One Last Hit by Maia Dylan

Heat Level 3
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Aaron George thought he’d lost the love of his life seven years ago. Right up until he pulled back the curtain of a hospital examination room and found Marshall Armstrong tending to a bullet wound on the other side. Then the night got really strange. They found themselves getting shot at and running for their lives.

Marshall Armstrong had finally come for Aaron. He’d been working toward it from the moment he’d had to fake his own death. Now, just when he had enough money and resources to take Aaron back, Aaron’s father, Franklin George knew his son was alive and that Marshall had a few secrets of his own. 

Can Marshall and Aaron get back together as they work to make this one last hit before they disappear forever, or will their shot go wide and leave them with nothing?

Be Warned: m/m sex



Aaron growled. “Maybe I’ve gotten better at lying now. I’m way more secretive than I was when you knew me. Everyone thought I was dead. I left the day of the explosion with nothing but our emergency pack. No one knew I was here living my life until recently.”

“I’ve always known where you were,” Marshall answered honestly. “You took the identity I’d had created for you, so I knew where to find you from the moment you left.”

“Then why the hell didn’t you come to me sooner?” Aaron asked in a small voice.

Marshall reached out, wanting to touch him, to ease his pain, but stopped short when Aaron flinched away from him. Not that he could blame him for the reaction at all.

“Franklin is powerful and determined to make the damn Senate. If he had known you were alive earlier, he would have killed you just to tidy up that loose end. He couldn’t have his own son coming out and telling the world what an asshole he is. Aaron, even when I knew I shouldn’t, I kept up with what you were doing. I’ve fucking stalked you from afar for years. What existed between us was real.”

Aaron’s gaze swung to him. “Really? Because I loved you with everything I had and losing you destroyed who I was. Flames were lifting into the air, and gas bottles were exploding and all I could think about was walking straight into that burning building so that I could go with you.”

Marshall’s heart broke at that. “Baby. I am so sorry I had to put you through that. But I had to get you away from Franklin and I knew you wouldn’t go without me. Franklin wasn’t going to let me go, Aaron. I was an asset he had no desire to lose. If we had run together, he would have come after us with everything he had. I knew that the only reason you would go by yourself is if you thought I was dead.”

Aaron frowned. “Why couldn’t we have just left together? If he was convinced that I died in that fire, why wouldn’t he accept it was both of us? Damn it, Marshall I managed to leave that day and no one came looking for me for seven years! I started a new life and fought for a chance to live it. Why couldn’t we have done that together?”

Marshall took a deep breath. He’d known this conversation had to happen, but he hadn’t expected it to be so soon. “He was going to take you away that night, Marshall. He was going to take you from me and use you to control me. Every option I looked at to save you resulted in you being hurt or killed. I was too young, I had very little experience with everything, and I panicked. Making it look like the explosion killed you was the only option I came up with that got you away from him.”

“Why the hell did you stay?” He could hear anger in Aaron’s voice. “You could have gotten away from him at any time.”

Self-loathing threatened to drown him. “I had to make sure you remained safe. And without you, I just stopped caring about anything else. Your father claimed your life insurance, had a funeral, and publically mourned your death. And I did it all with a happy heart because I knew that you were alive and that you were free.”

“But what about you, Marshall,” Aaron asked quietly, “weren’t you worth saving, too?”

Marshall turned to look out at the road ahead. “I may have been then, but everything I have done since, what your father has turned me into, all of it makes me beyond salvation now.”

Aaron made a dismissive sound. “That’s bullshit. No one is so far gone that they can’t be saved, either from my father or themselves. You’ve already said that a lot of what you have had to do over the years was at the bequest of Franklin George. It sounds to me that the fault lies with him, not you.”

“But it was me pulling the trigger all those years, Aaron, and not always at Franklin’s request,” Marshall answered, turning to give him a sad look. “It’s me that took money from your father and others to kill the people they most needed eliminated from their lives. And it’s me who has to somehow reconcile everything that I have done since I left you seven years ago so that I can sleep at night,” Marshall took a moment trying to find the words that would explain it. “You could say this is about vengeance with a strong dose of penance for me and that would be a lot closer to the truth, but it would certainly not grant me absolution.”

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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Fern on 14th Apr 2018

Marshall lived in a dangerous world, and when he came a little too close to death he was left with no choice but to leave everything – including Aaron, who he loved more than anything – behind. Finally ready to set things right, Marshall comes back to collect Aaron only to find the danger is even greater now. Can the two men mend their bridges and finally start the life they both really want? Despite the heavy plot of the story – assassins, corruption and a father trying desperately hard to kill his only son – I actually found this to be a light, loving and wonderful story full of reconciliation. Marshall and Aaron truly do love each other and there’s plenty of conflict and tension between them. Marshall had faked his death and the two men had so much history – and so much of their love still simmered below the surface – that I was pleased they could both move past their hurt. Marshall and Aaron’s characters were deep and intense and I really enjoyed them. Franklin – Aaron’s father – was a bit more of a mystery, an insidious Godfather type of bad guy who was determined to forge his path and kill (literally) everyone who got in the way. Franklin’s character felt a little more cartoon-ish and overdrawn to me, but that didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the story as Franklin was merely the “in the shadows” bad guy. The plot and most of the story really revolved around Marshall and Aaron and their reconnecting. I found the sex scene to be intense and well-timed – Aaron and Marshall had built up to it and the scene didn’t feel to me like sex just for the sake of it, but a genuine reconnection. Readers looking for a lot of arguments or a deeply intricate plot might be a little disappointed. Aaron and Marshall and their reunion and building up again of their intense relationship is prominent to the storyline, along with the two men escaping various contract killers and assassins. I found the resolution of this storyline to be deeply satisfying and well written. Overall this is a great short story and one I enjoyed. I really loved both Aaron and Marshall’s characters and was so glad they got back together. This left me happy and feeling satisfied and was a great read I know I’ll enjoy again in the future.

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena on 7th Apr 2018

Second chances are as rare as they are wonderful, and for Aaron and Marshall you can add suspenseful, dangerous, and very hot to the list. The man who is keeping them apart is Aaron’s father, Franklin, and since Franklin is a US senator (corrupt and murdering though he may be), there isn’t anyone Aaron can turn to. Marshall is one of the senator’s henchmen but he and Aaron had been friends and lovers for years, and Marshall was determined to protect Aaron at any cost. Now he thinks he is ready to find Aaron and pick up where they left off seven years ago – but that proves to be far more difficult than he thought. Aaron has fought to establish a life for himself since escaping his father’s clutches by faking his own death, so when Marshall suddenly reappears in his life, he isn’t quite sure what to think or feel. Clearly his safe existence is at an end, and several men are after him before the day is out. But he will follow Marshall anywhere, and he is determined to not ever part ways again. Marshall is an assassin who’d like to stop killing people whenever Franklin gives him an order to do so. He has made preparations, has a plan, and is ready to pick up where he and Aaron left off. He knows it will be an uphill battle, but the promise of retirement from a job he hates gives him hope. Now all he needs is “one last hit” and he will be home free. If you like reunions, if you think everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they’ve had to do to survive, and if you’re looking for a suspenseful read with stubborn main characters, hot man-on-man action, and a very happy end, then you will probably like this novella.

One Last Hit
Written by TracieR on 13th Feb 2018

One Last Hit is exceptional!! Betrayal, deception and an undying love that will leave no question unanswered. This romance has a great storyline with believable characters and I know it will become one of my go to reads. I highly recommend you pick up this M/M romance.

Who knew I'd love a Hitman?
Written by Mobookworm on 12th Feb 2018

What happens when you sell your soul to the devil to save someone you love??? This is what Marshall did to save the life of the one man he'd always loved, Aaron. Son of the evil Franklin, and the only weakness Marshall had. These two had to run from danger and decide if they could still have a life together after the secrets of the past were revealed. As bad as it sounds, I was rooting for the Hitman!!! I wouldn't be a bit upset if we got a sequel to this, just saying. It had all the stuff I love.....emotions, action, a great story and some super hot sexy scenes, So I say yeah, bring me more!!!

I loved this quick read by Maia Dylan
Written by Titania on 10th Feb 2018

Holly heck! Talk about a wild ride from beginning to end! I loved this quick read by Maia Dylan. Marshall and Aaron's love was used against them but they persevered, even if they didn't know it. So when they meet again are we surprised at the fireworks? I loved Marshall. He did what was necessary to protect Aaron knowing that his actions may be unforgivable. But he protected the man he loved the best way he could. I loved Aaron as well. He thought he had lost his love but when push came to shove he would fight for Marshall. I adored that about him. This story is a quick action packed read from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to more from Ms. Dylan in the future.

Explosive Love
Written by Queenie on 8th Feb 2018

When your family dislikes your lover, it is uncomfortable, when your lover is a hit man and your dad is his boss you become a pawn I'm a game of cat and mouse. This story reminds us that love can conquer anything including a homicidal, power hungry father. I enjoyed the action, but the sex was hot as hell,and when you combined the two the whole book is explosive.

One of her best!!
Written by Rhonda on 8th Feb 2018

Maia Dylan always brings it in her stories and this is no exception. Marshall had to leave Aaron years ago to protect him. Didn't matter that they were madly in love. Because of Aaron's father, Marshall had been forced to give him up but now he was back to get Aaron. The story picks up with Marshall being shot and Aaron being the one who is in the hospital helping. Someone wants both of them dead and while on the run, Marshall fills Aaron in on what has happened and why he left. He's not sure that Aaron will understand what he did and why but he's willing to risk the chance. As danger draws near, will Aaron still want to be with Marshall? And just who is trying to kill them and why? This story hooked me from the very beginning and the connection between the characters is very, very strong. You can feel the emotions. Maia has written an excellent story that is filled with drama and mystery. Hang on for a hell of a ride!!!

Action packed live story
Written by Kimi on 8th Feb 2018

I loved this story! It was a fast paced read and I would have loved more, not because the story wasn't fabulous because it was, but because I loved the characters! Topmarks.