My Vampire Boyfriend by Elizabeth Monvey

Heat Level 3
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My Boyfriend Is...

Dillon Vancil loves two things. The first is being a bartender on the Vegas strip and the second is his sexy boyfriend, Liron. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to choose between the two because he works in Liron’s gay nightclub, Dionysus. 

Liron has been alive for three hundred years, ever since he was turned into a vampire. Although he’s had lovers through the centuries, no one has touched his heart until Dillon. But sharing that he’s undead might be too much for a human to believe, so Liron hides his true identity. 

But when Dillon is taken in revenge by one of Liron’s oldest enemies, it is time he tells his lover the truth…before it’s too late. 

Be Warned: m/m sex, spanking



The bedroom consisted of a huge, personalized bed with black silk sheets. There weren’t any windows but the entire ceiling held mirrors. There were notches on the bedposts where restraining bands could be placed when the mood for kink washed over them. Two large walk-in closets held clothes and shoes, but the bedroom was built only for pleasure.

“You are going to be spanked,” Liron told him as he backed him into the bedroom.

“Why am I getting spanked?”

“For reminding me about you and Oliver.”

“There was never a me and Oliver.”

“He doesn’t think so.”

“Wait…are you jealous?”

Liron’s eyes narrowed as he pulled Dillon flush against his body. He kicked the bedroom door shut. “You’re mine, Dillon. And I’m yours.”

Dillon snaked his arms around Liron’s neck. “You better believe it.”

He pulled Liron’s head down to his and kissed him. Their tongues entwined and Dillon felt a thousand butterflies erupt in his belly. It was always like this with Liron, this electric shock that lit up his body like the Fourth of July. Within seconds he was lost in Liron’s drugging kiss, so when Liron abruptly ended it and stepped back, Dillon could only stare incomprehensively.

“You’re still getting spanked,” Liron whispered as his hands slid down Dillon’s hips, working the button and zipper. Dillon stood there as his jeans were pushed down to tangle around his ankles. Then Liron sat down on the bed and dragged him face down upon his knees. “Count, Dillon.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Sandra on 4th Feb 2017

The story line of a vampire with human mate is a bit overdone. But still Elizabeth Monvey did it well. She was able to tell a good story with her own twists. Dillon and Liron had their own chemistry and heat. They are a good couple and the revenge angel made for a good read. I like vampire romances and this was a good one. I gladly recommend this book to other readers.

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 26th Nov 2014

With a vampire mythology that is inspired by a Greek legend, this is an interesting look at what happens when an unsuspecting human suddenly discovers that his boyfriend is not as human as he thought. Add the element of an evil vampire out for revenge, and the story gets just a touch more intense. The main element, however, is the sizzling attraction between Dillon and Liron—which is the one thing that both explains and puts into danger the evil guy’s plans. Dillon is a happy bartender, who loves his job and his boss in almost equal measure. The only drawback is that he has yet to spend the night; Liron makes him go home even after a passionate encounter in bed. It gets to the point where Dillon is beginning to think something is wrong, and then all hell breaks loose. Liron is in love for the first time in his long life, but he struggles with telling Dillon everything. He has a deep, dark secret, and he really wants to share it with Dillon, but he has no idea how to do it without scaring the love of his life. And when matters are taken out of his hand by an old enemy, Liron may be too late. If you like vampire stories where love overcomes all obstacles, if two men who are deeply in love almost lose everything sound intriguing, and if you’re looking for a read that has a bit of back story but firmly focuses on the present, then you will probably like this hot short story.

Interesting Vampire Backstory
Written by Amazon Customer on 19th Sep 2014

Liron is a Greek Vampire, using the mythos of Greece to explain who and what he is. It was an interesting concept that turned into a great story. Liron is a vampire who has found his soul mate, but he's afraid of telling Dillon exactly who he is. Dillon just wants to take his relationship with Liron to the next level. But he's going to find out the hard way who his boyfriend really is when a bad vampire shows up for revenge. Loved it!