Their Chance at Redemption by Maia Dylan

Heat Level 4
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Retribution, 2

Kieran Murphy knew that Josie Cadman was important to him from the moment he saved her from a mad man. The only thing stopping him from claiming her was the fact she wasn’t his mate. 

Josie convinced herself that what she felt for Kieran was nothing more than hero worship. Hearing that he’d found what he was looking for, and it wasn’t her, made it painfully clear that no matter what her feelings, they simply weren’t reciprocated.

When she bumps into Liam McMurtrie, literally, Josie starts to believe that perhaps there might be an alternative option. It’s not until the three of them cross paths in the heat of another battle on the streets of Chicago, that their true fate is revealed.

Can the three of them deal with another mafia mad man hell bent on destroying their lives and still find their way to a future together? Or will they lose their chance at redemption?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration



“Josie,” Violet said the name out of the blue, and immediately the image of the woman popped into his mind, her blonde pixie haircut giving her a look of sexy sass and, combined with her full lips and startling blue eyes, took his breath away.

“Aha!” Violet exclaimed excitedly, pointing a finger up at him accusingly. “This melancholy vibe you got going on has nothing to do with the challenges this city faces from Santiago’s douchebag replacement heading this way, and everything to do with Josie Cadman. I knew you had the hots for her, and I totally know she’s jonesing for you, so what’s the holdup? Let’s get to the mating, claiming, biting stage of your relationship so I can get me some female companionship around here. There is way too much—um, wait. What’s that look for?”

Kieran had winced when Violet had talked about mating and claiming Josie, and there was a very good damn reason for that. Josie was not his mate, at least not in the true shifter sense of the word. As soon as he had walked into that warehouse four months ago to face Santiago and help Violet rescue Josie, he had wanted Josie for his own. Everything within him screamed that she was theirs—hell, even his damn lion roared with the need to make her his. But the mating bond had not formed. Her scent, an alluring mix of honeysuckle and citrus, called to him for sure, but there was no connection within him that signaled that she was the one woman destined to be his. From what he had been told, there was no missing that when it happened. How could she be his if there was no bond?

“Fuck me sideways,” Violet said gently, stepping back with a look of pure horror on her face. “Forget everything I just said then about, you know the whole mating thing and the fact that Josie is jonesing for some lion loving, because that just might have been a breach of the damn sisterhood code. Nope, not ruining one of the only two female friendships I have, no siree! You just forget I said anything about it and—”

Kieran’s frustrated growl erupted, and Violet stopped rambling. The last thing he needed was for her to go running back to Josie and telling her that Kieran felt nothing for her. “Christ, woman, would you let a man get a word in? Josie is a beautiful, amazing, strong woman that any man would be proud to call his. I would have to be dead from the fucking waist down not to feel anything for her, and she would have to be completely blind and oblivious not to see my reaction to her every damn time she walks into a room.”

Violet frowned. “Then there is something else going on here, because I’m not stupid and have seen the way you both look at each other. Hell, there has been more than one occasion I’ve had to go find my mates for a little somethin’ somethin’ in the afternoon from the sexual tension the two of you give off, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, I mean in the sexual kinda way.”

Kieran groaned, closing his eyes for a moment. “God damn it, Violet, there’s a visual I just did not need in my day.”

“Then what the hell is the problem?”

Kieran sighed, an ache forming in his chest. “She’s not my mate.” Violet’s eyes widened in surprise. “When a shifter finds the one the Fates have destined for them, they experience a physical reaction. Their scent draws them like nothing else, and their entire being shakes with the knowledge that they have found their mate. It is rare for a shifter who is an only child to find their mate, but I know I have one. Somewhere out there, she exists. I don’t know how I know that, but I do. But it’s not Josie. Despite wanting her with everything within me, I experienced nothing to indicate she is my mate. Without that, then I run the risk of connecting to her, coming to love her, and maybe, if I am the luckiest son of a bitch on the face of the planet, convincing her to fall in love with me. Then what happens if I meet the woman the fates have destined for me? What then, Violet? Because I am all outta answers. I will end up ripping Josie’s heart out, and probably my own at the same time. I can’t do that. Not to her. She’s lost too much.”

Josie had lost a lot during this damn war. Both her parents had been killed and her sister was missing, presumed a victim of one of Santiago’s human trafficking rings. Kieran had been telling himself since her rescue that he had been taking care of her. That his daily visits were a chance to simply ensure the safety and protection of a woman who had helped him and his pride rid the city of Santiago. But if he were honest with himself, it was because he couldn’t stand for a day to go by without having just a slice of her in his life.

Violet took a deep breath, and Kieran hated the flash of pity that flickered across her expression. “You’re a good man, Kieran Murphy.” Kieran cringed at the words no man ever wanted to hear from a beautiful woman. Sure, she was mated to two of his pride, but the premise remained true. “No, I mean that. My experience with males hasn’t been the best. Other than my Poppa and my mates, there haven’t exactly been a huge number of male role models in my life. But I’m gonna add you to that list, Alpha Kitty. It must be hard to not act on that attraction when you have to know that it is returned.”

Kieran nodded quietly. “You have no idea.”

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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Moonflower on 28th Jan 2019

I love paranormal romances for that insta-bond you usually get. The thing I love about this book is you don’t get that! Kieran is attracted to Josie, more than he can even say. He won’t do anything about it though, as he knows she isn’t his mate, and he doesn’t think it is fair. Liam knows she isn’t his mate, but is determined to make her his as soon as he possibly can. Put the three of these together, and it is lightning bolts all the way! This is the second book in the series, and I would like to read book one. I think it would help with a lot of groundwork to fully understand what was going on. Saying that, it isn’t difficult to grasp, but I do like having all the details. The characters are incredibly well-written, and not just the main triad, but all of them. The pacing is fast yet smooth, and the ending gives this story a very satisfactory ending, whilst still leaving you wanting more. This story is another jewel in the crown of Maia Dylan, and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Their Chance at Redemption
Written by TracieR on 11th Feb 2018

4.5 Stars He yearned for her like no other but, yet he felt no bond! Kieran Murphy is Alpha to the Black Ridge Pack and his feelings for Josie Cadman are undeniable. Liam McMurtrie is on a mission but when his path collides with Josie and Kieren everything will change. Great story, fabulous characters and a wonderful follow up to Justice for Violet. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it will stay with you long after the last page is read.

Their Chance at Redemption
Written by undefined on 11th Feb 2018

4.5 Stars He yearned for her like no other but, yet he felt no bond! Kieran Murphy is Alpha to the Black Ridge Pack and his feelings for Josie Cadman are undeniable. Liam McMurtrie is on a mission but when their three paths collide everything will change. Great story, fabulous characters and a wonderful follow up to Justice for Violet. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it will stay with you long after the last page is read.

Written by Cariad Books on 5th Feb 2018

A fantastic read from such an amazing author I really loved how this trio comes together and how the bond forms Josie rocks.

What a wonderful book
Written by Marcia on 3rd Feb 2018

I love this series and had to read the book straight through ....Josie is so amazing and strong ....Kieren needs his head examined and Liam is finally home will love this book

Protection is their game...
Written by kdawnms on 3rd Feb 2018

Wow, so much action! Great freaking ending and anticipation that there is more. Kieran, Josie and Liam the Alpha's triad...To be loving someone for so long and to know that it can't be returned...or can it? To not know you have a relative who will be an intrinsic part of your life. The hurt and amazing love these three portray is inspiring. Back at the ranch, the amount of crap they endure is incredible, but endure they do. Someone is after Kieran and we don't know why. They are also after Violet so the whole pride is on lockdown. Violet has some kick ass equipment that tends to keep her on top of what is going on in Chicago. Protection is their game and wow do they.

What a wonderful book
Written by Marcia on 2nd Feb 2018

I love this series and had to read the book straight through ....Josie is so amazing and strong ....Kieren needs his head examined and Liam is finally home will love this book

Anoather hit
Written by Rhonda on 31st Jan 2018

I loved this story so much although I wanted to pound Kieran in the head quite a few times. He doesn't believe that Josie is his mate because she doesn't feel the mating bond so he pushes her away, even though he is always saving her from being hurt in some way. When she meets Liam, he KNOWS Josie is his mate and sets about finding out about her. Events happen to drive Josie away and when Liam and Kieran realize she is gone, together they search for her. Kieran has realized he made a mistake pushing her away by thinking he was keeping her safe from whoever was targeting him. Nope, they are still after her. What is the connection between Liam and Kieran and why did Liam come to town. There are some twists and turns and the story goes a little dark but not too dark. I can't really say much without giving the plot away but Maia Dylan is a master writer who weaves stories her readers wait for. It was nice to see the characters from the first book in this story. Will Kieran and Liam be able to keep their mate safe? Who is after Kieran? And will Josie forgive Kieran for pushing her away all that time? I loved this book and now I can't wait for the next story. I love tiger shifters!

A story that I didn’t want to end
Written by julie on 31st Jan 2018

Wow!! Omg wow!! I’m so in love with this book , not only do I love Kieran and Liam and Josie but I also fell in love with Kamon and Rune.( but let’s talk about them later) Kieran who is the alpha of the Black ridge pack.. was I’m going to say in Love with Josie from the start but the problem her is the mate bond is not here... and to watch this strong alpha lion fight his feeling for her was killing me I sooo wanted to smack him upside the head couple of times through this read,.. I tell you he was one frustrating Alpha but his dominance and well just him makes me forgive him for his frustrating self...oh and Liam *smirk* I think I fell in love with him the exact same time when Josie bumped into him at the ATM.... but he is full of surprises!!! So anyways when you take Josie and it her with two very alpha males the sparks and the fireworks or just go off that just shoot off from the page is unreal, but not only was there Sparks and heat between them there was also frustration hard ache and a lotta mistakes made on the way.. and the one reason that I love Josie so much is she made me laugh between her and violet I laughed I laughed and giggled... So this story had me oh and Ahhh and gasping and laughing and having some OMG moments ... and that is really why I loved this book it grab me from the start middle and it just never let me go! And before I leave my review I have to say I cannot wait for the next to learn more about the twins yes the two I mentioned before I have to say I love that there was never a lack of any kind of dominant male in the story love love love that not only were all of them someway dominant they all made me smile and laugh here in there! I’m sorry if I seem to be all over the place but that’s how excited I am about the story I clearly just finished and I’m humming I’m Just in wow...

I enjoyed meeting Josie
Written by Titania on 31st Jan 2018

Kieran wants Josie with a passion but she isn't his mate. No matter how much he wants her the bond did not snap into place upon their meeting. But is something or someone missing? I enjoyed meeting Josie, Liam and Kieran. Kieran is attracted to Josie and he knows the feelings are reciprocated but their is no bond. No bond increases the potential for pain should it happen with someone else. That doesn't mean he likes the options available to him especially the one that allows Josie to be with someone else. Enter Liam. He wants Josie and is determined to get her. But can he give her what she needs? I really enjoyed this story by Ms. Dylan. I had not read the first in the series but I was able to keep up and enjoy Kieran, Josie and Liam's journey to a happily ever after. This story was a quick read but well written. I look forward to where Ms. Dylan will take us next in this series.