The Last Princess by Stacey Espino

Heat Level 4
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Pack Seduction, 3

Delia is the last princess.  Since her sisters have chosen mates, it's up to her to continue to wage war against the royal family. She recruits the help of Caleb, a fox shifter, to help find her way to the home she escaped from long ago.

A childhood friend is now guarding the palace, and the male she's betrothed to is determined to have her.  She's in for the fight of her life if she's to remain unmated and change the old customs passed down to every generation.  Will Delia become a martyr for her cause, or give in to the love of three determined shifters?

Be Warned: menage a quatre romance, menage sex, anal sex.




Ulric climbed up from between her legs and lowered over her body.  The roughness of his denim jeans teased her hypersensitive pussy. He kissed her, offering her a taste of her own flavor. "You're ready for us now, Delia."  She knew her eyes were glazed over as she could barely focus.  The afterglow of her peak lingered on and on.

He rolled her to her stomach.  Every nerve was hotwired and responsive.  Each touch brought her dangerously close to a new orgasm. She wasn't sure how much she could take, never having had the chance to explore her limits. When she glanced up, Alexander was stroking his erection, pumping it back and forth like a piston.  She was mesmerized by his size, the beauty of his male form, and the intensity in his eyes as he watched her.


Ulric bit her right on the ass.  A play bite, but it still hurt.  "Should I stop?" he teased.

"Just behave," she said.

"It's a full moon, princess.  We're both alphas on the verge of shifting.  You're naked on my bed, filling the room with your pungent scent."  Alexander laughed, still stroking himself. "We will most certainly not be behaving tonight."

She could feel the moisture seeping from between her legs.  Ulric kissed her ass to make it better, trailing more kisses lower.  When he spread her cheeks apart with his hands and kissed her puckered rosette, millions of little sparks fired to life making her shudder.  She'd never realized so much pleasure could be encased in such a small, forbidden area.

Delia thought of Caleb alone at the hotel, maybe worrying if he'd woken up.  Her heart cried out to him, wishing he were here.  The fox was so different from these males, more emotionally attentive, gentler. This experience tested all her boundaries.

Ulric's tongue lapped at her nether hole, as he spread her legs further apart.  Her breasts pressed against the bedspread, taunting her pebbled nipples, increasing her needs.  She craved more attention.  She truly must be a royal princess because she realized less than three males would never do.  Without saying it aloud, she'd chosen of her own free will.  Delia would bond with Caleb, Ulric and Alexander.  Perhaps having one royal suitor would appease her mother, but it would still happen this way regardless.

It was as if everything orchestrated as it had for a reason.  All her years of lonely suffering led her back home, into the welcoming arms of three delicious and worthy males. Although she had yet to get to know Alexander, Ulric would never have allowed him to get close to her if he thought negatively of the wolf.  She always knew she'd take at least one wolf if she chose mates—her she-wolf demanded it.

"I know you have a stockpile of toys, Alexander.  Pass me the lube."

Delia turned her neck around. "For what?"

Ulric lapped at her ass cheek, flashing thick, white canines at her when he grinned.  She gasped as the thrill of his dominant display sent a thrill rushing through her womb. "For your cute little ass.  It will be a snug fit for my cock, don't you think?"

What was she doing?  She tried to remind herself that Carna and Freya had been down this road long before her and lived it every day of their lives.  Carna had four alpha males and Freya three. Surely Delia could handle a little double and triple action.  She was the eldest and supposed to be the most experienced.  But in matters of sex she knew very little, only what she'd experienced with Caleb earlier in the night.

Alexander handed Ulric a small white tube.  She heard a spurt of liquid and then a cool jolt as he pressed a moist finger deep into her ass.  Delia bit her lip not to squeal.  She abhorred weakness in women even more than men. "You're tight.  You've never taken a cock in your ass before, have you?"

She shook her head, glad he knew the truth so he'd take it easy on her.  If Caleb were here he'd be a patient and loving teacher.  Of course, he was just as inexperienced in the bedroom as Delia, so she needed these wicked men to thrust her into their world. She only hoped she'd come out unscathed on the other side.
Ulric eased his finger in and out, slow and steady.  The tight hold her anus had on his digit assisted in igniting countless dormant nerves.  He leaned over her back, his heat scorching her skin.  She sighed, savoring the intimacy, the physical affection she lacked for so long. The bear snaked his hand between the mattress and her body, searching until he found her clit.  Then the torment truly began.  


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My Review
Written by Robin on 7th Oct 2017


Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2012

Delia is the last princess who is unmated. She refuses to become mated to men who are not of her choosing. Caleb is a fox shifter, considered the lowest on the shifter pole. Just because he is considered on the low alpha side does not mean he does not know how to treat a woman right. Alexander is an alpha male wolf shifter. He has been chosen by the queen herself to be mated to the princess and has waited for over five years for his elusive fiancée. He is tired of waiting, but he has no idea where to even begin searching for the princess. Ulric is a bear shifter and has loved Princess Delia for years. But he knows the queen would never approve of him mating her since there has already been one bear shifter mated to Delia’s sister. Delia decides the only way to stop her mother from forcing her to mate is to go back into the palace and confront her mother about the rules. She never expects to fall for a fox shifter, but while working closely with Caleb, she gets the chance to see how a softer shifter can treat her like she needs to be treated. When Alexander and Ulric finally get a hold of Delia, their reaction is to show her how true alpha males handle their runaway princess. Can Delia get the happily ever after her sisters have gotten? Reading an erotica story can be chancy. Sometimes there is too much sex and not enough storyline. Other times there is a good storyline, but not enough sex to qualify it as erotica. The Last Princess has a great mesh of both steamy sex and great plot. I loved how Caleb is considered a lower form of a shifter, yet his presence was bigger than life and he knew just how to treat the sensual Delia. Ms. Espino knows how to write a sexy story and this tale is just the right fit for ending this enticing series.

LASR Erotic Romance Review
Written by undefined on 13th Apr 2012

What a cute story and a wonderful conclusion to a short series that has been continuously steamy, entertaining and very sexy. The Last Princess did not disappoint. As expected, there’s a lot of loving to go around. But much has to happen first before it’s realized. Delia is the last unmated princess and she has an almost militaristic bent in proving to her mother, the queen, just how wrong she was to force her daughters into loveless marriages. Delia is the most focused, lethal and lonely woman of all the sisters. She’s convinced that not only will she not find love, she doesn’t deserve it. That is the kind of character that touches a romantic’s bleeding heart. No one should consider themselves unlovable. Enter Caleb, the first of her beaus. What I liked about their first meeting is her denial of their attraction. He’s fox, she’s wolf, so no way could that ever work out. They say opposites attract and Ms. Espino illustrated that beautifully by having Caleb and Delia fall in love. Of course it wasn’t easy or without pitfalls and challenges. That’s why it was so precious and why I liked them together so much. The next delightful wrinkle came from more emotional landmines in the forms of Alexander, the patient, and Ulric, the hopeless romantic. Two men who want Delia for vastly different reasons and both with no hope of achieving them; again a perfect conflict with great emotional hooks. Alexander has been waiting for Delia for five long years as he’s watched the prime of his life slipping away. Ulric suffered from unrequited love and knew he would never stand a chance at Delia, but to protect her was worth any price. I simply found these two men equally worthy of my tender emotions and I wanted them to be happy but I figured out early on that Delia was going to go down fighting. She was not going to marry anyone for any reason. It’s that kind of challenge fate and a determined author can’t resist and I enjoyed a feast of the senses as Ms. Espino wove her magic and proved Delia wrong. The Last Princess is saucy, exciting, witty and sensual. It’s hot, and for a short story, very well balanced. My absolute favorite thing besides the wild and wooly fun when all four of them mate, is the final chapter. It was so wonderful to see a complete happy ever after that not only tied up loose ends but made me feel tingly all over. For anyone who’s been reading this series, it’s a great wrap up and I expect they’re going to love it like I did. For a first time reader, it can stand alone but beware, there’s a strong chance it’s going to instill a furious curiosity to read about Delia’s other two sisters. This series is too much fun – don’t miss a single one.

You Gotta Read Reviews
Written by Donna on 28th Dec 2011

A delicious short story about the trials and troubles of being a Royal Princess in the shifter world, The Last Princess is full of passion, chemistry and animal instincts taking over under the full moon. An arousing tale of belonging and love-conquering-all, this book has plenty of steamy sex, but there are sweet and tender moments, too. I was glad to see the sweet computer geek Caleb make a return in this book and finally find his princess mate. Delia is at last reunited with her sisters and they all live happily ever after. Woo-hoo! A great end to this wickedly wanton menage series.

Reviewed at The TBR Pile
Written by on 3rd Oct 2011

This is an appealing tale of Delia doing everything she can to keep the forced mating from the next generation. The way she talks about her sisters is sweet and gives another side to this character. All her character’s are well written. The plot unfolds around them beautifully. I love the fact that though there is the overwhelming need to mate, it’s not instant love. Far from it, this triangle of lust untangles with precision. Ms. Espino’s sex scenes are not just intercourse; they’re a romantic ballad, a dance that brings together beauty and sensuality. Whom will Delia choose? Oh wait, this is paranormal she could choose all three. Thank goodness because I for one had a tough time making that decision. Each shifter brings something unique and sexy to this mating. The interaction between the three of them was perfect, even charming. It made the story pull together that much more. If you like paranormal you’ll love The Last Princess. If you just like romance or erotica you’ll still enjoy this book. Ms. Espino really gives readers a magical tale of finding the perfect mates.