Sharing Their Nanny by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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The Nannies, 8

Max and Dylan know nothing about kids. Now that Max is the full legal guardian of his niece, they need a nanny.

After a breakup, Raine is ready to settle down in a new city, in a new job as a nanny. Working for two strong, amazing men is no hardship. While one of them seems robotic, the other is playful, constantly crossing the lines of what’s appropriate.

She wants to remain professional with Max and Dylan as her bosses, but they’re determined to break down barriers. They had an agreement—to share one woman, and that woman is Raine.

Raine wants to succumb to their seduction, but Max’s cold aloofness stands in the way. Will they be able to mend her heart, or will their chance at happiness be ruined forever?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM)


He slammed into her multiple times, taking her to the edge, and when she didn’t think she was going to be able to survive, she felt him tense and the flood of his cum as he spilled inside her.

The moment it was over, panic filled her, and she tried to hide it.

Max lifted up, and she waited for the coldness that he’d shown her. She waited, but he looked into her eyes, and she knew he saw her.

There was no coldness.

No emptiness.

He cupped her cheek, his thumb running across her lips. “I … couldn’t wait,” he said.

She smiled. “Er, I … didn’t expect you home,” she said.

“Lake is at school?”

She chuckled. “Yes.” She would have had to be completely out of her mind to not stop him if Lake had been home. Her charge was very adept at making her way around the house.

Max eased out of her. Raine went to move, but he held her hips in place.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

He cupped her pussy, and she moaned as he began to push his cum back inside her. “That is where it belongs,” he said.

She licked her lips, feeling his fingers as they pushed more of his cum deep inside her.

“Please,” she said.

His thumb went to her clit. She whimpered, not thinking she could take another second of his touch, but as he stroked her nub, she only felt arousal. It was hot.

“Come for me, Raine.”

He pumped his fingers inside her as he touched her clit, and she melted against him. There was no other way she could think.

With Max’s deep voice and the way he commanded it, he was a master of her body, and she was at his mercy.

“Now, isn’t this a beautiful sight to come home to,” Dylan said.

Raine opened her eyes and saw Dylan standing right behind Max.

“I saw her bent over the stairs getting the staircase ready, and you know I’m a sucker for a beautiful ass,” Max said.

“I can see that. Has he already fucked you?” Dylan asked.

Raine nodded.

“Did you love it?”



She couldn’t stop herself from looking down the front of his pants and seeing the evidence of his arousal.

“Don’t you think it’s time we move it from the stairs?” Dylan asked. “Those steps can’t be good for her back.”

Max pulled his fingers from her pussy, and the smirk on his face had her heart racing. “Where do you suggest?”



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being a family
Written by Jan on 9th Feb 2022

Max Cosgrove and Dylan Crews have been from for a long time. They also are business associates. When Max’s niece Lake came to live with him 6months ago, he needed someone to help care for her. Raine was a blessing but the boys are really attracted to her and want her as their own to share and love. Raine has feelings not only for Lake but for her two handsome bosses. Is it wrong to want more than just to be the nanny? Heck no! Raine deserved to find someone or someone’s that would love and care for her like she deserves. Dylan was a big flirt and had no problem telling and showing Raine how he felt. Max was a bit more of an issue. Yes, he loved Raine but he had a hard time expressing his feelings. And he screwed up royally too. It took a strong woman to bring it out of him. And Lake was finally able to settle in.

Great Read!
Written by Chris S on 9th Feb 2022

Max and Dylan have been friends for years. They've worked hard and become successful businessmen. Max is the serious one with personal issues while Dylan is the relaxed playful one. In the past, they've shared women and decided that they want to share a woman for the long haul. When Max's sister dies, he becomes guardian of his niece Lake. Max and Dylan know nothing about kids and realize they need a Nanny. Raine has been hurt from a breakup, craves a change, so she moves to a new city and becomes their Nanny. Lake is an adorable child who struggles to come to terms with losing her mom. The relationship between all of them was great until something happens that causes Max to say things, hurting Raine emotionally in the process. It also puts a strain on his friendship with Dylan. Will he ever be able to make it right? I loved Max but didn't feel he groveled enough for the hurt and pain he caused. At the same time, you can feel him struggle to deal with what caused his blowup. I wish there was more development between Lake and Max. I thought this was a Great book and loved the epilogue.

Great read
Written by Rhonda on 9th Feb 2022

4.5 stars Dylan and Max have had Raine as their nanny for awhile now. Max became guardian of his niece when his sister died. They want to share her between them but Max has trust issues from the past that keep him from revealing his obsession with her. Dylan was the happy go lucky guy and Max is the dark and mysterious one. Little Lake is absolutely adorable as a main character as she struggles to come to terms with losing her mom. The connection between all of them was great until one thing happens and causes Max to go crazy, hurting Raine emotionally, in the process. It also puts a strain on his deep friendship with Dylan. Will he ever be able to make it right? I loved Max but didn't feel he groveled enough for the hurt and pain he caused. At the same time, you can feel the turmoil inside him. Great book and the epilogue makes me happy!

You will love it!!!
Written by Andrea on 9th Feb 2022

Guys if you are looking for a pretty fast read that is exciting and keeps you interested from start to end you will adore this!!

A hidden heart
Written by Sydney Neblett on 9th Feb 2022

Such a fantastically heartwarming nanny story. I absolutely love Max as a character and how the other two characters saw what he struggled with and loved him anyway. The only danger in this book is to the heart, but the author outdid herself with the way the story unfolded and the joy that was found with the HEA. This book is great for any season and I am looking forward to reading all about the next nanny installment.