sink in a vase and fluffy pink towels and Marvin was tall, muscular, and very masculine against all the pastels. He flashed her a smile and sat down, unbuttoning his cuffs. The tattoo on his left arm peeked out as he moved, reminding Isabelle that he wasn’t just Marvin. He was also Vin, famous rocker. Bad boy. Suddenly, she felt like she couldn’t get enough air into her lungs.

He didn’t seem to notice her fascination with his skin as he cas ually shoved his sleeves up his arms. His tie was already loosened, but he pulled the knot out and undid another button. Isabelle stared for a moment, mesmerized by the soft-looking hair peeking through the open top of his shirt. His arm was exposed enough now that she could see his mourning doves tattoo up close. Their sad eyes stared out at her and she shook herself a little, trying to break the spell his physical presence had cast over her.

“Okay, I’m ready,” he said, voice low and sexy and a little bit amused.

Isabelle opened the medicine cabinet. “Yes. Okay.” She pulled out some gauze and disinfectant. “This may sting a little.” She wet the gauze and brought it to his cheek, blotting at the cut. It was mostly clean, thankfully. He didn’t wince when she patted his skin. Instead, his green eyes stared at her, the pupils dark and mysterious. Her hand began to tremble. The heat from his body made the hair on her arms stand up.

“Belle,” he said. “I’m fine.” He cupped a hand around her wrist delicately, the thumb rubbing gently along her pulse point. “It’s okay.”

And just like that, all the feelings she’d been so desperately suppressing for the past day roared up, like someone had just turned up the volume on the radio. His finger on her wrist made her hyper-aware of him: his size, his strength, his virility as he sat in her girly bathroom without complaint. Her face went hot and she dropped the gauze to the floor. Even with the bruise and cut on his face, he was gorgeous.

“This is crazy,” she whispered as he tugged her down. She tumbled onto his lap, wedged between the tub and the sink, legs akimbo.

“I don’t care,” he murmured against her mouth.

She kissed him, unable to stop herself. He smelled like antiseptic and himself, a potent combination that made no sense. He tugged more strongly and she fell against his chest, magenta tulle foaming around them both. He kissed her and she let him, hopeless to resist when his hands slid up her back and splayed across her bare shoulders.

“Belle, you have the most perfect name,” he said, nipping her collarbone.

She shivered. “You’re crazy.”

He chuckled. “If I’m crazy, so are you.”

She pulled back, confused, but then he very deliberately slid his hands around the front of her dress and dipped the tips of his fingers into her bodice, teasing. It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t nearly enough.

“Let me make love to you,” he said, hands moving, but never where she wanted them to go. Her breasts ached.

She bit her lip, breathing faster. The corner of the bathroom vanity was cutting into her arm and her legs were cramped as they tried to fit into the small space. Was she really considering this? You don’t have to marry the guy, a little voice inside her head said. Marvin kissed her shoulder, smiling coaxingly at her.

 “Okay,” she finally said, not sure if she was entirely sane anymore. Arousal and need had taken over her body. She realized she’d felt this way since the beginning, when he’d first appeared on her doorstep yesterday afternoon. Was it only yesterday that I met him for the first time? It seemed like much longer than that. She’d denied her feelings, not wanting to admit her attraction to him. Now that she’d gotten to know him a little, it was impossible to ignore.

“Okay,” he said back to her, smiling. To her dismay, he took his hands out of her dress. Just when she was going to protest, he slid them snugly under her ass and stood up, lifting her with no apparent trouble.

“Oh my God, Marvin! You’re going to hurt yourself,” she cried, hands wrapping around his shoulders. The muscles under her palms bulged, his thin shirt no barrier.

He laughed. “You’re not nearly large enough to give me trouble.” He walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. “Wrap your legs around me,” he said. She did as he asked, heart pounding when the position pulled her dress up her thighs.

I shouldn’t be doing this, she told herself as he walked, the excess fabric of her dress bunching up between them. He’s going back to L.A. tomorrow. She didn’t let go, however. I want this, she admitted when he kissed her again, somewhat shocked at herself. I want him. The light near the window lit the bedroom with a soft glow, somewhat disguising the clothes strewn all over the place. Marvin pulled back from her mouth and glanced around, quirking an eyebrow at her.

She blushed, squirming against him, then froze when his erection slotted right up against her pussy. “I didn’t have time to clean up,” she muttered, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes. His cock pressed right against her clit. Every time he shifted his weight, it shoved against her deliciously. She tried to keep still, but couldn’t. He felt so freaking good.

He tilted his face toward her, still seemingly unperturbed to be holding her in midair, and kissed under her ear. “I don’t give a shit about your room.”

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Manic Readers Reviews
Written by undefined on 19th Oct 2014

Isabelle needs a date for her best friend’s wedding since her ex, with his newest conquest, will be there. Her brother prevails on his best friend to escort Belle, which is all well and good, except the friend is international rock star Vin. Using his given name Marvin, he shows up on Belle’s doorstep, and the two fall in love. By the time they figure out their time together was much more than a one night stand, they are a continent apart. She decides to visit him and find out if there could be more between them but what she finds is a shy and private girl can’t find happiness in the limelight, with paparazzi dogging their every step, so she goes back home to New York. When tragedy strikes, the problems fade to nothing as Belle fears she may lose Marvin forever. Mr. Rockstar is a cute little love story, good heroine’s journey, lively action, sweet songs—what more can a reader ask for?

Up All Night, Read All Day..Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 19th Oct 2014

Love a book with sexy rock stars - well one sexy rock star and oh my god he's sexy sexy. I thought the story had a unique turn if events and very sweet and romantic, what a romantic Marvin is (swoon) , love the characters Belle, Marvin, Ian and of course Charlie, Marvin's my fav but Belle with her shyness but in a way sassy she blurts things out she's thinking and is fun as hell. . Hated Belle's ex , what a jerk and so glad Marvin kicked his butt. The author wrote amazingly hot sex scenes and a sweet and romantic story...4.5 stars

Cocktails and Books
Written by undefined on 19th Oct 2014

I really enjoyed this book I love reading rock star romances. The storyline was well developed and I loved the interaction between the main characters. It showed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and love can over come if it is meant to be. I wish the book was a bit longer or maybe a second book. This is the first book I have read from Erin M. Leaf and I think I have found another great author I will be following, I really enjoyed her writing style. If you are looking for a great romantic read pick this book up today.

Romancing the Book
Written by Lovely Rose on 5th Jul 2014

When Isabelle Reeves needs a date for a friend’s wedding, she never imagined her brother would set her up with a friend…who just happens to be a rock star. From the moment Marvin Clementine sets eyes of his friend’s sister, he started composing lyrics in his mind with her as a muse. Throw in an altercation with her cheating ex-boyfriend, and there is plenty of fodder for a song. Isabelle can’t deny the attraction, but she has trouble accepting that Marvin can be anything other than “Mr. Rockstar.” In this story by Erin M. Leaf, the foundation is set for the classic blind date story line. However, the author provides a fresh twist by adding two very relatable characters. They click very well together, which gives the reader a reason to rally behind them. When it comes to the steam factor, let’s just say that readers will be begging to have their own rock star book boyfriend. Marvin is the epitome of every girl’s dream. He’s not only incredibly hot on the outside, but he is a genuinely good guy. Anyone who has ever been stuck in one of those not-so-flattering wedding party dresses will be able to relate to Isabelle. Although this is a fairly short read, the author effectively ties up all the story line threads in a satisfying conclusion.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 7th Nov 2013

Isabelle is going to attend her best friend’s wedding and is need of a date. She cannot go alone because her ex is bringing a date and she wants to show him she has moved on. Her brother sets her up with his best friend and rock star Marvin Clementine. Marvin shows up almost unrecognizable. While he only spends a few days with Isabelle Marvin falls in love with her. Isabelle has feelings for him as well but it takes a while for Isabelle to overcome her fears and embrace her feelings for Marvin. Isabelle is at a rough point in her life. She found her ex cheating on her in her apartment on her kitchen table. She can’t even talk to her best friend about it because she is stressed about getting married and her ex is the best man in the ceremony. Marvin is different than most guys she had dated and even different than she expected a celebrity to be. Marvin is doing his best friend a favor and taking his sister who he has never met to a wedding. Marvin is a hot and sexy man who can have almost any woman he wants. What he really wants is someone who treats him like everyone else and ignores his celebrity status. The chemistry between Marvin and Isabelle is searing hot. Isabelle has trouble dealing with the sudden fame that dating a celebrity entails. Marvin is the one that is the most confident that Isabelle will find a way to deal with it. The sex scenes were scorching hot. I just wish the story was longer. I found this story to be well written. I loved the main and secondary characters. They were very realistic. Overall, this was a hot story.

The Romance Review
Written by undefined on 3rd Nov 2013

As maid of honor, you need a date for your best friend's wedding. Your cheating ex is the best man and he's bringing the woman you caught him bonking on your dining table. Just the thought of going this alone has you feeling pathetic and depressed. Yeah, you need to line up a date…and if your brother just happens to have a sympathetic friend who's willing to help a girl out, and he just happens to be just a wee bit famous, well, you'll just have to rock that ugly bridesmaid's dress! Curvy and shy Isabelle Reeves was dreading her maid of honor duties. It wasn't just the ugly magenta dress that made her butt and cleavage seem reminiscent of cotton candy or strawberry shortcake; it was also that she didn't have a date and would have to face down her cheating ex, a man whose insults still made her feel like an insignificant doormat. Luckily, Isabelle's brother Ian had a solution. His friend in L.A. offered to fly to New York for the weekend and pose as Belle's new boyfriend. No matter who Marvin Clementine was or what he looked like, Belle wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. With a haircut and dark glasses, Marvin Clementine made it all the way to New York without being recognized as Vin Clementine, major rockstar. He didn't know Isabelle Reeves, but he knew all about heartache and loss, so when his best friend in L.A. lamented his sister's dilemma, Vin selflessly offered to help Ian's sister out by posing as her new boyfriend at the rehearsal dinner and wedding. After all, with writer's block, he couldn't seem to put together any material for a new album and an incognito weekend getaway might just provide some needed inspiration. Vin's clothes and haircut didn't fool Belle. Belle's shy nature and soft curves didn't turn Vin off. Vin's buff body and warm smile made Belle blush. Belle's ex made Vin's blood boil, but sweet Belle made Vin's blood run hot. Belle might be shy and retiring, but sacrificing an ugly bridesmaid's dress was no hardship when Vin convinced her to let him stay the night. Only one night wasn't enough. But a wallflower can't live in the spotlight of fame and a famous rock star can't stay on top without it. Mr. Rockstar is a hot and sexy short erotic romance that starts out warm and sweet and quickly climbs in temperature. Although Marvin and Isabelle are opposites in demeanor, they both have suffered family losses and have been unlucky at romance. Their weekend together in New York culminates with an explosive finale, but they attempt to end things on a casual note since they live on opposite coasts. Yet, Vin feels the connection so strongly that he can't let distance and Belle's shyness and insecurities keep him from pursuing a deeper bond, so Vin sets about romancing Belle with new songs he's written about her. But Belle's fear of life in the limelight is a valid one that author Erin M. Leaf uses quite handily to create an obstacle to this couple's happiness. Fans of the latest trend of rockstar romance will delight in this fun and flirty tale that boasts enough teeth to keep readers rocking through the pages, but be warned that bedroom scenes are highly charged with erotic detail and a bit of kink, including the mutilation of a very ugly magenta dress that involves a sexy rockstar and a well-utilized pocket knife. You might want the fire department on stand-by for the dress mutilation scene, and you'll likely feel compelled to seek out other smoldering titles from the wickedly talented Ms Leaf.